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text 2020-06-03 09:43
Sustainable Packaging is Most Demanded

The unexpected rain, thunderstorm, and sudden change in the temperature are indicating that we have damaged the ozone layers. The damaged ozone layer is affecting the planet EARTH very severely. The glaciers are melting and raising the water level in the river, and it leads to flooding. Now, every person is aware of global warming, and it is affected. Because of this, now people are looking for more eco-friendly solutions. The primary focus of the clients is to look for the brands that are offering eco-friendly boxes.
Now every customer is supporting the business that is following the cause Go Green. The eco-friendly packaging demands is increasing tremendously. Now customers are aware of the waste they make and the products they consume. Users, at their part, are switching to paper bags or cloth bags from plastic shopping bags. If they see two products with different packaging material, buyers pick the one with natural kraft Packaging.
The need for easily reused and recyclable material in the packaging sector is expanding in the United States. Almost 90% of printed packaging boxes companies are looking for various means to offer affordable green solutions. Using recycled material is best for the environment, but it is also beneficial for customers and brands. Here is some reason that explains why sustainable packaging is high in demand.

Eco-friendly boxes are benefits the economy and environment

Recycled Boxes are a new aspect that has grown into a popular trend. By shifting to eco-friendly material, you can anticipate and meet the client's demands for environmental-friendly suppliers. According to recent studies, around 73% of consumers narrated that their business gives extra importance to sustainable packaging as lighter packing reduces transportation and packaging costs. So here is the list of advantages that biodegradable boxes offer to your company and clients.

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Save the Money with Sustainable Packaging

Do you now the eco-friendly packaging like Corrugated Boxes are lighter in weight. It means the net price of the product is also less. The Custom Shipping Boxes for products is consist of corrugates or cardboard material. Corrugated material is not only light in weight but offer excellent protection against external factor. So when you are making boxes particular, if you deal with e-commerce, remember you also need to focus on the cost of item. The buyer does not like to pay for the box's weight.

Increase your sale with Cardboard Boxes

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Now everyone is aware of the packaging effect on the environment. So customers consider various factors before buying any articles. They look for the effort your company is making to protect the eco-system form further damage.
Focusing on the cardboard boxes helps develop the market and also offers an additional way to advertise the product lines and brand. Remember that you are potentially boosting the sales as most of the customers would like to buy from the market that works on the great causes and reduces the carbon footprint. So customer requirements make brands look for the eco friendly Boxes.

Custom Cardboard Boxes are Free of Toxins and allergens

The custom cardboard boxes are not only environmental-friendly but also beneficial for your health. Unlike plastic or aluminum, it does not leach any toxins. Most of the sustainable packaging is allergy free and nontoxic. DO you know most of the restaurants are shifting towards the brown kraft boxes from plastic containers? It is because plastic realizes harmful chemicals into the food item. In the food and beverage industry, this unsustainable packaging is gaining popularity.

Easy to Dispose

There are many types of packaging. But the excellent packaging is one that is recyclable and compostable. Some of the co-workers and customers happen to obtain the compost options, and then manufacturers can turn all waste into the compost. If the packaging has a sign of recyclable, you can throw them in the recycle bin.
Another reason for sustainable custom packaging boxes' higher demands is it's accessible to disposable quality. Unlike other materials, it is easy to reuse or recycle it and do not require a lot of energy to carry out the process.

Sustainable custom boxes are flexible and versatile

To grab customer attention, it is necessary to work on the packaging of the product. Unique and innovative designs add value to the items. But Remember, you cannot customize all packing material as per product requirements. For instance, the personalization of aluminum or plastic boxes requires considerable expenses. But the eco-friendly boxes are pretty adaptable and flexible. These packing can be re-purposed and reuses in many industries that need packaging. When you are looking for the Custom Gift Boxes, this cardboard material is best to customize as per the requirements. The packaging and printing cost of eco-friendly material is considerably less than plastic

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text 2020-05-19 12:13
Environment Friendly Juice Boxes Is A Hot Topic To Focus

The use of eco-friendly packaging for keeping consumer items safe is one of the most trending topics nowadays. The traditionally used packaging designed used in the industry was manufactured of plastic materials and other sorts of non-renewable resources that were extremely hazardous to the environment and widely contributed to the excessive levels of waste going to the landfills. Printed packaging boxes also contain hazardous chemicals and lead-based dyes that can seep into the surrounding, impacting the wildlife and water bodies. Moreover, the worsening condition of the environment due to global warming and the carbon footprint of the industrial sector has also lead to the shifting of packing styles to recycled boxes and other sorts of eco alternatives.


Consideration on the juice boxes

Recently there was news regarding the use of juice boxes in the school premise as the principal was concerned about the waste adding into the landfills annually and the non-recyclable nature of the juice boxes. Many packaging and printing companies in the market provide the juice manufacturers with alluring designs of juice packaging that are not quite ecofriendly in nature. The custom packaging boxes for juices are also comprised of a number of layers of different materials that make it hard to process these boxes once they are out of order. These custom boxes also sometimes contain high value of plastic, which makes it difficult to recycle.


Are juice boxes recyclable?

