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review 2016-01-17 00:00
Marry for Love
Marry for Love - Christina Courtenay Marry for Love - Christina Courtenay This is a sweet love story of one sister in love with the handsome Lord while the other is a evil twin who likes to take things away from her sister. And once her evil twin sister knows that Delilah is in love with Hamish Baillie, Fourth Earl of Blackwood she sets to become his wife. Hamish has been tricked into a marriage trap and nothing he can do to get out of it. Until the wedding day when they priest asked if anyone 'can show just cause that they can't be together'. That is when he see Delilah stand up and take his side against her sister and say that he was trapped. Delilah also goes on to say that they were lovers and that he cannot marry her sister. It give him the opening to agree and walk away from this whole sham. Hamish goes to Delilah and offers to help her get away since she will no longer be excepted in society. Hamish offers her marriage at first which she turns down as she does not want to be like her sister. So he then offers her a job as the head-house keeper of his estate in Scotland. This take them on a journey to finding each other and over coming that evil twin sister together.
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review 2013-09-21 00:00
New England Rocks - Christina Courtenay So easy to become engaged with this great story.

Main characters fabulous. Even though not a YA reader, identified with them. Rain sassy and independent but underneath vulnerable and loving. Jesse a crap background and when we meet him is mostly about status but he's amazing. Definitely new book boyfriend crush!

Can't wait to see how Raven's story unfolds.

Full review coming soon.
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review 2013-08-24 19:13
Welcome to the US, we hope you enjoy your stay.
New England Rocks - Christina Courtenay

It was supposed to be a punishment, a consequence for being expelled from boarding school in the UK but for Rain entering the front doors of Northbrooke High School in the U.S. of A, it was a monumental moment with phenomenal effects.  Rain doesn’t want to be away from England, so she refuses to meet anyone or feel any connection to anything while she is here, she just want to do her “time” and get back home, that is until she meets Jesse.  Having issues with her boyfriend in England, Rain says she has had enough with boys but has she?  Jesse is one gorgeous guy which is something that Rain was not ready for or expecting to find when she entered the school.   Jesse is also taken back at the likes of Rain and a flirtatious friendship emerges.  Danger surfaces when Amber, Jesse’s girlfriend enters the scene and like a snake, her tongue is sharp and she strikes violently.  Rain is quick too and does not back down so you can just imagine what happens between these two females.    Amber claims Jesse like a prize and Jesse is confused at their relationship as he loves the comfort of having Amber on his arm but that is about as far as the relationship goes.  Jesses realizes he has more in common with Rain as their friendship continues as they are both on the same soccer team and are in a lot of the same classes at school.  So much happens in this part of the story as the characters are trying to juggle who they are, where they fit into each other’s lives and what they actually stand for.  My favorite parts were reading about Jesse’s past and his parents, the class trip, and there is an incident with Rain and the girls in the bathroom where Rain finally meets some girls who she can actually call friends.  Rain gets her moment when she speaks wholeheartedly to her male teammates on the bus as they are trying to come up with lyrics to a song for Jesse’s rock band. They love her suggestion but that is only the beginning for what’s in store for her.  Jesse needs to decide what is right for him, the comforts of Amber or Rain, for which he will need to put some effort into the relationship?  The future for Rain was short term in the states, now that she is making some connections, will she change her mind?


I have to say I loved the trio of Jesse, Amber and Rain.  Amber was the girl that everyone wanted to date in high school and was the trophy and Jesse was comfortable until Rain came into the picture and then he started to have second thoughts.  What would have happened if Rain had not arrived? Would he have continued with their relationship since she was the prized object at the school?  I had to wonder this since Jesse’s eyes jumped so quickly to Rain.  Jesse’s life was far from heartwarming and his determination to put it all behind him and move forward was motivating but he was so confused about love.  His trip to the attic and his own revelation of his past put things into perspective and that gave him more determination instead of bitterness and anger, which made the book so enjoyable and excellent. As others bullied Rain, and eventually beat her up, I got angry at the consequences that they paid for their actions as I thought something else was warranted.  This was a great, enjoyable read with realistic characters and a remarkable storyline, now if I can just get those song lyrics out of my head.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2013-08-02 00:00
New England Rocks
New England Rocks - Christina Courtenay I do think this was my favorite Courtenay book so far. It was YA with drama, but the kind of drama I can like. My problem with YA books is that they so often are filled with angst and stupid over dramatic drama. Those books make me wanna smack everyone over the head. While this one, well this one felt real.Rain was, angry yes, but then someone had thrown her to the wolves and she was in a new school where she knew no one. And the most interesting guy, the one who talks to her has a preppy girlfriend. Tough luck. Yes Jesse is a good guy, he plays in a rock band, but that irritating girlfriend of his. Not good.It was fun to see them together. Two teens finding their way. She has issues, he has issues. Sure the end was a bit too picture perfect, but then it was also an ending that should happen. I liked it, and I can say nothing more about it.The little drama that worked then, well of course it has to do with that he has a girlfriend and that she is annoying ;) That I can handle.A nice YA book that was sweet and rocked.
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review 2013-06-25 11:15
Book Review: New England Rocks by Christina Courtenay
New England Rocks - Christina Courtenay

New England was such a quick fun read. I devoured it in about 3 hours. I was in a weird reading mood and needed something light and this was perfect. Rain I instantly liked! She is far from perfect and trouble seems to just follow her around but she is smart and one of those girls who doesn't really care about her appearance. Even though she is pretty she doesn't know that she is. Jesse he is hot and Funny. Oh and he is in a rock band!!! It is torn when it comes to his feelings for Rain because he has a girlfriend but he can't help fall for Rain. Now I did like the two main characters but I found them rather predictable. And with Jesse I would have liked his story to be a bit more in depth just to get inside his head a bit more.


Read my full review: NEW ENGLAND ROCKS REVIEW



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