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review 2017-07-27 21:59
The Girl in The Steel Corset
The Girl in the Steel Corset - Kady Cross

Not a lot to say besides I really liked this book. I thought it mixed together the elements of steampunk and the Victorian Age very well. I loved the characters, and I loved how Cross added in Gothic elements as well by using inspiration from some stories we all know and love (Frankenstein--well I hated that; Jekyll and Hyde--ditto) and threw some twists in.


"The Girl in the Steel Corset" included a nice little backstory to the character of Finley Jayne. From there it goes into the longer story that has Finley meeting other characters I assume we are to follow for the rest of this series. 

Finley's backstory gave us enough of a glimpse to know there is something about her. You don't know what. But at times she feels like she is two people trapped in one body. The short story that began before it included the longer story was so good. I loved it and wish we had followed up with characters introduced in that. When we catch up with Finley again, she ends up fighting off a young lord of the manor who thinks he can take her and do what he wills. When she flees after injuring him, she runs into Griffin King and his friends who are doing what they can to defend the country (England) against outside enemies.


Besides Finley and Griffin, we also have Emily, Sam, Jasper, and a young man called Jack Dandy. We quickly find out that Griffin and his friends (Emily, Sam, and Jasper) are out to capture a man/woman called The Machinist who is behind several crimes that took place involving automatons. However, suspicions turns towards Finley for maybe being involved with the Machinist when things start happening that shows that the criminal is out to get them. 


Even though this is a Young Adult book (and yeah I had no idea when I borrowed it from the library) this book reads much older. I didn't even realize the characters are teenagers until I saw someone's age mentioned. That's not a knock against Cross either, it was delightful to read young adults who actually for the most part had sense and thank goodness two love triangles reared their heads, but one was absolutely resolved and I think the other one is too for what it's worth. 


The only complaint I will say that I really did have is that this book was a bit too long. I know that Cross had to set up the other characters and do world building though so it's to be expected in the first book in a series. I just honestly didn't need the story to be swinging back to much to Sam. He got tiresome after a while. I do wish we had spent more time with Griffin's aunt on her adventures though.

The setting of a Victorian age with steampunk (think automatons walking around, things people cannot see that are little machines that can repair, people having eyes replaced, etc.) really hit the sweet spot for me.

The ending leaves things in the air for some people. I am definitely going to continue this series to see where it goes. 



Kindle edition: 473 pages


Total: $ Balance: $189


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review 2017-07-27 13:57
Sins and Needles by Karina Halle
Sins & Needles - Karina Halle

As I’ve said in a few posts, I wasn’t well for a while and wanted to read something that was light and completely different to what I would normally read. When I landed on cars land 18 and found out this book was published in 2013, it seemed like the perfect time.


Sins and Needles is part of a new-adult trilogy. It concerns Ellie Watt, a twenty-something grifter. However, she’s ready to give the grifting life a rest and returns to her home town Palm Valley to spend time with her Uncle. When she arrives in Palm Valley she isn’t sure what she wants, to stay there for good or just visit with her uncle.


One day she bumps into Camden McQueen, a guy who was her best friend for a period in high school. When she knew him he was dorky, but now he’s matured into a very attractive man.


As she gets to know Camden and she sees how well he’s doing for himself, she can’t resist formulating a plan to steal his money and return to her grifting ways. But as you would guess, their mutual attraction gets in the way.


The reason I enjoyed this new-adult novel so much is that even though it contained some odvious troupes from the genre, it didn’t feel that way. Everything just seemed to fit together really well.


As much as it was hard to like Ellie, the author brought in a strain of backstory that meant that even though I didn’t like her much, I understood why she did some of the things she did. Camden on the other hand was someone I could route for the whole way through.


There are quite a few sex scenes, by the way and even though they were well done there were too many for me. One or two would have been enough


Above all, though, this was a fun read that was easy to get into and stay that way. The sexy storyline was punctuated with enough meat to make this a satisfying read.

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text 2017-07-27 13:18
Booklikes-Opoly roll 26 & 27

I'm so sad, these are probably my last booklikes-opoly rolls. *sniff sniff*


Roll 26


This brought me out at:



I had a look through some of my kindle books, but I wasn't sure what fit and after an hour doing this I thought, screw it, I'm paying to roll ahead.


Roll 27


This brought me to:



Whoo! A good square! I've got quite a few choices for this, so I'll have a think and let you know.


Starting balance: $20

A Boy's Life (629 pages) $25

The Picture of Dorian Gray (222 pages) $28

Gift from Line Bookaholic: $38

A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (164 pages): $40

Of Mice and Men (73 pages): $41

Gift from As The Page Turns $51

A Wrinkle in Time (166 pages): $53

The Power (177 pages): $55

Americanah (590 pages): $65

Turn of Mind (235 pages) $71

Roll ahead -$1: $70

A Journey to the Centre of the Earth (155 pages): $74

The Kind Worth Killing (285 pages): $80

The Cuckoo's Calling (476 pages): $90

The Silkworm (93 pages): $92

Roll ahead: -$2: $90

Sins and Needles (273 pages): $96

Free Friday read: Chavs: The Demorilisation of the Working Class (109 pages): $100

Free Friday read: On Every Street (147 pages): $104

Ugly Love (285 pages): $110

Roll ahead: -$2: $108

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review 2017-07-27 09:43
Fatal Forgeries (Bodies of Art Mystery, #4)
Fatal Forgeries - Ritter Ames

First of all, these books definitely do not work as stand-alones.  It's been awhile since I read the last book in this series and I was really floundering as I struggled to remember characters and previously revealed plot twists that are all part of the series arc plot line.


