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text 2019-08-23 08:30
Augmented Reality App Development Trends to Watch in 2020


By 2023, the installed user base for AR integrated products like mobile devices, mobile apps, and smart glasses will cross 2.5 billion people. According to industry players, the AR industry should hit $75 billion and the year 2020 will be marked as a turning point in the industry growth. 


Augmented reality solutions took a strong position in the market because of the support of big tech names like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google by making strong commitments.   


According to the Gartner report, nearly 100 million users are expected to use AR-enabled technologies in 2019. The boom in mobile app development services that employ AR has become a necessity for mature mobile app development that’s the reason developers, retailers, and customers are now comfortably using Augmented Reality business applications as part of their daily experience. Based on the BRP report, approx. 32% of retailers plan to deploy augmented reality applications over the next three years.



Future of Augmented Reality App Development 


Over the next year, AR mobile app development will become highly sophisticated and devices will get more powerful and capable of creating higher quality visuals. That’s the reason the future of Augmented Reality mobile app development is bright. Today with Augmented Reality solutions humans can easily interact within virtual or augmented environments. 


  • Experts predicted that by 2025, the AR/VR industry will reach more than $25B and the proliferation will continue steadily. 
  • The screen-less display becomes a reality as wearables have overtaken the world. With AR, any flat surface can be used as a screen. 
  • 3-D visualization and mapping capabilities in alliance with AR solutions help navigate places with updated situational awareness. 
  • Now, visualization of data has become seamless as users can use centralized data on the go through wearable technologies.
  • With the help of AR technology, humans can use body language and actions to control technology.
  • Haptic technologies also are known as 3D touch redefining training session within government bodies including defense, law enforcement, and health care.



AR Trends which will Come Soon


Here are some of the augmented reality trends that are expecting to mature soon.


AR Mobile App Development


With the introduction of AR integrated solutions, mobile app developers have started infusing the latest technology trends while developing feature-rich mobile applications. Now, AR services have come up with more advancement for the measurements, predictable tracking, improvements rendering and 3D detection. Apple has revealed some of their experiences by sharing the AR spaces with the usage of a new file format for detecting the objects.


Offering Natural Experience


For a long time, we waited to see enhancement in gesture recognition and now with AR solutions our wait is over. AR integrated mobile applications are offering the natural experience to the users, to make a better product.


Previously gaze direction was something that was out of control of mobile app developers but now it is interesting to work on.  This is something mobile app developers can implement in real life by eliminating the job of a person from turning his head. 


Currently, mobile app development companies are focusing on minimizing some major issues seen in the latest AR devices. Though these issues do not last for a long time, but they still show a level of irritation. In 2020, we will see more issues resolved with the help of AR testing as it can track anything.


Acceptance of Extended Reality 


Extended reality is a combination of Augmented Reality, Augmented Virtuality, and Virtual Reality. It combines real-and-virtual world and human-machine interactions generated by electronic devices and wearables.


Imagine walking in a dark cave filled with a variety of creatures and animals while being at home. Exciting right? Now your dream comes true with the mixed reality development services


With much more improved sensors and processors combined with advanced computer vision, display technology, graphical power, and input systems, people can feel situations and circumstances that they never thought could happen.


AR is shaking the Automobile Industry


AR breaks down the limits of the physical world with the digital world. Its evolution in the Automobile Industry has been taking shape and hopefully, in 2020, we will see more mobile app developments in terms of voice assistants like Siri for vehicles. Currently, Automobile companies are working in “dashboard-mounted display graphics” to see vehicles nearby with the help of camera footage. This technology will reduce the occurrence of accidents to some extent.


Tweaking Entertainment Field


Nowadays, the entertainment industry is experiencing the full beatitude of AR solutions by making the best possible use of augmented reality along with virtual reality. It has a huge potential to stay in the entertainment field for many more upcoming years.


Augmented Reality development companies like Apple used AR in gaming while other companies used it for educational purposes and for making educational mobile applications. We will continue to witness the rapid growth of mobile AR in the entertainment industry.



Summing Up 

AR app development market is graveling its path towards innovative and modification. With the rapid advancements in the AR app development services, many top mobile app development companies like Apple, Samsung, OPPO and others are doing their best to bring AR into the cross-platform mobile app development by implementing much better features.


If you have a meaningful idea, then augmented reality solutions can help you to take you towards success with its modernized abilities. Hire AR app developers and transform your vision into reality. 

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url 2019-08-05 12:47
What is Cross-Platform App Development and Its Benefits?

Cross platform app development is one of the top-rated technological trends at the moment. And this is due to a large number of benefits that this technology can provide you with.

Source: www.tvisha.com/public/blog/cross-platform-app-development-and-its-benefits
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text 2019-05-28 08:00
Cross Platform App Development Services


The cross platform app development is worked with the customary code that can continue running on a neighboring versatile stage and work magnificently. The custom applications bar the purposes behind confinement of OS-unequivocal likeness. They are fit for being used on any adaptable OS, for instance, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows, etc. Using the cross platform app development association benefits you with the underneath focus interests:


Refreshed Scope of Use:

The improvement of cross platform app has invigorated the dimension of using a little application. Giving a zone plan to the supportive application gives it receptiveness to different adaptable stages. Earlier, for every business, various applications were required to be attempted to connect with different customers. In any case, with the introduction of cross platform applications, it has changed into a reality.


Clear advancement Process:

The improvement relationship of these applications is basic. We make these applications on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We make a reusable code; hence it ends up being by and large accommodating in making applications for your business and stimulating it at whatever point required. With this, we never reimburse with the likelihood of usage we work to support your business.


Cost Efficient:

Building an application that can continue running on various stages paying little notice to their OS is the two costs valuable and fumes less time. As making these applications need the export data of HTML, CSS, JavaScript; you are not required to utilize any outrageous as nails geniuses' social event. We give you money-saving and competent application building affiliation.


Static UI:

Building different applications for the different OS made the issues of offering novel UI. With our application development affiliations, you don't need to trouble anymore. Our organizers manufacture the static UI that will proceed as before on each adaptable OS. One single blueprint will draw in the customer to see your picture and use it adequately.


Fundamental API Integration:

We, for the most part, assemble the applications that are set up for any business. We serve the API that can be sufficiently dealt with any endeavor affiliation. They readied to use subjects, contraptions and pre-made arrangements are given that can be changed by your necessities. You are allowed to re-facilitate the API as appeared by your likings and customer needs.


Also Read:- Why Need Best Android App Development Service


Why Choose Us?

We are toward the ocean cross platform app development master association.

We hold speedy to our obligation concerning passing on the endeavor.

No compensation with quality and whole.

We give you the reusable code that can be used in the future similarly, with no hindrance.

Huge experienced originators with the learning of various application improvement.

Our singular witticism is to empower our clients to build up their business in the least theory.

Our affiliations are steadily trustworthy and consuming all around sorted out.

We are steadily open to supporting you if there should arise an event of an express issue.


Anyway, what are you sitting tight for?

Post your deals at info@owebest.com. We will run the base need talk and pass on you the best cross platform application for your business.

Source: www.owebest.com/cross-platform-app-development
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