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text 2018-06-15 07:35

As some of you may remember, I got a beehive for a Christmas present this year - it's a beekeeping service really: they park a beehive in our garden, come every couple of weeks to check on it and maintain it and once a year, in early summer, we get the first 9kgs of honey produced.  Unless the bees have had a particularly productive year, in which case we get a bonus delivery.


We got a bonus delivery today!  AND one of our new chickens, Auburn, laid her first egg - it's a party here at the menagerie!  :D



4 Kilos of honey, plus a big, thick slab of honeycomb.  Now, I'm biased, of course, but I will admit to massive amounts of trepidation regarding what honey from our garden would taste like - especially given the number of eucalyptus tress in our area, which produce a honey I'm not at all fond of (think dark, smokey, sharp flavours).  But I'm happy to report our honey is delicious - light, floral, sweet.  And can I just say thank god?  Because I have no idea what I'd do with 4kgs of honey that didn't taste good!

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review 2018-06-03 21:13
Red Dirt Heart 3
Red Dirt Heart 3 - N.R. Walker

Charlie and Travis are back again with Ma, George and their pet wombat, Nugget. For those of you who don't know, like me, wombats are kind of mini-pig/gopher-looking things:



Also, they're illegal to own as pets, so it's a little weird that didn't become an issue in one of the subplots in this book.


Oh, and they have square poop. Why wasn't this brought up? Of all the things Travis doesn't seem to know about, despite growing up on a Texas ranch, that would be the thing that should've caused a comment but didn't.


Anyway, I'm off topic.


This is a culmination of Charlie's part of the story, and it was nice to see him coming fully out of his shell, learning to communicate with those around him and rely on them. He's got a lot on his plate, but he's really settled into his skin and if he had one more challenge to face, it was learning to stand on his own. While Travis might have helped him to open up, he didn't bring out anything in Charlie that wasn't already there. There was a teensy bit of Big Misunderstanding there that felt on the contrived side that I don't think was even necessary to get Charlie to where he ended up, but eh. YMMV.


The family drama was...unexplained to say the least.

Why did Charlie's dad tell his mom to get rid of her pregnancy? That part was never explained. They already had one kid, after all, so what would've been wrong with having a second one?

(spoiler show)

That part really needed to be more fleshed out. As it stands right now, the answer seems to boil down to "just cuz." Still, it gave Charlie another part of himself to come to terms with and grow from, and that was neat.


This did start off a little slowly, since Charlie had to feed Nugget every other paragraph, which got repetitive fast. It ended strong though, so despite the fact that the editing is actually getting worse with each installment, this one still gets a four-star rating.

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text 2018-05-31 08:36
So not book related ... garden updates and new additions to the menagerie.

Note: This is a LONG and picture-heavy post that has nothing to do with books, and everything to do with gardening and critters.  If neither interests you, please do skip right over this post.  Thanks!


Updates and pics were requested for the newest additions to our menagerie - Aubry and Molly, our newest chickens, and our very newest members at Casa de los locos amantes de los animales - fish!  It turned out today was a reasonable sunny day, and I was out in the garden setting up some new pond plants, so I snapped some pics.


First the fish ... there's a story here.  Really, two stories that merged.  First, for my birthday MT 'bought' me a fountain for the garden.  The quotes are there because we had to a.) find one, that b.) we both agreed on.  That only took 3 months ... in the mean time, I found our old fire pit sitting disused; I hate stuff lying around the garden, but it's a pretty terracotta pit, and I had a water pump still in its box in the shed (the wrong pump was sent to me ages ago, but they didn't want it back when they sent the new one). I thought: why not make this into a tiny water garden?  In my enthusiasm I set it up straight away:



I was so pleased with myself ... zero dollar outlay, less crap sitting unused... WIN!  And then I went out and bought some fish for it, which I named Edith and Archie.  (pics are coming).  


I was also so enthusiastic that it didn't occur to me that terracotta needs to be sealed first.  Oops.  Researching, it turns out they're super easy to seal, but it takes 7 days to cure before it can be wet again.  Seriously, oops.  I lived with it awhile; it only lost about 1cm of water every few days, but I began to worry the thing would disintegrate out from under Edith and Archie.  So, they needed a temporary home while the pit cured.  I'm dedicated to not buying plastic if I can avoid it, so I found another bowl, which I was prepared to swear was the same size (it's not, it's about 50% bigger), and set it up.



