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text 2022-01-13 07:05
5 Garden Maintenance Tasks you have to Address in January


As an avid gardener, you are well-aware of all the tasks that should be tackled during the warm months when your garden is subjected to great exploitation. Yet once winter is here, you can take the rest you deserve and put off gardening chores for a while. Still, considering garden maintenance is a good idea even in the winter and there are a few jobs in the garden you can deal with. Take a look at these five important tasks to address in the garden in January:


  • Give a second life to the Christmas tree – you might be done with the Christmas holidays, but you don’t have to simply throw the Christmas tree in the trash. You can give it a second life by recycling it and thus making wonderful mulch for your plant beds. Just use your shredder to recycle the tree and spread the mulch in your garden. As you know, gardeners rely on mulch to improve the qualities of their soil, as well as to preserve moisture during hot seasons. With your homemade organic mulch made of the Christmas tree, you will add strength and nutrients to the soil.


  • Prepare the lawn mower – mowing the lawn in spring and summer is one of the most tedious gardening tasks and relying on the capacity of the lawnmower can make the chore easier to deal with. Quality lawn mowers cost a lot, that’s why you should be serious when providing the right maintenance. When preparing your list with gardening tasks to tackle in January, remember to have the lawnmower serviced by the pros. Surely investing in expert help might be pricey, but given the importance of having the lawnmower fully fictional, the service is worth the investment.


  • Have artificial grass installed – for those of you who can’t afford the time to take care of real grass, there is an artificial alternative to try. Artificial grass offers numerous benefits related to durability and maintenance, so it is the perfect solution for homeowners who seek a low-maintenance, hard-wearing lawn. And the best moment for you to have artificial grass installed is in January.


  • Check on your pots – you don’t want to waste time cleaning the pots once spring arrives, so make sure your pots are ready for the new planting season. Take a look inside the pots – do you notice salt deposits? If you do, clean those right away. Salt deposits harm the quality of water, therefore they threaten the well-being of your potted plants. Use some warm water and a stiff brush to scrub off salt deposits from the pots. Starting the new season with clean pots also guarantees that some plant diseases will be eliminated and your plants will grow healthy. To take care of bacteria, spray your plastic pots with bleach. Terracotta pots can be cleaned by soaking them in bleach for about twenty minutes, then letting them air dry.


  • Refresh the greenhouse – another important task to complete in January is to make the greenhouse sparkly clean. No matter if you count on a plastic one or a glass alternative, clean the exterior, as well as the interior to let more sunshine in. Doing so will prevent moss and algae from affecting your plants and you will also manage to create a lovely-looking greenhouse you can be proud of. As for the interior, give the greenhouse a thorough sweep or vacuum cleaning to get rid of dirt. If you want to go further, you can also disinfect the space to eliminate bacteria.


Make these five gardening tasks a top priority this January. Once you tackle them, you will be ready to welcome gardening in the spring.


© Fast Landscape Gardening

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text 2021-11-22 08:35
6 Garden Jobs you Should Deal with this Month


With the cold winter getting closer and closer, a lot of gardening tasks are waiting for you to tackle. Heavy rain, fallen leaves and frost can compromise the outstanding looks of your backyard, which is why you should prepare the garden for the freezing weather. November is the perfect time of the year for spending the weekends in your warm, cosy home, but don't forget to address these top priority garden jobs too:


  • Clean fallen leaves – it is a chore you will face almost every day – November is all about fallen leaves scattered around your backyard. To clean the space properly and make it ready for the tough winter, rake up leaves before they have piled up. Next, while the leaves are still damp, move them to appropriate sacks and place the sacks in your garden shed. Doing so will let you not only get rid of debris in the garden but also make your organic mulch to count on next November.


  • Mulch perennials – as you already suspect, mulching is another garden task on your to-do list this month. Mulching has numerous advantages and when it comes to freezing temperatures, you can count on mulch to keep the roots of your perennials safe from harm. But before you address mulching, don’t forget to cut the stems of the plants to just above the ground. Once you are ready with the task, cover around their base, to preserve the roots from frost and extreme cold. If you have prepared your very own organic mulch last year, now is the best time to make the most of it.


  • Plant spring-blooming bulbs – next spring might seem so far away, but warm weather will arrive before you know it. To welcome it with colourful plants, make yourself ready this month by planting spring bulbs. Do you love tulips? Get some healthy bulbs and plant them in the garden, in a pot or a container. If you are not sure how deep in the soil to plant the bulbs, just plant them three times to their depth. In addition to various shades of tulips, you can also think about planting crocus or daffodils to enjoy next spring.


