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text 2022-11-04 16:00
The Popularity of Cryptocurrency Futures Trading


Bitcoin is the latest buzzword in the financial world. Numerous large and small companies have jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon to gain an advantage over their competitors.


Cryptocurrencies are unfamiliar to most people, who have the question "What is Bitcoin?".


In addition to being the first digital currency to be issued by a federal government, bitcoins can be used to purchase food, drinks, real estate, cars, and much more.


Why is Bitcoin so important?


Bitcoin is completely peer-to-peer and is not affected by fluctuations in other currencies or government control. Bitcoin is backed only by your total trust.


Using Bitcoin to transact will prove to be much less expensive than sending funds from one institution to another. This is because it requires money to be exchanged and received globally.


In order to send money to Japan or China, I would have to pay bank fees. It would take a few hours to cover the fees.


With Bitcoin I can transfer money immediately from my mobile phone or wallet, with no fees. Transferring silver or gold takes time and money. Bitcoin makes it easy. Learn more about Cryptocurrency Futures Trading.


Why would people use Bitcoin?


In unstable governments, where money is less important and less significant, Bitcoin can be the only form of currency that we have at the moment. In a year, the fiat currency in our wallets will be worth less.


The technology surrounding blockchain has also attracted major corporations. A survey was distributed to Amazon customers in the last few weeks asking them to decide if they would be keen on cryptocurrency in case Amazon had created it. Starbucks even proposed implementing blockchain technology to create a mobile application after the results indicated that a lot of people were intrigued. A smart packaging system that uses blockchain technology to track and authenticate packages has even been patented by Walmart.


A number of changes have occurred in our lives, from the way we shop to the way we watch films to how we buy cars and books to how we manage our finances.

Cryptocurrencies will never fade out of style. Learn how to take advantage of the current trend, which is expected to increase as time passes. More information: www.btcc.com


With $5 million in Series A funding from Light speed Venture Capital, BTCC opened new offices in the UK and established a Hong Kong headquarters. Globalization became a reality for BTCC at this time. Our mission is to provide fair, transparent and reliable investment services by integrating blockchain and fintech technology.



As part of our strategy to create a transparent, fair, and secure cryptocurrency market that is not susceptible to manipulation, BTCC has released the first ever perpetual contract that can be delivered anywhere in the world. We aim to infuse new ideas into the cryptocurrency market using our decades of experience in traditional finance as well as our proven models.


The BTCC exchange is registered in the UK and holds crypto licenses in the US, Canada, and Europe. For the past 11 years, BTCC has offered safe trading services and top-notch technology through various market cycles. As the world's longest-running crypto exchange, BTCC has always placed a high value on improving every aspect of trading, striving to create a fair trading environment for all crypto lovers.

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text 2022-09-29 08:57
Cryptocurrency Trading Software Helping To Grow Your Crypto Platform


The integrated cryptocurrency trading software package manages all aspects of cryptocurrency trading platform such as all types of crypto buy, trade, exchange, lending MLM & associate management, converting and live market comparison & analysis.


You should be aware of these important features:


Buy, sell and Exchange: Nishue, the powerful trading management system, allows your users to seamlessly buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies.


Management of the lending system: This system is fully broker-friendly and has a system for managing Crypto lending services, such as create manage offers, keep and moderation.


Unique Admin Module: Nishue provides a secure and sophisticated Admin Module that allows you to manage your Cryptocurrency exchange from end-to-end.


Separate customer profile: This module allows your customers to track and verify all Open Deposit or Withdraw orders, Records, Transactions, etc. Just one click. Get more info about Trade Crypto With Leverage.


MLM & Affiliate Management: These marketing-ready automation tools allow you to manage your level-wise affiliate commission, contributions history, and other documents.

Market comparison & Conversion: Two additional systems have been added for live Crypto Comparison, Conversion, & Depth analysis.


How Cryptocurrency Trading Software Can Help You Grow Your Crypto Platform

Coin Deposit & Withdraw - Crypto traders need to keep large deposits and withdrawal requests daily. With its auto-set algorithm, trading software helps you manage your activities.


Lending offer & Coin Package: Make sure your customers have access to your lending offer and your various coin packages. A well-designed package can be used to create, manage, and promote your offer.


Level wise commission: This is a way to pay your participants in MLM. You can now auto calculate their level-wise commission.


Notification and Risk Management: Every cryptocurrency trading platform must set up a push notification system in order to inform its clients about alarming developments. This will help reduce risk. A system project is perfect in this situation.


Multiple Payment Gateways: This software allows you to integrate your local currency, cryptocurrency wallet, and Payeer systems as payment methods. It makes it easy to complete transactions.


You are concerned about your ROI. This software allows you to calculate the ROI, commission and other parameters as per your instructions.


A free responsive website: You must have integrated our system with a fully responsive, SEO-optimized dynamic website. It is completely free. It will allow you to run your business smoothly.



Crypto Comparison, Conversion, & Depth Analysis: Crypto live market cap and coin convertor two system have been integrated for Crypto Comparison, conversion, & Depth analyses. Home: www.btcc.com


100 percent secure system: Trading software has been designed with security in mind. This cryptocurrency trading software uses Secured Integer framework and two-factor authentication.


This package is designed for spot cryptocurrency trading and allows users to trade Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash through Coinbase. This package is based on the same technology as the Nishue software and includes proven market-leading tools that have been developed over 25 years. It provides professional and active cryptocurrency traders with an even better trading experience than other crypto-only solutions.

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text 2021-11-11 16:06
What are cryptocurrencies and what are they used for?

