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review 2019-02-14 19:49
Book Review for Acceptance by KE Osborn The Chicago Defiance MC Series #5
Acceptance (Chicago Defiance MC #5) by K.E. Osborn (Goodreads Author) - K.E. Osborn
Title: Acceptance
Series: The Chicago Defiance MC Series #5
Author: KE Osborn
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: February 6, 2019
Try to forget.
It's easier said than done.
My past—violently haunts my dreams.
My present—belongs to an MC. My brothers, my support, my family, my life.
But what if you left someone behind?
You failed them.
And set in motion a series of events no one could have predicted.
But in deserting him, you found her.
A constant. A guiding light. A connection that can't possibly not be right.
Or is it?
This story isn’t just two souls finding their connection—it’s lust, treachery, misery, and brutality.
Vengeance—will thrill you.
But will I be able to gain my acceptance?
This is one of my favorite MC author's and we are so loving the The Chicago Defiance MC Series.I loved Chain's story from beginning to end. 
One thing we love about this series is the amazing character's it has.I have to say I really loved them all but, the old ladies definitely add to the delight of reading this story because when those old ladies get together you know your going to laugh your butt off and I do time and time again.
Chain has been one of my favorite character's and I am so happy he got his story as we loved the brute of a man that was broken and lost that our heart always bleed for him as his pain just poured out of him that you could not be unaffected by him.
Revisiting Chains past with him was heart breaking as well as heart wrenching and I can say they I shed more than a few tears for him as he told his story.
We loved Chain's and getting to meet his family for the first time.We loved them.Chain's mom was the bomb!
Leave it to Chain's to have a complicated love story.We loved Doc/Bex in this story we saw a totally different side to her and we saw her take risks but, most of all we saw just how strong she really was when it came to fighting for something she wanted most in life.
I loved seeing both Doc and Bex together as the chemistry between them was always there but, fates intervention just gave it a little shove and I am so glad that Chain's was willing to put himself out there especially with the upbringing he had this was a major step for him.
Knowing Chains we already new his journey to getting his girl and his happily ever after was a rocky one. Bex's and Chains journey was suspenseful,heart wrenching,had tons of twists and turns and secrets that came to light and it was one heck of a ride for sure.
Chains has been a favorite character of mine all along as he has been always aloof and I think that what drew us to him from the onset of the series but, after reading this story we are more in love with this broken man than ever before.
I loved the plot of the story and how it surround around Chains past and present and how the one friend he had considered a brother in his past might be part of his present where he had come to find a slice of happiness in his pain filled life.The plot itself was dark edgy and it kept you on edge and engrossed in the series the entire time we loved it from cover to cover.
This story is just a reminder that sometimes you need the bad along with the good because without having the bad Chains would have never found his Happy Ever After and that one true soul-mate who was meant to be his .
Australian author K E Osborn was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. With a background in graphic design and a flair for all things creative, she felt compelled to write the story brewing in her mind.

Writing gives her life purpose. It makes her feel, laugh, cry and get completely enveloped in the characters and their story lines. She feels completely at home when writing and wouldn’t consider doing anything else.



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review 2019-02-14 17:32
Without Condition by Sonora Taylor
Without Condition - Sonora Taylor

I fell into this dark character study from the very start and never fell out of it which is a bit of a rarity for me.

Without Condition takes its time building the story and focuses on the coming of age of a lonely little girl named Cara who lives on an isolated former pumpkin farm with only her mother and a farm hand for company. Cara looks forward to school and meeting kids her age but a bad encounter in kindergarten sets the tone for the rest of her school years. She’s bullied and whispered about and as a result she withdraws and doesn’t bother making friends with the girls. It’s easier with the boys anyway because they don’t whisper about her. But as she grows older she realizes they do something even worse. They talk and they embellish and her reputation gets trashed by everyone. Those ugly voices Cara hears whispering in her head get louder and louder until she finds an outlet to quiet them . . . 

I LOVED the first half of this story. It’s a slow build but it is such an interesting tale. I was 100% invested in Cara as a character. She is most definitely “off” but it’s an understandable type of “off” because we get to know Cara intimately. She is prickly and she is intense but I never disliked her. It’s dark as hell and it doesn’t shy away from any of the viciousness dwelling within people and Cara most especially. Would she have turned out the way she did had she not been bullied and shunned and failed by the adults in her life? That’s hard to say. I thought the author did a great job creating Cara and all of the life events and complexities filling her tortured mind. 