  • Shop for winter plants – surely you don’t want to be deprived of colours all winter long and you don’t have to be. While you are tackling gardening tasks in November, don’t forget to shop for some winter flowering plants. Polyanthus, primroses and winter pansies are some of the best choices you can make so that your garden or balcony keeps its beauty during the winter.


  • Take care of your veggie garden – with summer season over, your veggie beds probably lie empty, so you should address them before frost and snow come. Just cover them with some organic compost to preserve and enrich the quality of the soil, making it ready for next spring. Do you want to take advantage of fresh veggies in winter? Then this month is the perfect time for you to plant winter crops like lettuce and alliums.


  • Protect container plants – most plants grown outdoors in containers are vulnerable to frost and low temperatures winter comes with. To keep them safe during cold months, insulate container plants in November, using materials like fleece or polystyrene. Regardless of the type of plants, you are insulating, don’t allow moisture to stay trapped under the wrapping. Your container plants need to be protected from moisture to prevent decay, that’s why using waterproof materials is a smart way to go.


Prepare your beautiful garden for next year by dealing with these six important tasks this month. A lot of things will change in the garden in November and you should spend a little time to make sure the space has been perfectly taken care of.


© Fast Landscape Gardening

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text 2021-08-11 04:41
6 Gardening Tips for Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Features



Lots of people rely on outdoor water features to improve the appearance of their backyard spaces. A beautiful artificial pond or a breathtaking fountain, having a water feature in your garden brings you closer to nature. While these additions are no doubt a cool way for you to upgrade your property, special maintenance is required so that they can stay functional. Keep in mind these tips for prolonging the lifespan of your water features:


  • Choose the right location – it is important to realise that your water features should be placed at the right spot so that less significant maintenance would be required. Typically you need to avoid installing a water feature in direct sunlight, no matter how appealing the location might seem. If being exposed to the hot sunbeams all day long, your water features will require a greater amount of water, which leads to losses you shouldn’t underestimate. Furthermore, sunlight is likely to promote algae or other organisms you don’t want to deal with in your water features.


  • Clean regularly – if you have the time, clean your water features every day. Just like any other chore, the maintenance of the water features will be easier, as long as you stick to a strict routine. This way you can prevent challenging problems from occurring and extend the longevity of your precious garden additions. To make the most of your water features, remove debris daily. For that purpose, you can employ a handy net.


  • Insist on freshwater – even if the water looks fresh enough, replacing it at least twice a year goes a long way in preserving the water feature in top condition. Issues like clogging can be caused by filthy water, which can be easily prevented with fresh water. In case your water feature shelters fish or other animals, providing fresh water is even more crucial. Replacing the water often enough will cater for a healthier environment for the animals, since harmful organisms and debris will be banished from the water.


  • Do a seasonal checkup – despite your efforts to preserve the water features in perfect working order, malfunctions are a possibility you should expect. To detect a problem on time, inspect your water features for leaks and check on their filters and pumps. The most appropriate moment for you to complete the job is when you replace the water – an empty water feature provides better access to elements that are likely to get damaged. Once autumn has arrived, inspect your additions for typical issues and get them ready for the winter if everything seems functional.


  • Address winter preparation – depending on the type of water feature you take advantage of, a certain winter preparation might be required, or else the addition might suffer serious damage. Is it likely for the water feature to freeze? If so, you should make it ready for the winter as a part of its maintenance. In fact, keeping your water features safe from freezing is pretty simple. Just get rid of all debris like fallen leaves, eliminate unwanted organisms like algae, drain the water and remove the pump. That’s all – your water feature will be protected from dangerously low temperatures that often lead to costly repairs.


  • Let the experts help – in case you consider maintaining your water features a complicated task, you can always count on a professional gardener to do the heavy lifting for you. Experienced gardeners do more than simply addressing the needs of your plants – they are perfectly capable of ensuring the most appropriate maintenance for your water features.


Are you ready to improve the looks of your garden? These tips will help you to maintain your water features in perfect condition for years ahead.


© Fast Landscape Gardening

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text 2020-07-22 06:35
10 Best Smart Indoor Gardening Gadgets You Must Have ! Gadgets for Plants

10 Best Smart Indoor Gardening Gadgets You Must Have ! Gadgets for Plants


Cool Gadgets For indoor plants – So Here i have listed the Top 10 Awesome Indoor Gardening Gadgets for plant lovers. you must have these gadgets to take care of your plants. No matter your taste, or how much space you have to spare, there’s a houseplant and Your indoor garden paradise dreams are about to become a reality Here are my favourite Selective technology gadgets for indoor plants .lets check out the complete video and subscribe our channel for more amazing gadgets videos.

Visit us: https://nevosisland.com/10-best-smart-indoor-gardening-gadgets-you-must-have-gadgets-for-plants/

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