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review 2017-12-12 13:48
The Grand Phantom
The Grand Phantom - Harold Cloninger

by Harold Cloninger


This one came out of my free book slush and the cover and title gave me a Phantom of the Opera vibe, so I decided to read it. It didn't actually follow the plot of Phantom of the Opera very much, but was an interesting story in itself. I think it could have been fleshed out a lot more as it came over as YA Horror and though it alternated between two time frames, there weren't any real sub-plots.


The characters were reasonably well done. At least they weren't all the same. Overall I had the impression of a not very experienced writer, but one with potential. It was an enjoyable enough read anyway

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review 2017-11-04 13:48
A Christmas Princess - Ofelia Gränd

In just 5 pages this story made me cry and smile at that beautiful ending.

It was beautiful and very deep and it was filled with powerful emotions and have so much going on between the lines that I really wish the author will expand to full length novel because I loved Danny and my heart goes out to him and wish to see more of him.

Overall this was an amazing short read with wonderful writing and lovely characters.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-10-31 09:04
Fair Catch
Fair Catch: Roman (Grand-Valley 1) - Liora Blake,Peter Olsen Groth
  • Große Gefühle Liebesroman 
  • ePub
  • 400 Seiten
  • First Step Forward
  • Aus dem Amerikanischen übersetzt von Peter Groth.
  • ISBN-13 9783958181816
  • Erschienen: 04.09.2017
  • Aus der Reihe "Grand-Valley"
  • Band 1

€ 4,99 [D] € 4,99 [A]


Denvers Wide Receiver Cooper Lowry hat eine grandiose Karriere hinter sich. Dafür hat er schwer gearbeitet und sich keine Ablenkung gegönnt. Aber so langsam merkt Cooper, dass sein Körper die Schläge auf dem Football Feld nicht mehr so leicht wegsteckt. Nach einem besonders harten Match hilft nur noch der Gang in die Apotheke, wo ihm eine faszinierende, wunderschöne und leicht chaotische junge Frau hilft, das unterste Regalbrett zu erreichen. Cooper ist sich sicher, dass er diese Frau unbedingt wiedersehen muss. Und als sein Arzt ihm dann noch ein paar Tage Auszeit verschreibt, weiß Cooper genau, wo er hin will ... Whitney Reed steht kurz davor ihre Apfelplantage zu verlieren, die sie vor drei Jahren in Hotchkiss, Colorado, gekauft hat. Damals suchte sie nur einen Ort zum Unterkommen, fand stattdessen ein Zuhause. Nun könnte jederzeit der Gerichtsvollzieher an ihre Tür klopfen. Stattdessen tut das allerdings ein leicht mürrischer, aber wahnsinnig gutaussehender Football Spieler. Und vielleicht ist er genau das, was Whitney braucht, um endlich Wurzeln zu schlagen ...


Meine Meinung:


Ich bin bei Netgalley durch das Cover auf das Buch aufmerksam geworden. Das Ebook wurde mir freundlicherweise von Netgalley zu Rezensionszwecken zur Verfügung gestellt worden. 


Der Einstieg in das Buch ist mir gut gelungen, der Schreibstil war auch sehr flüssig. 


Mir erging es dann allerdings so, dass mich die Geschichte selbst nach 150 Seiten gar nicht fesseln konnte, mein Interesse konnte einfach nicht wirklich geweckt werden. 


Es ging hier zum einen um Cooper, der ein erfolgreicher Footballspieler ist und zum anderen um Whitney, die finanzielle Probleme hat und befürchten muss, dass sie ihre Apfelplantage verliert. 


Ich war aufgrund des Titels auch sehr von einem Boxer ausgegangen, weshalb auch immer. Auch konnten mich die Charaktere nicht begeistern. 


Alles in allem konnte mich das Buch wie schon gesagt nicht begeistern und überzeugen. Ich werde die Reihe nicht weiter verfolgen. Von mir bekommt das Buch 2,5 Sterne. 