About halfway or so in the book changes focus and it becomes a dark romance. Cara meets a man named Jackson. He’s the first man that she hasn’t wanted to kill, lol, and things get very complicated in Cara’s head. Her life of work and spending time with her slightly off mom, who supports her long truck rides to “quiet” the voices, starts to morph into something else. Cara is falling in love but she has so many secrets that a normal life with Jackson may be impossible no matter how badly she now desires it. This section of the book is most definitely a romance with some wickedly dark edges. That’s my favorite kind, to be honest, so I was the perfect reader for this one. Cara isn’t the only one with painful memories in her past. Jackson is a wounded person and his head is a wee bit messed up as well but is he damaged enough to accept someone like Cara? 

This is not an action packed, slice and dice type of horror novel and it’s a little slow in the middle but that worked just fine for me. The entire book is a deep dive into the tortured mind of characters deeply scarred by the words of others and I found it endlessly fascinating. The writing grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. I can honestly say my heart was worried for both Cara and Jackson which lends itself to the strong character development. Without Condition is about 75% dark romance and 25% horror novel so if you enjoy the two as much as I do you’ll want to put this moody little gem on your must-read RIGHT NOW list.

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review 2019-02-12 08:28
Book Reviews for Envy by Dani René
Envy (Sins of Seven #6) by Dani René - Dani René
Title: Envy
Series: Sins of Seven - Book Six
Author: Dani René
Genre: Romantic Suspense
  • File Size: 1193 KB
  • Print Length: 218 pages
  • Publisher: Dani René Books (February 8, 2019)
  • Publication Date: February 8, 2019
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • Language: English
  • ASIN: B07N14K75X
Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
Arc copy for honest review
5 stars
Seven Sins had nothing for me anymore.
That is until she walked in.
Eliana doesn’t remember me, she wouldn’t.
Taken from me years ago, I had no choice but to say goodbye.
It’s time to right the wrongs of the past.
But there are secrets woven into our lives that will soon spill over.
I’d always envied my brother. We were always at war.
But now it’s time to ask for his help.
To put our differences aside and save the girl I love.
Let's start off by saying this is a brand new author for us and we really enjoyed our first book by them.I am looking forward to going back and starting this series from the very beginning and see where it leads us.
OMG! I really didn't know what to say about this story other than it was so Twisty,Dark,Erotic-very dark,gritty,made you edgy,and uncomfortable at times but, It was all so descendant that you were hooked and engrossed from the very first pages.
The plot was full of a ton of surprises and also had a love triangle of sorts as two brothers loved the same women but, only one of those held her heart.The plot thickens as something sinister threatens them all and their lives as they know it will change forever.
Asher-OMG! He was a dark predator,dangerous,dominate,possessive,highly sexual,sexy is sin,and protective.Asher's dark aura even scared the crap out off me. LOL
Eliana-I found her to be broken and consumed by revenge,lethal as well as deadly,aloof and a little bit of a loner and highly crafted at what she was trained to be and that was a killer.
Overall the story had a great cast of character's both good and the bad.The story was engrossing suspenseful and had some major secrets come to light but,was also about a second chance at love with the one you have loved most of your life.With a road well traveled that was dark and very dangerous they might finally get their happily ever afters.
We loved it!Recommended to read to all those that love dark and twisted gritty romance full of heat.
P.S.We love reading stories love this every now and then something out of our comfort zone.We liked seeing character's who have been living in the dark for so long and come into the light and finally start living again.

Dani is an international bestselling author of a mix of various genres, from romantic suspense to dark erotic romance and even BDSM romance. She loves to delve into the raw, emotional journeys her characters venture on, and enjoys the dark, edgy, and sensual scenes that fill the pages of her books. Dani’s stories are seductive with a deviant edge with feisty heroines and dominant alphas. 
Dani lives in the beautiful city of Cape Town, and is a proud member of the Romance Writer's Organization of South Africa (ROSA) and the Romance Writers of America (RWA). She has a healthy addiction to reading, TV series, music, tattoos, chocolate, and ice cream.


