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text 2022-04-13 10:02
How to Install New HP Officejet Pro 9015 Series Printer?

The first-time setup- installation for HP Officejet Pro 9015 series printers is covered here. This document applies to the HP Officejet Pro 9010, 9015, 9018, 9020, and 9025 all-in-one printer family.


Step-1 Remove the packaging materials from your printer and unbox it.

To begin, open the printer's box. Then take out the user guide and the ink cartridges that come with it. Remove the printer device from the packaging box now. Next, Remove the foam from both sides of the printer and set aside the power wire. Now take the printer out of the plastic bag. Remove all of the taps from the front of the printer as well as the control panel window. Now Close the scanner lid after removing the foam-based layer by lifting the cover.


Step-2 Make the necessary cable connections and preferences.

To begin, connect one end of the power line to the printer's back and the other end to a wall outlet. Your printer will now start (turn ON) on its own. Then, from the printer control panel, pick your desired language and confirm. After that, you must choose your nation and then confirm your selection.


Step-3 Ink cartridges are installed.

To begin, open your printer's front door and lift the cartridge access door. Remove the plastic insert when the carriage is idle or quiet. Now remove the cartridges from the packaging and unroll them. Next, pull the tab from the plastic tab on the black cartridge to reveal the vent slot. Hold the cartridge by its sides and twist the cap to remove it; you may need to use a lot of force. To avoid clogs, ink failure, and improper electrical connections, do not touch the ink port or metal contacts. Match the letter and colour of the cartridge to the carriage's matching slot. After that, slip the cartridge into the slot while holding it by its sides.


Step-4 Place a stack of papers in the input tray.

The primary paper tray must first be slid out. Remove the cardboard constraint and tape after that. Place the paper guidelines at the top of the stack. After then, fill the stack with regular A4 paper. Make sure the paper stack is pushed all the way into the tray. Now adjust the paper guides so that they are in contact with the stack of papers. If a notice appears on the control panel screen, slide in the paper tray and then tap OK.


Step-5 An alignment page should be printed and scanned.

Firstly, remove the output tray by sliding it out. An alignment page will now print on its own. Before you start printing papers, make sure you scan the alignment page. So, open the scanner lid and set the paper on the scanner glass, print side down. For optimal positioning, please refer to the scan instructions. Now close the scanner lid and then press the Scan button. When the message "Alignment Successful" shows on the screen, press OK to finish the hardware setup or installation.


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text 2022-04-05 03:50
6 Tips to Make a Relationship with an Age Gap Work


Many people don’t like the idea of dating a partner who is 10+ years younger/older than them. But sometimes attraction just happens and a relationship is built upon a large age gap. There are certainly ways to make it work, according to many relationship coaches. Let’s find out some of them: 

  • Accepting differences – everyone is different and unique – is what makes humans so fascinating. Being diverse and knowing that there is no one else out there like you are important. But it is also important to not get so caught up in differences because that can cause problems in relationships. This is especially the case in a relationship where partners have a big age gap. You should not be focused on changing anyone, but rather to bridge your differences and come closer together. 

  • Agree to disagree – perhaps one of the most important things partners with big age differences should learn is to agree to disagree. Because they are of different generations, their views on a lot of aspects of life will be different. It is important to not focus on those disagreements, but instead to move forward despite them. Partners should openly discuss their opinions and be more open-minded toward their views. There is no reason not to be able to negotiate and accept the differences with a level of appreciation of each other’s views. 

  • Crack up with a sense of humour – when you are in a relationship with a big age gap, you should always retain a certain sense of humour. Now and then someone you know will be asking whether the person you are with is your mom/dad. If you don’t assume a position of just brushing it off, you will question yourself. If you are in a good relationship and you know it, you should use it to strengthen your love even further. 

  • Assurance to one another is important – in a relationship with a big age gap, both partners can feel insecure sometimes. One partner can worry that the other will lean towards something more within their age group, and this goes both ways. Again, partners should focus on what brings them together and why they chose each other in the first place. Reassuring each other is what glues the relationship together. 

  • You will be at different places in life at times – with a big age difference and a long-term relationship, both of you will be at different places in your life. For example, when one is already thinking about retirement, the other’s career could just have taken off. This leads to different lifestyles and you both need to accept it. You have to be understanding toward one another, as these transitions happen. You need to be ready for them and communicate clearly where each of you stands on the matter. 

  • Embrace the advantages of the age gap – who is to say that there are only negatives to work around in a relationship with a big age gap? Having a mature partner means you will never have to wonder about whether he is ready to commit or just leading you on. Besides, having a person with more life experience by your side is always a big plus. He can help you out of a difficult spot in life, or just provide what people of younger age cannot. 