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review 2017-10-16 13:33
Book Review For: GRAND SLAM by Tracie Delaney
Grand Slam: A Winning Ace Novel (Book 3) (The Winning Ace Series) (Volume 3) - Tracie Delaney

'GRAND SLAM' by Tracie Delaney is the Third book in "The Winning Ace" series. This book continues the story of Tally and Cash, so I would recommend reading the previous books first and in order.
This has been such a great series that it hard to say goodbye to them but at the same time I have been waiting for their happy ending. This book did not disappoint at all. It opened Cash up to more emotions and brought out another level to them both really.
I will be honest when I say that at first when I read that Cash was professional Tennis Player I was turned off at first when reading the outline of their story. I am not into reading sport romances but I am so glad that I did not let that stop me. First there was more to this romance than sports and these two characters were great. So lessened learned for me is to trust the author and keep an open mind
Don't miss this great series~!

Source: www.amazon.com/Grand-Slam-Winning-Novel-Book-ebook/dp/B0768YBC1L/ref=la_B071XSWCS5_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1508102214&sr=1-2
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review 2017-10-15 21:15
No dragons here but there was a pretty awesome unicorn!
The Last Grand Master - Andrew Q. Gordon,Joel Leslie

And some pretty amazing peregrines! 'The Last Grandmaster' is the first book in Andrew Q. Gordon's series 'Champion of the Gods' and for me if it's not Urban Fantasy when it comes to fantasy this is my crack. I loved it wizards and noble warriors, magic, unicorns, peregrines, dark magic, good vs evil at its best!


Farrell is both a Grand Master and the crowned Prince of Haven a hidden sanctuary for refugees. He's the linchpin in the war against Meglar the wizard king of Zargon and a user of dark magic.  It's during a battle against Meglar that Farrell meets Miceral an immortal warrior chosen by the Six to be Farrell's mate. 


Along with Farrell and Miceral the author introduces us to Nerti, Queen of the unicorns and a large cast of secondary characters who all have a role to play in the battle against Meglar. 


Overall I really enjoyed this story. It's been quite a while since I've listened to or read a fantasy novel on this epic of a scale and to be honest I'd forgotten the amount of world building that it takes to make a story like this work. Fortunately for me the author chose to incorporate most of his world building into the  story which for me works a whole lot better than info dumps. While there were occasionally times that my interest waned they were far and few between. 


'The Last Grandmaster' is as story that has a lot going on...not only is Farrell's personal life in a bit of upheaval but he's working hard to save his world and defeat the evil known as Meglar and of course like any good story our hero has secrets...secrets that dog him at every turn and may even prove to be his undoing.


I have to admit I've been poking around this series for a while now and couldn't quite make up my mind but when the opportunity to listen to this on audio book came up, I sat down and took a serious look at things. I know I've said on more than one occasion that fantasy is one of my absolute favorite genres, so needless to say this had 'The Last Grandmaster' ticking yes in more than a few boxes for me. My dilemma came when I got to the narrator. Joel Leslie is the narrator for this book and this created a bit of a dilemma for me, I haven't had the best of luck with this narrator. It's not a case of good or bad, it's truly just personal preference and for me this narrator's voice tends to be more miss than hit...so what to do, what to do?


Well I went back and took a look at the audio books that I've listened to by Joel Leslie and came to the realization that while some didn't work and some were just ok. Out of them all while the audio was for me only 3 stars...I would have to say that 'Lord Mouse' is probably the one I liked the best and while that book bares no resemblance to this one in terms of the storyline or plot there is a similarity to the overall feel of them...sorry, I wish I had better words to explain this with but hopefully you get my drift here...anyways, bottom line after pondering this aspect of things I decided this was worth taking a chance on and happily for me I was right. Joel Leslie's narration for 'The Last Grandmaster' worked just fine for me and I genuinely enjoyed the audio experience. So much so that I'm truly hoping that the remainder of this series will be produced on audio book and I certainly won't have any reservations about listening if it's the same narrator for those books.


Although 'The Last Grandmaster' is the first book in this series the author hasn't left us standing at the edge of any cliffs wondering about the well being of our heroes, it would appear that each book in this series is for the most part a self-contained adventure that is part of a larger journey...a quest if you will, that our heroes are on in their battle against evil. There are currently four books in this series with a fifth book slated for release in 2018. For me the question isn't whether or not I'll continue the journey it's more a case of e-book or wait for it on audio? What to do? What to do?



An audio book of 'The Last Grandmaster' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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