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review 2019-02-10 09:07
Book Review for Landing Eagle by Harley Stone Dead Presidents MC Series #4
Landing Eagle (Dead Presidents MC #4) - Harley Stone
Title: Landing Eagle
Series: Dead Presidents MC Series #4
Author: Harley Stone
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 29, 2018 
One last time.
That’s the promise Naomi and Eagle break every time the whiskey flows.
Focusing on her hard-earned military career, Naomi Lincoln has kept her secret and highly carnal rendezvous hidden from her protective older brother, the president of Eagle’s motorcycle club.
Until one reckless night of uninhibited lust and passion changes everything and challenges them to see if their irresistible chemistry can lead to more than mind-blowing sex.
This time, will Houston “Eagle” Archer be able to protect his woman?
Or will she end up like the last one?
We are enjoying this series.This current story brought us tons of laughs and we loved seeing the player get played.
Eagle-Our first thought  meeting him "What a douche bag!" Eagle was a typical biker type who took his pleasure in any willing female and discarded them second he was done never going back for seconds.
"Well maybe just one! "lol
Eagle is a more complicate character who wears two faces.The women perceived him to be a cold hearted bastard but, he is everything but, its all and act.I believe Eagle acts this way because this is how he chooses to deal with his pain and loss but, in actuality he loved fiercely and passionately.
Naomi-I loved her from the onset of meeting her.I found her to be one bada** chick.I loved her personality ,found her to be tough as nails,funny,sexy,smart and accomplished and a no nonsense girl.
Naomi was the perfect person to challenge Eagle at every turn.Two alphas pit against one another neither wanting to get up control.Let's just say we were looking forward to seeing who would best who.
I thought from the onset of the story that Naomi and Eagle would make the perfect couple as they are just what the other needs.Eagle and Naomi relationship is complicated with Eagle holding onto the past and Naomi still being active in the military and her job is dangerous she is a Pedro pilot.Naomi job is the one thing that will make a break their relationship but, time will tell.I loved the chemistry between them and those sexy fun sexy scenes they had together.
~A favorite quote of ours that fits them perfectly~
“I don’t ride bitch, remember?” I asked, flipping us over. Her eyes widened in surprise and her hand released me as she landed on her back with me covering her .  “You’re fuc***’ gorgeous, sweetheart,” I said. Her eyes narrowed and she tried to yank her hands free, but I held firm. “Release me, and I’ll show you what a fuc**** sweetheart I can be, ass****.” She was like a wildcat held by the tail.
Eagle- I found him to be sexy,loves someone with his whole heart once he chooses to give it,carries guilt and wounds from the war, slightly cocky ,funny, also is someone who would give up his own life for another.I loved that he was protective and possessive of the ones he loves.I loved how he treats Naomi as his equal.
Naomi- From the first meeting her we love her she had me laughing right off the bat at her messing with Eagle.I found her to be sexy, had a sense of humor,beautiful, funny,smart,driven,and compassionate .I loved how important her job was to her and the difference she made to save lives.
~Favorite quotes~
Quote-He held a second helmet out to me. “Hop on.” I eyed the helmet and the seat behind him, trying to decide how I wanted to play this. It had been a long time since I’d flirted, and I’d never been very good at it to begin with. So, I decided to be myself and flick him shit like I’d always done to the recruits. “Sorry, hotshot, but I don’t ride bitch to anyone.”
Quote- "I had every intention of getting this sexy, bossy Marine into my bed. Challenge accepted, Monie-Love. My freak flag’s about to fly."
I enjoyed the story as it made us laugh and it was about healing and letting go of ones past.The story was filled with club drama was a bit suspenseful had a few twists and turns that we never saw coming that kept us engaged to the very end of the pages.
We loved the character's as well and also in this ongoing series and they are engaging and all so love-able.
A recommended read to all!
After refilling both our glasses, I found Eagle by the pool tables. “You any good?” I asked, handing him his drink as I gestured toward the table.
He started racking the balls. “I do all right. You?”
I grabbed one of the pool cues from its holder on the wall. “It’s been a minute since I played, but I used to be okay.” In truth, I was damn good. I’d grown up playing on these tables with Dad’s crew, and those old guys were a bunch of pool sharks who liked to show off. They’d taught me a thing or two.
Removing the rack, he said, “Your break.”
I took a deep breath, lined up the cue ball, and sent a stripe into a corner pocket. Then I shot again, sinking a second stripe into a side pocket. My third shot sank a third stripe.
Eagle arched an eyebrow. “I think you misled me, Pedro.”
Remembering that I wanted to get laid more than I wanted to win this game, I intentionally missed the next shot. Eagle sank three solids before missing the fourth.
“You do all right?” I asked. “I think I was the one misled, Marine.”
He shrugged, smirking.
My heart did a little flip at the sight. Damn, the man was sexy. His hands were huge, his shoulders were broad, and I’d overheard a couple of the club whores saying he was a beast in the bedroom. Exactly what Love Doctor Monica had prescribed to chill me the fuck out.
Needing a little more liquid courage to up my flirting game, I took a long drink of my cocktail before sinking two more stripes. He sank two more solids. He should have sank a third, but his hand twitched at the last second, causing the cue ball to hit its mark off-center. It looked like he did it on purpose.
Arching my eyebrow, I called him on it. “You don’t have to hold back with me, you know?” I asked. “I can handle your game.”
His nostrils flared, and his gaze roamed over my body. Whiskey was loosening him up as well. “I was about to tell you the same thing.”
I’d been caught. A guilty smile tugged at my lips as I backed up to the table and took a shot behind my back, sinking another stripe.
“Oh, it’s like that, is it?” Eagle asked.
I sank my last stripe before turning my attention on the eight ball. I didn’t have a good shot, but I could sabotage Eagle’s next move, so I did.
“Rude,” he said, eyeballing my work.
I shrugged and took another sip of my drink. “You said I didn’t have to pull my punches. Did you change your mind, Sweetheart?” It felt damn good to throw that nickname back at him.