Couples with a big age gap can make things work nicely for them. They just need to remember to communicate with openness and embrace their differences, to allow their connection to thrive. 

© Kate Mansfield Dating Coach

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text 2022-03-29 04:05
A Guide on Moving to Mayfair


Mayfair is a wealthy and sought after area of London, a place of rich history and more. The street names in the area are related to the marriage of Mary Davies (Davies Street) and Thomas Grosvenor (Grosvenor Square), responsible for the building up of the area known as Mayfair back in 1677. The modern-day Mayfair keeps the small village charm of the early times in which it was first formed, despite the fact it is now an area of wealth and influence. The Grosvenor Estate still influences the buildings in the area, as well as construction. New buildings must ensure they have the same style and feel as old Mayfair. If you plan on moving to Mayfair, you should take a look at the atmosphere, culture and restaurants, as well as the easy access to most of London due to its location.


The History of Mayfair


When Thomas Grosvenor and Mary Davies got married in 1677, they formed the Grosvenor Estate, which is still a large part of Mayfair even today. The 300 acres of land today were once 500 acres of pastures, orchards and swampland. The marriage gave a lot of control over these lands for the couple. Gerald Grosvenor, the direct descendant of Thomas Grosvenor is now one of the wealthiest men in the UK, worth billions.


Before the development of the area, it used to be mostly large and open fields. The name Mayfair comes from the eponymous fair held in the area, something that grew bigger and bigger in time. The May Fair was unfortunately abandoned in the mid-1700s, but around that time the Grosvenor family started developing their lands with shops and houses.


What Transport is Available for Mayfair?


Mayfair is within easy walking distance to Central London and the areas of Covent Garden, Oxford Street and Soho. There is also a Tube station on each end - Bond Street and Green Park. From one of the stations, you can reach the Victoria, Jubilee, Central and Piccadilly lines. You can reach the Liverpool Street mainline stations in 12 minutes starting from Mayfair. Marylebone and Paddington are also within easy access to leave the city to the West and North-East. You can catch a taxi or a Uber from the area, as it is often served by private transportation. You may also catch the many Central London buses, giving you a chance to get around outer and inner London alike. If you live within Central London, you will also be an easy distance away from the Heathrow, Luton and Gatwick airports and London City.


Mayfair Properties


The properties available to rent and buy in Mayfair are beautiful, offering both traditional and more modern options for any buyer. There were large and impressive mansions in the area, but they were abandoned during WW2, later to be reused again as office spaces. Many of these offices are still used today.


Eating Out in Mayfair


The clientele in Mayfair has a discerning palate, so there is no surprise that there are many upscale places to eat around Mayfair. For those who prefer meat, Sackville's has a lot to offer with their impressive Wagyu beef. There are other traditional and tasty food like burgers and mac n cheese, ones made with exceptional ingredients and skill.


If you happen to have a preference for Japanese food, then you will find what you seek in Nobu. The interiors will provide you with the perfect setting, while you enjoy the most exquisite sushi. Jamavar offers curry lovers a chance to enjoy Indian food in a similarly thematic experience.


©Occupa Commercial Property Consultants


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text 2022-02-24 04:05
5 Michelin Star Restaurants to Check Out in Mayfair in 2022


For the upscale areas of London, you can’t get more luxury than Mayfair. It is the most expensive property area of the London Monopoly board, and for a good reason. There are layers in this famous and unforgettable residential area that go beyond just luxury. Fine dining is something of a local achievement, with no other area around London having so many Michelin Star dining stars.


Home to several luxury hotels, beautiful Georgian townhouses and more, the posh neighbourhood is something many critics and gourmands crave to visit. The 16 Michelin Star star restaurants in the area are greatly sought after. Here are some examples of the restaurants in the area and their Michelin star rating:


Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester - 3 Michelin Stars


Alain Ducasse is one of the most famous chefs in the world. His mastery of French Cuisine has made The Dorchester his home, earning it the three Michelin stars. Though many of the Ducasse delicacies he’s famous for are still there on the menu, the head chef Jean-Phillipe Blondet also placed his spin on the quality and excellence of the restaurant’s menu.


Using only the best of British produce, each of the plates is a delight of bold flavours and striking colours, making it a visual spectacle.


Sketch Lecture Room and Library - 3 Michelin Stars


Located in the 19th-century townhouse of Mourad Mazouz and Pierre Gagnaire, Sketch Lecture Room and Library will transport you to a world of bold colours, bright cuisine and lavish decors. You can relax in a plush armchair, enjoying the attentive and professional staff, and their innovative menus. Before you will be tables stacked with French and European meals, with each plate full of generous flavour and immaculate work.


