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text 2018-03-08 04:54
Paper Carry Bags: The Creative Activity That Pays Off

Everyone needs something to get busy with, relieve the stress, bring their creative self out and, if possible, make some money out of it. The classic example of this is those artists who play violin in public or simply make portraits of the people passing by them and make money out of it.

You have to find something to possess you unless you want to let negativity to do this to you. This blog post is all about getting busy with something artistic as well as of real value in the real world.

Let us talk about paper carry bags for example. People love to buy handmade paper items e.g. greeting cards, gift boxes, and other stuff. This other stuff includes the handmade paper bags that people pay money to get and you can start learning to make those bags and make a fortune out of it.

This is a step by step process of making awesome paper carry bags out of paper stock and you will learn to use the given materials in a precise and guided way.

Let us discover:


1. Materials


Here is the list of materials which are used in making of those wholesale paper carry bags that you have been watching in stores and wondering how they are made:

  • A paper stock sheet of your favorite base color for paper carry bags
  • Some other paper stock sheets of different colors
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Glue
  • Bone folder

2. Process


Here is the step by step process to make the first perfect paper carry bag. If you perfect this art, you can add a lot of other details to your work, that I will discuss at the end of this blog post:

  • Use the scale to take the measurements and decide as to what is going to be the size of your paper bag
  • Cut out one big piece of paper stock (one that you intend to use for the base of the paper bag)
  • Use the bone folder to score the paper sheet on one of the long sides – it should be scored at half an inch
  • Bend the paper from one short side to the other, making sure that you leave a half inch margin
  • Press along the curved side to make it look like one piece of cardstock
  • Now open the cardstock/paper and apply glue to the half inch scored length (not the margin that you left)
  • After the glue is applied, bend that half inch scored length and paste it to the base of the paper stock
  • Once glued and pasted perfectly, bend paper stock again to make it half the length of the actual sheet; this you do to turn it from paper stock to paper bag
  • Now you will deal with the marine that you left; apply glue to it and bend it over to paste it with the rest of the stock
  • Take one open side, bend it for 1 ½ inch and press the sides of the bend to make a boat like a feature
  • Apply to the other side as well, and then bring both vertical edges together and glue them together
  • This will form the bottom of your paper bag
  • Wait for the glue to dry, then turn both sides vertical sides of the paper bag roughly an inch inward, reinforce with the bone folder and then bend them inch outward and repeat the process of reinforcing
  • Now slide your hand through the opening of the bag and move sideways to see that the bag is a bit fluffy and open to let any item packed inside it
  • Now, go to the bottom, and play with it to turn it into a flat paper bag bottom
  • Now get a colored paper sheet to make the handles of your bag
  • Cut two half-inch thin and 6 inch long lengths
  • Apply glue to both sides of both handles and paste both sides of both handles to the inside of the box on both opening ends
  • Press with hand and wait for a few seconds to let the handles have the good grip on the paper stock

Job did! You have made the first paper bag of your life and that too without any mistake, and I bet it looks good. Now let us decorate it:

  • Get the colored paper sheets that you chose for the decoration
  • Cut out some shapes e.g. heart, star, moon, sunflower or any other flower etc.
  • Apply glue to the shapes and paste them proportionately on both sides of the bag
  • You can also use colors in contrast; choose two sheets of light and dark colors, cut out the shapes, the dark shape will be small and glued to the big light-colored shape and the big light-colored shape will be glued to the bag

This is it. However, you can easily modify this process. You can also choose to add embellishments like ribbons, laces, and motifs etc. As much expensive as your bag will be, you will be capitalizing on it and the price will go high. This means more income with little-added impact.

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text 2018-02-08 07:47
Improve Life through Corrugated Boxes

Key holder:


Dad owned a restaurant which he had to inherit through his own father quite some years back, both grandad and him loved their times at the place. They used to cook new recipes, meeting new/old clients and reviving the menu constantly to keep their consumers entertained and wanting more. He used to always say staring into the depths of my eyes “Son I can’t wait for you to come and joining us in this family business, enhancing the experience even further.”

The time felt so far away from my 18th birthday when my grandfather handed me the key to the main kitchen of the restaurant and proclaimed it to be my new baby. It actually felt more special than my first car or my first kiss.




I thanked my grandad and hugged my dad but gave the keys back as the rightful owner was them, they were so proud they promised to name the restaurant on my behalf the following year.


Game changer:


The day I finally joined my father and grandfather in the business, I fell in love with the idea of feeding people and earning praises as a living. So I learned from the best down dirty and bottom. Learned how to wash dishes, clean the floor, set up tables. Then I evolved into placing orders, taking orders and helping customers get what they want. Slowly but surely I worked my way to the kitchen which I was most excited for and therefore learned so much that even my father was impressed and kind of scared as I was becoming a very orderly oriented man.




