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text 2021-07-14 08:10
How can I chat with Facebook support?

Facebook support system provides the best customer assistance. They embrace both modern and traditional ways that offer help to a wide range of audiences. In this, they are providing live chat support too. Though many people are not aware of it this feature yes, Facebook let their user connect with chat too. 

Now, most of you must be wondering that How can I chat with Facebook supportThere are certain steps that you need to direct. 


Steps to chat with Facebook support person 


  • First of all, go to the official page of the Facebook 
  • You can open the mobile application of Facebook, and provide the login details like phone number or mail, password
  • Next, you have to go to the support us section of Facebook, or sometimes it may be reflected as “Help us” 
  • Here you can read the question too and at the corner of the page, you can see the option for live chat 
  • Once you click on the live chat, you need to provide the details again and choose the questions that will help you to get the live person 
  • Once you answered them, then you can connect with the support person and get the instant solutions as well as they can help you with the maximum issues 


In a live chat, you can get the answer for the maximum queries, like account recovery, change name or password, and the rest can be managed with Facebook support numberIt is available throughout the day and you can get the solutions promptly. 

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text 2019-09-17 07:44
How Do I Get Facebook Phone Number?


Facebook has given a new direction to how people interact with each other. By creating an account on this social platform, you get access to a lot of useful and amazing features. You can get to share texts, make audio or video calls, get your hands on the latest information & trends and much more. But you can never anticipate that while using Facebook what sort of problem you may encounter. This is when you will need the help of Facebook Phone Number to get the issues resolved.


  1. To take the help for Facebook issues, you can visit its help page as the basic troubleshooting step. There you will find some sections that you can go through to clear your queries. The first section contains all the queries that are generally faced by Facebook users. You can click on any of the questions to read about the solution.
  2. On proceeding further, you will find some popular topics that are largely searched by Facebook users. From there you can select a topic related to the issue you have.    
  • You can learn how to change the password for your account and get help for login issues. 
  • You can also get information about how to add a profile picture, edit your info and manage the posts of your timeline.
  • You can also gather more information about how to install and update the Facebook app for your device.
  • To know more about the security features of a Facebook account, you can get the additional information and add an extra layer of security to your Facebook account.
  1. You can also visit the Help community where you can get help from other Facebook users who have similar queries. 
  2. If you want to promote your business on Facebook, you can get help by visiting Ads Help Centre.


If none of the above methods provides satisfactory help, give a call at the Facebook Customer Service Number.


The tech support team is available round the clock so that the users can avail the help anytime and from anywhere. Whether it is a minor issue or a major one, they are always ready to help. Moreover, as they are professionals, they can suggest you some instant ways to overcome the issues.


So whenever you face a technical issue, dial the Facebook Support Number and instant and effective solutions will be provided to you. Go through a Facebook-related issue, dial the support number now.


You can also read about “How to Create Facebook Account”: https://reginalynn.com/how-to-create-a-facebook-account/

Source: www.customersupport-service.com
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text 2019-07-29 08:08
What Are The Steps To Change Number On Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most promising social platforms that offer different ways to communicate with people from all over the world. You can use your email address or phone number to create your Facebook account or if you are new to Facebook, call at the Facebook Support Phone Number to take help from the technicians. 



It is also possible that you want to change your number linked to the Facebook account, that time you can take the help of the steps listed below:

1. Open the messenger app on your phone.


2.Tap ‘Home’ that is given at the bottom-left corner of the screen and if the messenger is showing a chat, press the ‘Back’ button.


3. Next, tap the person icon that is available either at the top left or top right corner of the screen.


4. This will open your Facebook Messenger profile page. Tap the ‘Phone’ option that is available below your profile image. Now, tap your current phone number and press the ‘x’ option given at the right of your phone number.


5. Doing this will remove the phone number from that field. If you get stuck anywhere while following the steps, call us at our Facebook Help Number.


6. At this point, you can add the new number to your Facebook account.


7. Press ‘Ok’ and you will see a message ‘Code Request Sent’. There you have to press ‘Ok’ that will close the window.


8. Now, open the Messenger app and you will see the text message from Facebook along with the verification code. Type the verification code into messenger and click ‘Continue’. Doing this will successfully change the number linked to your Facebook account.