In recent years the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies has become popular. More and more traders and savers invest their money in them. But, in particular, what are cryptocurrencies and what are they for?


To answer the question what cryptocurrencies are, we must talk about bitcoin, a very named asset. Cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are exchanged online. Unlike money, they do not have their material representation so they are stored in digital wallets.


Differences with paper money

Cryptocurrencies, what is it and how does it work? These are recurring questions today, given the great importance that the famous digital currency Bitcoin has gained in recent years. Since its diffusion, other options have appeared at different prices.


Without regulation: The most important aspect to highlight when explaining what cryptocurrencies are is that, with any of the more than 8,000 versions that exist, in no case do banks intervene. The commercial transaction is carried out between two people, without the regulation of a financial institution.


It is the biggest difference with traditional money. Generally, the currency of each country is regulated by the national bank from which it is issued. For example, the Argentine peso is regulated by the Central Bank or the euro by the European Central Bank.


No country intervention: As digital currencies do not depend on a country's authorities, neither do national economies affect their value. For the variation of its price, differences between digital supply and demand intervene.


Cryptocurrency market: what are they for?

Fast payments: In the cryptocurrency market anyone can buy the digital money on the platforms that sell them, such as Libertex, and then they can make quick payments to avoid transaction fees.


Buy products online: At the moment not all companies have the possibility of carrying out commercial exchanges with cryptocurrencies open. However, given the growth and demand of recent years more and more companies have added this service. For trading crypto please read about Cryptex Exchange


Investments in CFDs: It is related to the price of cryptocurrencies. People invest their money in the cryptocurrency market to make a profit.


CFDs, contract for difference, are contracts where you trade on the difference in the price of a cryptocurrency between the moment you open a position and the time you close. They are called contracts for difference, because derivative products allow you to invest in different currency markets without acquiring the underlying assets.


Most popular cryptocurrencies

The most well-known, quoted and popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple, among others. Their prices are constantly changing, so investors should be attentive to the charts to know the right time of the investment.


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency launched in 2009. Its value varies, but the second week of September 2021 its price was around 44,371.25 dollars per unit. On the other hand, Litecoin stood near $172.3, Ethereum $3,171 and Ripple or XRP at $1,037.


Details and disadvantages

An important detail to keep in mind, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, is that in the absence of a banking intervention there is also no financial backing. This means that in the event of any type of inconvenience there are no refunds or refunds.


The operation cannot be cancelled because the cryptocurrency wallet or blockchain does not enable the data to be erased. Therefore, if a person wants to reverse the transaction he will have to take the opposite action.


Trading cryptocurrencies has the advantage of not paying commission, but at the same time there is a certain degree of unprotection. Likewise, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Every day more people join and buy them in a world where banknotes are less used while transactions with digital wallets grow.


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text 2021-10-29 16:39
Cryptocurrency mining, what is it and how does it work?

For many people, thinking about virtual currencies is the future. But even the movie “Back to the Future” can’t imagine that this money will be transferred to the Internet today. Although physical currencies still dominate, Bitcoin and all virtual currencies are increasing every day. If you continue reading, you will know that there is even real cryptocurrency mining.


Since 2016, Bitcoin has truly appreciated. It even hit a record high, hovering above US$2,600. To this day, we can say today that he is breaking records almost every week. This means that virtual currencies are all the rage and flourish.

But in addition to Bitcoin, an excellent virtual currency, there are other virtual currencies like Ethereum. This currency is responsible for the development of a practice called cryptocurrency mining, which is a technology that uses the power of computers to make real money.


But what is the basis of cryptocurrency mining?

To give you a quick idea, in the world of cryptocurrency, money is not created, but discovered. This process is called mining. Like all mining, there are miners who get rewards (cryptocurrency) from time to time.


Now we will explain the working principle of cryptocurrency mining in a few simple steps:

Cryptocurrency users have been sending virtual currency.
The transactions made using cryptocurrency are recorded in the blockchain, which is more widely known as

Miners confirm and record these transactions. In return, they will receive a small commission as compensation. As you can see, working in a virtual mine is very different!

This is the procedure followed by miners in cryptocurrency mining. If you want to mine Ethereum, you must build a powerful computer to serve the network. As a result, the prices of components such as graphics cards have skyrocketed.


Now that you understand the subject, at some point you may want to invest in digital currency or become one of these miners. No matter what happens, remember that you can become the currency of the future.


But how does cryptocurrency work?

How can I buy and sell them without the need for an intermediary-as described in my BBVA digital guide? Why are we talking about money or digital assets when we talk about cryptocurrencies?


According to its operation experts, each cryptocurrency has its own algorithm and is responsible for accurately managing the number of new units issued each year. In turn, they use cryptographic encryption, in addition to protecting their ownership, but also protecting transactions, making it impossible to copy virtual currencies stored in digital wallets.


However, if you decide to engage in the trading of cryptocurrencies, you should also understand two other basic concepts in the field of digital assets: “blockchain” and “exchange.”


More information | How and where to invest my money The network that cryptocurrency runs on is called “blockchain” or “blockchain” and it stores all the changes that occur in transactions

“Blockchain” or “blockchain” is the network on which cryptocurrency runs and stores all the changes that occur in its transactions, so it acts as a kind of “ledger”, which is public and accessible.


Although the “exchange” is a platform that allows transactions with cryptocurrencies and acts as an “exchange market” because you can buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies there in exchange for local currency, in our case it is for the sole.

Specifically, in the Peruvian market, some of the platforms or “exchanges” that allow you to buy, sell or trade cryptocurrencies are Buda.com, eToro, BTC Agent, Cryptex.

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