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url 2017-08-31 17:15
Whilst I was report-and-blocking, I saw an author tagged in the comments of a post. The name was familiar, and I figured not for a good reason. Didn't see anything too incriminating on her Twitter feed, except for the petition against Antifa.
Then I Twitter-searched her name, and I remembered correctly: she's creepy towards reviewers: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1232568362
So yeah, it's unsurprising that people who are shit towards bloggers also have shit political views.
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text 2017-08-29 16:45
Blast from the Past

Interesting the people you find while report-and-blocking. Turns out the author who said I was "intolerant" of her Islamophobic views a few years ago has gone on to be even more of a shite. Her Twitter feed's full of Alt-R*ght tripe. (I found out this time by seeing who likes/RTs Alt-R*ght people's Tweets. Turns out she does does.)


Oh, and hell yeah, I'm intolerant of Trmp supporters, and I don't apologise for that. And if you're going to "but echo chamber!" me, keep in mind that via my report-and-blocking I see a lot of opinions that aren't my own.

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url 2017-08-29 07:46

I wrote up a thing on Facebook about RWA and some of those who would rather maintain status quo than be inclusive.

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url 2017-08-25 05:43
I'd just popped in quick to check my Twitter before sleep, when I saw YA Twitter talking about all this. TL;DR: An unknown book hit #1 on the NYT YA Hardcover Bestseller List. People investigated how that came to be: small bulk-orders. Details at the link.
The thing about bestseller lists is that people like them because they think other people like them. e.g. Authors like making the list because it may make them more attractive to publishers/readers. Mass generalistion, I know. We've all heard rumours about bestseller list curation.
Really, the only true way you know how your book is selling is via your statements. Earn out your advance and gaining royalties after? You're doing well.
But that's not enough for some, because other people can't see your numbers. Which reminds me of that Family Guy cutaway about people writing in public, because there's no point writing if there's no one to watch you do it.
Anyway, as a reader I'm not more impressed by an NYT bestselling book than one that didn't make the list. Because I don't trust other people to like what I like. Other people have different standards. (When I'm feeling particularly bitchy, I think they have LOWER standards ;-) )
So how much attention do you pay to bestseller lists? Have you chosen to read something specifically because it made the list? Is the Bestselling Author rank prestigious and meaningful, or just a bit of bookwank?
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photo 2017-08-19 19:15
USA Today Bestselling Author casually commenting on the Tweets by one of the hate-speech rally people:

USA Today Bestselling Author casually commenting on the Tweets by one of the hate-speech rally people:

I was in the comments of one of the Boston hate-speech rally people (looking for more people to report-and-block), when I found this author.

Checked her with_replies, and she believes in "Soros-paid protestors" and "but globalism!" *headdesk*

Anyway, you may want to inform her readers, in case they didn't know that she supports the "Rogue R*ght".

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