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review 2018-11-14 03:29
Deeply, Desperately
Deeply, Desperately - Heather Webber

[spoiler]This didn't have the spark of book 1 for me.  I still enjoyed it, but it didn't hold me attention like the first book did.  Lucy decided to admit her feelings and fight for what she wanted (that was nice).  I do think the Curse only has power if one believes in it (and I'm interested if my theory proves to be correct).  The Handmaiden letters, Leo, and Sarah mysteries (threatening letters and 2 missing persons cases), were done well and resolved (nicely) by the end of the book.  Lucy finally shared her family's history with Em and Marisol.  Finally!  Lastly, I can't say I'm surprised:

Lucy finds out she has a half-brother- Cutter

(spoiler show)



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review 2014-03-18 17:59
Deeply, Desperately (Lucy Valentine #2)
Deeply, Desperately - Heather Webber

I met Mrs. Webber at a book signing a couple of weeks ago and so was inspired to try her Lucy Valentine series.  This was the 2nd installment and it's safe to say that I'm hooked!  I don't give many five star reviews and this is one of them.


FYI, I should say that while I consider this to be a cozy mystery, the romance scenes are slightly steamier than the typical cozy.


So this series centers around Lucy Valentine.  Her family are professional matchmakers, having been given the ability to see auras by Cupid and thus make perfect matches. However, Lucy has lost this ability and now can only find lost objects.  In the first book she figured out she could use this ability in the family business to try and locate lost loves.  This book opens with her working on a lost love case.  She has also started working as a police consultant on the side to try and locate missing persons.


There are multiple mysteries in this book including the mystery of the lost love she is trying to track down for her client, a missing person she is trying to locate for the police, and a mystery about threatening letters she is receiving. This is one of those rare mysteries in which no murder takes place during the book.


Overall, it was highly entertaining and addictive. I finished the book in less than 24 hours. My only pet peeve with the book was the storyline regarding the love interest's ex-fiancé.  That whole storyline bothered me in the first book and I was disappointed to see it continued in this one.   I'm hoping that we are at the end of that storyline.  While it was annoying, it was a minor issue to an otherwise amazing read.

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review 2013-11-27 00:00
Deeply, Desperately
Deeply, Desperately - Heather Webber Just as good as the first book. Lucy finds herself another mystery to solve, this time it is a missing person she is looking for. She continues to use her power of finding lost items to help and more and more people are finding out about what she can do. This is both good and bad. In this book, we also learn about a family secret that has been kept for years. All of my favorite characters are here. Raphael, Dovie, Lucy's parents, Em, Marisol, and Aiden. Of course, Sean, her love interest is here too but in this book, a small wrench is thrown into the relationship.
The recurring theme in this book is definitely "love." Finding lost loves, questioning new love, opening up to let yourself love again, and letting go when love is no longer there. There was a little bit of mystery and suspense but not much. It was just a quick, fun read. There are a few more in the series but I'm going to take a break and move on to something else for a while. I'll come back and finish the other books at another time when I am looking for a lighter read.
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review 2012-08-31 00:00
Lucy Valentine #2 by Heather Webber
Deeply, Desperately - Heather Webber

This is the second book in the Lucy Valentine series. Boy, things sure do happen fast in these books. This one picks up right where the other one left off. Except now Lucy has her own branch of the business - Lost Loves - and she works with Sean, the PI who makes her heart go hubba hubba. This one has a lot of little side stories. Her best friend Em and man troubles - including a stake out with her other bestie Marcal, crazy letters from a stalker, a missing woman, a lost love, a family scandal, a nosy reporter and a looney ex girlfriend of Sean's. It all adds up to...formula chick lit. Love, romance, lots of bows tied neatly. No real cliffhanger, except where will LOVE go next?This is the book that has convinced me that I need to stop reading this genre. I like a lot of things about Lucy and her sluthing. I don't mind the lightness of the story, but the romance. It's the same in every chick lit series....or very similar.I can recommend this to people who love light mysteries with romance. Lucy's psychic abilities give the stories a unique twist.

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review 2012-02-17 00:00
Deeply, Desperately (Lucy Valentine, #2)
Deeply, Desperately (Lucy Valentine, #2) - Heather Webber Even better than the first. Great plot!
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