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text 2019-05-11 08:44
Hiring a contractor for the renovation of the house


Select the contractor who understands your basic needs and goals. You may take this service in Greenville also, for this you have to contact kitchen renovation Greenville NC renovating companies. So, always go for the professional contractor. It is very necessary to know the services provided by the particular contractor. Ask the credentials of the contractor so that you can know whether the contractor is professional or not. Concerning with the price can be risky because there may be risk for the failure of project and may cause the higher cost by the company or the contractor.If you are looking for the remodeling services in Greenville then you may go for the remodeling Greenville NC.

You can also take the services for the air conditioner in Greenville. Ask the contractor or the firm to provide the necessary materials in the piece of paper which are going to be used in the job. Communication is the effective key through which you can get many solutions. Communicate with your contractor or the company so that you can get the idea about the services which they are going to provide you.4. This saying is true when it comes in renovation of the house or the remodeling of the house. If you are residing in the Greenville and seeking the services of the air conditioner then you may contact the air conditioning repair Greenville NC contractors. you can renovate kitchen or any other room in the house easily and make it beautiful. Hiring a contractor for the renovation of the house is very important because you will get the desired service you ask.You should understand that the price reflects the quality: Ask your contractor or the company that how the project is going to take place. It is very risky to hire the fresh person or in simple words you can say that hiring contractor who is new in this field is very risky because he doesn’t have the experience of working in the related field.

Some contractors are specialized in the particular field like Ac Repair Greenville NC contractors. You can also take the recommendation from your contractor. Go through the services of the contractor: Don’t forget to go through the services of the contractors. Many contractors are available who are ready to do work in cheap fee but you should go for the professionals.Hire a qualified professional: Hire the professional contractor container classrooms prices so that they can give the quality work to your home space.5. In this way you can go through the price of the particular material in the market.Here are the few tips through which you can hire the right contractor or the company for the remodeling of house:Get connected with your contractor: Many contractors are available through which you can take the services for the remodeling of the house.These are the few tips through which you can hire right home renovating contractor.You may have heard this quotation "you get that what you have paid for". Home improvement requirements: Go through the places where you think special attention should be given to that area like kitchen, bedroom, hall, etc


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text 2019-04-22 12:29
Five Reasons to Consider Integrating an Edtech Tool Into Your Classroom

In recent years, bringing technology into the classroom to aid learning has exploded, and seemingly every day a new app or software solution is released with promises of making the classroom a better place. Not everyone is on board, however, as many educators still like teaching the old-fashioned way. While everyone has their preferred teaching style, because edtech is here to stay, it’s worth considering how it can benefit your teaching environment and enable a better learning experience for your students.

Here are a few examples of how edtech tools, such as classroom management software, can help everyone in the classroom—including teachers.

Encourages Active Learning

One-on-one learning is showing promise as a more interactive way for students to engage with their lessons. With applications and digital tools available at their fingertips, rather than sitting back and passively listening as many do in a lecture environment, edtech tools put students in control of their learning experience. These tools are proving especially useful for conceptual topics like math or science as students can follow a self-guided lesson and interact with it along the way. Rather than letting the lesson pass them by, this learning approach can help each student learn at their own pace.

Supports Individual Growth

It's no secret that some students will pick up a lesson quicker than others, yet traditional teaching methods keep every student on the same level. Through edtech solutions, your lessons won't hold back the overachievers, and you can provide individualized attention to the students who need additional instruction. When you combine your edtech tools with an effective classroom management system, you can quickly determine which students require special attention and provide help at the tap of a button.

Develops Skills Students Will Need in the Future

Technology isn’t going anywhere, and the future careers of your students will likely require they have an adept knowledge of digital tools. While doing things the old-fashioned way has its place, teaching your students how to use technology to research, solve problems, and collaborate with others prepares them for the future.

Fosters Collaboration

When students work with each other in small groups and teach new skills to one another, you know that your classroom is a haven for collaboration. In a study from the U.S. Department of Education, they found that technology did just that, with students in small groups helping each other learn the technology and the lesson. Integrating technology into the classroom can help foster a community where students are willing and happy to help each other as they all learn through interactive lessons.

Saves Time for Educators

Finally, specific tools like classroom management software can help educators save time in the classroom in a few ways. Tools like Netop’s Vision software, for example, allow teachers to keep tabs on the devices in their digital classroom. It’s particularly useful for those who are weary of potential misuse of technology as they can rest assured that with the simple press of a button, they can quickly and easily monitor the screens in their class to make sure everyone stays on task and gets the assistance they need. With Vision, educators can also freeze screens, easily redirect attention, and even share their screen with the class (and more).

About Netop

Netop develops software solutions that enable both businesses and educators to improve efficiency all while driving results to optimize their core goals. Of their collection of digital tools, Vision, their software for classroom management, helps educators keep tabs on and optimize their classroom technology. The tool is incredibly simple to install and use and can replace a fragmented classroom management system all while saving educators time, improving student engagement, and fostering a learning environment that develops skills students will need for the future. Over 8,000 school districts rely on Vision, and it is available in 13 languages for Chrome OS and Windows systems.

Learn more about Vision, Netop’s intuitive, empowering classroom management tool, at Netop.com



Original Source: http://bit.ly/2Zq2hZh

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review 2019-02-03 22:29
School Shoes
Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes - Eric Litwin,James Dean


Pete the Cat is Rockin' in his school shoes. He loves his new shoes and he wears them every where. To the lunch room, the library, and even the cafeteria. No matter where he goes at school he always sings his songs about his school shoes. 


Leveling System:

Lexile AD430L 


Classroom Activity:

I would use this book to encourage new students to like school. All kids will be nervous on their first day of school. Reading this book and showing them how much fun it can be, even if just having new shoes encourages you, with meeting new friends and going new places. We would use this as an encouragement for every student. We would also use this book to learn new sight words. 

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review 2019-02-03 22:21
Reading Day
Hooray for Reading Day! - Margery Cuyler,Arthur Howard


Jessica is worried about reading a book in front of the class on Reading Day. Last time she had to read allowed she messed up a few words and other classmates laughed at her. With the help of her family and her loving dog, she practices over and over again reading out loud until finally she feels confident enough to read in front of everyone on Reading Day. 


Leveling System:

Lexile AD500L


Classroom Activity

I would use this in my classroom to create a readers theater. We would hold our own reading day. Each student would be allowed to select their own book and present it in front of the class. There will be some guidelines that go along with this, such as the book has to be approved, they must retell the story, and they must quote at least two characters from the story. 

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review 2019-02-03 22:10
"Wild Thing"
Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak


Max has a wild imagination. So wild that his mother calls him "Wild Thing". Max creates his own imaginary world, after being sent to his bedroom for being to wild, He goes on this boat ride that takes him to be the king of the wild things. After a while he decides that it was time to go home because he was hungry so he gets back on his boat and sails back home. I enjoy this book because it will ignite some very interesting imaginations.  


Leveling System

Lexile AD740L


Classroom Activity: 

We will use this book to review our shapes. Each student will create their very own Wild Thing but are only allowed to use the shapes that are given. They will also have to follow a functional text that will tell them what shapes and color to use for what parts of the face. Using the functional text will allow the teacher to see who actually knows their shapes and can recognize the color. 

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