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text 2021-02-05 09:17
Cross Platform and Multi-Platform: Differences to Know


Do you know of the main differences between Cross-Platforms and Multi-Platforms? Let us find out by understanding the top seven differences between these platforms. Cross-platform mobile app development means to target both types of cell phone users (Android and iOS).


In general, there is no difference between cross-platforms and multi-platforms from the users' side. However, developers choose cross-platform mobile app development if they are using tools that allow them to write codes for many platforms. On the other side, multi-platform means that codes run on many platforms.


What are exactly Cross-Platform and Multi-Platform?


We will define these platforms so that you can get a better understanding of these platforms. 




Cross-Platform means developing software that runs on more than one type of hardware system or running software on more than one type of hardware platform. 




Primarily, Multi-Platform means to be able to run software on more than one hardware platform. So, that software can be used by different users using different hardware platforms.


Differences between Cross-Platform and Multi-Platform


Is it still confusing to understand the main difference between these two terms? Let us give you more differences that strictly define, separate, and explain these terms so that you can get better ideas. Let us start with the seven differences between cross-platform and multi-platform.


For your understanding, there are many differences from the sides of developers. If developers are working on cross-platform mobile app development, they use something like FLUTTER or Unity and write codes in C#. However, working on multi-platform development leads them to write codes two times, one for Xcode in Swift or Objective C for iOS users, and one for Android users in Android Studio with Java or Kotlin.


For the simplicity of this article, we will take an example of FLUTTER so that we can give correct differences between these two terms. It is because FLUTTER is the first platform that provided cross-platform development for mobile applications. It primarily focuses on Android and iOS. You can focus on a mobile app's features without worrying about the web or on different platforms. 


Classy Native App Experience vs. Easy Toolchain


While considering native apps, you get the best user experiences for speed, conformity of platforms, and features you would like to add. For the latest features, it is the Best. 

While considering cross applications, you can get the best experience for programming languages and runtime. It is because it simplifies the development of mobile applications.


In FLUTTER, you can get the below benefits:


  • It offers you to re-purpose your statements in React to describe it. 
  • Native developers are happy by achieving the toolchain. 
  • You get new, better, and easy programming language that enhances your coding experience throughout your development.


Expertise in Platform vs. Abstraction Of Costs


The second difference between these two terms relates to the expertise and cost of abstraction of platforms. An expert in this field means that he has the ideas and knowledge of APIs and SDKs to develop mobile apps. If you are a Native developer, it does not cost you.


However, cross-platform development is like a blind move. It does not give a clear roadmap to develop your apps. It is unknown for developers, and they have to integrate the knowledge of the cross-platform and multi-platform so that their development experience increases with ease of coding. 


Trending Platform Development vs. Play Catch-Up


If you are a Native app developer, then we should congratulate you! Native app developers are always in touch with the latest updates for platforms and capabilities for the latest features and codes. However, you can only react to changes while considering cross-platform development.


Sometimes, you might have to see setbacks due to significant delays in cross-platform development. Whereas in native app development, you can bounce back even after you have embraced because of its poor performance or delays. So, it is better than cross-platform development.


Series of Compromises & Shortcomings


Cross-platform development has recently approached the series of compromises and shortcomings that are absent in Native development. It can be a reason to choose the cross-platform development of mobile applications over multi-platform development. 

However, you can still go through the following differences that will change your thoughts regarding cross-platform development.


Specialties of Platform in Programming Languages Vs. The Generalist Languages


We discussed that you could use Swift and Kotlin for Android and iOS development, and these are the core languages for Apple and Android. Google and Apple have optimized these Languages for compilation and runtime performances to support tooling features. The language that Flutter apps use is Dart, and it specializes in this language, which is unknown.


Whereas cross-platform development, it takes the source of language from the outside platform for the development context and provides a perfect environment to develop mobile apps for developers. Developers in Native development can reuse these environments for the simplicity of development and coding.


Test Frameworks of Platforms vs. Generalized Testing Frameworks


Do you think testing your mobile apps is challenging? Testing these apps require isolation for unit tests and access to platform Services or Library for instrumented tests. In general, native developers have all the access that they need to test their apps. 


On the other hand, if you are a cross-platform developer, you have to consider the usual black box or non-mobile frameworks to test your apps on Appium or anything. It is laborious, and some developers do not like to do it. Therefore, they use Native development instead of cross-platform development.


