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url 2020-05-27 09:11
Exploring Best Features Of Android 11-Pixel Values Technolabs

Google has launched the third developer preview of its Android 11 version (just to remind the first Android 11 developer preview came in Feb and the second one came in March). Today we’ll explore some of the feature’s Android App Development has to offer in this developer review 3 and we can expect them in the final stable launch of Android 11. Important note, this is purely a developer preview and not a public beta, hence, it’s only available to download on Pixel phones and to install these updates you need to go through the process of flashing your phone.

Source: www.pixelvalues.com/exploring-best-features-of-android-11
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text 2020-04-30 08:03
Covid-19 & The Way to An Automated Future!

The current pandemic is definitely playing its role in making us look for them quickly, so that we can make sure that these futuristic and autonomous models are able to deliver when needed.

To put it simply, the world has been on its toes since news of the coronavirus outbreak took the headlines by storm. Life has come to a halt, and governments are trying really hard to find out ways of combating this pandemic to the best of their capacities.

Millions of employees around the world have started working from home in the midst of this current situation. Countless retail businesses are having a hard time to take care of the supply, and customers too in their panic, have held up the stock of multiple items that range from toilet paper to food essentials.


In Wuhan though, which is the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, Chinese E-commerce brand JD tested autonomous delivery robots and ran its fully automatic warehouses for 24 hours each day to manage the increase in demand of items. With people locked down in their homes, the requirement of autonomous machines has never been more pronounced, where they are something more than mere concepts.

A future that relies on automation was already coming, but given the epidemic, it has led to the acceleration of this particular process. Problems and issues which existed in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector have been exposed. Just being aware of catchy words and the hype surrounding this concept might have been a hindrance in taking accurate note of the progress.

If things actually need to be accelerated for getting to an automated future quickly, there are some much-needed reforms that need more attention than ever-

1. A New Set of Evaluation Metrics

With more and more autonomous machines finding deployment in the outside world, the usual metrics like cycle time, speed and success rates are no longer the accurate providers of the complete scenario.

This is what needs to be done in this case-

We need to evaluate system reliabilities under uncertain situations with metrics like the degree of human intervention in particular automated processes.

More standards and industry tools that are capable of conducting an overall evaluation of system performance under multiple cases as real-life scenarios come with a lot of uncertainty.

A few years ago, DevOps arrived on the scene to cut the development cycle short and provide top-notch software. In comparison, AI and ML are pretty new. However, MLOps and AIOps are increasingly being used, marking a crucial shift from just AI/ML based research to their use in actual products.

2. Redesigning Communication & Error Handling

We might be years away from getting fully autonomous solutions, but robotics is still pretty able to bring immediate utility for us. Even if involved in the operations to a certain degree, companies can bring about a considerable reduction in labor and other costs.

There is a need to come up with different categories for errors at different levels, design appropriate protocols and ensure that taking care of fatal errors is the first priority in every such case where a system can stop and will need human involvement to take care of.

Detecting those errors which are untraceable by the system too is another difficult facet to come to terms with, highlighting the importance of two-way communication, allowing users to mark errors or bring a contingency plan in effect.

3. Redefining Interaction Between Machines & Humans

Coronavirus has forced a huge number of companies in USA to make a quick shift to the cloud through the adoption of automation. Because there are just a handful of people who are charged with managing a large fleet of robots, it is yet to be seen if there are right kinds of technologies with us to ensure that information is quickly transferred for swift decision- making.

When it is about providing input to robots, we normally rely on machines like tablets or computers. But, with time, as the information pile keeps on increasing and response time needs to be more efficient, looking into the technologies of AR/VR might provide a lot of answers to revolutionize human-machine interaction.

The current pandemic is definitely playing its role in making us look for them quickly so that we can make sure that these futuristic and autonomous models are able to deliver when needed.

The above points will definitely prove to be a lot of help to the producers of such systems in making breakthroughs quickly.

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text 2020-04-29 07:37



Mobile application development is considered to be a highly challenging operation by many organizations, owing to its multiple platforms and contending technologies. with the increasing use of mobile phones we also need a mobile app development company.


However, with the increasing number of smartphones hitting the markets, many companies are now engaged in developing monotonous mobile applications that are unreliable and unable to promote any feasible ideas. mobile app development company usa  today crave for development partners having expertise in deploying robust solutions fully compatible with existing as well as future platforms and are able to provide consistent workflow operations.


We offers advanced services in the field of ecommerce solutions provider company across various platforms. We are constantly engaged in raising the bar and setting higher standards for mobile applications by using the three key characteristics, i.e. anytime access, personalization and contextual use, offered by mobile platforms. With more than 10 years of quality experience in deploying well-aimed solutions to clients from diverse business verticals and our impressive track record of on-time delivery of solutions, we can safely assure a high-quality mobile application suiting your requirements.  We also provide digital marketing services if you have any need related to E- Commerce Solutions, web development services feel free to contact us.


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Source: acecreativee.wordpress.com/2019/05/08/acecreativewebtech-mobile-app-development-company
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text 2020-04-29 07:27


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text 2020-04-29 07:25


Acecreative is specialized in E- Commerce Solutions as per your business either this will be a small store with a single product or big store with thousands of products.


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Source: acecreativee.wordpress.com/2019/05/08/acecreativewebtech-e-commerce-solutions-services
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