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text 2020-01-23 09:57
Reliable Agency for Debt Collection and Recovery Solutions

Processes of debt collection and debt recovery are handled by the debt recovery agency. These two processes do sound similar, but there is a difference. However, once you decide to hand over this task or this responsibility to a professional agency, the agency becomes accountable for the matter. But it is important that you too have the knowledge about the same, and it is necessary to understand the difference between the two terms.


Debt Collection


When we say the term debt collection, it refers to the process in which creditors attempt to recover credit and loans that have not been paid back by a consumer. For example, if a person misses a payment for a loan, then the person’s creditors will soon be in contact to prompt or ask the person to make the payment.


Debt Recovery


Debt recovery is processed, if and when a loan continues to go unpaid. In such a situation, a creditor hires a third party or debt recovery agency to focus on collecting the money.

There comes a time when people (especially those who are dealing in some kind of business) are unable to manage the debt recovery process on their own. Unquestionably this process is quite a difficult and time-consuming task. It requires a kind of expertise that is a mixture of being strongly professional, highly knowledgeable to implement the tactics yet polite. And, that’s exactly a debt collector Singapore offers.


  • A professional debt collection agency has a highly professional team that can handle worst to worst situations in the most professional and polite manner.
  • They have the time and the sources to get the job done on behalf of their client(s).
  • They have traits of a salesperson, qualities of being a customer service representative, are great listeners, all at the same time.
  • They are expert in resolving a delinquency.
  • And are expert in the art of balancing empathy with collections


It is important to investigate enough before making a final decision of hiring a debt collector agency. Remember to choose an agency that is well-recognized, reputed, and highly experienced. Choose a Singapore Debt Collector agency that keeps a relationship-driven approach, and focuses on closing deals and providing favorable solutions on time. You must consider approaching an agency or a firm that follows a rule to scale with the flexibility to strengthen operations so that you are served with great professionalism. Reliable and trustworthy debt recovery agencies like Resolute Debt Recovery offer expert services. Team of professional collectors at such agencies are well-trained and familiar with debt collection laws in Singapore. 


For more information, visit https://www.resolutedebtrecovery.com.sg/ 


Original Source - https://bit.ly/2TND22I

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text 2019-11-25 13:52
Qualities of Professional Debt Collector or Recovery Agency

If you need expert assistance for debt collection or debt recovery, then you must consider some important qualities in the agency you are finalizing to hire. Nowadays, due to the availability of the best source that is none other than the internet, there is no trouble in finding out a list of available agencies. But even a long list of providers might put people in a state of confusion. Sometimes, people just rely on the list, pick any they see, and in most cases, they regret their decision later. So, the wise move is to do your research, take help and support from the internet and other sources as well, but do not forget to consider qualities that a professional debt collector Singapore must-have.

Effective Communication

Communication skills with a high level of effectiveness are the top quality of professional debt collectors. Make sure to approach Singapore debt collector who keeps an effective communication channel to resolve the problems in a most proficient manner.


Remember that a debt collector has to be a negotiator. Being able to negotiate and being a good negotiator! It is different between the two, and the line of distinction is very thin. A good negotiator is someone who is an expert in the art of dealing with people. Debt collection or debt recovery is all about dealing with people and achieving the expected solution.


You must ensure that a debt recovery agency has professionals as a part of the team, who understand the significance of keeping empathy towards clients. That is because they need to view the situation and the scenario from the client’s perspective. If a debt collector holds the quality of being empathetic, then you are on the right path.


It is important to approach the debt collection Singapore who understands the importance of maintaining a balance between professionalism and empathetic behavior. Also, the professional debt recovery professional or debt collector must have a quality of being persistent because not everything can be achieved in a blink of an eye.

Above are the qualities that any professional debt collector must-have. And, you must consider approaching a reliable, trustworthy and highly experienced debt recovery agency with an expert team with mentioned qualities. You can take advantage of the best source that we all have – the internet. You can search for the official website of the agency in Singapore. There you can read reviews and feedback from previous clients. Gathering other details such as specialization, terms, and conditions, policies, service-costs, et cetera is important too. After all, you would not want to put yourself in more trouble as the debt recovery is already an issue.

There are various agencies offering debt collection services for business owners and organizations. Only a reputed debt recovery agency in Singapore like Resolute Debt Recovery assures clients to provide comprehensive assistance and make sure the clients can save their time and can pay attention to other quality important business tasks.


Content has been taken from http://bit.ly/33j3i5W

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text 2019-11-15 10:50
How Professional Agencies Assist in Successful Debt Recovery?

Running a business can become extremely difficult, especially when you are encountering overdue accounts and huge amounts to recover from debtors. Almost every business face problems regarding the collection of money. Unpaid debts create cash flow problems and have a negative impact on your business. Many surveys have found that more than 80% of businesses encounter cash flow problems because of the unpaid debts and fail to survive in the market. It is vital to make sure that you recover money from the debtor to maintain cash flow and growth. A large majority of companies choose the services of a debt recovery agency to collect debts legitimately.