After months into my training, I was given the opportunity to become a head manager, and that is where I truly shined as working from down under had proved that I knew what I wanted and how I wanted it. I was strict but fair and had to manage more than just the workers; I had to manage money, chefs, customers and had to manage time in order to get the consumer what they want in an orderly fashion.


Managers Gala:


The biggest opportunity arose when we held a gala for the mayor of our town honoring him to be a part of our township for over a decade now. I had everything prepped to the best of my abilities even forcing my dad to be the head of the kitchen for the night so nothing would go wrong, he wanted to be a part of the gala but I insisted as it would do wonders for our business. I would have loved to help him but I had yet to learn cooking and the ins and outs of the kitchen. My grandad, on the other hand, was a special guest as he was the mayor’s best friend from childhood. We started off the night with serving appetizers while the speech ceremony has begun.

The last speech right before dinner was my grandfather’s and boy did he give a moving speech. He had the whole restaurant laughing, quiet and then in tears through his life motivation and impact on the mayor’s life. He shared how they used to share bread during lunch time, study under night lamps and support each other throughout their rough youth. He discussed how they were obliged to go to war and luckily were in the same batch to always protect each other till this very day.




Even the mayor had tears in his eyes; Grandfather thanked everyone and left the mic as if he dropped it. A roar of cheers and applaud followed as it might just have been the best speech someone had ever given to an audience.


Food Tactics:


Now that the dust had settled it was time for the main course, we, of course, started off with cutting a massive cake for the mayor in his honor. It was truly massive and delicious, even though it was not made by us I was thrown away by its taste and creativity. The main course consisted of 2 types of meat, either seafood which had lobster as the main, and chicken, which was steamed breasts as the main. They followed with mashed potatoes, cheesy rice, braised greens and cracked pepper dinner rolls. This would follow with white or red wine and for dessert Toffee crunch cake.



The presentation was spot on now I just had to wait for the audience to taste it and give us their final say. The mayor was the first one to stand up in the middle of his meal and yell out to everyone “Is this not the best place to eat, ever?” the audience all busy eating applauded one by one. That’s when I called my father out and told the entire restaurant to thank him. He quickly announced that he had corrugated boxes in case anyone had leftovers to take home and share with their families.

Everyone laughed and continued eating their delicious meal.

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text 2018-01-16 04:29
Ornament Boxes: What they are and Why Get Them?

Ornament boxes are the boxes used to store, ship, display and sell ornaments. They have an internal fence partition which is used to keep ornaments at safe distance and to protect them.

The ornament boxes are used by the companies as well as individuals. Individuals need these boxes to arrange, store and keep safe their personal precious belongings: their gold or artificial ornaments.




Companies need custom ornament boxes to lure the retailers into buying their products because those ornament boxes are simply so attractive and compelling and they also need those for their customers who buy a whole range of Christmas ornaments or jewelry.

In this blog post, I am going to help you develop the better understanding of the ornament boxes, what they are and why it is important to have customized and beautiful ornament boxes at home.



It is convenient to buy ornaments with ornament boxes or even without them, from good companies, but if you think that you already have a lot of Christmas, party and personal ornaments at home and you do not want to buy a box online to keep them safe, you can make one yourself.

An ornament box, when we get down to its structure, is basically a box with inner fence or trays to keep delicate items from getting brushed with each other and getting damaged. You can make one with simple and easy to find items.




Before ever we get down to it, let us see what are the ornament boxes?

  1. Ornament Boxes

So what are the ornament boxes? To understand this, let us first understand as to what is an ornament. The ornament is an attractive and decorative item that can be used to decorate a person, thing or place for a special occasion.

Ornaments, as we mostly know them for, are Christmas balls which are used to decorate the Christmas trees and they are meant to replace Holly.

Holly, as we know, is a kind of red colored berry which is considered sacred in the Christian religion and/or culture. Since it is neither affordable nor convenient for everyone to get Holly to decorate their Christmas trees, people use this Christmas ornaments.

To pack these ornaments and keep them safe, companies selling and people buying them, resort to using ornament boxes with internal tray partition, so as to protect the delicate ornaments.

These boxes are made of many different materials. In the market, you can find cardboard ornament boxes as well as cardboard + nylon cover ornament boxes as well as plastic, silicon, and many other material boxes.

These custom designed ornament boxes are not only meant to keep the case-sensitive ornaments safe, but they are also meant to lure the target customers into buying the ornaments packed inside them, and brand for the company.

