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review 2019-05-23 14:56
Good history of a must see place in Quebec
Iron Bars and Bookshelves: A History of the Morrin Centre - Patrick Donovan,Donald Fyson, Louisa Blair,Louise Penny

If you go to Quebec City, take the time to go to the Morrin Centre. It was a prison, a school, and then a library. I highly recommend the tour.

This gem of a book presents the history of the place. It is split into three sections, not counting the introduction by Louise Penny, and each section is written by a different author. The first section is the history of the prison; the second the history of the school, and the third of the library. The book is nicely illustrated and jammed with facts not only about the Centre but about Quebec City as well.

Very nice.

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text 2019-04-06 07:37
7 Perks of Indulging a Bookshelf in Your Home’s Decor

Nowadays a Book rack is not just a library, but also a spot of displaying treasures, showpieces and many more thing to showcase your personality.

Even if you are not a bookworm, but a bookshelf speaks a lot about your personality. It adds a touch of sophistication to the décor of your living room.

There is a bookshelf for every space, even if you are living in a small or compact home. You can create the perfect reading nook with the bookshelf.

If you will check bookshelf online, you will get to know that there are a myriad range of bookshelf available from size to design to finish to everything.

Let’s put a spotlight on the perks of having a bookshelf in your home sweet home.

An assortment of Designs: - Bookshelves onlinecome in a huge range of style, design, and shape which makes it easy for you to choose a bookshelf that can fit with your space.

Online you will encounter there is a bookshelf for a corner, a bookshelf for smaller space, a bookshelf for big space, a bookshelf to keep beneath the staircase and much more captivating design of bookshelves.

Functional: - Book racks are the most functional piece of furniture as these come with an opportunity of decorating them with embellishments. And, that can bring an interesting factor to the overall décor of your space.

You don’t need to limit yourself when it comes to decorating your bookshelf. You can place a newly purchased figurine on it or photo frames or even small planters with green leaves or bunch of flowers.

Display your Personality: - The way you decorate your home tells a lot about your sense of style. Just like this, the bookshelves are the best furniture to put up your personality and give a sophisticated and creative look to your décor.

If you are someone who is rooted to the tradition, then you can opt for a wooden carved bookshelf, or if you are someone who likes airier and open look then without any single thought you can try for industrial book racks.

Organizer the clutter of your proud collection: - A Bookshelf provides a sense of organization, and it is important to get motivation while reading a book. And that motivation will never come when you have to pick a book from clutter.

A book rack helps in keeping your proud collection organized and safe. The best thing is you can easily segregate which books you are done with and which books you want to read.

Required No Installation: - This is the one piece of furniture that doesn’t require any installation. All you have to do is order your book shelf online, or you can also customize them and then welcome it in your home without any hassle.

  • Space Saver: - If you don’t want to give dedicated space in your home for a book rack then you can go for a wall mount bookshelf. It will add extra aesthetics to your décor and will also save a lot of space. And every inch is important for the people living in a compact home. 


Double the perks by going with Wooden Material: - My recommendation is to go for a bookshelf constructed in solid wood like Sheesham wood. As it assures durability and longevity and this is the only furniture which can stand on time. So, you can double up the benefits of the bookshelf by opting a solid wood material.

Conclusion: - So, these were some of the perks of having a bookshelf in your abode. It is useful always to control the mess around your home and especially when it comes to your books your proud collection you have to take a little extra care.

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text 2018-11-26 21:38
24 Festive Tasks: Door 9 - Thanksgiving, Task 4 (2018 Book Harvest)

Well, we know that 2018 was the year I almost broke my shelving system ...



... or would have, if MbD hadn't shown me the way out.  According to Booklikes, I acquired 387 books this year -- 203 print books and 184 audiobooks.  And that figure is definitely too low, as there are some 70 or so Audible downloads I haven't catalogued yet and will probably only add to Booklikes once I've listened to them.



So there's no way I will be posting covers of all of this year's additions to my shelves.  But my stand-out 2018 acquisition was the new Harry Potter hardcover set, together with the Gryffindor and Ravenclaw anniversary editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.  I've posted photos of it before, but anyway, just for fun (and because I'm so damned happy about it) ...



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text 2018-07-19 02:06
Notes from a desperate bibliophile

Shelving.  That elusive infrastructure that literally supports every bibliophile's habit.  There's never enough of it; it's been in perpetual shortage since the first library in Alexandria was built and a new daily lament was heard:  We're running out of room for all these scrolls!!! 


This bibliophile has been especially challenged by her delusional idea that it would be good for her character to live in a small home (Learning to live with less will be good for me!).  Less of everything except books, of course.  Coupled with the equally delusional: I'll never fill this small "second bedroom" with books - this will be fine!, I'm constantly challenging the laws of physics, attempting to fit an infinite number of books in a very finite space.


I know a lot of my fellow bibliophile friends double-row their bookshelves.  I've never been able to stomach the idea, because, of course, I will immediately want/need the books in the back row and not be able to find/access them.  But I've been thinking about this ...  


Last weekend was spectacular, weather wise - pure sunshine and warmish temps - so I cajoled MT into rummaging around in our shed for scrap wood.  A bit of further sweet-talking and he sawed some of it down, left me with the hammer drill, self-drilling screws and a couple of cans of left over paint. The result was two of these:



I did the bare minimum putting these together: the quickest sanding, one coat of black paint and one coat of clear.  I eyeballed the location of the legs and hammer-drilled the screws in.  What are they?  Well, they're elevated shelves that are half the depth of my bookcase shelves.  In the bookcases, they look like this:



This is not the greatest picture for depth perception, but you get the gist.  They allow me to double shelf my smaller books, but still allow me to see the titles AND easily access the books in the back.  Finished it looks like this:



With the smaller books it works PERFECTLY (those are my Agatha Christie books).  I'm not as pleased with the look when I add the larger hardcovers, as you can see them on the right.  They fit fine, but they look too 'in your face', but I didn't want to waste the space.  I doubt I'll do more of these for my hardcover fiction, but I'm definitely going to cobble together some more for my smaller non-fiction books and my paperbacks.  


I figure this should buy me at least one month before I have to start stressing about bookshelf space again!


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url 2017-10-05 22:08
Cat and Book Lovers: This Bag Was Made for You ...

Just shared on my FB wall by a friend ... isn't it too cute?

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