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url 2017-03-06 10:08
Find Tips on how to Remove Algae from Pond without Harming Fish

Algae is vital part of next-generation bio-fuels – counted as a big problem in fish pond. However, it is not a big issue, if you focus on this as it is easy to manage with proper planning.

If you want to control over algae then you should consider control over sun light and nutrients without harming fish. They are primitive plants combine water and carbon dioxide for sugars to ensure better energy level and growth. They can produce oxygen that is very useful.


They are divided into two categories:


  • Green water algae
  • String algae


It has been a major concern how to remove algae from pond without harming fish or how to get proper pond problem solutions. Following a few simple steps will help you in fulfilling your requirement.


Adding New Plants – A Natural Way

Adding new plants is a good and natural way to get rid of algae without harming fish or inviting any kind of other fish pond problems. According to experts, nutrients - produced by fish, are absorbed by plants; thus, leaving very little for algae. Growing floating plants like lotus and lilies are ideal as they provide shade and reduce direct sunlight in the pond to control growth of algae. Aquatic plants absorb nutrients and starve the algae.


Water Treatment –Another Excellent Option


If you are looking for some more options to control algae without harming fish, you will find water treatment the best option. Water treatment is counted as an ideal option where algae problems already exist. You can control green water and string algae by using repeated applications of an effective water treatment.


High Quality Fish Feeding Products


Using high quality fish feeding products is also a good way of keeping pond away from algae. Consulting with professionals who have expertise in bringing you precise fish pond solutions is important to get rid of algae without harming fish. You will find a number of renowned companies and independent experts offering you precise solutions and services.


Parklink offer complete control and provide précis solutions for algae control. They provide their services all over New Zealand.

Source: www.parklink.nz
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review 2016-03-09 00:00
Not as painful as I'd thought it would be?
Clarity - Loretta Lost

Even up until fifty percent or so, I thought this was going to be a horrorshow beginning to end.   The truth is that despite some horrible misunderstandings of how blindness works, this wasn't that horrible. 


Look, if you're blind, you don't go to unfamiliar places and keep your cane in your bag.   And I understand that she's got muscle memory of the family house she hasn't been to in three years; she lived there for so long as a child, she knows it, knows how to maneuver around it because she was blind then, too.   Still, it seems foolhardy at best not to have the cane out when walking over concrete that she hasn't set foot on in years - the concrete path leading to the house.   What if there were cracks that she stumbled over?   What if it had been damaged for some reason, and her family had been forced to replace said path?   Yes, foolhardy - at best.   And the lame excuse that she does things her way, and always has, and will continue to do so, dammit, doesn't really fly with me.   She's embarrassed, sees blindness as a weakness, and yet... her force of will, commendable as it is, can't stop her from tripping over the unseen in unfamiliar places since she can't see.   The author blithely ignores that cracks in the floor, and stairwells in a college building might be a problem.   She even ignores the fact that a student might be in front of her.   When she trips over people, does explaining that she's blind but doesn't want to use her cane end up being less embarrassing?   What about the fact that she might be strong-willed, but she would also be almost constantly injured?   How does she explain that, and are those bruises and broken bones worth her pride?   I guess so.   Although it doesn't seem to matter.  In Clarity, Helen/Winter lives in a magical little bubble where despite being blind, tripping, falling, injuries, and death are not a problem for a woman who wants to navigate with what I can only assume is a baby radar sense.  Someday, soon, she will transform into Lady Daredevil!   


Sighs.   That would make far more sense than this story.   Even the baby radar sense.   Instead, this is simply ignored, which only makes it more glaringly obvious that it's bullshit to me. 



Hellen is also an awe-thor.   "I pour so much of myself into those pages, that I cannot help being super sensitive to all acclaim and critique."




I don't care, Helen.   I'm telling the truth here.   Because this quite frankly makes me think this author will freak the fuck out over this review.   


"My face immediately contorting into a frown."


Her whole face is frowning.   That is an impressive frown.   That is a whole lot of frowning.


"Carmen sounds dejected and upset."


And a little redundant at this point?


"Carmen makes me think of the legendary heroine in an opera."


Not well phrased - in the opera of that name.   It makes me think of one: Carmen of Carmen.


"I quickly scrawl a few worlds over the inside cover of the novel."


How does the blind woman know where the cover is?   Is it the same way she doesn't fall using her cane?


The doctor driving her at one point drinks before driving.   It's described as "a generous helping of my wine."   Did I mention he was exhausted before drinking then driving?  No, I didn't?   Well, I have now.


"'Books are medicine for the soul.   They heal the eternal parts of a person.'"  


Pat yourself on the back more, author, why don't you?   Also, geez, self-insert much?   This literary masterbation also makes me go, 'why, author, why?'


