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text 2018-08-06 04:34
All Air Conditioning Services Right at Your Doorstep


Air conditioners have made bearing the extensive heat of the summers possible with ease. Otherwise it would not have been possible to make during the scorching heat. Serving you unconditionally, your air conditioners need some respite too. You need to sure about their functioning and that all of its components are completely intact and in best of working condition. To give all what your aircon need, JK Aircon Specialist offers their services and make them easily accessible to you. Air conditioner online offered by them is of best quality with enhanced features and allow you to make extensive use of your air conditioner without having to worry about the degradation.


All air conditioners basically require one thing to provide you the best service. Proper maintenance and the regular servicing is what drive the aircon to achieve optimal performance. Most of us are unaware about the damage our usage patterns do to the air conditioners. Hence, to get rid of this and find the ideal solution for ensuring a long life of your air conditioners, JK Aircon Specialist is the best. Its expert team offers aircon chemical wash and cleaning and allows you to be sure about your air conditioners working.


If you are troubled with your air conditioners and have to face many problems due to the frequent breakdowns that occur, then it is time you find a reliable resource that can help you satiate the exact needs of your aircon. Most often it is the clogging of filters or accumulation of dust that affects the performance of air conditioners negatively. This is solved by JK Aircon Specialist’s aircon chemical wash and cleaning services. With these by your side, you won’t have to worry about finding yourself in the midst of a sudden breakdown of your aircon.

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text 2018-02-26 05:55
Cleaning Air Conditioners For Better Functioning

With the prominent usage of air conditioners due to the change in weather patterns and increasing heat, they accumulate more dirt and dust within them, which thereby clogs the filters and hinders their proper functioning. This leads to malfunctioning of aircon and a decrease in their service life, affecting your pocket. But there are ways that can ensure that your air conditioners last a lifetime. Proper and regular cleaning and aircon servicing will equip them with all that they require for functioning in a manner that they used when they were new. JK Aircon Specialist makes sure that all the parts of your aircon are working perfectly and there is nothing that stops them from working to their full potential.


Not all air conditioners require same servicing. Since different air conditioners provide services in different environments; they face different types of malfunctioning hazards and blockages. Their usage patterns also affect the kind of cleaning servicing that will be required to make them perfect again. JK Aircon Specialist knows what is required by what kind of aircon and provides them exactly that. You can chose from a wide range of options like aircon chemical wash, general cleaning, steam cleaning and much more so that you can be sure that your air conditioner has received only what it needed.



It is advised that air conditioners should not be used recklessly and turned off when not in use. This is because excessive usage attracts more dirt from surroundings and wears out its components at a faster pace. To make sure that none of the parts have degraded, timely aircon servicing is necessary. This is understood by JK Aircon Specialist and they strive to provide the best to your aircon. So keep your air conditioners always new with JK Aircon Specialist.

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