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text 2015-05-28 02:15
Welcome to the May 2015 Graduation Edition of Songdove Books Newsletter!
Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate - Marilynn Dawson
A Year in Prayer With Jesus - Ms Marilynn Dawson

Anyone know where May took off to???  As I write this, the calendar says May 27th and June 1st is on Monday!  So I'm sitting here realizing it's time for yet another monthly newsletter. . . Could have sworn I wrote one just a couple weeks ago. . .

One thing's for sure, May's focus has been GRADUATION!

Seasonal News

The biggest event of the month was probably the discovery of 26 copies of "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" flying off the Amazon shelves!  That brings the total paperback copies of this book sold to 31 this year!

31 graduates will receive this from loved ones in their life seeking to offer unspoken assistance as they cross the stage from school into the big wide world!  I've been told this is a great book to send kids off to college with too.

Prayer Cards From "A Year in Prayer With Jesus"


The second event to have me both relieved and excited about, is that the prayer cards for "A Year in Prayer With Jesus" have resumed production now that I have more hard drive space, and I was able to schedule month two, and both start AND complete month three, complete with scheduling in hootesuite!  All three months are now available as hi-res downloadable printables on gumroad.com.  Month four is now in the works and when that's done, I'll be a solid third of the way through!  It really is a relief to be working on this project again!  

The remainder of Month Two and Month three begin resumed daily morning postings on June 1st.  You'll be able to catch them every five minutes starting at 7am via my author page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and my author profile on G+.  Those versions of the prayer cards however, are only 72dpi (web quality) and not very suitable for printing.  You can however, share them as far and wide online as you wish, if you so choose.  Just keep the cards intact for copyright reasons.

The $20 price of each printable deck over at gumroad works out to less than 20 cents per hi-res image.  While many graphics artists will scream at so little per image, this is my attempt to make printing them more affordable for you, as ink and paper aren't cheap either.

Month One: https://gumroad.com/l/PC-YPWJ
Month Two: https://gumroad.com/l/PC2-YPWJ
Month Three: https://gum.co/PC3-YPWJ

Promotional News

Locations online where Songdove Books may be found grew again this month.  All four ebooks can now be purchased from Best Indie Book Store.  Needless to say, if you haven't already, you'll want to review the Songdove Books Presents: list of where to buy around the world to see if you favourite store is there yet or not.

The list is both growing and shrinking, as a UK site removed their ebook section this year as well.

I won't bore you by listing all the current locations in this newsletter, just click over to the site to peruse at your convenience.



As usual, God's provisions never cease to amaze me.  I have wrapped up the "heavy lifting" for a client's website and brand new social media presence and am now handling things back on a maintenance basis.  That client almost single-handedly covered my desired monthly earnings for most of 2015 so far.  As that began winding down, soundtech events at my church began picking up!  Several events in April and May combined with an unknown donor's gift back in April, have ensured things keep rolling in this house.  Funerals, concerts, a wedding. . . A sound tech never knows what they'll be doing next around my church.  June will see me doing three graduation ceremonies as well.  

The large number of grad gift sales this Spring has meant I'll be due for my first Createspace royalty cheque come the end of June as well!  Since first publishing in 2012, this is a BIG deal!  I've sold books via other outlets over the past few years, but Createspace has a very large minimum amount before they will cut you a cheque, so I'm thrilled to be getting my first cheque from them at the end of June!  

Createspace isn't the only one to be sending me a cheque either.  I am looking forward to getting my first payout from Hubpages.com at the end of this month as well!  I haven't had as much time to engage in freelance writing this year, so it's great to see the writing I have done start to pay off.  So much of my writing isn't designed to earn a penny and appears on my blog, my facebook and LinkedIn notes areas, or even my private profile notes.  But whenever it's possible to use my gifting not merely to share, but to put milk in the fridge too, that's a big deal!

For those who might be wondering, my health has improved to a point and plateaued there for much of 2015.  I do get setbacks every now and then, and my mornings the week of this newsletter have been "dragging" physically, mentally and emotionally.  I don't know if it's the heat already, as the Okanagan is already spending more time in the mid to high 20's (celcius), or if it's sleep issues, as I get interrupted every morning to take my daughter to work, or if it's just my body's response to being busier and me not finding the new boundaries yet.  It's great to generally have more energy to do stuff, because that allows me to be more productive around the house, take on more work, etc.  Just pray I'm not overdoing it and that I'll discover where my boundaries are at this stage of healing and not cross them till I'm ready to.

Blog posts continue as I go through the Bible from front to back in my personal devotions.  An interesting thought came to me as I read Numbers 18 a few days ago.  You'll want to read that.  So often we think God's holding out on us when He chooses not to bless us with things or situations or circumstances that we feel we've done our part to receive.  There might be a higher reason why those things have apparently been denied.  Read on to discover how all this played out in my personal devotions.

View past newsletters.

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text 2015-04-30 05:23
Songdove Books Newsletter! April 2015 Testimony Time!

Approaching the end of April already!  Can you believe that???  Does spring finally look like SPRING where you are, or do you live in Saskatchewan or Ft. St. John in northern BC where they're still talking about snow?!

My pastor just came back from Northern BC and they have a new name for the white stuff falling out of the sky.  They call it"White Rain"!  I suppose that's about as creative as the phrase we used to have for rain where I grew up: "Liquid Sunshine".  Does your region have a pet saying for the weather?
Seasonal News

April was quiet in the book front, other than three paperback copies of "Mom's Little Black Book: Godly Advice for the High School Graduate" going out the door.  One actually sold near the end of March, one around mid-April and one earlier this week.  That's three graduates walking the stage and being armed with both Scripture and practical advice as they head out into the world.  Do you have any graduates in your family, school or church?

