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review 2018-01-20 13:10
Review For: Imperfect Monster by Jennifer Bene
Imperfect Monster (A Dark Romance) - Jennifer Bene


Imperfect Monster by Jennifer Bene is the story of Nicky and Andre. 
Nicky's brother Chris owes Paulo García’ money which has placed him in the hospital.  Trying to keep him safe she goes to Paulo with $20,000 to pay off his debt.  But Chris owes more than that and they decided to keep her to pay off the renaming debt. 
Andre tries to stay out of what is going on with Nicky and Paulo but his attraction to her is to strong.
Andre goes to Paulo offering to pay off the remaining debt to 'own' Nicky. 
Andre is a dark hero, does things that some may not like but he is a Alpha male with some hidden secrets.  So this is a dark romance but it is one that is hard to put down.

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review 2018-01-11 00:00
The Viscount's Prey: A Dark M/M Vampire Romance
The Viscount's Prey: A Dark M/M Vampire ... The Viscount's Prey: A Dark M/M Vampire Romance - Julia Leijon An interesting retelling of a classic tale.

It was a short read but nonetheless enjoyable. I found it very much along the style of the Gary Oldman as Dracula story; but instead of Mina being the object of Vlad's affection, it was the story's hero - Benjamin.

There were many of the elements of the Vlad Tepes story, the trio of vampire maidens in dancing dresses, wolves, the Carpathian mountains, an erstwhile female waiting at home for the hero and so on. It wasn't a gut wrencher, it was a predictable story given it was based on the story of Dracula, but the ending was a twist, and I enjoyed it.
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review 2017-11-03 22:28
Dark and twisted
Deep Into the Darkness: A Dark Romance - Lucy Wild

This dark and twisted tale comes with a warning in the blurb, and it is definitely necessary. In most cases, I would've preferred a longer story for development, but the author does an excellent job of conveying the horrors inflicted on Rock and Sophia and the emotional turmoil of the story. It is an extremely disturbing tale and I was riveted from the very first page. As the story progressed and got darker and more twisted, I absolutely had to know how it would all play out. As tragic as much of this one is, I found myself doubting any romance would come to fruition, but Lucy Wild does dark romance like few others, and pulled it off masterfully. 

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review 2017-10-30 00:00
Hacking Darkness: A Reverse Harem Romance (Dark Codes Book 1)
Hacking Darkness: A Reverse Harem Romanc... Hacking Darkness: A Reverse Harem Romance (Dark Codes Book 1) - Marissa Farrar Book Reviewed: Hacking Darkness: A Reverse Harem Romance (Dark Codes Book 1)
Author: Marissa Farrar
Publication Date: 10/30/2017
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts
My Rating: 5 Stars

Wow this book takes us on a twisted ride.
Darcy lost her dad at a young age and was raised during the teenage years by her aunt. She feels bad yes about putting her through the ringer but hopefully things will change now that she is older.

The men her father worked with at the FBI show up on her door after a newspaper releases a story Darcy gave them and everything turns dark.

Gripping and yep we get a cliffhanger so I can hope the next book isn't too far off. I loved this story!

“I read this book via Kindle Unlimited.”

[a:Marissa Farrar|4052252|Marissa Farrar|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1335132610p2/4052252.jpg]
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review 2017-08-23 05:26
A thrilling dark romance
Blaire - Anita Gray

*Book given by the author for an honest review.*


Thanks to books like this, I love dark romances more every day.


This book is a rollercoaster of emotions. Intense, alluring and provocative, as we travel through Blaire's life as Maksim's property and her relationship with Charlie. This triangle keeps you reading (I didn't finished the book the same day I started because I didn't had enough time to do it) and makes you ask for more. Great scenes and fluid transitions between them (though I found it a bit slow in the middle of the story, the only reason I didn't gave it 5 stars), Blaire is a good choice for dark romance lovers. Highly recommended.

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