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text 2018-10-18 16:30
Reading progress update: I've read 301 out of 416 pages.
Three Dark Crowns - Kendare Blake

OMG, It is about to start .... 
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text 2018-10-18 13:05
Reading progress update: I've read 235 out of 416 pages.
Three Dark Crowns - Kendare Blake

well that was unexpected and brutal 
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-10-18 10:05
Eine ganz andere Geschichte von Hakan Nesser, Barbarotti #2
Eine ganz andere Geschichte (Barbarotti #2) - Håkan Nesser,Christel Hildebrandt

Auf Urlaub mit seiner Freundin Marianne erhält Barbarotti einen merkwürdigen Brief, der einen Mord ankündigt. Tatsächlich wird auch eine Leiche gefunden. Dieses "Spiel" wiederholt sich, und auch die Medien bekommen Wind vom Kontakt zwischen dem mutmaßlichen Mörder und dem Polizisten. Zuletzt erhält Barbarotti die Aufzeichnungen eines Urlaubs in Frankreich - doch wie hängen diese mit den jetzigen Morden zusammen?


Dieser Roman konzentriert sich mehr auf Barbarotti, sowohl beruflich als auch privat, als es "Mensch ohne Hund" tat. So erfährt sein Privatleben einiges an Turbulenzen, auch aufgrund des Scheinwerferlichts, in dem er sich durch die Briefe des Mörders plötzlich befindet... womit er nicht wirklich ideal umgeht. Was ich ausgesprochen zu schätzen lernte, ist die "innere Stimme" Barbarottis im Kontakt mit seiner Familie: die Telefongespräche mit seiner Tochter Sara, die in London weilt, auch der Umgang mit seiner Ex und ihren Neuigkeiten... staubtrocken und enorm witzig.


Nach anfänglich durchaus vorhandener Spannung zieht sich der Fall selbst aber zum Schluss ein wenig wie ein Strudelteig - und leider wird er wiederum durch eine Art Geistesblitz gelöst, dessen Ursprung im Dunkeln gelassen wird. Das ist ein wenig unbefriedigend, zieht sich aber auch schon durch die anderen Nesser-Romane, die ich bisher gelesen habe: langsamer, spannender Aufbau und dann, 20 Seiten vor Schluss, bekommt man wegen der unvorhergesehenen Wendung fast ein Peitschenschlagsyndrom.


Gut, in diesem Fall wiegt es nicht ganz so schwer, weil sowieso eher die Charakterisierung Barbarottis im Vordergrund stand, aber trotzdem ist diese Art der Auflösung schon ein Negativpunkt.

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review 2018-10-18 05:41
Play me
The Player Gets Coached (Bachelor #2) - Janet Nissenson

This is book #2 in the Bachelor series.  This can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader understanding and to avoid spoilers, I recommend reading this series in order.


Finn is disturbed that he is the only one who has not traditionally grown up.  He finds a woman he is interested in, and she is a maneater of the skilled kind.  How does he show her he can be her match?


Delilah is not impressed by first sighting of Finn.  She is not wanting to date a manwhore who can never make up his mind what he wants in a woman.  They clash and it is like the player must learn to be played.


This story was pretty slow.  The beginning has a lot of back story and the characters are rich and colorful.  I enjoyed the banter and the high heat factor.  Was a great addition to the series, and a good read.  I give this a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review only.

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review 2018-10-18 00:20
ARC Review: Lincoln's Park by Parker Williams
Lincoln's Park - Parker Williams

I read this book, finished it, and then immediately read it again. That basically NEVER happens, but with this book, I couldn't help myself.

Noel is a young man who was kicked out of his home by his ever so loving parents when he told them he was gay. He was lucky in that he found a place at a local shelter, where he's been living and helping out for the past three years. In need of a job, any job, he stops in Lincoln's diner.

Lincoln is quite a bit older than Noel, with a very different backstory, which we find out as the book progresses. He loves cooking and taking care of people, and he treats his employees like family. One look at the forlorn young man asking for a job, and Lincoln can't help himself - the need to pull the young man into the folds is immediate. 

Noel has no idea what hit him - surely nobody can be that decent and kind to someone they don't know at all, right?

I liked both characters immensely, and also the supporting cast - the other employees at the diner, especially Katy, and Robert who runs the shelter where Noel has been staying. However, Lincoln's brother and father - I wanted them to hurt, and badly, but obviously I wasn't supposed to like them. 

Noel is still young, and despite the last three years being really rough, he hasn't lost his sweet kindness, his youthful innocence, his positive outlook. He's fascinated by the older Lincoln, but also has no intention of falling for his boss and being out of a job. Except he doesn't realize that Lincoln feels the same, and that they are well matched despite the age difference and the difference in their life experiences. Lincoln's history plays a huge role in who he became, and he's reluctant to reach for Noel, scared to some extent that he's no good for the younger man. Thank goodness for Katy who gives them the push they both need. 

What struck me most here is that the author created complex and fully developed characters - Lincoln had some layers that ran much deeper than I initially expected, and Noel has an inner strength I didn't expect from someone so young. 

There's a moment toward the end of the book that may be confusing for some - without giving away the plot, I can't really say much about it, but suffice it to say that if you pay attention to what comes before, you will not be confused at all, or even wonder what just happened. 

The BDSM-Lite aspect of the relationship was well done and rang true, and I liked that the author utilized it as a source of some conflict that the two men have to work out, which actually strengthened the relationship.

What is emphasized time and again is family - the one you're born to and the one you choose and make for yourself. Family, even if not by blood, is what binds Lincoln and Noel and Katy and Jesse and Robert and all the others. Even Lincoln's brother, who by book's end seemingly has second thoughts about how he's been acting. I have it on good authority that his story will be told in a future book. I cannot wait! 

But what really permeates this book is love. There is so much tangible, obvious love in every word on every page, and you are cocooned by it, warmed by it, embraced by it. 

I think it's that feeling of love that prompted me to read the book twice in a row, and I highly recommend that you get yourself a copy as soon as you can.

It's available now.

** I received a free copy of this book from its publisher in exchange for an honest review. **

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