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text 2017-02-06 07:17
Bacall Associates Travel Singapore: 12 flight booking hacks


12 flight booking hacks that will guarantee you the cheapest tickets


Every frequent traveler has their own tricks for booking the best and cheapest flight possible.


Luckily, some were willing to share their secrets on a Quora thread that asked, "what are the best flight booking hacks?"


Keep scrolling for some tips and tricks that may make all the difference.


  1. Look at all your options.


Quora user Saran Udayakumar, who has 45,000 miles in the sky under his belt, says that when he's booking flights he makes sure to check travel search engines like Kayak, Priceline, and Skyscanner, as well as airlines' websites.


  1. Don't be opposed to layovers.


This may seem like an obvious one, but nonstop flights are typically more expensive than flights with layovers. So if you're looking for the cheapest possible option, Udayakumar says to consider booking a flight with a layover.


  1. Clear your cookies or open an incognito tab before booking.


According to Udayakumar, travel agencies and airlines often use your computer's cookies to determine what kind of flight you're interested in booking. Once they discover what you're looking for, they'll often raise prices accordingly.


  1. Book a connection you know you're not going to make.


This hack is better suited for risk takers, as it involves gambling with airlines. Udayakumar suggests booking a cheap flight with a super short connection time that's almost impossible to make.


  1. Don't only rely on big-name airlines when flying internationally.


According to Quora user Patrick Keane, a frequent flyer with Star Alliance and a Lufthansa eXperts member, some airlines you probably haven't heard often offer the cheapest fares for transatlantic flights.


  1. Fake your computer's IP address to fudge your location.


Flight prices differ widely from country to country, says Quora user and avid traveler Anya Mary. Often fares are cheaper in countries with lower living standards, so pretending you're booking from, say, India, instead of the US, can make all the difference.


  1. Book a flight with a layover that's actually your end destination.


Quora user Gaurav Srivastava refers to this hack as "hidden city ticketing." Here's the example Srivastava uses to explain the trick: Say you're flying from New York to Chicago and you find a cheap flight that goes from New York to Kentucky, but with a layover in Chicago (chances are a flight like this will be cheaper than a nonstop flight from New York to Chicago). Book that flight and then just disembark in Chicago (don't board the connecting flight to Kentucky).


  1. Look out for "fifth-freedom flights."


Srivastava explains that the "fifth freedom refers to the right for an airline to carry revenue traffic between two foreign countries as part of a service connecting the airline’s home country."


  1. Book an early flight when you can.


Turns out waking up at the crack of dawn for an early flight is worth it. Quora user Dan Birchall highlights a few reasons why.


  1. Consider booking one way tickets and flying into and out of different cities.


While booking a round trip ticket in and out of the same city might seem like the easiest, most logical way to go, Quora user Jeff Mccoy says that it's not always the cheapest. Sometimes, booking two one way tickets that arrive in and depart from different cities can save you a lot of money.


  1. Search for one-person flights even if you're booking for multiple people.


If the first search you perform for a flight is for multiple seats, the airline might hike up prices, McCoy says. So instead, start by searching for a flight for just one person, and look into booking for multiple people later.


  1. Use Points Loyalty Wallet to trade and/or buy points and miles.


"Trading or buying a few extra miles might be all you need to earn a travel reward," McCoy says. Points Loyalty Wallet lets you do both of those things, and it's worth checking out.

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text 2017-02-03 01:36
Bacall Associates Travel on Essential Tips For Business Travelers Visiting Singapore


I’ve probably travelled to Singapore about 20 times in the past 3 years. I visit frequently to work with clients of Xpat Media. A couple of weeks ago I visited to speak at ITB Asia with several bloggers from the Professional Travel Bloggers Association.


As I was zipping around town to meetings I realized how well I’ve gotten to know the city and wanted to pass along a few of the things that have helped me make the most of my time there.


Get The 100GB Sim Card


This probably won’t last forever, but for as long as it’s around it’s great. At the airport you can pick up an S$50 ($37 USD) M1 SIM Card. It normally gives you 5GB of data for 7 days, which is lots, but right now you get a bonus 100GB, so you never have to worry about struggling to connect to overloaded conference wifi or a slow hotel network. With that much data you can stream HD Netflix every night in your room.


Use The Right Transport For The Right Travel


I use five methods of transportation in Singapore. Taxi, Uber, Mass Rail Transit (MRT), and walking. Each are great for some situations, but terrible for others. Here’s the deal.


To And From The Airport: Taxis and Ubers will be fastest most of the time, but the MRT is very fast and convenient. I usually take the MRT into town out of habit. If you’re in a rush to get to the airport, a taxi or Uber will almost always be fastest. However, if you’re traveling during evening rush hour you’ll want to take the MRT or budget extra time for your drive.


Taxis And Ubers: I almost always prefer using Uber instead of taxis for one simple reason: I don’t have to tell the driver where to go. In a strange city it’s always a chore to explain where you need to go, especially if there’s a language barrier. In Singapore I default to Uber...most of the time.


Downtown Singapore is a maze of one way streets. On my last trip I tried several times to order an Uber only to watch it painfully try to wind its way through a circle of one-way streets during busy middle-of-the-day traffic to find me. It’s not worth it. If you’re in the city center you’re better off walking or asking somebody where to find the nearest taxi stand (there are many).


Walking: Central Singapore is really small. You can walk to a lot of places in 20 minutes. Before you jump into a cab or an Uber, it’s worth asking yourself if you can just walk it. This is especially recommended if your route will take you along river, which has a beautiful, wide, pathway lined with bars and restaurants.


