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text 2022-09-07 12:29
Benefits of custom Atlanta web development for your online business

Hiring an Atlanta web design company and a freelancer both have advantages and disadvantages, but there are some very distinct advantages to hiring an agency.


Hire the expertise


The wide range of expertise a company has is a huge advantage when it comes to availing services like graphic design. Web development services in USA have groups of workers asking for work, which indicates that sick employees are not at risk of delaying the end target time. Businesses also have the expertise to handle larger clients and accounts than freelancers and can usually expand their list of satisfied consumers. Because of their size, agency employees can develop a broader range of ideas than individual freelance employees. Web layout companies can access better resources than freelancers with more focused business contacts and better tools.


The real benefit of hiring Atlanta web design services is knowing what you're getting, unlike freelancers, who are usually much more volatile. I don't mean to say anything about them. Still, my personal and practical experience is that most people are looking for a high income and often don't consider their customers' wishes on the same level as the company.


Fulfill the customer’s need


While graphic design and styling businesses hire account representatives to take care of their clients and manage their goals, freelancers usually want to be designers at heart and aren't great at building relationships. I don't usually talk about all these freelancers, but there is no doubt that agencies are more organized.


Blue Light Labs are a professional web development agency that strives to meet the needs of our clients. Many website developers try to impose template websites on their clients. Therefore, the ideal company should know what their customers want and need from their website. In perfect web development, each client should have a project manager to ensure that all expectations are met and some are fulfilled. In a sea of ​​mediocre websites, a specialized agency is needed to make your website stand out and do it with ease and dedication to your customer's satisfaction.


Use Latest technology


The right balance between visual stimulation, functionality, and valuable content is fundamental to success and sinful website design. Combining the company's unique personality with the latest web technologies and standards, advertising provides a complete user experience. WordPress web design agency reflects our portfolio and list of satisfied clients.


A perfect web development company USA helps clients choose a color palette, define their market, target clients, and compete. Visuals generate interest, emotion, connection, excitement, pleasure, awareness, and a desire to know more. Messages displayed in visuals improve all user experiences.


When choosing the custom website development company, they take the time to get to know who you are, your company, and where you plan to go in the future and encourage you to choose a company that offers additional features. Combining all these elements, the agency creates a successful work of art that is easy for clients to use and stimulates enough to keep traffic to the site long term. You can make the ideal web development and advertising agency. You need to create the image customers want to see your company before they see you or hear your voice.

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text 2022-07-26 07:54
Top 10 Benefits of ReactJS For Your Application Development


Having plenty of feature-rich components, tools, and libraries, front end development has been one of the most exciting and multi-faceted tools. For business owners who are willing to plunge into the online business, choosing suitable and right tools might be a tough call.


There are many web and mobile app development frameworks that give you tough competition while choosing it and React Native is one of those. Yes, it is one of the leading and preferred enterprise development frameworks used by Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Airbnb, and many more. ReactJS is an efficient, declarative, and flexible open-source JavaScript library that is used to build simple, fast, and scalable front end development and single-page applications.


ReactJS creates specific changes in data of web applications without reloading the web pages. This is the main reason it attracts more users and developers. It’s way simpler and faster in creating a user interface. Well, if you are looking for similar services and wish to build a robust web application for your enterprise, you should definitely consider working with ReactJS Development Company. Or, if you have limited requirements, then you should hire ReactJS developer to understand your requirements and fulfill your dream project.


Here, we are listing out numerous advantages of ReactJS for your enterprise application development that makes it the most suitable framework of all time. If you want to know what’s ReactJS, you can read our blog Introduction to ReactJS as well.


Benefits of ReactJS for Enterprise App Development

ReactJS app development is the future of front end development services. It’s an evolving framework that is getting refined every day. Let’s explore the reasons to use ReactJS for app development.


Fast Learning Curve


React is a very simple and lightweight JS library that only deals with the view layer. It’s easy to adapt and intuitive. As we know, having a basic understanding of JavaScript and with a couple of more tutorials, you can start developing a web application. Hence, it can be an easy adaptable option to learn and build web applications.

