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text 2020-02-26 13:07
How to Practice Packaging Trends in 3 Easy Steps


Time keeps changing. Priorities of the people keep changing. Likes and dislikes keep changing. Almost everything keeps changing under the sun. From dresses to shoes, cell phones to the techniques of cultivation etc. nothing remains same forever. Same is the case with the trends being followed in the field of packaging boxes which keep changing from area to area, time to time or culture to culture etc. Every business has multiple aspects, every aspect has to be dealt with carefully and deeply and has its individual sets of trends. For instance, if you are running a box production unit then you have to keep in mind various trends being followed nowadays that may have any linking with your business like the trends of administering a business, marketing trends, the trends of automating the business and the trends being followed in the field of designing custom printed packaging containers etc. As all other described trends are common in all businesses but box designing is a specific thing about the field of packaging so here we’ll particularly talk about the trends of box designing and try to understand these in a little detail so that those who are in this field and helping various producers by providing them with the stuff to pack their products may become able to increase their sales and earn more money.

Designing Trends

Like all other fields, the trends of designing of the packaging boxes also keep changing time to time in particular and according to the tastes of the people belonging to different areas or cultures in general. Some people love dark colors. Some people have a craze of brightness. Some love sobriety while some others have a soft corner for light colors. Some like boxes of simple shapes while some like uniquely designed customized printed retail packaging containers or custom boxes wholesale etc. Moreover, every product has its own specifications which demand a different angle of designing for its containers. In some areas or among the people belonging to a certain culture pictorial designs are appreciated while some other dislike such designing. Furthermore, those who are in the field of manufacturing and designing customized cardboard printed packaging containers for various items also gather together time to time in order to decide future direction or policies for their industry. Among other things they also chalk out basic parameters of their produce. They mutually decide boxes of which colors they will prepare in coming days. They also discuss how to reshape their produce. The quality of cardboard or Kraft as well as that of printing is also discussed. Thus a mutually agreed plan of the tycoons of the industry also emerges as if a trend of the people which is actually not a trend settled by the general public but forcibly made by the tycoons by producing the boxes of their own choice. Concluding the above discussion, now let’s try to understand the main trends being practiced nowadays in the field of cardboard packaging in three steps.

Packaging and Story

Every brand has its own story. The history of human civilization tells us that we, the human beings, have a great love for the stories as well for story-telling. Stories usually have a magical impact. Those who listen to these, seem to be spellbound. This ability or power of the stories have motivated the manufacturers of cardboard boxes as well as to those who use these to pack their items to use these printed containers with logos of the brands to tell the stories of the packed items. Printing of these containers, pictures or designs made on these cardboard cases or text inscribed on these retail packaging boxes, custom boxes wholesale or customized display packaging stuff etc. can be used in an artistic fashion in order to tell the story of the product packed inside. Through this story you can convey the messages of many types according to your needs. You may tell the customers how your brand is different and better from others producing same things which you are producing. You may narrate how you ensure to produce quality stuff by showing the pictures of the steps involved in the manufacturing of the customized boxes. You may also narrate how your brand and products have covered a long journey in order to reach the peak as well as to win the trust of the customers etc. Thus because of its ability to spellbound the customers story-telling through packaging has become one of the trends of the time.

Ecological Packaging

It is our obligation to protect the environment we live in but it is strange and pathetic that we are destroying our own home instead of protecting it. Our environment is our primary home and we are stupid enough to destroy our own home by polluting it but those who belong to the field of manufacturing and selling custom cases are well aware of their responsibilities towards their ecosystem so they use to produce only Eco-friendly or biodegradable cardboard packaging boxes which can not only be easily decomposed but can also be recycled in order to make something new. This quality of custom cardboard cases has also played a vital role in making these a trend of the time as the man who is guilty because of damaging the atmosphere with poisonous gases, contaminated water and litter etc. thinks that by producing and using such recyclable things he may become able to control the damage which he has already done. Though factually it’s baseless and incorrect but this thinking at least saves our atmosphere from being aggravated further.

Transparent Packaging

Transparent packaging is also becoming famous nowadays. Such cardboard boxes are either made by a very thin sheet of cardboard or are provided with a transparent window which enables the customers to see through the packaging in order to examine the quality or identify the color etc. of the packed product. This type of custom printed retail packaging boxes with logo are specifically becoming popular among the producers of cosmetic items and toiletries etc.

Source: custompackagingpro.com
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text 2020-02-26 05:49
Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Your Retail Packaging

Cracking The Code Of Choosing The Right Materials:


Every product in the market has a significant requirement in terms of packaging. Considering this, the packaging companies try their best to accommodate all sorts of packaging on their list. However, this is not possible, and each company has a specification.


Moreover, you can find a variety of packaging companies in the market that have different services to offer. The first and foremost necessity while making custom retail packaging is to consider the use of strong and sturdy materials. The materials available in the market are card-stock, eco-Kraft, and corrugated.


Firstly, card-stock is a reasonable and resilient material. It offers the lasting safety of any type of product. You can store beverages, foods, cosmetics, and other retail products in them. Also, card-stock is offered in variable thicknesses, but the ideal one if 14pt.

Secondly, eco-kraft is also available. It is a recyclable material that pays no harm to nature. It is highly important that the world starts taking pollution seriously and this is the first step. The packaging companies try their best to play a positive role in maintaining the environment.

Lastly, corrugated material is also obtainable. It is perfect to bear the damages and harm of shipping processes. It is made up of flutes of linerboards that keep adding to its thickness and make it worth using. Corrugated material assures the safety of products until they reach their destinations.


How To Enhance The Beauty Of Your Boxes:


A box not only has to be durable but also heart-warming and adorable. Therefore, various customizations like coatings and printing techniques are possible. These methods make it easier for you to make the custom retail packaging wholesale adorable and worth buying. Each customization plays a different role.



