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Aurogra - For the Most Amazing Time in Bed!

Aurogra - For the Most Amazing Time in Bed!

Aurogra 100- for the most amazing time in bed! Any man who suffers from erectile dysfunction (ED), will know that ED is no joke – and in fact, it can be the worst nightmare of any man!


What Is ED?

ED, is also called male sexual impotence and it is when:

  • A man does not get a hardon.
  • When and if a man gets a hardon, he cannot maintain it hard long enough, so as to enable him to have sex.
  • If the man gets a hardon, it is so limp, he cannot have sex with it. 

ED is one of the most common sexual problems in the world and there are approximately 200 million men all over the world, who face this very same problem. The sad thing is, it has been predicted that by the year 2025, there will be around 320 million people who will be suffering from ED.


How Do You Know For Sure That You Have ED?

You can get a confirmation as to whether or not you are suffering from impotence in men, by going to see a doctor. And no, you need not have to worry that you have to go and see a male doctor specialist, for this. You just have to go and see a primary care doctor. 

To determine whether or not you are suffering from ED, this doctor would ask you some questions about your past medical history, as well as your present medical condition. The doctor would also do a physical examination and in this way, the doctor would most likely get to know whether or not you have ED. 

If you have ED, you need to be as worried as over here, you can get one of the best treatments in the world for this - Aurogra


What Is Aurogra? What Is It Used For?

Men all over, for the treatment of male impotency, take Suhagra 100 drug and when they take it, they are very happy to see that they get erections that are very hard, letting them have out of this world sex, for a long time. 

Men who are suffering from weakness of man in bed (ED), can have sex, even though they are impotent, as this drug contains Sildenafil Citrate and this acts by pumping the blood into the penis and giving you an erection which is extremely hard, letting you have the kind of sex you only imagined in your dreams. 

The Food and Drug Administration, in 1998, approved of the use of Sildenafil Citrate, for treating ED. 


What Are The Side Effects Of Aurogra? 

Men all over, to treat erectile dysfunction symptoms, use this medication and generally, side effects are not seen. In case you happen to take this drug and see side effects, be sure to go and see a doctor at once.

Some men who take Fildena 100 drug, could experience side effects like vision disturbances, nausea, nasal congestion, digestive problems, and changes in color perception, runny/rheumy nose, diarrhea, headaches and reddening of the torso, face and neck. 


What Are The Precautions Needed To Take Aurogra?

These are the precautions you should keep in mind, if you want to take this medication for the treatment of reason of weakness in man (ED):

  • This drug can be taken by you, only if you are a male and of the age 18 or more.
  • If you have any heart problems, do not take this drug.
  • If you are hypertensive, this medicine is not for you.
  • If you suffer from liver problems, this drug is not for you.
  • If you suffer from kidney problems, you cannot take this remedy. 

What Is The Dosage Of Aurogra? How to Take It?

Take this drug approximately 30 to 60 minutes before you desire to have sex. The effects of the drug can last for as long as 4 hours. To get the most out of this medication, you should have it on an empty stomach. Do not take this drug with a meal that has a high amount of fat in it or with alcohol, as these tend to reduce, as well as slow down the effects of the drug. Also, keep note that you can take this drug only once in 24 hours. 


What Are The Benefits Of Taking Aurogra?

There are a number of advantages that you will be happy to discover, when you take this medication for the treatment of sexual dysfunction symptoms and some of these are:

  • Harder Erection
  • Improves Self-Esteem
  • Cost Efficient
  • Safety And Efficiency
  • Fast Relief
  • High Endurance

Where to Buy Aurogra

The best male sexual dysfunction treatment in the world is available right here and you can get this in the form of world class drugs like Aurogra 100Caverta 100 and Suhagra 100. And have no fear, we - HimsEDPills, will deliver any of these drugs to you, right to your door step, no matter where you are in the world. From a very long time now, people from all over have been placing their trust in us, with their needs for healthcare products and drugs that are of world class quality and these are some of the reasons why they do so:

  • All our products are manufactured from the finest raw materials.
  • You get up to 70% off when you buy prescription drugs from us. 
  • Your order is sent to your delivery address, in a package that is 100% discreet.
  • Our products are of the very highest quality, still the prices of these are so low, it is hard to believe!
  • When you make a minimum order of $199, you get delivery FREE and you also get a FREE supply of bonus pills.
  • You get a guarantee of 100% cash back or FREE redelivery, in case something goes wrong with your order. 