Multi-Code Support & Test Efforts vs. Singular Code Support & Increasing Tests


If you are a Native developer, you might have tried to develop on Android and iOS. If you want the end product for both types of hardware platforms, it requires working on both the platforms simultaneously. This is the reality of native development. It increases your efforts for development, tests, and costs for development and testing.


Cross-platform development eliminated these laborious tasks present in native development. Therefore, you can achieve all these things in a single development environment. Additionally, FLUTTER gives codes for different OSs of mobile Phones, which is what developers choose as an option. Honestly, no developers wish to write the same procedures for various OSs and to test the same.


Wrapping Up


We hope you understood the difference between cross-platform development and multi-platform development. The article mentions the top 7 Differences between cross-platform and multi-platform, explaining a developer's platform choice.

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text 2020-03-03 11:21
Hyperchain is building a platform which would ensure that the entire Coronavirus donation process is traceable, immutable, and reliable

Epidemics are known to wreck not only the social structure but also the economic landscape. In the recent outbreak of coronavirus, it has claimed the lives of over 400 people in mainland China. Its impact has been seen all across the world, with economies taking a major hit. However, China, as well as other parts of the world, have mobilized to donate, but doctors are unable to obtain the necessary medical supplies. 







In this regard, Red Cross China has certainly failed in delivering the supplies which are urgent to the main and frontline hospitals. Also, the current virus epidemic is on the verge of turning into a pandemic, and it’s a major concern over the affected nations but also the remaining parts of the world.


The lack of medical supplies has resulted in Red Cross China coming under fire. In the apology issues, Wuhan Red Cross duly mentioned that it has readily called for an emergency meeting overnight for discussion on internal problems and has made a pledge to hold the people who are actually in charge of the distribution of relief, accountable.


Owing to the fund storage, a number of hospitals in the Wuhan that are looking after the patients infected by coronavirus to seek donation and charities on the social media platforms. Also, a lot of them have said that they are in urgent requirement of basic protections against the pathogen. However, on the other side, a lot of people from different corners of the world have come together to donate money to the patients and to even aid treatment development, are quite outraged at the unfair distribution of the donated funds.


In order to solve the present challenge of unfair distribution of donation in a real-time, blockchain startup, Hyperchain, together with the Fuxing Group as well as other well-known organizations, is taking the assistance of blockchain. With the usage of blockchain, Hyperchain is creating a robust platform which would essentially make sure that Coronovirus donation process is completely traceable, entirely immutable as well as reliable. Also, announced in the press release, this platform will actually act as a complete medical supply donations portal in order to support medical care facilities operating in Central China. 


Basically, for donors, it is quite important to trust the entire platform where they will be donating. It requires cross platform app development of a platform that can offer the required solution. Hence, for this particular reason, the notion is to create a completely transparent portal in order to exchange information with safety. It will allow the donors to see more easily where their funds are actually going. Along with this, the platform will offer proof of need as well as proof of receipt in order to ensure that all the donations are actually conducted instantly to the party intended or the people as well as institutions that actually need it. 


What is Hyperchain? 


Hyperchain is essentially a tech company offering blockchain solutions. Also, it has the experience and expertise in hyperchain application development, development of different underlying blockchain platforms, data sharing and security platform, SaaS platform for supply chain finance and digital evidence services.


Due to the lack of censorship as well as transparency, which are often the most debated challenges emerging during every epidemic outbreak, it is essential to inculcate blockchain app development services. As there is a need for a transparent and credible mechanism, blockchain is the definite answer, and a blockchain app development company can provide the same. 

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url 2019-10-14 14:25
Mobile App Development Company - MyAppGurus

The best Mobile Application Development Company in the USA At MyAppGurus our sole objective is to ensure that the changing face of mobile technology makes the lives of people across the globe easier. We are a US-based organization that has more than a decade of experience in providing super-efficient mobile applications according to the individual needs of your business. We assure you of our best mobile application development services at all times. We have a talented team of mobile application developers who have gained prowess in creating breakthrough applications catering to different industries. We provide world-class infrastructure to our developers so that they can showcase their creativity and come up with mobile apps that are a class apart from the rest of our competitors.

Source: www.myappgurus.com
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url 2019-10-02 14:00
Web, Native and Hybrid Apps - Which Platform Gives Long-Lasting Success?


Mobile apps are the way to generate lucrative returns in less time for any business. It's a time to build mobile applications for your business to sustain and for long-lasting success in the competitive world. Don't be in a dilemma about whether to build a native, web, or hybrid application for your business. come up with the idea of your business requirements and tie-up with a web app development company. Here is the complete guide that helps you to decide among the platforms and types of apps with examples.


