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text 2018-05-15 15:07
Reading progress update: I've read 183 out of 384 pages.
Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins

Something different. Enjoying so far.

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review 2018-02-26 21:57
The Marriage Lie
The Marriage Lie - Kimberly Belle

Iris and Will Griffith seem to have a perfect marriage - they're crazy in love, they live in their dream home in a nice neighbourhood, and they both have rewarding careers. But on the morning Will was supposed to fly to Orlando for business, Iris learns that he was on a plane going to Seattle. She only learns this because that plane has crashed, killing everyone. Iris has trouble believing this is happening. She has so many questions - why was he going to Seattle? Why did he lie about going to Orlando? And she's determined to get answers.

This book grabbed me from the very first page and kept my interest all the way through. Sometimes the writing itself was just okay, and I wasn't crazy about what went on in the last couple chapters. But the very end, ooh, that was fantastic! I absolutely loved it! Poor Iris was on an emotional rollercoaster. There was one thing after another. I was impressed at how many things the author threw in there and still made it all work. I was shocked a few times. I don't know what I would do if I was in the same position as Iris. A very suspenseful and compulsive read for me.

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review 2018-02-03 21:41
Pullman Sprinkles Some More Magic Dust!
La Belle Sauvage - Philip Pullman

When it’s been more than 20 years since the publication of an awesomely successful trilogy, there must be a temptation to just leave it alone. Notwithstanding the frenzied publicity, there’s an attendant apprehension for the (now older) fans that a savoured memory might be about to be irreparably tarnished. Of course, my bluff was called by the Christmas gift of a copy of Phillip Pullman’s prequel to the original “His Dark Materials” (my family know me so well). Though, to be fair, I did delay my gratification until January and the last remnants of festive chocolate, before gorging myself in sumptuous sessions of novel gluttony. 546 pages swept past with all the force of the flood that has beset Pullman’s parallel Oxford. And, amid the carnage, an unlikely pair of guardians for Lord Asriel’s baby daughter – Lyra Belacqua.

Still, it was reassuring to discover the author’s story-telling has not dimmed at all in the intervening years and this latest adventure unfolds at a gloriously break-neck pace. All the familiar components are present, the fascinating animal dæmons accompanying each human, like an external emotional core; the alethiometer – an instrument of almost mystical qualities, powered by ‘dust’; and the ongoing struggle between the malevolent Magisterium (church) and scientific schools of thought. Throw in a giant, a witch and a fairy and what’s not to like?!

What I do like is the seamless way Pullman has laid the foundations of the later books here and even offered some deeper explanation for why, in due course, Lyra will find herself the subject of ‘scholastic sanctuary’ at Jordan College. We haven’t learnt much more yet about the relationship between her parents, Asriel and the enigmatic Mrs Coulter, but their absence from the life of their daughter is curious, especially since the baby’s safety is instead reliant on eleven year-old Malcolm Polstead and fifteen year-old pub washer-upper, Alice. But, what great heroes they turn out to be!


For younger readers there’s surely a certain satisfaction in seeing these main characters outwit their elders, however, that’s not to suggest the book cannot be appreciated by an adult readership. Indeed the brutality of some scenes and the protagonist’s struggle with their part in the violence suggests that this is more than simply a tale of derring do. In any event, Pullman’s compelling storyline that pits good versus evil fizzes along and readers (young and old), can expect to be rooting for the good guys and hoping the cruel wrong’un with the three-legged hyena for a dæmon, gets his comeuppance!


Using Malcolm’s canoe (the ‘Belle Sauvage’), the youngsters need to navigate the flooded Thames valley and get Lyra to safety in London, traversing the natural barriers and avoiding the chasing Magisterium agents, who have other designs on the child of prophecy. For me 'His Dark Materials' set the bar very high, but I'm delighted to report that  ‘The Book of Dust’ is a magnificent romp that skilfully adds to the existing classic trilogy and has left this reader wanting more. What more could I ask for....the next two books in the new series perhaps (family take note)?

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review 2018-01-28 17:49
Rapunzel's Royal Wedding/Belle's Royal W... Rapunzel's Royal Wedding/Belle's Royal Wedding (Disney Princess) (Pictureback(R)) - RH Disney,RH Disney

For more reviews, check out my blog Craft-Cycle

Thoughts on Rapunzel's Royal Wedding:

Kind of interesting, because it is basically what was happening at the actual wedding during Rapunzel's Wedding Day while Maximus and Pascal were trying to get the rings back. 

Cute story, but not much happened. It was just basically what Rapunzel had to do to get ready for her wedding day (way to not help out, Eugene!). I did like seeing more stories with Rapunzel's brown hair after feeling gypped during Tangled: The Series when Rapunzel get's her magical blonde hair back (Brunettes, unite!). 

Nice illustrations, although what kind of monsters eat wedding cake with a spoon!?

Thoughts on Belle's Royal Wedding:

Similar style to the Rapunzel story. It was cute and the illustrations were nice, but not much happened. I did think it was weird reading about their wedding and never knowing what "The Prince's" name is. Minor thing that isn't really important, but as I'm an adult, I'm like, "So what does she call him? She's like 'Good morning, Prince' and 'Can you pass the salt, Prince?'" Seems weird. Anyway, the story was fine, if you like the whole Beauty and the Beast thing. I'm firmly on the Stockholm Syndrome side of the argument, but whatever. 

Okay books. My only real commentary is on the weirdness of books written for children about princess weddings. Yes, we all know girls are supposed to grow up and marry the prince at a lavish wedding that they are supposed to plan. Let's give them some real adventures, huh?

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review 2018-01-21 00:00
The Marriage Lie
The Marriage Lie - Kimberly Belle WOW!!!

What would you do if you found out your life was a lie? I loved this book! It was like a rollercoaster ride! So very well written and the characters so well formed that even the ones I did not like .... I liked!! Could not wait for the ending ..which blew me away.. And then I was sad it was over. When it was over, went through a withdrawal so bad it was 2 days before I could let new characters in my life! You have GOT to read this book!!
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