  • More and more men all over the globe who suffer from ED are now starting to discover that even though they are suffering from ED, they can now have the most amazing time in bed, by getting the best erectile dysfunction treatment in the world - Aurogra!


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Natural Remedies to cure Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Remedies to cure Erectile Dysfunction


Young fit man exercising in a gym

Exercise is the key to withdraw notable health problems in the body. A half an hour exercise habit every day will boost your metabolism rate and will also remove the blockage in the blood veins. The blood flow in the body will improve and will smoothly flow on to the penis to form erection sexual arousal. If you have Erectile Dysfunction, then a regular exercise will give you slow improvements in your situation with every passing time. Unlike the medications, exercise will not show quick results, but the outcomes are healthy and noticeable.

There are many phases of causing erectile dysfunction in a male body, and medical experts state that exercise is the weapon that enables you to combat all the negative features of the body, causing erectile dysfunction. Maximum blood flow is a vital functionality that maintains a strong erection.

Daily exercise helps raise the nitric oxide in the blood vessels, which leads the blood flow to the penis. If you join a gym for weight-oriented workouts, then you can also work on increasing your testosterone levels in the body, which is another important aspect of forming an erection.

Healthy Diet

A woman is eating healthy lunch on a dark background. Clean and balanced healthy food concept

Having a healthy diet seems hard on today’s date when there are various fast foods available in restaurants. But if you are suffering from a sexual dysfunction condition, then you need to maintain your health conditions that can worsen the dysfunction situation. The food that you eat at home or outside builds a direct impact on your sexual health.

Amongst the many problems of erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes are few of the health conditions that trigger ED. The food you eat must be free from cholesterol, which will worsen the erectile dysfunction condition in your body. Use lesser sweet items if you already high blood sugar levels.

Add whole grains, fish, meat, veggies, and other such healthy food items to your diet to give overall health to your body. Adding refined grains to your whole nutrition of the day can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. Another major goal of a healthy diet is to have healthy body weight.

A survey by medical experts states that men having waist size above 42 inches are most likely to undergo Erectile Dysfunction than the men with a waist size below 32 inches. Being overweight also results in creating diabetes and other vascular diseases, which are the known precipitating factors for Erectile Dysfunction.

Enough Sleep

Sleepy young woman with ringing alarm, wake up, not getting enough sleep

Work or family tension is the primary reason for the sleep depreciation of men. Without sufficient sleep, your body does not get enough rest that it demands, and it starts malfunctioning, just like any motor vehicle. The level of testosterone in the body worsens if the body does not get complete sleep.

The sexual functions are also impeded, which leads to sexual dysfunction in the male body. Getting enough sleep fixes the alarm system of the body, which intimates the several functionalities of the body towards releasing hormones. Having proper sleep timing will help the body overcome erectile dysfunction.

For erection, the body stimulates signals to the brain on sexual arousal, and with a proper sleep system, the signals become visible and more prominent that supports increased erection. It is a slow healing process but will ultimately give a permanent cure to Erectile Dysfunction.

Quit Smoking

Stop smoking cigarettes concept — portrait of a beautiful smiling girl holding a broken cigarette in hands.

Smoking is one of the many reasons that lead the body gently towards Erectile Dysfunction. Smoking always creates vascular disease, which is one of the parts that cause erectile dysfunction. Smoking results in narrowing the blood veins, which prevents the blood flow to the various parts of the body, including the penis. Due to inadequate blood flow to the penis, the formation of erection is not healthy and leads to Erectile Dysfunction. There are several stopping methods available in the market and also with the doctors. Follow the advice and start acting upon it.

Reduce Alcohol consumption

Variety of alcoholic drinks on sturdy wood background

Alcohol is estimated as a depressant, and overconsumption can lead to strong erectile dysfunction. Alcohol affects the nervous system of the body, which can send signals to the mind. Without a proper mind-body signal transmission, the body will not respond appropriately, and the erection formation will not be firm and robust. You need not put a full stop on alcohol as special drinks do not affect your Erection functions.

Regular alcohol damages the central nervous system permanently, which then makes the erectile dysfunction problems permanent. Daily alcohol consumption reduces the functionality of the nervous system, which impedes the production and maintaining of an erection.

