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Wrong email address or username
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text 2023-01-24 13:15
Facebook Not Sending Code

As you know, first of all, to complete the registration process for a Facebook account, you receive a code from Facebook in the form of a 'Confirmation Code/Link' in your email which you need to click on and... Then, You will be redirected to Facebook To connect with Facebook. So basically this process is done to check the verification of your email address that you used to create your Facebook account.


So, if your 'Facebook security verification confirmation code isn't working' or if you haven't received the confirmation code from Facebook immediately after completing the registration process, here's what you can do to get your confirmation code:


Solutions to fix email confirmation code not received

Avoid user errors

Sometimes simple user errors, such as using 'www' in an email address and typing the wrong email address or domain (for example, using comcast.com instead of comcast.net) can be the cause. from 'Facebook email confirmation code not found' therefore Facebook in this case provides a form for users like you to correct their error. So, to fix this particular problem, enter a valid email address in the form, and then submit it to Facebook. And that's it, once you submit a form to Facebook; will send the code to the valid email address you provided in the form.


Check filters for mailboxes and other folders

In some rare cases, your Internet provider, for some security reasons, may have blocked the confirmation email from Facebook from receiving it in the desired folder. Therefore, it is suggested that before looking for advanced or alternative solutions, check the 'Spam, Junk and Social' folder of your email account to make sure that the confirmation email from Facebook has not been filed in these folders. without your knowledge.

Solutions to fix the confirmation code in the phone number not received

Some users create their account with a phone number instead of using their email address, so in case you are not receiving a subscription with a verification code from Facebook, here are the following solutions that you can try to get your code on your phone number:


Verify your phone number

First, look at the phone number you entered when you registered.

If you realize that the number you entered is an incorrect number, click 'Incorrect number?'

Then, to add the correct number, enter the same in the required field and then click the 'Add' button.

Forward SMS with Code

Once you have entered the correct number, click on the 'Didn't receive the SMS?' option.

Then click "Send SMS again" to have Facebook send you the code again.

Get phone with code instead of SMS

If you have not yet received a text message on your mobile phone number, click the "Did you receive the SMS?" option.

After clicking on that, select 'Call' to get an encrypted call instead of SMS.

Use email address instead of mobile phone number

Last but not least, if you still find that you can't find the code, please click on the 'Wrong number?' option.

Then, to get an email verification code instead of a phone number, enter your 'Email Address' which you can use, and then click the 'Add' button and add the same email to the account that goes to Facebook.

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