9. The new messenger information will be provided on your new number.



Using these simple steps, you can easily change the phone number linked to your Facebook account. In case it is showing the same number or the process was not successfully completed, talk to the experts via FacebookCustomer Service Number. 

This is the best way to acquire help for Facebook-related issues. The tech support team is available round the clock, hence you can call anytime to acquire the best tech support. Apart from this, the technicians are highly skilled and appropriately trained to deal with such issues.


The next time if you face any problem while operating your Facebook account, dial the Facebook Technical Support Number. The technical executives will provide you with genuine help and support for all the issues or concerns you have related to your account.

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text 2019-04-12 12:34
How to block someone on Facebook?


Although Facebook is a great way to connect to people, you cannot always expect it to be a cakewalk. Some of the people on Facebook get too much involved in an ongoing conversation. It can be your friend who is frequently creating posts related to any political or other matter. It is also possible that you have a fight with your friend and now he is constantly sending you messages on Facebook.  This can be really annoying sometimes and such situation requires blocking that person. You can also unfriend them but that will not be enough for them. To avail help for this purpose, you can give a call at the


Facebook support number


When you block someone, it implies that they will no longer be able to see you, contact you or tag you in their posts. If you are blocking one of your friends, it will automatically unfriend them.

If you have made a final decision about blocking someone, you can use the given steps to do it:


Go to privacy settings


At the top of Facebook’s page, there is a question mark given. Clicking on the question mark will give you some options and you have to select the ‘Privacy Shortcuts’ option. This will open the Facebook’s policing area.


File your complaint


Under ‘Privacy Shortcuts’, you have to look for the option ‘How do I stop someone from bothering me’? When you will click on that link, Facebook will ask you to enter the name of the person you want to block. After entering their name, click on the ‘Block’ option.


Confirm you want to block them


Facebook will ask you to confirm your action as blocking someone is a big step. They will also show you some alternative ways to get rid of that person. Facebook will show you a list and you have to select the person from the list that you want to block. Click on ‘Block’ again and that person will no longer be able to see you.


Blocking someone on Facebook is very easy, you only need to be stiff about your decision. You can also look up to the technicians available at Facebook tech support number. You can dial the number anytime irrespective of your location. The technicians will provide you the required help without taking much time. There is no complicated procedure adopted to get to the solution as we know time is money.

Source: www.customerservicenumber247.com/facebook-support-number
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text 2018-11-15 09:48
How to Do Video Chat on Facebook




Facebook has enabled its users to perform video chat from the app. If you are new to Facebook and want to use the video calling feature than our technicians can help you and you can call at the Facebook support Number

If you want to use the video calling feature on Facebook, then follow the given procedure:

1. Video chat using messenger on the mobile device

 Open Facebook messenger and click on the contact you want to do video chat with.

 Open the conversation of the contact you have selected.

 At the top of the conversation, you can see a video chat button pressing that will start calling the person for video chat. If the video chat button is faded out then it means the person is not available for video chat.

 After you have contacted the person, the recipient will be notified that they are receiving a video call. They can answer the call using the messenger.

 You can press the camera swap button to switch between the front and the rear camera of the mobile.

2. Video chat using the Facebook website:

 You will need a webcam to conduct the video call from Facebook. If your computer doesn’t have one, then install it first.

 Go to the chat menu of the Facebook website and select the person you want to video chat with. You can select the person from the list or you can also manually enter the name of the person. Also, it is possible only to chat with a single person at a time as a group video chat is not supported yet.

 Now click on the video chat button which will open a new window for video chat. If the video chat icon is not available then you will not be able to contact the person for video call.

 Make sure to allow access for Facebook to use a webcam and grant other required permissions.

 After you have connected the call the recipient will be notified of the incoming video call depending on their online status. If they answer your call, your video chat will start.


This was the tutorial to perform the video chat on Facebook. If still, you are facing any difficulty while making video calls using Facebook then get connected to us at Facebook contact number.

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