Body Acupuncture

The analysis by the medical experts states that body acupuncture is one of the many natural cures available for Cure Erectile Dysfunction. It is the best useful step taken to eradicate Erectile Dysfunction, which is caused due to the side effects of using antidepressants. There are important sexual side effects of consuming antidepressant pills. The survey tells that more than 90% of men in the world drink antidepressant pills, and most of them are undergoing erectile dysfunction.

Go to your nearest massage parlor and ask for body acupuncture to relieve the stress on the muscles. It will increase body functionality as well as the blood flow to the penis. If you have someone in your family who understands acupuncture points, then you need not go anywhere for relaxing. It is one of the most wonderful natural remedies that are capable of fighting erectile dysfunction completely.

Take Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies are made from natural ingredients that come with no side effects. Few of the herbal remedies are pomegranate juice and red ginseng juice, which are entirely natural and healthy for the body. These herbal remedies help boost the production of nitric oxide in the body, which increases the blood flow in the body and prevents Erectile Dysfunction. There are many other herbal remedies that you must consume only after consulting your doctor. Consulting a doctor is necessary to avoid any results due to a mixture of new medicines to your existing ones.

ED Drugs useful for curing Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra pills

There are several ED medications available in the market with the proper prescription of the doctors. The ED drugs that are widely popular for their mysterious results are Viagra (Sildenafil) , Cialis (Tadalafil), and Levitra (verdenafil). These Pills come with a special dosage pattern. For a start, every doctor recommends Fildena 100 tablets as it is the minimum dose. The patient needs to use these pills 30 minutes before any sexual exercise to see the effects. If the drugs show no results, then the doctor will increase the dosage to Fildena 120mg or 150 mg Fildena depending upon the hardness of the dysfunction.

Viagra 100mg (Vigora) is an effective ED drug that is also known as PDE5 inhibitors as it blocks the PDE5 enzyme and frees the blood arteries. It improves the blood flow and channels it to the penis for holding a firm erection. Start with the smallest dosage of generic viagra as it is enough to cure the primary dysfunction. Taking additional high dosage will result in creating side effects, which might worsen the condition. Consult your doctor before using any of the ED medications available online or offline.

These are a few of the natural remedies along with the effective ED medications that will result in curing your Erection problems. It is high time you must start following all the right habits and the natural measures that will help you prevent not only Sexual issues but also your overall health.

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What Does Tadalafil 40 Do to Your Sexual Experience?

Buy Tadalista 40mg online

Tadalista 40 mg is one of the most prescribed medicines for erectile dysfunction and is usually connected to as "The weekend medicine." It is one of the long-lasting pills and started to obtain an interest in the USA. In other portions of the world. This medication appears in various diseases, such as 5mg, 10mg, 40mg, 40mg, 60mg, etc. Certain drugs are produced by Fortune Healthcare in India and are articulated medicines that are used according to the doctor's prescript. Tadalista medicine is used in a medical condition in which a man cannot have an erection or keep it for a more extended period. This medication acts by improving the flow of blood that drills a man's penis, which enables the man to have a long-lasting natural building.



How does Tadalista 40mg work?

This medicine you can take with a glass of water. This medicine is usually used a time before enhancing involved in sexual activity. This pill is one of the inhibitors of PDE-5 that is known to reduce the level of cGMP enzyme being in a person's body. This medication works by decreasing the tissues that improve the flow of blood to each person's penis.


How to take Tadalista 40 mg tablets?

Tadalista 40 mg review can be used before or after making a snack. This medicine usually is not influenced by a person's food eating before using this medication. Typically, a particular dose per day is prescribed to the patient, and in many cases, it may go longer than this. The physician usually determines the prescription of the medication after observing the hardness of the situation and the adaptability of the pill with each patient.

Avoid drinking alcohol while using such medications, as they can improve the side effects produced by this medicine. It is desirable to stay away from the drug while making.


What is the Tadalista 40 mg tablet?