Shaking his head, he took a shot, surprisingly sinking a solid in the corner pocket. He missed the next shot, though. My turn. I sank the eight ball and his solid. We both laughed, and I racked the balls for our next game while Eagle refilled our drinks. We were evenly matched and with whiskey flowing, conversation was easy and relaxed. Not only was the guy easy on the eyes, he was great company.
Harley Stone writes mafia romance and funny-as-shit romantic fiction. When she's not writing, she's busy living out her real adventure in southwest Washington with her husband and their five boys. 
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review 2019-02-10 09:05
Book Review for Jigsaw by Lilly Atlas
Jigsaw - Lilly Atlas
Title: Jigsaw
Series: Hell's Handlers MC
Author: Lilly Atlas
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: November 6, 2018
Arc copy provided from author for honest review
Reviewed by Angels With Attitude Book Reviews
5 stars from us



After being disappointed by her family one too many times, Izzy’s convinced the only person she needs is herself. Seeking a life with fewer relationships, she leaves the bustle of the city and moves to small-town Tennessee. Her plans for quiet and solitude don’t last long after she’s adopted by both the men and women of the Hell’s Handlers Motorcycle Club.
Once upon a time, Lincoln had a picture-perfect life. Sweet, loving wife, beautiful daughter, enviable career. But one fated night, it’s all wiped out, leaving him scarred both mentally and physically. Now known as Jigsaw, he’s a force to be reckoned with, and a valuable asset to the Hell’s Handlers MC. He’s also done. Done with love, done with dreams, done with women…unless it’s to work off some tension.
Despite their resolve to avoid entanglements, chemistry blazes between Jig and Izzy and becomes harder to resist with each encounter. When the club’s enemies set their sights on Izzy, the Handlers pull her even further into the fold. Everything Izzy believes about families is challenged as Jig and his club prove they can be counted on again and again.
Fighting side by side with a fearless woman, even one as smokin’ as Izzy, isn’t something Jig wants, but it might be exactly what he needs. If club business doesn’t destroy them, do Jig and Izzy stand a chance of letting their pasts go and finding happiness?
Island Girl Romance Reads - “Lilly Atlas is quickly becoming one of my favorite MC author! Her books are amazing.” MJ’s Book Blog and Reviews - “Another highly enjoyable read from Lilly Atlas and I give Jigsaw 5 stars.” Beyond the Covers Blog - “This author has such an amazing gift at making you feel like you were there in that book and I can't wait to see where she take Copper's book.”

