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text 2019-10-04 07:54
How an Art Dealer Will Help You To Collect Art

 As an avid art collector your constant effort would be to acquire new and unique pieces of art. Without any information or guidance this could be a difficult task. There is no reason to worry because there are several art dealers to help you out. You may be wondering what the role of an art dealer is besides selling art. Their role is more important and complex than just selling art.

An Educated Professional

Art dealers rarely start of owning a gallery but they may later own one, however they definitely specialises in the field of the business of art. They also

• Possess significant experience in the art market.
• Have a rich background in the industry.
• Come from the world of business or art.
• May be artists or curators themselves.

How an Art dealer will help

The next time you want to acquire a Paul Treasure painting check out with an art dealer who specializes in this style or period of art. Since they are professionals with the knowledge of the arts they will be happy to share their knowledge with you whether you are prospective or established collectors. The work of an art dealer extends beyond consultation in buying your chosen piece of art. They would be consulted when organising an exhibition or an auction and their opinion is taken seriously. A dealer will also be able to provide you with

• Legal advice in all matters dealing with art.
• Advice you on framing, storage, conservation of your precious collection.

What they do

Serious art dealers are never stuck in one place. They will travel internationally, if required, to seek out good buys. A Shelley Rose silkscreen print would be easily available with an art dealer who knows his business. A successful art dealer will make sure that he gets in touch with various artists like Paul Vanstone the sculptor, builds up his relationship with the collectors who are interested in the artists he deals with and are able to anticipate what work of art is in demand. They buy the work of art accordingly and resell them in exchange of a percentage. You may buy the sculptures of Al Saralis in a Contemporary art gallery or a Vanity art gallery.

If you love works of art and wish to acquire a beautiful painting, a silk screen print or a piece of sculpture you must get in touch with an art dealer who is going to give the proper guidance, not only in selecting but also on acquiring what you desire.

About Beumee Contemporary Fine Art:

Beumee Contemporary Fine Art is offering unique collection of Art Galleries, Paintings, Paul Treasure, Shelley Rose, Paul Vanstone, Sculpture and many more. We are dedicated to connecting collectors to a comprehensive collection of investment art.


Source: beumee.com
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url 2019-08-17 06:05
Al Saralis - Fine Art Galleries And Paintings

Al Saralis was named Top British Artist’s To Invest In, by leading USA Art publication Complex. BEUMEE hold the largest collection of his paintings. A professional artist since 1980, he graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art from Cardiff.

Source: beumee.com/paintings/al-saralis
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text 2019-07-24 11:34
Various Forms of Contemporary Art Pieces

Art pieces of various forms have been a huge popularity with art lovers of all ages. Decorating home décor with these pieces is a sign of class and elite preference. However this is a specialized domain in its own right and you need to make detailed studies so that you can know all about the various forms of art pieces and their famous creators like Paul Vanstone, Jennifer Newman and Al Saralis.



Paintings – Paintings have been one of the main forms of art pieces that have been in vogue for ages now. It along with sculpted pieces of creations have been the traditional pieces of art that have been collected been art lovers of all ages. You can get a large variation of such pieces and hence can choose as per the color tones of the room, the size of the wall where it needs to be fitted or plainly as per your preference of the artist.


Figurines – Figurines are images of people, animals and other discernable elements that are tangible and can be recognized by one and all. They come in various sizes and can also be used as decorative pieces for the garden just as for any indoor space. They often come in monotone finishes.


Abstract Art – When talking about abstract art one of the facts that remains to be constant is that discerning the central idea that has inspired the creation is often intangible. It can come in the form of a painting and also in the form of a figurine or sculpted piece.


Make a detailed study of the kind of art pieces that you wish to buy, so that you can select the best suited piece for your requirement.

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photo 2019-07-18 05:52
Al Saralis - bird gerhl

Beumee Contemporary Fine Art is offering unique collection of Art Galleries, Paintings, Paul Treasure & Vanstone, Shelley Rose, Stephanie Charlton Smith, Tessa Campbell Fraser, Al Saralis, and Jennifer Newman. Visit us at https://beumee.com/ for private viewing of all works at the gallery.

Source: beumee.com
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