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url 2020-01-21 07:22
Try Best Essential Oils for Broken Bones or Bone Healing

If you are searching for the best remedy for your broken bones healing then you must use the essential oils for broken bones that are manufactured by kush aroma exports who is a leading essential oil manufacturer in India and USA. These offered essential oils are the best remedy for bone healing so, don't wait to try now.

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url 2020-01-20 07:42
Best Essential Oils for Skin

If you are suffering from dry skin issues in winters then you must look at this blog. In this blog, you will find out the best essential oils for dry skin, just visit the official website of kshrey who is a leading essential oil manufacturer in India.

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text 2020-01-20 06:48
15 Health Benefits of Basil Oleoresin for Day-to-Day Life!!

Tulsi is one of the sacred and holy herbs on India and every home can be seen having one Basil plant for sure. From relieving cough and cold to the attached devotional rituals and tales, this herb is the most popular one when talking about the health benefits as well. But, do you have any idea that the extract of the pure Basil leaves are now available in the form of organic oleoresins as well to ease the home remedial process? If no, then get to know the rest below!


The holy Basil oleoresin is made up of several useful and beneficial chemical compounds like camphene, camphor, limonene, methyl chavicol, and eugenol making the Basil oleoresin best for medicinal and culinary uses. This natural and holy Indian oleoresin is a thin transparent fluid present in the shade varying from light yellow to yellow-green and is blessed with a characteristic aroma that gives sight to the therapeutic benefits this natural substitute has. Because of the popularity and use of many homemade remedies, one can easily get spice oleoresins online without wandering anywhere at their doorsteps.


The topmost benefits of basil oleoresin that make it such a prominent and widely used herb in India are listed below. So, check them out for the clearer perception and view that why one should have a bottle of this hem oleoresin in the home:


  1. Basil is one of the very friendly and popular Indian herbs that consistently lend well in every kind of therapy.
  2. If you are suffering from the itchy skin, then these oleoresins can be used to provide relief from the problem.
  3. Using basil on the skin topically and internally can help in purifying blood and promotes healthy skin.
  4. The therapeutic benefits present in this liquid acts as a mood enhancer
  5. The oleoresins of basil can also work effectively as a muscle relaxant and also ease the body discomfort
  6. Basil also works amazingly well in the case of overstressed individuals who are loaded with a hectic work schedule and stressed life by enhancing their performance level.
  7. This oleoresin, when used in a diffuser for aromatherapy, calms anxiety, reduces stress and mild depression by calming down the tensed nerves of the mind.  
  8. The patients of sugar level can use this beneficial liquid for controlling the blood sugar level and cortical level as well.
  9. This oleoresin also aids in improving and stimulating the blood circulation in the body.
  10. The properties present in this natural substitutes like antioxidants, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic as well helps in boosting the body immunity.
  11. Also used in the treatment of arthritis and bursitis.
  12. Using this oil topically on the wound helps in the recovery of sports injury.
  13. It also helps in relieving the minor pains of the body gradually
  14. It has amazing anti-oxidants present that helps in detoxifying the body and in skin-clearing as well
  15. Using this herb also enhances the mental focus and hence, improvises the sports performance of the individual.

Precautionary Measures to keep in mind while using Basil Oleoresin:

  • If you have basil allergy, then you should avoid using this oleoresin.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers should consult the doctor before using any of the given benefits above of basil oleoresin
  • To retain the effectiveness of the oleoresin, always keep the bottle closed after the use.  


If you are also highly impressed with the properties and benefits of the most popular and recognized Basil oleoresin, then Naturesnaturalindia.com can be the ultimate spot for you to buy naturally extracted and good quality oleoresins as this online manufacturer and supplier has some amazing categories of natural substitutes that will surely blow your mind. Also, one can order pure essential oils in bulk quantity from here and that too going easy on the pockets. So, grab the favorite one now!!  

Source: www.naturesnaturalindia.com/spice-oils.html
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url 2020-01-18 10:33
Mix Essential Oils for Hair

Mix 2 or 3 drops of the essential oils into a tablespoon of carrier oil. Essential oils are highly concentrated and must be diluted. Massage the mixture into the scalp vigorously for 2 to 3 minutes. Place the oil on the fingertips and start at the front of the #scalp, rubbing in circles.

Source: www.pureoilsindia.com/how-to-mix-essential-oils-for-hair
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review 2020-01-14 14:21
The Healing Powers of Essential Oils
The Healing Powers of Essential Oils: A Complete Guide to Nature's Most Magical Medicine - Cal Orey

by Cal Orey


It's encouraging that the Foreword of the book was written by someone with a Ph.D in Biological Science. I could warm up to this idea of essential oils having healing properties.


I just finished reading a book on essential oils that warns against ingesting them, so I was a little surprised to see an emphasis on ingestion and using them in recipes! The tone of the author's writing struck me as a little new age and trying too hard to convince, but the information was good. As much as I love the scent of Lavender, I have no interest in eating it, considering I don't even like Parma Violets, but I found the information on olfactory sense and how it affects the mind and body of interest.


The second chapter is about the history of essential oils, or at least starts out that way. It gives more of a time line than a comprehensive history and delves into usage and cautions by the end. The book as a whole is a little scattered and non-linear in relation to most non-fiction books and often goes into the autobiographical before getting to more general information.


The weight loss chapter had an interesting concept about scents diverting us from eating fattening foods which bears some personal research. I did wish the author would quit going on about the Mediterranean diet and giving us health food recipes, as I didn't choose this book for food or lifestyle advice, just to learn more about essential oils. The idea of using cinnamon or ginger oils in a recipe where you could use the actual spice didn't sit well.


There was a long medical uses segment which I will refer back to and try as needed. It's mostly for things like colds and skin ailments, what you would expect to treat with this medium. This flowed neatly into Aromatherapy and Spa treatments, followed by a chapter on scenting cosmetics with some recipes that bear testing.


Next is a chapter called 27 Essential Oils for a Healthy Household, but there is no list of these 27 oils. There is, however, some very interesting ideas for scented household cleaning products made with things like baking soda rather than harsh chemicals.


The book goes over trends, making scented candles, and to my alarm, a chapter on using oils on babies and cats which were strictly warned against in other books on the subject and this makes me very uncomfortable.


Then it wraps up with food recipes that I won't be trying. As I said, I'd rather use the spices than a concentrated oil. Resources for obtaining oils are provided, but all American.


Overall the book had some very interesting information, but it wasn't organised as well as it could be and the safety of using oils in food, on babies and on cats is something I feel is just wrong here.


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