Use The Best Meeting Room In The Marina Bay Sands


Every time I visit Singapore for a conference it’s in the Marina Bay Sands, which is great. The MBS has the nicest conference area I’ve ever been in. What I love most, though, is the cafe where I hide out to work and have meetings: the Sweet Spot Cafe on the second floor.


This place is great. It’s just far enough from the conference center that it doesn’t get too crowded, but it’s close enough that anyone can find it and get there in 10 minutes. It has good coffee, sandwiches, and regular tables as well as sofas and coffee tables. There are power outlets along one wall and a business center next door.


I usually spend more time there than in the conference hall.


To find it, take the escalators from the conference area up to the main floor. Then walk into the mall. On your immediate left you’ll see a very tall escalator. Take it to the top and walk straight ahead. You’ll walk right into it.


Check Out Singapore’s Air BnB For Business Travelers


MetroResidences is a Singapore-based Air BnB-style service for business travelers to find serviced apartments. I stayed with them on my last trip and it was just what I needed. The room had a great view and kitchen where I could make coffee while working. The building had a nice gym and a pool. But most importantly it was right downtown within walking distance of most of my meetings and right across the street from Telok Ayer food market, which has a crazy selection of good cheap restaurants to grab a quick bite on my way to or from the apartment.


Don’t Stress Too Much About Your Flight Home


I would never advise anybody that they shouldn’t show up two hours early for an international flight.


But, Changi Airport in Singapore is a lot more forgiving than most. Like most things in Singapore, the airport is crazy efficient. Customs is usually fast and unlike most airports in the world — which funnel passengers for all flights through long security lines in one screening area — Changi performs security checks at your gate. So, getting to your gate in time for your flight is much faster than at most airports.

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text 2017-02-02 06:19
Bacall Associates Travel Tips: The Best Places To Bring Your Kids In Singapore


Singapore is not just known for its magnificent buildings and high-end shopping centers. Kids could also have fun here!Check out this list of interactive places where you can bring your kids out to play, and you never know--you might actually end up having as much fun!


Check out the Splash water at Kidz Amaze. Splash is located at SAFRA Punggol and is the first indoor water playground of Singapore. It consists of several play decks, five water slides, and a themed plash pad. It is perfect for children aged 18 months to 13 years old. Any younger than 18 months are free and should be supervised by adults.


The playground is 24, 000 square feet big which connects to party rooms that specializes in different themes which are open for hosting birthday parties.


Do a sports activity together with your kid at Forest Adventure, which is located at Bedok Reservoir Park. This place offers both adult and a kids' courses--the kid's course are designed for children aged 5 to 10 years old. This kid's course consists of 18 crossings and a zip line. They also offer a Mini course for younger kids which consists of obstacles like spider nets, wobbly trapezes, and balancing beams.


For the year's end, Forest Adventure offers a free adventure on the GRAND course for kids on Sundays, which will end until November 30.


Eat, play, and love at Singapore. Eatplaylove Café is perfectly-themed for kids who want their play time while eating. Kids could release their inner artist here where they can have unrestricted access to color materials, beads, and stickers for just $5. Parents might pay for more if your kid decided to make a doll or a sock-monkey.


If you are more inclined to nature, teach your kid basic farm work at Bollywood Veggies. "Set in the rustic environment of the northwest Kranji Countryside, visiting it is a step back to Singapore's lush history. Our location provides a great opportunity to see a fresh side of the island, rejuvenate your senses, connect with family, and enjoy the simple pleasures of real food," their website stated. This place also offers farm tours and activities, cooking lessons, museums and eateries.


If you just want your kid to have fun without spending a dime, visit Far East Organization Children's Garden. Get yourself and your kids soaked in their 'interactive landscape of water tunnels'. Just be sure to bring swimwear and extra clothes.


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text 2017-02-02 01:30
Bacall Associates Travel Singapore: Things To Do At Changi Airport Singapore


Topping the list of the World's Best Airports for years now, Singapore's Changi Airport upholds extraordinary service for its guests and passengers . While waiting for a flight here, travelers are treated to a wide array of activities and services that could easily make a hours of layover feel like a vacation . Here are some of the things in store for passengers:


  1. There is a movie theatre located in Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Transit Area where travellers can have film screenings free of charge. Moreover, there is an entertainment deck at Terminal 2 and Transit Area where guests can enjoy music in an MTV booth, or indulge in a sports game in the Xbox Kinect room.


  1. Get cozy in the pool and Jacuzzi (yep, a jacuzzi!). Situated at Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel at Terminal 1 are swimming pool facilities and a jaczzi. available for an amount of $17 SGD.


  1. Take a glimpse of orchids, cactus and plants. Head to Terminal 2 see more than 700 wonderful orchids and other beautiful plant species. The cactus garden awaits at Terminal 1 where travellers can view more than 100 species of cacti and other arid plants.


  1. Go shopping! There are loads of stores that can satisfy the needs of different shoppers and tourists. There are local products, international brands and duty free items to choose from.


  1. Pause and relax at the rest areas and massage chairs. These facilities are located at the Snooze Lounge at Terminal 1, Sanctuary Lounge & at Oasis Lounge at Terminal 2, and at the Snooze Lounge at Terminal 3.The massage chairs are located across all terminals and they don't cost any cent.


  1. Use the internet connection. In all terminals, there are around 400 internet/computer docks available for all travellers to use. There are also connection facilities via the airport's wi-fi service Wifi@Changi, mobile phone surfing and WiFi Password Kiosks. The best part? these are all free of charge.
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