Let's start off by saying that Ms. Atlas is one of my favorite MC Romance writers.I am really loving the Hell Handlers MC series as the stories are filled with amazing characters as well as having beautifully written stories.
The moment I started reading this tale I was engrossed in the story.I loved that for the first time we were seeing Jigsaw take interest in someone other that his club members and "that was a very happy moment for us."
We loved the scene in which Jigsaw and Izzy/Isabella first met and it was down right hilarious.The story for me was engrossing and engaging from the onset of the story.I loved that the story made me laugh out loud so many times throughout the story and most of it was because of Izzy's sense of humor.
"We absolutely loved her!"
I loved that this story had a strong female character.Izzy was a bad*** in her her own right.I loved that Izzy was such a strong women and this was one of the things that attracted Jigsaw to him in the first place.
I loved that Jigsaw and Izzy had so many things in common and that both were used to living in pain and with regrets.This just was one of the many things that made them ease into the somewhat easy friendship and had an unspoken sense of what the other was feeling most of the time.
Izzy was my favorite character she was just so love-able .I found her to be very funny,be tough as nails,had a sense of humor,was beautiful,independent,detached and interesting and beneath that armor of hers was just a lonely girl who craved for someone to love her and for her to love someone in return.
Jigsaw to Izzy “You’re pretty fu***** fierce, you know that, Iz?”
I loved the drama the story brought as the club was engaged in some serious and dangerous stuff of riding a vipers nest from their territory which made the story edgy.The story was also emotionally engaging and you could not help but, be affected by both Jigsaw and Izzy's stories.Jigsaws story was so heart-wrenching and my heart bleed for the constant pain that man lived in since losing his whole world in a blink of and eye.
"We felt that man's pain!"
Jigsaw impressed me the most throughout the story as we saw him blossom slowly throughout the story and it was all due to Izzy in the fact that she made him feel again and in a sense take interest in life again and not just existing.We loved seeing the "Happy" Jig, but, we also loved the bruting Jig as well.
The chemistry this couple has was hot, hot ,hotter.We loved the super sexy scenes between this couple as they were explosive as well as fun and playful and packed with tons and tons of heat.
Book quote- "The chemistry they shared was enough to burn the place to the ground."
Overall we loved the story from the beginning to the very end and it had the perfect mix of all the things that make us enjoy a story as it had drama,romance,had a great cast of characters that were engaging,fun and love-able.What we enjoyed most of all though was that the story engaged us on an emotional level and how the story made us cry as well as laugh out loud  time and time again.
Some of our favorite quotes
“A bird can’t fly with one wing.”
“Now, baby,” she said in a syrupy-sweet voice so un-Izzy, “you know how much I appreciate your love of my sweet a**, but you’re out of your fuc**** mind if you think I’m going to scurry home and bake you a fuc*** ’ pie like the little woman.”
I am so loving this series and I am always looking forward to the next read in this ongoing series.
A Recommended read to all!

A full five minutes early for his appointment, Jigsaw shouldered through the door into Inked, the one and only tattoo shop in Townsend, Tennessee. But even if it wasn’t the lone ink provider, even if there was a tattoo shop on every corner, it’d be the only one to receive his business. Inked was the best, by far. Rip was a master with a tattoo machine and could bring anyone’s vision to life.

Maverick and Rocket filed in after him, immediately taking seats on the ratty couch butted up against the display window. His brothers had tagged along despite knowing how much Jig hated an audience for this.


Every year on his wife and child’s birthdays, which just happened to be only three days apart, Jig added to a tattoo on his thigh. Without fail, it put him in a shitty mood, and his brothers damn well knew it. But they couldn’t just leave him the fuck alone. They had to stick their fucking noses in his shit and follow him, so he didn’t “do something stupid.”


Every damn year.




“Hey, Jig,” Rip called out. “Lemme talk to you for a second.” He stepped from behind the privacy curtain pulled around his customer. To say the shop was simple would be a ridiculous understatement. Inked was about as no-frills as it came, with two tattoo stations, a reception desk, a second-hand couch, and a few sketches on the wall. Rip didn’t give a shit about the décor or ambiance. He gave damn good ink and had the reputation to prove it.


“What’s up, Rip?” Jig asked after Rip waddled his large frame cross the shop.


“Hey, I’m running about forty-five minutes behind, man. I’m sorry.” Rip gave Jig a sheepish half smile.


From the couch, Maverick laughed and rubbed his hands together. “Woohoo, does this mean Jig gets to have his face inked on you?”


Not one to find much shit funny, Jig snorted. Rip was a bit of a psycho when it came to lateness. Threatened to tattoo his face on a client if they were late to their appointment. He’d done it before, too, the bastard. That was the reason Jig never let himself be later than five minutes early. Last thing he needed was Rip’s ugly mug on his ass cheek.