As per the guide of React tutorial, ‘Thinking in React - React is, in our opinion, the best way to build big, fast web applications with JavaScript. It has scaled very well for us on Facebook and Instagram.


Easy to Use and Learn

As compared to other JavaScript frameworks, ReactJS is the simplest and most direct one framework which consists of user-friendly and easy to understand JavaScript documentation. Henceforth, every developer finds it easy to use and learn for front end development.


React uses plain JavaScript which is easy to use the component-based approach to build your website or mobile application. Hence, it offers another benefit by reducing the cost of development. However, the library becomes easier to use as you apply it often on websites and applications.


Fast Rendering Using Virtual DOM


The performance of any application depends upon the structure on which it is built. If you are planning to build a high load application, this is one of the primary factors which you need to be considered. But when it comes to ReactJS, it uses virtual DOM for all the components and React-DOM creates required updates and rendering to the real DOM-tree on its own without any interference of the developer.



In this, first, the developer creates the changes to the application then all the changes get done over the virtual DOM. If the changes you have made are risk-free and don’t affect the performance, then the React-DOM gets updated.


This way, risk management takes place for all the changes in the application. On the other hand, the cost for DOM management gets reduced and developers get the high-performance. The changes are applied to the DOM to minimize the read or write time.


Reusable Components


ReactJS offers component reusability, enabling you to start with small components and progress to large components. You can get a component-based structure. For example, you can start with tiny components like dropdown, button, checkbox, etc and then you can use them to create large wrapper components.


Without having any issue, developers can use generic components. If non-complex logic is found in the components, it becomes easy to reuse them and also the process to maintain these components becomes easy.


Using the framework, developers can easily create a class and use it as much as instances they want. These components are not compiled with each other, hence, a change in one component doesn’t affect other working.


The major benefit of using ReactJS is that you can reuse them on any platform, therefore, the developers can save development time & efforts, and they can focus on creating actual and optimized components for better performance.




If you own a business and your website doesn’t come up in the Google search engine, it’s of no use, I guess. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization has always been the top priority for all organizations for better success. Henceforth, using the Node with ReactJS can help in increasing the visibility of your website on the search engines.


For any application, page loading time and rendering speed can make or break your website on the search engine. Since ReactJS performs faster rendering than any other framework, it significantly reduces the page loading time and helps improve the app ranking on search engines. Most of the renowned and giant players leverage the advantage of ReactJS and grow successfully.




Since ReactJS only uses downward data flow, it’s a more stable core. Whenever you do any changes in child structure, the parent structure remains unaffected from the changes. So, whenever you - as a ReactJS developer, want to change an object, they only have to modify the state, make amendments, and only then proceed further with updating. This structure ensures that the code is stable and delivers a smooth app performance.


Due to its reusability feature, ReactJS develops amazing Android web applications. The feature of data flow from a single point is extremely important for a RectJS development company to employ this framework.


Flux and Redux Architecture


Developed by Facebook, Flux is used for various web applications. It’s similar to React components by its unidirectional flow. The architecture consists of action creators, helping in creating action form method parameters. It also maintains a library for these methods. The central dispatcher keeps these actions together to update stores. All views are updated as per the stores.



Redux is an improved version of Flux architecture. It consists of a single store that does not exist in flux. Redux also enables a feature where middleware can be defined to intercept dispatched actions.


Wide Range of Toolset For Developers


Another advantage of ReactJs that help you choose this platform is its user-friendliness. The library of ReactJS comes with a complete toolset that helps developers deploy amazing and engaging features for applications. The major two tools provided by React are React Developer Tools and Redux Developer Tools. These tools can be installed as Chrome extensions.


Due to the React developer tool, it becomes easy for developers to identify the parent and child components, observe component hierarchies, and inspect the present state and props of the components. While using the Redux developer tool, you can observe various dispatched actions, current store states and check changes in stores. The different dispatch actions or store modifications with different changes can also be reflected and viewed instantly. A user can also record and rollback to the previous version of the application for debugging purposes.


Strong Community Support


React has a large and massive community of dedicated developers so you can be assured of quick and accurate solutions. Experts are regularly delivering the free React tutorials on YouTube and write in-depth tutorials in the form of articles and blogs. They are constantly working on interactive sites to imbibe their knowledge to the juniors or freshers who are willing to learn ReactJS. It has more than 1000 independent contributors worldwide. Seriously, React is a reliable and up-to-date technology.


