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Howard Marans MD: Is Shoulder Arthritis Treatment Covered By Insurance?

In the United States, millions of people suffer from pain due to arthritis. When arthritis settles into the shoulder joints, mobility can be difficult and painful.       


Treatment for Shoulder Arthritis


Shoulder arthritis treatment can help to substantially alleviate the symptoms.


Medical Insurance


Under most circumstances, medical insurance will cover the cost of essential health care procedures and medication for shoulder arthritis treatment. The best way to determine if the treatment is part of your coverage is to contact your provider’s claims representative. Depending on your policy’s terms co-pays, deductibles, and qualifying factors will determine the amount of out of pocket costs you may pay for shoulder arthritis treatment.


Accurate Diagnosis


Pain and limited range of movement are two main factors with shoulder arthritis. An accurate diagnosis will be the basis for the various treatment options.

  • Medical history to determine the beginning of the symptoms
  • Physical examination of the shoulder area to find signs injury, weakness, tenderness to the touch and pain under applied pressure.
  • X-rays, MRIs, and other imaging tests to rule out any other type of condition or injury

Should arthritis treatment options with desired outcomes should be discussed. During this time, feel free to ask questions. A highly, qualified orthopedic specialist will treat each patient in an individualized manner by addressing each concern.


Non-Surgical Shoulder Arthritis Treatment


Depending on the degree of degeneration, the treatment option will vary with each individual. At the lower end of the shoulder arthritis, treatment costs are the non-surgical methods. The methods may be used as a way to ease the arthritic conditions of the shoulder area.

  • Rest or change in lifestyle by reducing shoulder movements may help reduce the pain.
  • Ice compresses applied to the shoulder area for 30 minutes every three hours or as directed by the health care professional.
  • By applying ice, the inflammation may be reduced easing painful symptoms.
  • Over the counter or prescription drugs to help decrease the pain and inflammation.
  • Corticosteroid injections into the shoulder area to aid in the reduction of the inflammation may be a temporary fix.
  • Physical therapy may be prescribed to help strengthen the muscles to increase the range of motion to the shoulder area.

Surgical Treatment


When the shoulder pain or arthritic condition affects daily activities, the orthopedic specialists may recommend surgery. Depending on the type of coverage, medical insurance usually covers the surgery of an arthritic shoulder. The surgery is designed to help a patient return to a normal, active lifestyle.

  • Arthroscopic surgery is performed through small incisions around the affected area to allow for the insertion of miniature medical instruments.
  • The surgeon will use a small camera to view the area allowing for the instruments to clean around the joint that may be causing the pain.
  • The procedure does not discard of arthritis completely.
  • Joint replacement may be used when the arthritis is advanced.
  • The damaged joint will be replaced an artificial one to help restore movement.

Shoulder Arthritis Treatment


Dr. Howard Marans understands a patient’s simple desire to return to the simplest of daily activities without the limitations of painful arthritis. Accepting various insurances – including PPO – Dr. Marans will design a personal shoulder arthritis treatment plan to achieve an optimal outcome without creating an overwhelming financial burden on the patient. Please click below to schedule your consultation or call us at 714.979.8981.

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