The story is pure adventure from first page to just about the last and the number of characters involved, the different sides playing off each other, and all the bad-guy-or-good-guy stuff, along with writing that can sometimes be a tad confusing, makes this a book you have to be invested in to enjoy.


But it is fun.  Sometimes it's over-the-top, and the battle of the sexes angle is tiresome, although thankfully not overdone, but mostly it's just a fun action/adventure mystery revolving around art and forgeries and thieves and international intrigue.  A great type of book when you're looking for a quick light read.






Total pages:  246

$$: $6.00


(Story involved travel between France, UK and Spain, and the character lived out of her luggage, which was frequently stolen.)

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text 2017-07-27 09:41
Booklikes-opoly | Roll #33! and Free Friday #7!
Booklikes, the book blogging social platform


I landed on Luxury Tax for Roll #32, a space I'd landed on one after the Big Game Shake Up, so location multiplier for a second finish of the game space applied.  For this space, I chose to read On the Loose by Tara Janzen--the heroine in this book can be considered a millionaire.  The book is 403 pages, which gave me a $15.00 increase to the Bank.


On the Loose was entertaining.  It dragged for some parts of the book, and maybe there was too much going on, but I really loved Honey and the fact that she's not what you expect.  A review will be posted soon.

Roll #33.1:

So a set of doubles was rolled, granting me a double 3 = 6.  This took me from Luxury Tax to BL Square 20.


Monkey striking another fun pose.  Like a ballet pose?

Anyway, so I need to roll again to see what my task is:


BL Task #2:  "Give $5.00 to another player.  If you don't have $5.00, roll again!"

After a bit of "Eenie-meenie-miney-moe," (or rather, I just randomly chose twelve players, assigned everyone a number and then rolled my d12), I ended up choosing Familiar Diversions to give $5.00 to.  At this point in the game, I don't know that free money will help a whole lot of people, but I have to give away free money, so there it is!

I give to thee, Familiar Diversions, a $5.00 increase to your bank!

Don't spend it all in one place!

Since I rolled doubles, I will roll again.  Roll #33.2:


I rolled an 8 and ended up landing on Free Parking.


Oh, Monkey!  It's not that bad.  We can afford $5.00.  And look, Free Parking isn't a bad spot either--we've been here before.  It just means we roll again.  "Roll the dice.  Odd number sends you to the waterworks, even number sends you to the electric company, doubles sends you to the luxury tax."


So, rolling an odd number, I move to Water Works.  "Read a book with water on the cover, or where someone turns on the waterworks (i.e., cries) because of an emotional event."


See, Monkey.  All is well in the world... and you've already found your zen again... Right...

Moving right along.

I have landed on this square once since the Big Game Shake Up, so the following location multiplier applies:

Second finish:
0 to 100 pages: $3.00
101 to 200 pages: $6.00
201 to 400 pages: $9.00
401 to 800 pages: $15.00
over 801 pages: $30.00

This is one of those game spaces where there is a part of the task that is hard to determine simply based on the book's title, summary, or even book cover--the part about someone turning on the water works.  I guess, unless the book gives you a definitive about someone going through an emotional event that would merit tears.

So I've been using the other part of the game square task, water on the cover, to make my selection.

As much as I was hoping I could get myself another lucky roll and start reading another physical book for COYER Summer Reading List readathon this week, that just didn't happen.  None of the paperbacks I've chosen to put on my reading list have water on the cover.

Ah well.

Fortunately there is one book on my COYER list, though not a physical book, that I can read for this game space.  It just won't count towards the readathon, unfortunately.  But I've been meaning to read this book for a long time, and it has shown up a few times as a possibility on some of my other BLopoly rolls.  So I probably should just get to it.


Heat Wave is an anthology with the following titles of novellas included:  Rex on the Beach by Stephanie Bond, Getting Into Trouble by Leslie Kelly, and Shaken and Stirred by Heidi Betts.  Combined, these novellas total 320 pages of book, Kindle version.  With the location multiplier in place, this book will be worth $9.00, so I will at least make back a bit of money after giving away $5.00.

Free Friday #7:

Once again, I'm going to post my Free Friday selection a day early, since I already have a book chosen for this last Free Friday of BLopoly.  Since COYER is still ongoing, I'm going to pick the next Steele Street book, which I DO have until the end of Sunday to finish if I want it to count towards the COYER July readathon (read physical books only).  And well, I have until Monday to finish if I want it to count for BLopoly, of course.


Cutting Loose is the next book in the Steele Street series and is 405 pages, worth $10.00 upon completion.

Hopefully, I will be able to complete both books in time to cash in a final Bank for BLopoly.  If I'm lucky, I'll finish Heat Wave in time to roll one last time before BLopoly is officially over, though I'm not going to make myself any promises.  In all honesty, these might be the last two books I read for BLopoly... and I'm quite okay with that.

Current Bank:   $249



Source: anicheungbookabyss.blogspot.com/2017/07/booklikes-opoly-roll-33-and-free-friday.html
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