Usually, debts can be collected easily when the right steps are taken. Debts that are not collected within 3 months have fewer chances of payment. Businesses who handle debt collection are more likely to face trouble and even fail to recover money. Successful debt collection demands time, knowledge of debt collection laws, and skills to recover money from debtors of all kinds. Thus, hiring an agency for debt recovery Singapore is a smart decision. Let's discuss how a debt collection agency can help you recover money from your debtors without interrupting your important business operations and growth.

Reputed debt collection agencies know to reduce the cost of legal procedures and collect a debt within committed time. Professional debt collectors at these agencies employ effective methods like advanced credit history analysis, skip tracing to recover debts as quickly as possible. Since they handle everything from making calls to your debtors to collection money, your employees can devote their time and energy to perform the task assigned to them. They are well-versed in laws related to debt recovery and have extensive experience in the debt collection and save your money. A professional debt recovery agency always maintains documents and detailed information regarding the interactions with debtors. Businesses and companies of all sizes can recover unpaid debts using the services of a local debt collection agency to keep their business growing.

In every aspect, hiring a debt collection agency proves to be advantageous and worth your money. Another challenge many business owners face is choosing the right debt collection agency. There are numerous agencies available who claim to get your money back from debtors. Some well-known debt collection agencies in Singapore like Resolute Debt Recovery PTE LTD offer debt recovery services at competitive rates. They offer quality services, including credit checking, in-depth credit checking, and useful legal consultation to fulfill the requirements of the customers. They have a team of experienced debt collectors who handle each debt recovery Singapore matter with attention and dedication. Moreover, they have a network of debt collector Singapore, suppliers, attorneys, and vendors make them capable of completing debt recover job with perfection.

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text 2019-11-07 08:26
Points to Consider to When Hiring A Debt Recovery Agency in Singapore

A business suffering from bad debt conditions is not uncommon. However, the level of such conditions might vary from company to company, but bad debt is bad debt. Mostly, business owners manage small bad debts, but an ample amount keeps the power to bring the business down. That is so because it can cause a liquidity crunch. So the smartest and wisest decision any business company can make is to approach a reliable debt recovery agency. With plenty of available options, the selection of the right agency can be quite daunting. To make this task easier, below are some important points that people must consider as part of their research, before making a final decision.

Due to the Internet facility, people can have access to a long list of available service providers or agencies. They will come across several such agencies that will claim to provide the best assistance to others. People must not trust any of them blindly and must do a proper investigation to track down the record of the company(s).

Background Check

People must ensure to find out about the agency’s credibility, reputation, and recognition in the market, in their thorough research. In simple words, they must go for the debt collector Singapore agency’s background check.

Years of Experience and Serving in Industry

People must ensure to approach a highly experienced agency that holds specialization in dealing with certain industry types. For example, some require debt collection assistance for startups and small businesses, and there are larger companies too. People need to make sure the agency they are hiring has enough experience handling and dealing with customers and clients of a certain industry (according to their business type).

Professional Yet Courteous Customer Treatment

No business company would want to spoil its image and reputation in the market by damaging the relationship with customers. That is why business people must ensure to approach Singapore debt collector who is competent enough to interact with customers most professionally and politely. Professional yet courteous customer treatment is very important.

Some other factors or points people must keep in mind are licensing, team, fees, and cost, et cetera. By keeping the above-discussed points in mind, people can easily select the best debt recovery agency in Singapore like Resolute Debt Recovery, that offers expert services. Debt collectors at reputed agencies are well-trained and familiar with debt collection laws in Singapore.

Original Source: https://bit.ly/2pOEHIK

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text 2019-10-17 13:29
Get Your Money Back from Debtors with Legal Debt Collector Singapore

People who do not have sufficient funds to handle uncertain expanses, take debts. It is the best solution for them to satisfy their urgent financial needs. But, it usually becomes impossible for them to pay their debt back. Companies also find it difficult to recover their money from debtors with low-income. The chances of recovering money from debtors are very less after 100 days, and waiting for more than 180 days is usually a mistake. It is recommended to take the help of a legal debt collector Singapore for the best results.

Debt collection is a time-consuming process and becomes annoying for the companies when debtors refuse to pay back. There are several ways to collect a debt within a short period, but you need to know the legal methods before you begin. If you violate any laws during the debt collection process, you might become liable to pay a fine. Calling your debtors while they work make difficult for them to avoid you. As we have mentioned earlier, it needs a person to give a lot of time to recover debts. On the other hand, A professional Singapore debt collector, who has been working in the business for years, can do it efficiently. Their team of debt recovery specialists can recover funds on your behalf and keep you away from the hassle of negotiation. First of all, they send a gentle reminder to their customers and then take legal actions if required. They are always ready to use bold tactics to collect money.

Debts can easily be collected if the recovery process begins on time. The main reason for due payments is that companies often take the matter in their hands, and do not take essential steps within a particular time which reduces the chances of fund recovery. So, whenever you are not able to collect your debt, consider hiring a reputed debt recovery agency as soon as possible. Various debt collection agencies in Singapore like Resolute Debt Recovery cannot only locate and contact your hard to find debtors, but also collects unpaid debts within a given time. They offer reliable and competitively priced debt collection services and provide the best results to the customers.

Original Source: https://bit.ly/35IZD3S

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