One of the most common questions regarding the juice boxes being used in the industry is that whether these boxes recyclable or not. Most of the manufacturers make use of cardboard boxes for this purpose that is lined with wax and other sorts of lamination materials, optimal for maintaining the integrity of liquid inside and omitting any damaging risk of cardboard by liquids. These custom cardboard boxes are highly effective in keeping the products safe and can contain a high level of paper stock. Natural kraft packaging is also used in the industry for packaging of these items; thus, the cartons are highly recyclable and can be used for a long period of time in order to keep the products safe during shipping and storage.


How the recycling process works

Juices packaged custom printed boxes are favorite of everybody, but have you ever thought how they are recycled once they are out of use? Typically the journey of these boxes starts with the recovery of the material and sending it to the recycling facility. These boxes are then shredded into little pieces; afterward, they are mixed with water in giant blenders that are revered as Hydra blenders. One they are left there for a specific period of time, the internal materials break down and are separated automatically. The slurry-like material is then processed to separate different types of materials such as paper stock, aluminum, and plastics. The slurry is then processed and dried to get new packaging material that can be used for making new Kraft boxes.

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text 2020-05-14 09:33
How Eco Friendly Packaging is More Beneficial for You and Your Home

As the threats of global warming are becoming more serious, all the companies in the market are now shifting to eco-friendly boxes for the packaging of their products. These boxes are highly versatile and functional, along with the sustainable nature of the design due to the cardboard structure, which can be used for a long period of time.


Functionally Sustainable

The increasing threats of global warming are posing a serious risk for the surrounding environment, and it is always important to take adequate steps in order to minimize the damage to the surrounding. The wide dependency of the industrial sector on fossil fuels and non-renewable alternatives is the basic reason for this worsening condition. The elevated levels of packaging and printing waste going to the landfills are the basic reason behind massive waste chunks going to the landfills. As the traditional designs of packaging were manufactured of plastic materials, they were highly hazardous to the environment and badly damaged the soil and water bodies. Many manufacturers in the industry are now converting to better and effective eco-friendly packaging options that can keep the products safe without damaging the surrounding. These boxes are manufactured of cardboard materials that are highly effective due to their sturdy nature, and their organic structure helps to keep the carbon footprint low.


Benefits of sustainable packaging

The custom boxes manufactured of cardboard materials are now widely used in the industry due to the number of benefits they provide. The material is highly efficient when it comes to the protection due to the sturdy and rigid structure; cardboard boxes are also unmatchable when it comes to the functionality as they are superior in customizable nature and can be designed according to the requirements. Corrugated boxes are also used for shipping purposes due to their superior protective nature. These eco friendly boxes supplies are also highly beneficial for the environment due to their sustainable nature.


Minimize the carbon footprint

Clearly, the top benefit of using custom cardboard boxes is their eco-friendly nature as they help in minimizing the carbon footprint effectively. These boxes are highly organic in nature as they are manufactured of wood pulp. Their organic nature helps in keeping the carbon footprint low as they don’t require any sorts of heavy machinery to process and can also be used for a long period of time without any special care. The long-lasting and lightweight nature of natural Kraft packaging can also minimize fuel consumption during the shipping process for helping even in a better manner. These boxes are also recyclable and can easily decompose in the surrounding environment.


Biodegradable in nature

In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, the decomposition of custom packaging boxes is also one of the important factors that need to be considered. Traditionally packaging manufactured of plastic materials was used in the industry for shipping fragile and heavy items as plastic protected the products effectively. But the protection came at the cost of compromising the environment. Plastic requires hundreds of years to decompose in the surrounding; thus, a better alternative was required, luckily Kraft boxes manufactured of pinewood pulp are highly organic in nature and easily decompose once the packaging is in the soil. These brown Kraft boxes can also be recycled for about seven times in their life, in order to minimize the use of resources in the best manner.


Multipurpose use

Custom shipping boxes that are manufactured of the cardboard and kraft materials are highly versatile when it comes to the usage. These boxes can be used for a number of purposes in the market, from the packaging of products to shipping items to faraway places, these boxes are highly efficient due to their sturdy nature. Recycled boxes can be used for packaging items such as pharmaceuticals, heavy machinery parts, cosmetics, electronics, consumer items, and a number of other products. The highly versatile nature of this design can help in minimizing the waste from the surrounding in addition to making the environment more sustainable.

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text 2020-03-13 06:21
Ultimate guide for Vape cartridge boxes

Vape cartridge boxes have become the biggest trend in the tobacco industry. Earlier, people don’t notice the packaging of the product. But this trend is totally changed now.  Packaging plays a big role in the success of any product. People are attracted to the product with good and unique packaging.


If you are a startup and planning to launch a product in the market then you must keep in mind the packaging of that item. However, customization options include colours, foiling, sizes, shapes, styles, coating and much more. Packaging is a good way to attract more customers towards your product.

Furthermore, you can also get 2D and 3D samples for your vape cartridge boxes. You can print any design, image, artwork, logo or whatever you want on your boxes. This will make your boxes attractively catchy for the buyers. Buckle up and place your orders to grab amazing offers.

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url 2020-02-27 11:27
Soap Packaging Must be Strong Enough To Handle Any External Pressure

Strong in quality along with superior functionality, soap boxes can perfectly help the manufacturers to ensure the safety of their packaged products.


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