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review 2020-05-29 13:38
Book Review - Hiking the Grand Mesa: A Clementine the Rescue Dog Story by Kyle Torke and Barbara Torke
Hiking the Grand Mesa: A Clementine the Rescue Dog Story - Kyle Torke,barbara torke

Our book review
How do you get a message across to a wide audience on the vital importance of how a
rescue dogs can improve and enhance your life?  You produce a story about your family's journeys into nature and illustrating the words with beautiful pictures.

A well written story about the author's knowledge of the Dobies and what animals, plants and secrets they hold. This book struck a chord with me as in our busy lives how often do we stop to pause and take in what is around us? After reading this book and adopting the author's message I have visited garden centres to pick out colourful plants to attract birds, bees and butterflies as well as increasing our bird feeding station and every morning / night I've been looking out to listen to the sounds, smell the air and make a note of any newcomers into the garden which has recently included the squirrels returning after a couple of years.

The illustrations and easy to read words show us what we would miss if we did not take our time whilst out walking. The story is enhanced by the importance of sharing family time (without any digital devices) and how much fun and adventure you can have by following your dogs and using your imagination. It took me back to when my own children were very young and we spent a lot of time walking in the English Lake District and at weekends at the local coast beneath the cliffs, letting the children chase their dog and make up their one stories about the fossils we found and what creatures they used to be.

Even though this book is about the Dobies anyone who likes to be outdoors and needs the inspiration to do something different can read this book, select a rescue dog and head to a new place and just watch the fun and imagination of your children or even your own take over. Who will get to the top of the hill first?

Credit to the author and illustrator for bringing the outside world and all of its miracles to life, and it would be nice to see if you also change your lifestyle and just maybe like myself rekindle your love of nature.

Our rating

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text 2020-03-23 02:23
Consistent foot care routine

Keep to a consistent foot care routine, if its working in training, its also likely to work on the day. If you know that your feet do get overly sweaty, then use talcum powder to dry them. Get an expert to check your feet out if necessary. - Deal immediately with pre existing foot conditions First of all deal with any existing foot conditions. Instead choose a pair that you have been running in for about ten weeks. Consider using running socks when you run. - Make Foot Hygiene a priority Keep your feet clean and dry. - Blisters and Nail Damage. The same pertains if you have a number of calluses, or ingrown toenail Dungarees performance sports running socks Suppliers type problems.. Many Runners experience sore feet. Hence if the nails are too long then problems can ensue from this constant pressure. Don`t change your routine just for race day its a bad time to find out that a change hasn`t worked! * Some advice on Post Race Recovery You`ve finished - well done. * Examples of foot problems when running - Ill fitting Trainers and Socks These are the largest contributors to foot problems in marathon running, indeed running in general. It also involves putting our bodies and in particular our feet under a considerable degree of pressure as they spend several hours pounding the pavements. To avoid this, do not wear new trainers on race day. Again this can be caused by pressure on for example the big toe, but it can also be caused by ill-fitting footwear. Consider also trying a saltwater bath to sooth and a massage to relax. There is so much more to learn about sore feet and running, so do read on and learn how to really look after your feet properly. The potential for sore feet and injury is high, so we need to know how to take care and attention avoid these foot injuries..! However, your feet may be throbbing and need care and attention. * Some advice on pre race foot treatment. If the nails are too long, or socks overly thin, or trainers are too tight, then the nails can start to thicken up. These do need to be worn in but as you will be increasing your mileage in the last two months when training, you do need them to remain supportive. Running a marathon or long distance running involves a considerable degree of dedication and preparation. Some of the biggest foot problems experienced by runners, are blisters and nail damage. These are just a few of the many tips available on the treatment of sore feet . The nature of long distance running is that there is lots of pressure on the big toe. - Numbing Numbing is another example of the effects of long distance running. If you have a fungal condition, then get it treated as it will only flare up on race day. It really is essential to take the time to seek expert advice on appropriate running footwear. They can cause considerable problems with the hips, knees and back.