Tadalista 10 mg is known to be a solution for erectile dysfunction in men. There are various medicines available in the market that are known to take care of erectile dysfunction created by men, but Tadalista is the several famous of them all. It is readily available in the market and contains the active component known as Tadalista Weekend Pill. This allows this medicine to last large and is known for its effectiveness. This medicine is used as a single dose for every day and is understood to contain substances that can alter pneumonic arterial hypertension in men. The moment it gets for this medicine to determine effectiveness differs from one hour to 30 minutes. This pill is classified as PDE type 5 doses. This pill adjusts the level of cGMP that acts as a tissue relaxant that further improves hemoglobin flow. It is known that the drug continues working for nearly 3 to 4 hours, which enables a man to meet his companion in bed.


This medicine also begins with a lot of education and should be withdrawn if the patient is likely to conditions such as heart blow, heart attack, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, etc. This tablet also comes with a precaution for patients who have kidney: liver disease or dysfunction.


Drug interaction:

Several medicines are not prescribed Tadalista 10 side effect due to the communication of the drug produced by these medications. These medicines are discussed below:


  • Drugs receiving nitrates are not specified with Tadalista, such as isosorbitrate mononitrate, amyl nitrate, and nitroglycerin, etc.
  • Drugs those patients need for hypertension.
  • Drugs those patients take to stop HIV.
  • Several antifungals such as itraconazole and ketoconazole.
  • Some antitoxins, such as erythromycin and clarithromycin.
  • Some medicines for illnesses, such as carbamazepine and phenytoin.
  • This drug should not be taken with any of the herbal medicines available.


Side effects Tadalista 40mg:

 Some of the side effects produced by this medicine are the following:

  • Hypertension
  • Hypotension
  • Pain in a person's abdomen
  • Epistaxis
  • Dyspnea
  • Eruptions in different areas of the skin.
  • sweating
  • Tinnitus
  • Eye pain
  • Palpitation
  • Hematospermia
  • Tachycardia
  • Bleeding of the penis


If the person finds any of the side effects, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately.



  • Patients with a history of cardiovascular disorder should avoid this medication.
  • Patients taking alpha-blockers should avoid taking this medicine.
  • If a person's erection lasts more than 4 hours, a medical conference is required.
  • Having a limited range may require urgent medical attention.


Precautions of Tadalista 40mg:

If a person confronts any of the side effects mentioned below, it is suggested to consult a doctor immediately. Frequently, a patient's past medical health is observed, which then helps a doctor prescribe a suitable dose to a patient that allows him to have proper sex.

Patients with a history of stroke and heart attack should avoid accepting this treatment in the first place.


Dosage for Tadalista 40 mg:

This medicine comes with different sets of doses, such as 5 mg, 10 mg, 40 mg, and 60 mg, 20 mg.


Tadalista 40 mg overdose:

Tadalista 40 can lead to an overdose if it is not used as prescribed by the doctor. If there is an overdose, it is suggested to consult the doctor directly.


Missed dose of Tadalista 40mg:


If a person needed the Tadalista dose, it is best to avoid taking it at all. An ignored therapy is, in any case, better than having an overdose.


Uses of Tadalista:

Men who get an erection takes Tadalista Super Active. This condition is often related to erectile dysfunction. Aside from that, it is also recognized by patients who have consumptive arterial hypertension. This medicine allows a man to have an erection and protect a person's next ED.


Where can I buy Tadalista 40mg?

You can buy this ED medication from the pharmacy store over the internet. Also, it is recommended to see the sexual health expert for buying the ED medication online. Since the doctor knows your medical history well, they can tell you how you could be benefitted from Tadalista 40? You can buy a prescribed purple pill from our online pharmacy company Hims ED Pills, at the most discounted price. Our online delivery service is discrete and 100% confidential. We are the supplier of top quality OTC medications and other healthcare products to consumers worldwide.

 Visit our website www.himsedpills.com for more details or to Buy Tadalista 40 mg

*Cialis manufactured by Eli Lilly in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States — and other countries.



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Satisfy Her at the Bedtime by Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction with Fildena 100

Satisfy Her at the Bedtime by Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction with Fildena 100

What is fildena 100?

Fildena 100 is a Reliable Generic medicine that helps battle one of the distressing Physical Condition called Erectile Dysfunction. Fildena is signified to treat erectile disorders treatment of various etiologies. This drug contains an active ingredient that is normally present in an alternate Viagra drug known as Sildenafil Citrate Tablets. 

