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review 2015-08-11 15:16
Jenna's Vacation
Jenna's Vacation - Alison Shaw

Mmm, so our sexually adventurous heroine not only found 'true love' but also has decided to succumb to the charm of matrimonial bliss!

Well, good for her, even if I find it hard to believe at times reading her 'adventures'. I still wish her all the best. xD

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-05-28 13:44
Jenna's Grand Tour
Jenna's Grand Tour - Alison Shaw

Book 2 of Jenna series takes us back to the 'journey' of our sexually adventurous heroine Jenna, who, we find this time, is shagging her way through Europe.

If you hadn't read the first book, Jenna in the Midwest, Jenna is a journalist, though not sure where she finds the time to do anything related to journalism, seeing how she spends her time doing quickies in every nook and cranny of wherever.

When book 1 ended, she was already in an open relationship with a guy named Wolfe, who is bi and loves boasting about his own 'adventures' to whoever would hear. Since he's now back home, Jenna is free to do whatever... The author doesn't disappoint as the story starts and we find Jenna traveling by train, starting her journey with a quickie with a complete stranger... in the train's bathroom. She was thrilled because on top of a being well-endowed, the stranger was also married. You go girl!

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-05-09 12:46
Jenna in the Midwest
Jenna in the Midwest - Alison Shaw

Jenna in the Midwest (Jenna #1) is a short novella with a twist. Our girl Jenna is... let's say, very sexually active and doesn't care to be with one man only. She comes to a new town and starts shagging the moment she drives in... on the road when her car breaks down and a hunk stops by to help her.


From there, with Jake, a young dude and said hunk, then his friend Ryan, then with Jake+Ryan... then the doctor, the Mayor, Jenna has no shortage of male 'companionship'. Unfortunately for Jenna, the Mayor turns out to be Ryan's dad but... but, our Jenna has scruples people, she stops 'seeing' Ryan the moment she gets involved with his dad, the dirty talking a$$hole. :p

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2013-10-24 13:50
The Palace Guard
The Palace Guard - Alison Shaw

The Palace Guard by Alison Shaw was a fantasy erotic novella. I liked it for the most part, but some things did bug me. Funny, because I’ve previously read more explicit stuff from this author that had things that I generally can’t stand, i.e. the H with OW etc. but didn’t mind those very much.

Let me just start the review. The story is set on a fantasy kingdom where Princess Elena is being groomed for a very prosperous match. She’s taught and trained to be the perfect wife from her childhood. Elena is a bit spoiled being the only daughter of the King and the Queen. And she’s a naïve virgin, kept that way exclusively for her future husband. Soon Elena grows up to be an 18 yrs. old girl, catching the eyes of one of the guards who have been her bodyguard for a couple of years now. He had seen her as a kid and now that she has finally grown, the Guard can’t keep his eyes off of her. But he also knows that lusting after the Princess could get him into big trouble... the offense would probably see him hanged, so the Guard, whose name is never mentioned, keeps his distance.

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review 2013-10-13 00:00
The Earl and the Governess: An Erotic Romance
The Earl and the Governess: An Erotic Romance - Alison Shaw DNF at 50%. Oct 14, 2013

This is an honest review. You've been warned.

I was in the mood to read erotic. So I picked this one.

At 1%
Fornication begins. Already???
Rafe with one woman I forgot who she was and her name. And then with another woman, again I forgot who she was and her name. Yeap.

At 9%
Rafe and his cousin. INCEST. Erkkk

At 14%
Rafe and his manservant, Johnson.
Damn that man named Johnson was hot alright.

At 15%
Rafe meets girl named Charlotte and she's a governess. He wants her so badly but he can't have her because she is seeking for husband. She wants him too but she can't because Rafe said he doesn't do permanent. You see, this two has no connection whatsoever except for lusty lust.

At 21%
Voyeurism. Johnson and a maid. Rafe just watching.
Oh well it was interesting experience for me anyway.


Then, it turns into endless sex.

Rafe and whoever.
Charlotte and Johnson. Ohhh you surprise?
Again voyeurism.
Rafe and Charlotte are trying to resist each other.


At 50%
And then... he finally fucked had her! Huh...

I guess this book wasn't for me. Read on your own peril.
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