The coatings offered to you are gloss and matte. The gloss coating covers the entire box in shiny and luster coverage. It makes them shine in the light and entice customers towards them. As a result, your sales are increased. Otherwise., the matte coating is a bit different .it does not offer shine or glamor but dimness. The boxes are full of dim and dull coverage that makes them look dewy and sleeky.

Furthermore, printing techniques add to the vibrancy and radiance of a box and are extremely useful. Digital and offset printing are available, and both are amazing in their own way.


Digital printing makes use of laser jets that are suitable for printing simpler Images and objects on the boxes. It is also for maintaining the balance between very loud and subtle. On the contrary, offset printing can also be done. It is quite expensive compared to digital printing. However, you can save the cost by printing all the boxes at the same time but it is worth it. The rubber blanket helps in spreading ink evenly on the entire box and add to its prettiness. You can print images, diagrams, illustrations, logos and titles on the boxes.


Why Does Everyone Love Add-Ons?


Add-ons are more like additions for making sure that there is no effort left. They make you Try out everything on the box to make sure that it appeals to the right audience. All you have to do is choose Add-ons that are affordable and useful. An Add-on is for enhancing the visual image of the box in front of a client.

The add-ons conceivable are die-cutting, PVC window, spot UV, foiling and embossing and debossing.



Embossing and debossing are logo enhancement methods that increase the visibility of the logos. Embossing offers engraved and carved logos, whereas debossing provides upright and imprinted ones.

Also, if you are a utility store owner then you must try out die-cutting. It enhances the visibility of the products inside and appeals to more customers. Die-cutting leave spaces in the custom packaging and lets the customer touch the products. But, if you wish, then you can cover the area with a PVC window that gives a more precise image without touching the product.


Spot UV is an affordable substitute for both coatings. It covers the entire box in mate coating and the inner corners in gloss coating. It is for clients that have a lower budget.

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url 2020-01-03 13:10
Why Product Boxes are Necessary for your Brand?

Product boxes are necessary for brands as they ensure the safety of items, enhance their aesthetic feel, aid in safe transportation, and elevate the brand image.

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text 2020-01-02 12:34
Make Your Food Box Packaging a Little More Creative!

No matter in which industry you are in, packaging plays a significant role in the differentiating your products. In the case of food, the packaging is even more important. It captivates the eyes of the consumer and provides a memorable first impression of your brand. Well-designed food boxes promote craving. They persuade the buyer to go for a purchase. With so many similar brands in the market, designing a creative food packaging has become a need of time. The innovative product boxes as well as functional stand out the crowd. They not only positively affect your brand image but also benefit your business' marketing campaign. There are several different ways to make your food box packaging more creative. Here we are going to highlight some of them:


Make your Packaging Self-Explanatory:

These milk cartons are the perfect example of creativity. They automatically change their color when the milk approaches its expiry date. The custom food packaging tells you how fresh milk you are buying. It is perfect for the customers who are in a hurry and do not have time to see the package details. The blue color is associated with purity. It reassures the customer that you are purchasing the right product. While orange or red color indicates danger. It warns the customers that the product is approaching its expiry date.


Box Die Cuts:

These chocolate boxes are designed creatively by using several small cut-outs. This not only gives a beautiful display to your custom packaging but also proves beneficial from the sales point of view. These die-cut boxes facilitate the consumer in viewing the item even before opening it. The addition of tempting colors is perfect to make your package outshine the retail shelves.


Make your Product a Part of Package:

The manufacturer creatively used the strands and shapes of pasta to create these custom presentation boxes. The series of pasta packaging created a great shelf impact. It captured the attention of every passing by customer. These tab locking boxes are designed with an illustration of a lady whose hair is represented by different shapes of pasta. Using your product as a part of the package is a matter of creativity and exploration. Such packaging design produces a huge difference in sales.


Be Innovative with Box Shape:

The way you deliver your products to represent your brand image. Creatively designed food packaging wholesale can communicate much about your brand. These custom printed pizza boxes are designed innovatively to grasp customer attention. Instead of the traditional box shape, the packaging is designed with sleeves to place more than one pizza together in the same box. As the customer opens the custom pizza box, the logo and the colors are perfect to show your brand image. Working creatively with the shape of the package helps to make your product more recognizable.


Work on Functionality:

This innovative packaging idea is perfect to save your valuable time. The brand has worked on the functionality and appeal of the package collectively. These wholesale small boxes for butter designed with a lid at the top. The lid acts as a knife and helps you in applying butter anywhere anytime. That's what we call an ideal mix of creativity and convenience.


Highlight your Concept:

These cookie boxes are perfect enough to highlight your brand in the market place. The hexagonal-shaped packaging is designed by using a particular colored pattern which extends all along with the box. As the customer rolls it, the package splits into several small portions. The sections look similar to pyramid favor boxes and can be separated easily to make a single serving of cookies.


Provide Something Additional in the same Box:

Consumers always avoid extra packaging material. Especially in the case of takeaways, they want such a package that carries all the items collectively. These food packaging boxes for fries are designed creatively with a pocket for ketchup. This facilitates the consumers to enjoy every bite of it. The same concept can be implemented in Chinese food to go containers and other gable food packaging boxes.


Work Creatively with Aesthetics:

This particular tea brand has worked creatively on the aesthetic aspect of the packaging. The teabags are designed in flowering shape and placed beautifully inside the food box. The packaging is designed in black with the brand's logo to increase its appeal. The packaging is so attractive that it can be used as gift boxes for your loved ones.


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url 2020-01-02 10:14
How Colors Impact on Customers Mind?

Add your box packaging with the best shade of color combination to target more customers towards your brand. Which one is your favorite color?

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