Increases Productivity



It’s undeniable fact that when an app has a very complex logic, and when a single modification in one component can dramatically affect other components, then frequent updates often turn into headaches. But to overcome this problem, Facebook has developed React with the component reusability feature to combat this issue.

The features of ReactJS like Virtual DOM, reusable components, Backward-compatibility, and its flexibility for other platforms, allow the developers to develop applications that offer intuitive UI with complex workings.


When it comes to ReactJS for enterprise application productivity, then the app developed using ReactJs offers a great UI with consumer-grade simplicity and mobile-friendly experience. That’s why ReactJS tops in the race of enterprise app development.




Considering the advantages of ReactJS, it’s apparent that ReactJs has a future in enterprise app development. You can easily build high-end applications and all data changes can be applied repeatedly. And obviously, using Virtual DOM, you can develop an app faster and more user-friendly.

Source: theonetechnologies.com/blog/post/top-10-benefits-of-reactjs-for-your-application-development
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text 2022-03-18 12:26
Enterprise Application Services

Businesses are demanding faster innovation cycles for new technology-led experiences and products that deliver better customer engagement and improved bottom-line results. How do you modernize your enterprise applications, so they are scalable, flexible, and manageable? How do you ensure a return on investment in your legacy systems? What does it take to deliver new services that delight your customers?


At V2Soft we understand the challenges you are facing to maintain and enhance business applications at a time when: You need to update your applications to meet new business needs and changing regulations with our application services.


Application Development Services:

Application Development Company helps to Solve business problems using the appropriate technology, innovation, and our full-stack experienced teams. Experience our Agile-based approach towards building Cloud-native applications, Application Integrations, or enhancing existing applications.



Application Transformation Services:

Our Application Transformation Services help you re imagine business applications and streamline existing application portfolios. We help you build future-ready applications using the right technologies and our full-stack experienced teams. Get more from existing applications by assessing your application portfolio, re-platforming existing applications, or migrating applications to cloud or standards-based architecture and achieving greater agility by transitioning application delivery to Agile and DevOps.


When you work with V2Soft, you get more and more strategies, technologies, and more confidence in your decisions with our custom application solutions and consulting. Connect with us to know more.

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text 2022-01-06 06:20
15 Useful Flutter Libraries For Mobile App Development

Flutter is Google's child. The open-source framework builds captivating and user-friendly UI designs for web and mobile app development. Its functionality and ease of creating apps have won developers' hearts, making Flutter the latest tech attraction.

Let's first understand the meaning of libraries.

A library is a collection of pre-written codes and programs developers can use to optimize the process of software development. They are standard codebases that are gateways to thoroughly functional software at scale.

This article presents a lot of 15 Flutter libraries for successful Android, iOS, and web application development.

We have considered several factors such as functionality, popularity, and the most updated resources for  efficient mobile app development.

Let’s begin.

15 Useful Flutter Libraries

1. Cupertino icons

Use: Cupertino icons are used by Cupertino widgets in Flutter app development. They are the default asset icon based on iOS style icons.

Explanation: Cupertino apps are Apple or iOS styled apps with a classic look and feel of the iOS framework. Every mobile app development company can use the Cupertino library to code in a standard iOS design language based on Apple's user interface guidelines.

2. Flutter Bloc

Use: BLoc can separate your presentation and business logic. A developer can write business logic in a BLoc file. BLoc designs new UIs using a given event and a state.  

Explanation: BLoc stands for Business Logic Object Components. It is a popular design pattern library in Flutter development.

Android and iOS designers significantly promoted the MVC model. The example includes the Model holding the information type, the View showing the information from the Model, and the Controller remaining in the middle to operate and control both.
This MVC model has been used in variation in BLoc.

3. Animations

Use: Pre-built customizable animations for exclusive user experience.

Explanation: Fade, slide, and size transitions are the most common Flutter animations.
The Animation framework in Flutter depends on Animation objects. App development companies can either fuse these movements in their app's built capacities or utilize the animations as the basis of more complex transitions given to other software developments.