Source: www.tvisha.com/blog/web-native-and-hybrid-apps-which-platform-gives-long-lasting-success-
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text 2019-08-23 08:30
Augmented Reality App Development Trends to Watch in 2020


By 2023, the installed user base for AR integrated products like mobile devices, mobile apps, and smart glasses will cross 2.5 billion people. According to industry players, the AR industry should hit $75 billion and the year 2020 will be marked as a turning point in the industry growth. 


Augmented reality solutions took a strong position in the market because of the support of big tech names like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google by making strong commitments.   


According to the Gartner report, nearly 100 million users are expected to use AR-enabled technologies in 2019. The boom in mobile app development services that employ AR has become a necessity for mature mobile app development that’s the reason developers, retailers, and customers are now comfortably using Augmented Reality business applications as part of their daily experience. Based on the BRP report, approx. 32% of retailers plan to deploy augmented reality applications over the next three years.



Future of Augmented Reality App Development 


Over the next year, AR mobile app development will become highly sophisticated and devices will get more powerful and capable of creating higher quality visuals. That’s the reason the future of Augmented Reality mobile app development is bright. Today with Augmented Reality solutions humans can easily interact within virtual or augmented environments. 


  • Experts predicted that by 2025, the AR/VR industry will reach more than $25B and the proliferation will continue steadily. 
  • The screen-less display becomes a reality as wearables have overtaken the world. With AR, any flat surface can be used as a screen. 
  • 3-D visualization and mapping capabilities in alliance with AR solutions help navigate places with updated situational awareness. 
  • Now, visualization of data has become seamless as users can use centralized data on the go through wearable technologies.
  • With the help of AR technology, humans can use body language and actions to control technology.
  • Haptic technologies also are known as 3D touch redefining training session within government bodies including defense, law enforcement, and health care.



AR Trends which will Come Soon


Here are some of the augmented reality trends that are expecting to mature soon.


AR Mobile App Development


With the introduction of AR integrated solutions, mobile app developers have started infusing the latest technology trends while developing feature-rich mobile applications. Now, AR services have come up with more advancement for the measurements, predictable tracking, improvements rendering and 3D detection. Apple has revealed some of their experiences by sharing the AR spaces with the usage of a new file format for detecting the objects.


Offering Natural Experience


For a long time, we waited to see enhancement in gesture recognition and now with AR solutions our wait is over. AR integrated mobile applications are offering the natural experience to the users, to make a better product.


Previously gaze direction was something that was out of control of mobile app developers but now it is interesting to work on.  This is something mobile app developers can implement in real life by eliminating the job of a person from turning his head. 


Currently, mobile app development companies are focusing on minimizing some major issues seen in the latest AR devices. Though these issues do not last for a long time, but they still show a level of irritation. In 2020, we will see more issues resolved with the help of AR testing as it can track anything.


Acceptance of Extended Reality 


Extended reality is a combination of Augmented Reality, Augmented Virtuality, and Virtual Reality. It combines real-and-virtual world and human-machine interactions generated by electronic devices and wearables.


Imagine walking in a dark cave filled with a variety of creatures and animals while being at home. Exciting right? Now your dream comes true with the mixed reality development services


With much more improved sensors and processors combined with advanced computer vision, display technology, graphical power, and input systems, people can feel situations and circumstances that they never thought could happen.


AR is shaking the Automobile Industry


AR breaks down the limits of the physical world with the digital world. Its evolution in the Automobile Industry has been taking shape and hopefully, in 2020, we will see more mobile app developments in terms of voice assistants like Siri for vehicles. Currently, Automobile companies are working in “dashboard-mounted display graphics” to see vehicles nearby with the help of camera footage. This technology will reduce the occurrence of accidents to some extent.


Tweaking Entertainment Field


Nowadays, the entertainment industry is experiencing the full beatitude of AR solutions by making the best possible use of augmented reality along with virtual reality. It has a huge potential to stay in the entertainment field for many more upcoming years.


Augmented Reality development companies like Apple used AR in gaming while other companies used it for educational purposes and for making educational mobile applications. We will continue to witness the rapid growth of mobile AR in the entertainment industry.



Summing Up 

AR app development market is graveling its path towards innovative and modification. With the rapid advancements in the AR app development services, many top mobile app development companies like Apple, Samsung, OPPO and others are doing their best to bring AR into the cross-platform mobile app development by implementing much better features.


If you have a meaningful idea, then augmented reality solutions can help you to take you towards success with its modernized abilities. Hire AR app developers and transform your vision into reality. 

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