The paperback can be found on Amazon and a number of other online locations.  Some have bought the PDF, but feel the book is better appreciated in-hand as opposed to on a digital device.  As digital as coming generations are becoming, there's still something special about certain things in print.

Promotional News

One of the sites where four of my ebooks in epub format can be found, http://songdove.tomely.com/ offers a discount if you share a book's link to Facebook or Twitter.  A new site that let's me offer you the PDF versions of ALL my books, will let you share to Twitter or Facebook as well.  Both sites will give you up to 25% off for sharing the book link to Facebook or Twitter.  

Payhip however, also offers fans who would want to promote an author's books on their own sites, the ability to do so and earn a commission.  If you'd like to help promote the PDF version of my books, I'll give you 30% commission for every book sold.  

Payhip's affiliate system adds to the Songdove Books Affiliate Program, extending it beyond the two e-courses now, and into the realm of selling PDF copies of my books. 

Payhip however, wasn't the only new outlet to enter my list of places around the world where my books are available.  Another location also became available this week, the same night I discovered Payhip actually.  This online location offers both the paperback and PDF versions of my books.  The new store is over at Sqeeqee.  My series, Becoming the Bride of Christ: A Personal Journey is being offered in PDF as a complete set download.  All 6 books and the leader's guide, combined into one large PDF document!

Sqeeqee has also made it into the reviews column at:  http://songdove.fa-ct.com/wordpress-mu/songdovemusings/where-to-buy-around-the-world/  as members are able to leave comments on shop items.  

Check out the new online retailers!


Production News, otherwise known as TESTIMONY TIME!!!

While not much happened as far as promotional or marketing efforts were concerned: no contests, no blog tours, no giveaways etc, one event did take place on the back end of life here at Songdove Books, that will now let me carry on with two book-related projects.  As most of you already know, hard drive space was at a premium and got to unworkable levels by the time I had to halt my prayer cards and halt recording my series.  At one point, it seemed as if God might provide the extra space via another author, but for reasons I haven't felt at liberty to enquire over, it didn't happen.  When someone offers the potential for a gift, you don't beg.  A gift isn't a gift when it's pestered for.  So I began asking God again how I was going to even manage client creative tasks for my day job, let alone for my two book-related projects.  A couple weeks after that round of prayer, my daughter's laptop died!!!

Normally, when a piece of relied-upon equipment goes like that, the average response is to get upset.  Rather than get upset, my daughter asked to pay me back.  We located a few units at online stores for local retail outlets, and went to check them out in person.  What happened next is completely a God thing!  Unbeknownst to us, someone on the other side of Canada two months ago, had bought a particular laptop thinking they were buying a high-end unit with screaming-good specs!  They got the screaming-good specs, but failed to take into account that the unit's hardware was built for power rather than speed.  The unit had been returned to the store here in Kelowna!  The unit had sat on the tech's bench for roughly a month, with the entire store's staff eyeing it on occasion, but no one really wanting to dive further into why it might have been returned, were there any hardware issues with it, etc?  So we walk into this store completely unaware of this laptop in the back.

While we were browsing laptops, a guy comes over to ask how we're doing, did we need any help, etc.  We share what my daughter was after, talk brands and specs, and it becomes obvious to this guy that I am a computer tech and that my daughter has picked up on my knowledge and talks like the child of a tech.  This leads him to do something he doesn't normally do and share about the laptop in the back, particularly because I'd expressed amazement and how well I am impressed with the brand.  We end up learning about the above laptop and how it's one generation behind the one on the floor.  We learn how it was brought in to this store, and that the unit appeared to have a win8 BSOD of some kind.  The guy was willing to offer it to us below cost if we were willing to a) accept it as final sale, and b) refurbish it ourselves, as we "sounded like we knew what we were doing", which is true.  My daughter bought it after I insisted on putting it through some paces.

We got the laptop home, and after well over 4hrs of updates, updating to win8.1, and figuring out how to do a backup from the MS servers to DVD, my daughter has a perfectly fine working laptop that only seems to throw up a BSOD occasionally because of AVG.  I have discovered in the past, that win8.x doesn't seem to play well with 3rd party antivirus programs, so I wasn't surprised after she put AVG on there and another BSOD showed up.  Her own laptop had lost power somewhere on the motherboard, although the motherboard's own power light would come on, so she gave me it's hard drive!

Thanks to that lengthy story, I have 450gb worth of space to use, and transfering my existing data folder over to it only took roughly 80+ gb.  So there's lots of room to resume the prayer cards and resume recording my series!  I should be good for storage space now for the next while.

Anyone local to Kelowna will not be able to learn who the store was that we dealt with, because as the store manager observed, (yes, it turns out the guy we were dealing with WAS the store manager!) we were a "special case" because we had the technical know-how to get the unit going again.  We were even given the head tech's business card if I had questions.  Come to think of it, I should be contacting them for no other reason than for a) not brushing off my knowledge, as so often happens in places like this, b) selling us a really nice unit, and c) tell them it's working GREAT!

How's that for an answer to prayer?!  The best part of it???  My daughter's income tax return is DOUBLE the price of the laptop!!!  God is so good!!!

How has God worked things, people and scenarios to answer prayer in your life?

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