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text 2020-02-18 02:49
Check the overall design of the sock

There are also more Eco-friendly organic socks available for purchase as well. Many of us simply don't put that much thought into our socks, although we really should. They offer us warmth as well as comfort when wearing shoes or walking around the home. You can easily find great brands that offer fun designs for your little ones. Socks also absorb sweat, keeping our feet -and our shoes- from harboring bacteria. Cotton is soft and provides breathability. Check the thickness, pattern, and especially the seems. White ankle socks with lace and beading are a cute option for little girls in dresses. Most socks are made of cotton, thankfully. Choosing the right pair of socks starts with the material. Unlike wool and polyester, it's very rare for someone to be allergic to cotton. Thicker cotton socks will keep in warmth during the winter, but thinner cotton Coolmax Cotton men's hiking socks Suppliers will allow the feet to keep cool in the summer. Socks are often the forgotten piece of attire in one's wardrobe, and this goes for both adults and children alike. Kids socks don't have to be boring. Socks aren't just about aesthetics, they are a layer of clothing and protection for our feet. This can be a frequent occurrence with thinner socks. Choose quality brands that will not deteriorate after a few dozen washes. Your son shouldn't be wearing socks he wears with his dressier clothing or what he wears around the house. Design should always come second after quality. For sports, you should be picking out athletic socks that can wick away moisture and keep the feet cool. Our children rely on us as parents to make the right decisions for us, right down to kids socks.. Don't worry though. Most kids won't even touch an article of clothing that isn't super soft cotton. They can be another fun piece of clothing, so put the time and effort into choosing the right pairs for your kids. Some socks may seem really cute and once your child puts them on, maybe not so much. Pick children's socks that fit both the occasion and the outfit. Girls tights are appropriate for dresses and skirts and longer socks for boys to wear with dress slacks. Sometimes the seam can be itchy if it's not placed in the right spot. All that washing will cause them to fall apart quickly if you buy cheap kids socks. Likewise, when dressing up, pick formal wear socks. Check the overall design of the sock. While comfort is important to everyone, it's even more apparent for kids.

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text 2020-02-05 07:49
ACE Adventure Offer Hiking Holiday Montenegro Packages

Welcome to ACE Adventure. Are you searching for the perfect base to launch an unforgettable trip taking in the very best of Montenegro’s most stunning island destinations? Then look no further, here at ACE Adventure we offer Hiking Holiday Montenegro packages and day excursions on the island of Balkan, Croatia, including boat tours, Hotel stays and adventure activities.



Montenegro offers a vast variety of walks everything from gentle strolls to full mountain hiking. We are an adventure travel agency offering custom tours in the Adriatic region. And they are amazing. Montenegro offers you numerous opportunities and it's among the most attractive destination in Europe for hiking tours. Explore the best walking & Hiking Holiday Montenegro with ACE Adventure.

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text 2020-01-22 07:44
Join Us for an Amazing Trip to Hiking Holiday Serbia

ACE Adventure team is made for couple and a group of travel lovers who has been engaged in tourism in Serbia for years. Some of us contribute “behind the scene”, with doing jobs which are usually not visible, while some of us are in the field with you, doing our best to make you bring ultimate experience from Hiking Holiday Serbia.



Relaxing hiking is only for those who are looking for nature enjoyment and local food and culture experience. During this Hiking you'll might have a bit of intensive physical effort only at few points of the tour, so I advise you to take with you at least one wardrobe change. On the way you'll learn about local life in this area of Serbia and you'll see how typical village looks like, since last part of the hike takes us through village and local roads.


Hiking Holiday Serbia invites you to join us to an amazing trip to Montenegro, a country with stunning mountains and a beautiful coast on the Adriatic Sea. Although it is one of the smallest countries in Europe, its contribution to world cultural heritage is impressive, so come and discover it with us.

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