4. Flutter Local Notifications

Use: It consists of a Cross-platform plugin customizable for each framework for displaying notifications.

Explanation: Flutter local notifications are a boon to every cross-platform app development company. Notifications are an excellent way to lure users back to the app. Local notifications originate from the app itself. The library consists of a plugin to help localize, schedule, and display notifications for the user's device.

5. Flutter Slidable

Use: It offers a slidable list of items inside the app. The user can dismiss these directional slide options as per his will.

Explanation: This feature is an excellent time-saver in custom software development services; otherwise overburdens the developer with redundant and hectic tasks at hand. It makes the user design extremely user-friendly and immersive.

These Flutter Slidables are more than simple left or right swipes. Developers can experiment with-

1. Behind Motion
2. Draw Motion
3. Stretch Motion
4. Scroll Motion

6.  Flutter Native Splash

Use: Adds and customizes the default white native splash screen.

Explanation: This is a prevalent library that supports Flutter app development. Any top mobile app development company can customize the brief period of the app's first screen while loading the rest of its features, resources, and content. The default native splash screen is white.
Developers can use a different color or splash image with it. The library supports dark mode, full screen, and platform-specific options.

7. Google Maps Flutter

Use: Integrating Google Maps in apps using Flutter development

Explanation: This flutter plugin helps implement Google Maps using a widget to your Android and iOS app development. It can automatically gain access to Google servers and respond effectively to users' gestures in identifying, locating, and marking the spots.

8. Permission Handler

Use: It provides a Plugin to request and check Cross-platform API

Explanation: Most operating systems limit the permission to download apps on the user's device. The developers must ask for the user's consent to enable installation even while the app is running.
This plugin allows a cross-platform API that can automatically ask users' permission and update their status as soon as authentication is received.
Flutter Plugin also provides a reason behind asking permission on Android operating systems.

9. Connectivity Plus

Use: Identify and configure network connectivity

Explanation: The flutter app development provides the most potent pre-programmed library to recognize web connectivity and adapt to the requirements. It works with both cellular or WiFi arrangements.

10. Webview Flutter

Use: Improves and maintains presentation of web pages on both Android and iOS.

Explanation: The Webview Plugin provides a seamless browsing experience for app users regardless of the operating system. It offers high flexibility to every web and mobile app development company in the USA and beyond, displaying the web content in the apps.

11. File Picker

Use: A library extension that allows the app to select single or native files from the native file explorer of the user's device.

Explanation: File picker is a beneficial resource to every mobile app developer. It supports multiple platforms for single or multiple picks. It provides valuable filtering support for media, image, video, or audio. Flutter's file picker also extends its support to custom file formats filtering like pdf, jpeg, zip, etc.

12. Pull To Refresh

Use: A library supporting pull-down refresh and pull-up load for Android and iOS.

Explanation: You might have refreshed your apps dragging down the screen on various apps. Although it is more common for Android apps, app development companies can also add this functionality to iOS. It supports horizontal, vertical, and reverse scroll views.

13. Just Audio

Use:  Supports various features for the audio player for different operating systems.

Explanation: Amongst various Flutter plugins, the Flutter ecosystem uses a variety of audio plugins to enable a smooth user experience. Just audio helps users play audio in the background while running other apps in the foreground. It also syncs the audio for Carplay, smartwatch, or any other device. Using this plugin, users can respond to the audio app using the controls on the lock screen.

14. Sign In With Apple

Use: Helps sign in with an Apple ID and retrieve credentials using Apple Keychain.

Explanation: This library is more popular with iOS app developers because it enables quick login into Apple and helps in using Keychain effectively. Sign in with Apple also supports the Android platform.

15. Google Firebase Crashlytics

Use: Helps identify and track dysfunctionality in apps in real-time.

Explanation: Google Firebase Crashlytics helps you prioritize and resolve app performance issues in real-time. It assesses the impact of app crashes on users on an ongoing basis and saves mobile app developers time to enable better development operations.  
It's pretty easy to use and offers high-quality end-to-end support for troubleshooting emerging issues as and when they appear.

Wrap Up-

Are you thinking of using Flutter for efficient app development support?

