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photo 2020-08-26 10:58
Bulk SMS Marketing Help To Grow A Business

Bulk SMS marketing service is the easiest portal to connect with people about your business product. Also, you can suggest your business-related details to people directly. Reach out to confirm more about bulk SMS services contact us

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text 2020-05-28 08:59
Innovative Bulk SMS Services for Your Innovative Business Ideas

bulk SMS services in Delhi

People are finding a new form of marketing tools that leaves an invigorating effect for generations to come. Well, there are quite a few marketing tools like broadcasting films, FM, newspapers that does the deed, but for one its way too costly and for a second, its way more time-consuming. Though you have so much time in hand, we would still insist on finding a magical tool that replicates sales number bifold. Bulk SMS is an invigorating tool that interacts with users, segregates user-credentials, sends lucrative emails and SMS to lure masses into the conversion funnels without any hindrance. We are a top-notch bulk SMS service provider in Delhi NCR that offers remarkable bulk SMS services in Delhi.

We have named some of the highlighted points of bulk SMS that makes it innately different from other marketing tools:

1. Pick profile: Generally, it is a customer-oriented program that focusses primarily on increasing more hold on interaction with your user-base. As your user-base gets the innate facility to opt-in and opt-out of the service whenever they want; similarly we also pick customer profiles that match your requirement, like you own a small manufacturing business, and recently you have added a health drink specially made for women, so we on your behalf will immediately start ground study i.e. market research. And in due days, our market research shows all your employees, working women in your locality and housewives need to be targeted, so technically we pick our audience.

2. Lightning Fast: Bulk SMS and the bulk email have the unique capability to reach the inbox of your user-base in seconds. Moreover, these SMS and bulk email also get delivered even if there is a calamity or the nation is under lockdown. These bulk SMSes have the innate ability to catapult masses from far-off places, lowland areas where connectivity is an all-time low.

3. Non-disturbing: As shipment boxes are sent only during office hours or when the user is available. Similarly, our bulk SMS service is a no-nuisance tool that never intrudes the privacy of your customer-base, moreover, it plans a 20sec survey to know your product likeability, a 2minute quiz to win an Rs100 Dominoes voucher etc. These services area alluring, attractive but is not sent at odd times of the day or incessantly every time to your customer base.

4. Old habits die hard: Fortunately, you have used up your free time to make a captivating cream from the natural organic herbs kept in your garden and you have no means to propagate as you cannot use any means of traditional marketing. No worries, switch to bulk SMS and rest leave it to us, GNEC Media. We will take care of your business, just like you took care to water your plants and slowly and swiftly through various experiments found an innovative way to make a potion cream that magically cures all blemishes without any massage therapy.

On a simpler note, we will not be making any experiments as we are a known bulk SMS service provider and we know the market like the back of our hand!

Source URL- https://bit.ly/3gnWQm2

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text 2020-05-16 08:35
How to Make Most of the Bulk SMS Services during This Pandemic?


Bulk SMS is one of the pivotal marketing tools available in the business market that does not cost you a fortune, but the returns are quite high. Keeping in mind of the unique traits of bulk SMS it is probably said that bulk SMS services are one of the highest conversion tools of the generation which is an absolute hit with the ever-growing generation. Let us look at the foremost aspects of bulk SMS marketing that has blown the entire nation with its supremacy:

1. Local fervors: With the inclusion of local languages, our bulk SMS service can subsequently add folk rhythm to the mundane SMS programs. This acts as an anchor between the businesses and consumers. This is an absolute channel for the local mob where you can SMS your consumers at their favorable, as this is an opt-in service.

2. Emotional marketing: The nationwide lockdown has washed a sense of unanimous equality among all Indians. SMS marketing is a very potent tool to enhance sales, and brand recognition. Fortunately, we can add several psychic videos of how we can improve the quality of life with our best-selling products and services. In addition to it, GNEC Media is a full-fledged digital marketing agency that offers powerful bulk SMS services in Delhi, could add robust images relating to the power of bulk SMS through effective marketing. As this is an opt-in service, your customers will appreciate your hard work and the conversion rates will be high.

3. Instant response: SMS marketing is no more limited to conventional marketing purposes but used in a better ordeal to get customer feedback through polling, surveys that instantly gauze the customer reaction. Most people respond to a survey within 5minutes of SMS sent.

4. Promote in a jiffy: Promotion of products and services has never been so easy, we could add MMS clips relating about the hygiene maintaining while developing the business products and how quality levels checked and then boxed to respective order address with no error.

5.Transact trust: The bulk SMS has the supremacy to convey confirmation order, shipment date, billing details via OTP, confirmation billing and many more. These SMS helps to build inevitable loyalty with customers.

SMS Marketing is a multi-channel marketing medium that easily enacts with local people to trigger impulses that directly affect the conversion rates. For starters, we are a prime bulk SMS service company located in Delhi that easily caters to a variety of business and non-business entities in normalized as well as in pandemic regions with equal efficacy.

We define you!

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text 2020-04-13 07:26
Secure your business with our trusted bulk SMS services in Delhi


It’s said that data is the new oil. Secure your organization’s and your customers’ data with our advanced two-factor authentication and OTP service. Our experienced bulk SMS services in Delhi help you to defeat the hackers and have a safe and successful business.


Visit link to know more- https://www.gnecmedia.com/

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url 2020-03-30 15:09
Learn What Bulk SMS Services is all About

Bulk SMS Service is one of the most cost-effective platforms for the business world. It makes you able to connect with your audience in just a single click. A number of marketing strategies are using to maintain the brand image in the market.

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