Archie and Edith were relocated, and settled in.

Crap, fuzzy photo, because ... fish on the move. Edith in the yellow one.


Meanwhile I got the fire pit sealed, and set it back up but didn't have the heart to move poor Edith and Archie again, so MT and I went out and bought two more fish*, Smokey and Stimpy:


Stimpy is the top one with the giant black eyes; Smokey is a calico gold fish.


* Really, we bought 4 fish.  The Bandit and Ren both went MIA on separate occasions, leaving not a trace of their fates.  It's a touchy subject with all of us, but there's now more greenery in the bowl, thus more hiding places.  (We suspect a neighbourhood Pied Currawong, but lack proof.)


Meanwhile our fountain was found, agreed upon and ordered - that birthday present that indirectly started all this - and we needed to rip out and redo part of our garden for it, creating a path and laying down foundation stones for the fountain.  This was at the time MT started having health issues and couldn't do any manual labor... Ace!  As it turns out, I have muscles, who knew? and better, I can still use them!


The fountain:

And yes, there will be more fish for this pond at some point soon; I wanted to get the plants established first and make sure everything was running well before we added fishy residents.


And the new path:



The path is made of bluestone we found buried in the property when we bought it; each weighs about 15kg/30lbs - ish;  I don't have that many muscles, so a lot of rolling of the bluestones was going on for a week or so.  :)


The path at the top of the pic on the right is made of thin slate slabs, which I also laid myself, years ago, but they weigh hardly anything.


Finally, the chooks - er, chickens.  The good news is that Aubry is getting feathered boots, and Molly isn't - now we have a way to tell them apart.  The less great news is they are getting HUGE!  They were supposed to be 'medium' sized; they're well on their way to super-sized.


Aubry (you can just see her boots):

Their feathers are so gorgeous - this photo doesn't do them justice.  (Henrietta is the white chicken behind her.)


And this is Eggy, Molly and Aubry:


Am I the only one that thinks this would make a great album cover?


I'm pretty sure that's it for our menagerie, but I've learned to never say never.  I can't think of any other animals we could add that wouldn't turn me into a full-time zoo keeper (the chickens are surprisingly self-sufficient and fish are ... fish; the ponds are set up with plants that make them self-regulating/feeding/cleaning/oxygenating) so I'd like to think we've reached a place of stasis.  But I won't bet on it.  ;-)

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review 2018-05-23 02:45
What's that joke about a gorilla and a typewriter?
The Murderer's Ape - Jakob Wegelius

I love a good Swedish to English translation (except for that one time I attempted Wallander) so I thought that The Murderer's Ape by Jakob Wegelius would be no exception. However, I cannot unequivocally state that I loved this book...or that I loathed it. The book is told from the standpoint of a gorilla who has been christened Sally Jones. She's been around humans her entire life and therefore not only understands what they are saying but can read as well. She's a gifted engineer who the reader discovers has the ability to figure out most mechanical devices be they accordions or airplanes. (This is integral to the storyline.) Her best friend is a (human) man she refers to as Chief and who took her on as a partner when he got his own ship. But all of this was before they ran into some trouble. Without giving too much away, the two are separated and Sally is forced to adapt in order to survive. At its heart, this is an adventure story with a lot of drama. What I enjoyed were the illustrations which were done by the author and accompanied the heading of each chapter as well as a gallery of character portraits at the very beginning. Some of the issues I had with this novel were in its dealings with race, religion, and ethnicity. It was hard for me to pinpoint if the problems I had could be explained by viewing it through the lens of the time in which the novel took place but I found them unsettling nonetheless. Overall, I wasn't totally blown away but I wouldn't throw it out of an airplane door either. 4/10


Source: American Library Association


Examples of the illustrations. [Source: Playing by the book]



What's Up Next: Golda Meir: A Strong, Determined Leader by David A. Adler


What I'm Currently Reading: The House With a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellairs

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2018-05-14 04:17
Agent Bayne (PsyCop #9) (Audiobook)
Agent Bayne (PsyCop Book 9) - Jordan Castillo Price,Gomez Pugh

Review of book here.


Still as enjoyable as the first time. Gomez Pugh once again performs brilliantly.


I'm eager to see where this series is going to go next after the reveals made here with Vic's past and the pre-runner to the FPMP.

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