Flutter is the most popular app development framework because of its low code requirements, multi-platform support, and built-in library of features that support a reliable ecosystem for app building.

If Flutter is your best option for development, Consagous Technologies is your best bet for a highly innovative mobile app design and development LA.

Connect with us to enthrall your users with avant-garde designs and performance-oriented apps.

Original Source:


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text 2021-12-03 06:38
Importance of Discovery Process for Mobile App Development

Envision you are traveling in your shiny new vehicle and have recently taken off, all siphoned up with energy. However, at that point, you understand that you don't have a guide for the place where you intend to go.

Where will you wind up in the present circumstance?

No place, to be exact.

You won't just lose time and assets; you won't ever have the option to arrive at your destination.

This uncertainty is the reason the discovery phase for mobile app development services is likely the central stage. Without a discovery cycle, you resemble that voyager without a guide.

Interpreting Discovery Process

A discovery cycle endeavors to track down solutions that prompt the ideal design, advancement, UX/UI, and generally provide mobile app development services. These answers structure the establishment on which we at Consagous Technologies comprehend the customer's prerequisites, align them with the market needs, and perform our role as a web and mobile app development company in the USA.

The essential answers that discovery process points to are:

a. Crucial data that will frame the foundation of the app development(such as client experiences, personas).

b. Data on how clients can profit from utilizing the mobile app (why will they go for our application?).

c. Set of elements of the user application that will build up the UI and client experience of the mobile application (this will prompt a wireframe of the new application).

Launching the Discovery Process

Although specific mobile app development projects have diverse discovery processes (applications for the cooking will not be quite the same as those for software engineers), a couple of essential app development structures build all discovery processes.

The three principle bases for starting the discovery cycle are research, ideation, and evaluation.


Using exploratory research, the app developers and mobile application designers will want to acquire data about the domain of the application, and it will incite transparency into the general development of the mobile application.

Mobile app design and development in the USA can utilize studies and polls to scoop out relevant information and data on the domain. It opens up groundbreaking thoughts regarding the new application. Competitor's study can likewise be a significant piece of the examination series. It will assist with having a result identified with the targets and motivation behind mobile app development.

In the case of a mobile application for cooking enthusiasts, the research stage can assist the designers with understanding why specific individuals are enthusiastic about cooking, the names of different ingredients, and the science of an average user using client persona.


Given the data accumulated through the research step, we will ideate the app development, and this occurs because of one essential part of this stage: Pain Points.

In the ideation phase of the discovery cycle, we will attempt to comprehend the trouble spots of the user base and conceptualize thoughts to determine those problem areas.

The practical laying of the first brick of mobile application development is made by sorting trouble areas for users. A mobile app development services provider can intentionally and explicitly center around the trouble areas and ideate every part of the mobile app development: features, UI, user experience, and product experience.

For instance, for the app for gaming lovers, we can ideate on the trouble areas and afterward conceptualize thoughts to determine them. Their most significant problem areas can be making free play simpler, good cross-platform multiplayer games, in-game player communication, and scalability options.


Given the ideation stage and the thoughts produced, we show up at the last and possible phase of the discovery cycle: Evaluation.

At this stage, we have the data about the domain, we have the regular client persona, and we have a bunch of concepts identified with the features, UI, and client experience dependent on the problem areas.

We should come to an obvious conclusion and assess the final form of mobile app development.

Much of the time, a wireframe of the new mobile application is the result of the progression stage, which is made after concept testing. Any top mobile app development company LA can design the mobile application through wireframe, embed navigational frames dependent on the client's assumptions. It can afterward assess this system with the customer and professional authorities.  

For instance,  mobile app development companies can display a wireframe dependent on the available data about the application to the gaming experts and the people. They have information and experience in the gaming world.

Allow them to assess the application's features and design rundown, design, and client experience using concept testing. Take active bits of feedback and design the app from scratch.

Hence, after the discovery cycle closes, the mobile app development services provider is employed with the correct data and contributions to start the development process.

Also, this is a sure-shot way to proceed.

Final Words-

Need more explanations on the discovery cycle? Speak with our professional mobile application advisors today, and take a step towards seamless expertise.

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