“I really am sorry, man,” Rip said. He ran a hand through his receding gray hair and shifted uncomfortably, seemingly flustered, which wasn’t him.


“Everything good?” Jig asked.


Rip lowered his voice. “Yeah, just had this broad come in crying a few minutes ago. Breast cancer survivor who recently had some reconstructive surgery. Wanted me to ink nipples on her. Someone recommended me specifically, and she’s unwilling to go to anyone else.”


“Well, fuck me, Rip,” Mav said. “Why didn’t you start with that? Now I feel like an ass for ragging on you.”


With a shrug, Rip swiped the back of his hand across his forehead. “Shit, I’m sweating, guys. This is a lot of pressure.”


This time, Jig let out a small laugh. “You did all our Hell’s Handlers back pieces without blinking an eye, and you’re afraid of some nipples?”


“It’s a big deal,” Rip grumbled.


Jig slapped him on the back. “Hey, man, no worries. I can reschedule.” In reality, the change to his schedule pissed him off, but what the fuck could he do? He wasn’t about to be the asshole who pulled Rip away from a cancer survivor. Jig might be an unfeeling bastard, but he wasn’t a robot.


“Nah, not necessary,” Rip said as he walked toward the desk. “I got someone else who can do it.”


Jig froze and scanned the shop. It was then he realized there was a curtain pulled around the second chair as well. Muffled voices could be heard from behind the fabric wall but not well enough to make out what was being said. “You telling me you actually hired some help?”


For the past two years, Rip had been saying he needed to hire a second artist. Ever the control freak, no one actually thought he’d let another professional into his shop. He found fault with every other artist out there.


“Yeah, I did. They’re just finishing up the aftercare convo. Then you can meet ’em.”


“I don’t know.” Jig frowned. No one but Rip had gone near his skin with ink and needle.


“They’re good, Jig. Wouldn’ta hired ’em otherwise. Trained ’em myself actually. About ten years ago, right before I moved to the area and opened up shop. Take a look at some of their work.” He dug around behind his desk and pulled out a beat-up binder, laying it out on the counter.


Like a bunch of teenage chicks who didn’t want to miss out on the gossip, Mav and Rocket hopped up to join him at the reception desk.


Mav, who had more inked skin than not, whistled. “Shit, Rip. These are fucking amazing. This guy might do better work than you.”


It was meant as a joke, but Rip snorted and nodded. There was definite truth to Maverick’s words. The lines were so precise, the images so vivid and perfect, it was hard to believe they were done by a human hand. One of the photos was a butterfly that looked like it was literally lifting off some chick’s shoulder. Amazing.


“Give ’em a shot,” Rip said. “Promise they’ll do you right.”


Jig sighed and rubbed a hand across his jaw. Time to trim his beard. He’d gotten lazy the past few weeks and had let the growth get a little out of control. He always kept some amount of facial hair because it covered the bottom third of his scar, but he tried to keep it neat. Most of the time. “All right, man. Let’s do it.”


Seemed like Rip was really trying to push the new guy. Probably wanted to build up his clientele. If the work in his portfolio was an accurate reflection of the guy’s skill, he’d be a fool to turn down this artist. He could help a friend out and get some quality ink in the process.


“Great.” Rip’s yellow-toothed smile beamed. “Oh, here she comes now.”


“Wait, what?”




Maverick coughed in a weak attempt to cover his laughter, but it quickly turned to a gasp. 


Oh, yeah,” he said under his breath. “That one’ll do you right, Jig.”


“Holy fuck,” Rocket whispered.


Rip wore a shit-eating grin, the fuckstick. He’d purposefully misled them into thinking it was a dude. Jig didn’t want some bitch getting anywhere near him with a needle. He flipped his brothers off and spun to check out this lady tattoo artist for himself.


Ho-ly shiit.


About five-feet-eight inches—and that was without the four-inch stilettos—of pure sex and sin strutted her way straight toward him. Somehow, this woman had poured herself into the tightest black leather pants he’d ever seen. They molded around her long, shapely legs and, damn, if he didn’t wish for her to turn around. He just bet she had a stellar ass that would only be enhanced by the grip of soft leather.


