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text 2020-03-13 19:50
Expert suggests 11 ideas for a lasting and happy relationship

Maintaining a harmonious and permanent relationship can be a source of happiness. The advocate of this idea is Master Nyomi Graef in Health Promotion from Curtin University, Australia. To expand the offer, Nyoni has set 11 steps to maintain a healthy and happy relationship for many years.

Good communication often begins with a desire to understand other perspectives. Nobody is listening or you have an argument that you fled because you didn't really try to understand? I think one of the most important things we can all do, with or without a relationship, is to develop a strong sense of empathy and compassion.

According to him, having a happy and lasting relationship, whether in marriage or not, is one of life's greatest joys and desires for most people.

Most of us probably want to be loved, wanted, wanted, happy, healthy, wealthy, prosperous and safe - reports Australians.

However, the expert admits that these factors are not just luck. According to Nyomi, like any success, there are things that can help and others that can hinder the success of a relationship.

- Spend time, energy and love to have a long and happy relationship and watch it grow stronger over the years. So you will have your best friend, lover and a friend - he says.

  1. Having the same personal values

If one partner expects a monogamous relationship and the other wants a clear relationship - and will not compromise - will that relationship work in the long term?

On issues such as health, financial habits and ways of raising children, there should be mixed views or at least one partner should accept the contradictory view of the other. Otherwise, anger can turn into an endless fight or anger. Or couples can avoid talking about it and the relationship is doomed.

  1. Keep the flame alive

As we know, relationships go through different stages - courtship, first signs of love, honeymoon period ... But despite the first "rush", love usually disappears over time. So you should keep the chemistry alive to avoid squeezing the society.

What we can do doesn't have to be expensive to be fun. Drinking wine in a beautiful park, having fun in a club, snuggling until sunset - everything that works to make both of you burn a flame.

Also, keep laughing. Couples who share the same sense of humor and often smile together are more likely to establish a long-term relationship.

  1. Make your partner feel like the most important person in the world

If one of the partners feels the second (or third ...) best for his partner compared to relatives or friends ... will he say "I love you so much"? We are sensitive and we can say whether someone loves us or loves us less than we want.

Be hot - not cold and distant. If your partner wants love, show love often and do it with love. Usually say "I love you" and say it spontaneously. Be at your disposal if necessary.

  1. Little things mean a lot

As we know, little things can become big things over time. If leaving your clothes dirty on the bathroom floor every day irritates your partner, stop doing it. Whatever your attitude disturbs you, try to find a balance so that excessive pleasure does not become a mop.

A "I love you" every night before a simple hug or bedtime. Or a loving "Sorry" during a discussion. These are persistent anger in a relationship, or little things that can make the difference between peace and happiness.

You can send good morning and good night messages that can make your partner good. You will easily receive these messages or pictures in Beautiful Good Morning Images.

  1. Having a social life and mutual interests

For a happy relationship, couples should regularly do pleasant things together. It is not necessary to completely minimize your individuality, but is this relationship justified even without a common interest? Is it worth continuing?

However, having interests outside of the relationship is vital. Having a single partner to share time with quality is equivalent to relying only on our happiness, and that's not a good thing.

However, having interests outside the relationship is vital. Having only a partner to share time with quality would be to entrust only our happiness to him, and that is not a good thing.

  1. Please the other

Small gifts, letters, love notes, flowers, things that say "I love you". Give a sincere gift not only during the courtship, but at all stages of the relationship. But don't overdo it - you don't have to strangle or go into debt.

  1. Don't get dirty in a fight and be quick.

Long and unpleasant arguments are an effective way to destroy a relationship. Fight without hurting your partner physically or emotionally. If you think it's wrong, say "sorry", don't wait days or stop saying it.

  1. Treat your partner with respect

Courtesy, thought and dignity are necessary to maintain a happy relationship. Malicious comments, obnoxious words and criticism can destroy love. No one likes to be taken lightly. If you don't like something the other person likes, find a way to express your emotions without damaging the other person's self-esteem.

  1. Give your support

Support can be emotional, physical, spiritual .... Try to encourage others with words and actions to show how much you appreciate them. Watch your partner if he plays sports. When you are sick, take care of the other. When your partner is upset, listen carefully.

  1. Appreciate the partner

Many years ago, I read that the main reason for the separation of many marriages is that at least one partner feels lost in the relationship. Tell your partner how important it is to you so that you feel that it has never been accepted. This is probably one of the most important tips for a solid relationship.

  1. Regularly suspend quality time with yourself

A good relationship must be balanced. Don't waste all your energy and give up your hobbies and things you enjoy doing. Of course, relationships are inevitably tied to obligations, but make sure your own happiness never suffers.




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quote 2020-03-02 13:58
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