"'Carmen?' I say with concern, sitting straight up and at alert."


I've never seen 'at alert' used before, so that made me go 'huh.'


"It's so hard to follow social protocol when you have no idea what's going on around you.   So many assumptions need to be made."


Nailed it.   How can you not understand that a blind person needs to use a cane when walking in unfamiliar territory, and nail this?   It's like you just wanted something to happen so forced it, without explanation, or putting yourself in the character's head.   Clearly the author can do this when she tries, and uses logic, but fail on the other part?


"I can imagine eh softness of the petals and the glorious colors, in tender pastes or vibrant reds.   I have no idea what these words mean, but if the flowers look anything close to the way they smell, they must be unbelievably enchanting."


Another spot where she gets some description, but you need editors because later she says: 


"I see red."


You mean the word that has no meaning for you?   Do you see that?


"'I actually don't have too many female friends.   I can't deal with how catty and superficial they are.  They're also always jealous, for one reason or another.'"


I hate how misogynistic this comes off :(


Despite that, I liked some things.   Like the whole her being trapped in the car with descriptions of porn when she says no?   She gets back later when she turns their light hearted bantering into a porn story, and the men act horrified.   I laughed at her revenge.   So I didn't hate it as much as I thought I would, but I didn't love it either.




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text 2016-03-07 00:49
Reading progress update: I've read 49%.
Clarity - Loretta Lost

"...I simply love road trips."


Really?   Because the whole set up is a cranky blind recluse who hates everything so far.   But road trips?   Those you like?   I feel like a bitch for asking, but how would she know?   Nothing up until this point has given the remotest hint that she's been on a road trip before. 


Also, more self-ingratiating authorial insert as the author praises the writer.   They're more important than doctors, guys.   Doctors just fix the bodies, which fail anyway.   Good books fix the soul and can't help but change people. 


On the other hand, it's nice to know this book won't irrevocably change me or my soul.  




Oh, yeah the woman didn't mind the porn stories.   She found them charming.   She just didn't bother to tell the readers until far after this had happened, or give the boys in the car any clue she was joking even after he'd stopped telling the stories. 


So basically, guy hears no, and takes it as yes, and it's all hunky dory because she's okay with it after all.   I hope the doctor does this to the wrong woman and he gets sued, because unless she says she changes her mind, no should mean no.

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text 2016-03-06 15:37
Reading progress update: I've read 42%.
Clarity - Loretta Lost

So now the main character - a blind woman - is being subjected to the graphic description of porn after she protests she doesn't want to hear it on a long car trip.   Which means she can't really escape this conversation.   I get that Owen is being portrayed as an ass, but this is still really gross.  


I wish I could give minus stars for shit like this. 


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text 2016-03-05 23:00
Reading progress update: I've read 39%.
Clarity - Loretta Lost

So 2% in and this happens.   The main character who I can't even... ugh.   Okay, let it go, she gets asked if she's blind.   


"I'm ashamed of the fact, and I generally try to navigate without using the collapsible white cane that rests tucked away in my backpack.   It feels like a badge of disgrace, announcing my disability to the world."


So... falling constantly is less disgraceful?   Doesn't that call attention to the fact that you're blind?   There's a reason blind people don't go, 'fuck it, I don't want people to know I'm blind, so I'll just not use my cane'   No, no, no.   Not to mention, the disability is treated as awful later on, when the doctors come to try and convince her to join a study that might give her sight back.   


It's about how she see, how wonderful it will be, how deserving she is because of how smart she is.   (I guess people who aren't as clever as her don't deserve to have their sight back as much?   Overall, there are a whole bunch of messages here that I think the author didn't think through too much.)


Much like this cane issue. 


Because later on - and I mean 4% in - she says of the building she's currently in: "'For some reason, I have a class in this building- but I never come here, so I'm not that familiar with the layout.'"


Well, it sounds super smart that you're not using your cane.   Because things that are potential dangers include: walls, stairs, cracks, people not watching where they're going on a college campus and not realizing you're blind, and... basically the floor?   Again, reason blind people don't go to places they're not familiar with and keep their canes in their backpacks.  


I'd say TSTL, but the truth is I'm imagining the main character - I don't care enough to remember her name - trying to cross streets, and figure not having to use a cane is the least of her problems because how is she not dead yet????


Unless she's Lady Daredevil, this does not make sense. 


And it goes downhill from there, including the 'authors are special snowflakes' insert because the main author is an author and can't bear the criticisms of her work. 



I'm tempted to DNF, but do you know how hard it is to find good fiction with blind protagonists?   This is not helping.   Throw it into the pits of Kaon.   



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