Now some companies are also making these boxes with die cut window pane through which the customers can see the items packed inside one.

Not only these boxes are getting more and more luxurious, there seems to be no limit to how one can decorate the box. The features of the latest ornament packaging boxes are more leaning towards decoration and style, and less towards safety.

  1. Why Get Ornament Boxes?

When Christmas is around, people buy ornaments in a big number and they love to send them to others as gifts as well as decorating their home with the contents of these boxes. In order to gift ornaments, other similar decorative items or jewelry to others or keep them at home, one needs to organize them.

Lest we forget, these ornaments or similar items are of a very delicate nature and we buy them in big number because we need them galore. It would be difficult to manage delicate items in a big number if it was not for these ornament boxes.

Also, ornament boxes with all those beautiful ornaments inside, serve the purpose of best decoration pieces. They simply look beautiful and always win praise from the beholders. You can later use the delicate and festive ornament boxes for other purposes, including gift boxes.


Ornament storage boxes can be later used to store and protect a lot of items such as jewelry, makeup items, toiletry, glassware and many similar products. Not to mention that they can be used as gift boxes as well.

Just remove the internal trey, place the gift, pack and send it to the friend, family or loved one.

  1. How to Make One at Home?

In the event where you do not have enough cash to buy an ornament box online or from a shop or if you want to stimulate your creative self and want to make one at home, you have to go through the following process and you will get an awesome ornament boxes for your delicate little items including Christmas baubles.

  • Get a cardboard box of the same size that you want your ornament box to be
  • If you cannot find one at home, make yourself by cutting and gluing cardstock
  • Get a fancy fabric gift wrap, use the scissors to cut out the paper exactly and use glue to wrap it around the box
  • Do the same with the lid. In the case where you want a die cut lid, use the paper cutter to make a square, rectangular or round hole in the lid and glue a transparent plastic patch inside.
  • Now you always have the fancy and beautiful ornament box, but you can do more to make it more beautiful.
  • For inside tray, get the paper stock of different colors, cut them into rectangular lengths, make cuts to lower sides of one length and upper of other. Fix and assemble all of them into a trey with equal-sized cubicles.
  • Now try the embellishments! Wrap a ribbon horizontally around the box, keeping lid out of it and make a bow on the front. Paste a motif on the lid and leaves as well. To make thinks more ceremonial you can apply glitter, imitation pearl and a lot of other things.
  • Another item to consider is the handles or die cut holes to hold onto the box. In case of die cut moving box holes, make them before you apply wrapping paper and other items. However, if you want to add fancy handles, make two holes on both horizontal sides of the box; make a fancy handle by braiding a rope and tying it inside to make sure that rope does not come out.
  • This will give you two beautiful rope handles on sides of your box.

This is it. You can follow this step by step process to make your own ornament boxes or, better yet, get them online or from packaging companies in case you do not have the time or will to make them at home. Remember, in case of a big box with layers of ornaments, your treys will be multistory and you will make them with their own cardboard floors. Use glue or tape to do. This way you will just stack one trey over another and have all your ornaments in one box.

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text 2015-02-05 12:02
Find Books Any Time, Any Place

Search Books Any Time And Any Place

Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.

Neil Gaiman


BookLikes book catalog is like online library. You can search books and authors any time, and now, any place - the header with a menu and a search box will follow you and stay fixed to the top. 


If you experience the urgent need of finding a given title while browsing reviews on your Dashboard, you'll have fun with a new header - now you can use the search box without the necessity of going up and losing your reading position on your Dash. 


Book reviews



The BookLikes header received a fixed top position and will follow your fingertips and eyes staying close enough to help you out when you feel the need to move to another BookLikes place or use the search box. 


Reading lists


The fixed position of the header can be switch off in Settings/General





Add your social profile links


Now you can add more links to your social profile in the customization tab. Apart from default social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, Goodreads), you can add more links to you other webpages or new social platforms you're using and want to share with your blog guests. 


To add your social profile links go to Settings/Blog and click Customize. You'll be moved to the customization tab where you can personalize your BookLikes webpage by:

- choosing your blog title

- adding short bio

- adding your widgets

- adjusting the blog layout

- choosing new blog design

- adding your social profile links. 


To add more profile links click add next profile, insert the URL and write a title.

Remember to save all your changes and updates to make them visible on your BookLikes webpage. 


Personalize your blog


This new option is available for blog themes where the HTML has't been edited. 



Polish bookstores


Polish book bloggers on BookLikes can benefit from links to Polish bookstores. Book pages of Polish books received links to Polish bookshops.

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photo 2014-12-30 19:13

Customizing Your BookLikes Blog


Tutorial (PDF)

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