With each step, the side to side sway of her hips drew his eye like he was watching the pendulum of a clock swing back and forth. Forcing his gaze from her hips, he trailed it upward, not oblivious to the tight black tank top that cupped her breasts as snugly as the leather cupped her thighs.


“Hey, boys,” she said, her voice on the lower side. Husky, he’d call it.


Mav whistled. “Damn, woman. And I say this in a totally non-creepy, non-flirting way because I have a woman that would shoot off my junk if I so much as hit on another chick, but you are some kinda fucking gorgeous.”


Jig ground his teeth together as the new lady tattoo artist threw her head back and let out a throaty laugh. Fucking Maverick. Flirting and charming women was just part of his DNA. He truly meant it when he said he wasn’t hitting on her. The man just couldn’t let a beautiful woman walk away without her knowing she was gorgeous.


“Aren’t you the charmer,” she said, placing her hands on those fantastic hips.


Damn, her body was out of this world. Not skinny, not even too curvy, it was more…athletic. Sleek lines with swells of muscle in her arms and a flat stomach. The girl must spend some serious hours in the gym.


“Guys, this here is Isabella. I taught her everything she knew about ten years ago. She finally agreed to move here and work with me.” Rip beamed with pride as he introduced his protégé.


“Please,” she said, “call me Izzy. One of you boys looking for some ink?”


Fuck no.


Wasn’t happening.


Rocket cleared his throat like he had a whole steak lodged in there. If the asshole wasn’t careful, he’d have Jig’s fist lodged down there instead.


A hand slapped down on his shoulder. “My man Jig here needs some ink.”


Fuckin’ Maverick.


“Don’t want to mess up your schedule,” Jig said. “I’ll come back when Rip can fit me in.”


Rip’s face fell, making Jig feel like scum. Wasn’t the shop owner’s fault that Jig wanted nothing to do with most women. Unless he was fucking them. That was pretty much the only time he associated with them. Of course, his brothers’ ol’ ladies couldn’t seem to leave his ass alone. Always trying to bring him food, fix him up, and acting like freaking mother hens around him.


Especially Mav’s woman, Stephanie. He’d helped rescue her from a fucking psycho not long ago, so now he’d become her special project.


“Oh, I’ll, uh, check my book.” Rip waddled behind his desk and flipped through his old-school appointment book.


Izzy’s dark, almost black eyes just stared at him, hands on her hips, earning her Jig’s scowl. Who the hell did this bitch think she was?


Instead of caving under his murderous glare, one of her perfect black eyebrows arched high into her forehead. “You afraid your dick will invert if a woman puts some ink on you?”


She had a set of balls, he’d give her that much. “Nah, I—”


“I’ve inked hundreds, actually thousands of dudes.” She gasped and covered her mouth with her unpolished fingertips. “Shit, I’ve even tatted some bikers.”


Behind him, Mav and Rocket chuckled. Fuckers were enjoying this way too much.


Izzy leaned closer and dropped her volume. “Promise you, bubba, not one of those guys grew a pussy because I was the one holding the needle.”


A strangled sound came from Rocket, and Maverick flat-out laughed. Rip joined in, and soon the three of them were cackling like a bunch of fucking hyenas.


Goddamnit. Not only had she interrupted him, sassed him, and tossed attitude at him, she’d thrown down a challenge. His damned male pride left him no choice.


“Show me to your chair,” he grumbled.


A massive grin of victory broke out across her gorgeous face. “Follow me, bubba,” she said as she spun on one of those pencil-thin heels then sashayed to her station.


And fuck if he didn’t feel a twitch of his dick and a twitch of his lips. Where his cock’s interest came from, he had no idea. Miss Izzy couldn’t be further from his usual type.


He liked ’em blonde, blue-eyed, small, sweet, and docile. Not tall, dark-haired, and mouthy. She’d even shaved the sides of her head, adding to her badass-bitch look.


But as he watched the very long tail of a tight braid swinging back and forth across the top of what was, without a doubt, a stellar ass, he couldn’t deny his animal attraction to her.


Fuck. This was gonna be a shitty few hours.
Lilly Atlas is a contemporary romance author, proud Navy wife, and mother of two spunky girls. By day she works as a physical therapist for a hospital in Virginia. Lilly is an avid romance reader, and expects her Kindle to beg for mercy every time she downloads a new eBook. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened yet, and she can often be found absorbed in a good book.
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