Hélène Darroze at the Connaught – 3 Michelin Stars


From their personally made menus to beautifully decorated interiors, Hélène Darroze at the Connaught is an example of their craft. The menus have dishes using seasonal produce chosen by Hélène and the clientele. Should you take a seat inside one of London’s most impressive dining rooms, you will be given a solitaire board with 16 marbles. You can choose 5-7 marbles and their courses will appear on the table, championing your chosen ingredient. This interesting approach shows a dedication to detail and creativity that simply cannot be denied.


Le Gavroche – 2 Michelin Stars


Considered the ultimate fine dining experience, Le Gavroche keeps setting new standards of professional cooking. Since opening their doors in 167, dining at Le Gavroche has been synonymous with excellence. It was the first of the UK restaurants that received the three Michelin stars, a testament to chef Michel Roux Jr’s skill and incredible cuisine. There is something beautifully daring in the way Roux offers extravagant French dishes in an age of health-conscious meals. You will be satisfied whenever you visit Le Gavroche, as the cuisine establishment will allow you to immerse yourself in the very best French cuisine has to offer.


Hide - 1 Michelin Star


Set on three floors offering a breathtaking view across Green Park, Hide is a delicate balance on the edge of relaxation and refinement. It doesn’t hold a pretentious or predictable air, but it serves to be a restaurant collaboration between Chef Ollie Dabbous and Hedonism Wines. It is a place for any occasion and any visitor. The beautiful interiors are styled to represent the branches of a tree, with each floor being bathed in natural daylight, emulating the shade of an oak tree. You will travel across the branches, sampling their dishes from root to leaf, enjoying the natural ingredients.


©Occupa Commercial Property Consultants

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text 2022-02-21 03:19
7 Very Quick Cleaning Tasks You Should do Every Single Day


From refreshing the bathroom to dealing with carpet stains, most cleaning jobs require a certain amount of time devoted to cleaning. However, you don’t have to handle all chores at once, losing numerous hours of cleaning. The smart way to organise your cleaning schedule is to complete a few quick cleaning jobs every day. Check these simple chores here:


  • Make the bed – believe it or not, a picture-perfect bed goes a long way to improving the overall looks of your bedroom. No matter the style of the premise, a made bed is the way to keep the space warm and welcoming. Furthermore, it will take you no more than five minutes to make the bed. Deal with the task every morning, so that you can improve the vision of your bedroom and come home to a cosy premise.


  • Declutter the hallway – while dealing with all the clutter at once may seem like a time-consuming chore, you shouldn’t declutter the hallway every day. Given the fact that it is items of daily use that are the greatest clutter-makers, take advantage of smart storage solutions to take control over hallway clutter. Shoes, umbrellas, gloves and similar items need to be well-organised in suitable drawers or freestanding baskets so that you can prevent chaos in the hallway. A few decorative hangers, for example, work wonders by minimising clutter and adding extra style in the hallway.


  • Run the dishwasher daily – dirty dishes piling up in the kitchen sink certainly is not how a clean kitchen should look like, that’s why you need to take full advantage of your dishwasher. Once ready with your dinner, load the dishwasher with greasy plates and knives and leave it that way until the morning. On the next day run the dishwasher and as the cycle ends, empty the machine to get it ready for the next load of dishes.


  • Keep bathroom vanity clean – to enjoy the freshness of your clean bathroom, don’t forget to clean the vanity before you leave the premises in the morning. Keep your brushes and makeup nicely organised in storage baskets and wipe vanity surfaces daily. You can keep a few reusable bamboo cotton cloths in the bathroom so that you wipe surfaces in a flash.


  • Get a handheld vacuum – this may look like an investment you are unwilling to make now, yet a light handheld vacuum cleaner will help you to address small messes on time. Instead of dragging your heavy vacuum cleaner with you whenever a tiny accident occurs, purchase a light cordless alternative to save time and effort. Use your new cleaning tool for quick clean-ups like going over high-traffic areas or collecting crumbs after breakfast.


  • Take out the trash – you don’t want stinky trash compromising the fresh air in your kitchen, that’s why you should never forget to take out the trash in the morning or after dinner. While completing this chore, give your trash can a quick wipe with an antibacterial wipe to keep germs at bay. To keep the amount of litter under control, you can also put a separate trash can in each room at home – the bedroom, the bathroom or even the home office space.


  • Put stuff away – you know that clutter is tough to deal with and to keep it at bay, you need to put your things away once you are done using them. It’s a task concerning mainly stuff of daily use. Make sure your kids are well-familiar with this rule as well, to prevent clutter from appearing.


Remember to address these quick cleaning jobs every day and you will manage to preserve your home sparkly clean for a long time.


© London Domestic Cleaners


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