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review 2021-01-18 03:43
Assaulted Caramel (An Amish Candy Shop Mystery) - Amanda Flower

 Bailey goes to visit her grandparents when she learns that her grandfather's health is failing. While there she learns of much she did not know about them. She also discovers the body of a man who wants to buy her grandparent's candy shop. With the whole family under suspicion of murder, she needs to find out who did it before one of them ends in prison.


I enjoyed this book. It sets up the series well. I liked Bailey. She puts her life on hold while helping out her grandparents. I liked that being with them in the Amish community brings her to question her choices in her English life. The story was good. I did not figure out the murderer until it was explained in the end.


I look forward to the rest of the series.

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review 2020-12-22 10:17
PASSION FLOWER by Diana Palmer
Passion Flower - Diana Palmer

Jennifer, recovering from pneumonia, is offered a job on Everett Culhane's ranch. She takes it as she is in a dead-end job and is enamored with Texas. When Everett discovers Jennifer's past, he cruelly drives her away. But neither is able to get past their relationship.


I enjoyed this story. It is an alpha/ingenue story but well done. Everett knows he has to make amends while controlling his alpha tendencies. Both need to learn how to forgive and push pass their pride. When they are together they are dynamite. I also liked how Everett's employees let Jennifer know what Everett has done when she was gone. Jennifer was able to put him in his place and hold her own against him.


This is a sweet read. I love reading Diana Palmer.

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review 2020-11-06 21:51
PROSE AND CONS by Amanda Flower
Prose and Cons - Amanda Flower

Once again Violet stumbles over a body. This time it is a Red Inker who is to read during the Poe-try Reading during the Wine and Food Festival in Cascade Springs. Violet feels it is up to her to solve the murder so a friend won't be arrested on circumstantial evidence. David Rainwater keeps telling her to mind her own business but she doesn't listen and harm comes to her. Now there are more questions than answers in Violet's life and in the murder and secrets are revealed.


I am enjoying this series. I like Violet and adore Emerson. That is one cat who has a mind of his own. I am also enjoying the triangle of Violet, David, and Nathan. I know which way I want that to go. The recurring characters are great and a few new ones are introduced. The mystery was good. I, once again, did not figure it out until it was spelled out for me at the end! I look forward to more in this series.

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review 2020-08-01 15:52
CRIME AND POETRY by Amanda Flowers
Crime and Poetry - Amanda Flower

Violet's grandmother devises a way to bring Violet home. Needless to say, Violet is not happy about being back home. There are several things Grandmother Daisy neglected to tell her. One of the things is that she has a boyfriend who Violet finds dead the next morning in their driveway. Remembering the past, Violet is determined to solve the murder and to protect her grandmother from the police. So she stays and learns more about her family's past as well as the town's past and others' pasts.


I loved this! I had a lot of questions which were answered through the story (not always as quickly as I wanted them answered.) I had a hard time putting this down. I loved Violet and Grandmother Daisy as well as Emerson, the cat. The bookshop is fantastic! I want one like that. The secondary characters have good guys and bad guys. How many will stay throughout the series remains to be seen. I'm liking the triangle with Violet, Nathan, and David. This will be interesting to see how it plays out. I'm wondering how some of the confessions at the end will affect future stories. I'll have to read more to find out.

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text 2020-07-30 05:33
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