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text 2017-07-10 15:42

Forgot I'd subscribed to an Amazon review's thread. Received a reply alert. I reported it to Amazon as "an ad hominem attack on an Amazon customer reviewer", and when I clicked send I then saw that Amazon had deleted the comment (scroll down to the end: "Deleted by Amazon 1 hour ago").

Trying to find out what her new Big Five book was, I didn't find any under her Initial.Surname name with which she'd self-pubbed two books. However, her profile linked to her personal Facebook, where she complained about the same reviewer here and here.

Turns out that, unsurprisingly, she's a Trmp fan: here and here.

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url 2017-03-10 03:58

With one Tweet, D.G. has managed to condescend to both people with English majors AND people who work in the food industry. Check out the comments there.

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url 2016-12-31 11:52
People in Publishing Showing Their Privilege
In short: someone Tweeted something that was unintentionally ableist. She was called out on it, so she deleted it. I never saw it, so I never saw how many people called her out. She took to her Facebook to talk about it. I know she didn't mean any harm. But the comments on her not-Public (Friends-locked) Facebook post are very telling. Not hers - the comments of her friends who are also in publishing. Including authors. It shows that even though people may seem liberal or vote Democrats, they might still be inconsiderate towards people with disabilities. OK, so if they didn't think the joke was ableist, that's one thing. Another thing entirely when they're told it's ableist...and then they go on rants about "victim complex", and how people are "looking to be offended/outraged", and "if they're mad about this, wait 'til they hear about Tr*mp." My Twitter thread (click the title of this post - should link there) includes screenshots of some of the comments from people in publishing you may have heard of (i.e. male YA authors). Also includes my reactions to their fuckery. In short: authors act differently in private than they do in public. Namely, they're inconsiderate dicks without compassion in private, no matter how much of a supposed "ally" (actuality, they're a fake ally) they may seem in public. If the post and comments were public, I'd archive.is them. But since they're not, you'll have to take my word for it, unless you follow the original poster.
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url 2016-12-31 03:55
Regarding the Closure of All Romance eBooks (ARe)

Screenshot from https://twitter.com/Lori_Ella/status/814874762530983936

Lori James/Samantha Sommersby is blaming "fake news and rumors". Actually, everything that people are saying about ARe comes straight from the letter that SHE sent people. If she blames "fake news"...SHE WROTE IT.

Authors, bring out your agents and lawyers...

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url 2016-12-19 10:47
So this happened today...

https://twitter.com/TezMillerOz/status/810721923479064580 Link is to my Twitter thread. Public, so you should be able to read it.

I never tagged her, so I was unsettled when she contacted me. But yes, my Facebook post was Public: https://www.facebook.com/tezmilleroz/posts/10155546790074179

Lesson of the story: Authors, if someone hasn't contacted you with questions or clarifications, consider why. If they're not professional journalists (I'm certainly not one), they may not feel safe contacting you, in case you exploit the power dynamic already in your favour to punch down on someone with a lower following.

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