Fildena is one of the most important compositions improving s e x u a l performance in men breathing a disturbed s e x life due to Erectile Dysfunction. Fildena Sildenafil Citrate Tablets Manufactured by Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Why is Fildena the right choice for men?

Fildena 100 purple is a unique pharmacological drug. Fildena 100mg is the most popular, and FDA approved medications for Treat Erectile Dysfunction problems in men. Its use is now one of the standard treatments for Erectile (Sexual) Dysfunction, including men with Diabetes mellitus. The active ingredient Sildenafil 100mg in Fildena is a selective inhibitor of cGMP- phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enzymes. The drug is also used in the treatment of serious pathologies such as male infertility. It dramatically improves the natural libido of men and stimulates spermatogenesis.

Why Fildena 100 is Very Popular?

Fildena is a Generic form of Viagra. Fildena Tablets has a very powerful unit composite known as Sildenafil Citrate, which is very useful in caring for Erectile Dysfunction or impotence conditions in men. Fildena 100 mg is the source of Substance that inhibits Phosphodiesterase (PDE5). This medication relaxes tissues in the penis and raises blood flow in it, thereby supporting men to gain and maintain an e r e c t i o n.

Side effects – Fildena 100

  • Headaches
  • Stuffy nose
  • Dyspepsia
  • Facial flushing
  • Blurry vision
  • Heartburn

Is Fildena Safe?

Fildena is a safe and Well Authorized FDA Approved medication. It depends on your contemporary medical condition and your medical history. Fildena medication has been shown to help patients with ED very well and restores their s e x u a l function for a full, happy life.

Fildena 100 for Sale USA, UK, France at Cheap Price

Buy Fildena 100 online from most trusted and reliable generic drugs store Hims ED Pills, the USA at a low price with our fastest delivery service. Check Fildena 100 Reviews. We give 100% safe package and strictly confidential, best quality products. Get your order at your doorstep in few days.

Is Fildena the Same as Viagra?

Yes Fildena is same as the Viagra Because Both of these remedies are same effect for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Fildena Pills is an individual pharmacological drug. Viagra is a brand name that only Pfizer can use. Viagra and Fildena both are related because they hold the same active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. As a result they both have the same effect throughout treatment.

How to Take Fildena Correctly?

Fildena is the most successful drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, takes 30–40 minutes before physical activity. Fildena tablets take as prescribed your doctor, usually as required. A daily prescribed dosage is Fildena 25 mg. The dosage can be increased or decreased up to 100 mg and 25 mg. Do not take more than once daily.

Benefits of Fildena 100 Pills:

Fildena Tablets is one of the most popular medicines to treat Erectile Dysfunction. Some of the advantages of Fildena Pills are as under:

  • It gives causing a harder and long-lasting sustainable erection.
  • The duration of action is 4 to 6 hours.
  • Clinically Effective, Proven and safe to use
  • The effect can be experienced within 30 to 40 minutes if intake
  • It is budget-friendly and is not heavy on the pockets
  • Fildena 100 Purple Pills is readily available online at a lower price

Buy Fildena 100 online

Buy top class oral ED medications from our e pharmacy store HimsEDPills.com Our company is one of the most reputed and trustworthy supplier of high-quality OTC drugs and other health care products to customers from all over the world. The main goal of our organization is to supply the professionally manufactured and high-quality medications at the best prices which you would never be able to get from the brick and mortar pharmacy stores. We ship medications all over the world and guarantee the delivery of high-end products to your doorsteps. You can buy the prescribed drugs from our e-commerce portal easily by just simply adding the chosen products into your shopping cart and then placing the order.

Why You Benefit By Buying Sildenafil Citrate from Us

Hims ED Pills is highly preferred by buyers due to their leniency when it comes to prescriptions, which clients find beneficial and advantageous over the tediousness of purchasing medications from local pharmacies. Also, you would receive tracking details for a placed order, and you can track it online, so one can have you can benefit from it.

You can read Fildena 100 purple reviews on our website so one can have trust for place an order for Fildena 100 Online.


Is Fildena 100 citrate available over the counter?

No, Fildena 100 is not an over-the-counter product. You can buy it when a doctor prescribes it.

Can you take Fildena 100 more than once every day?

No, do not take fildena for more than once a day.

Is Fildena safe for Women?

Sildenafil Citrate Fildena 100 is strictly for the use of men only. Women should not take Fildena as it may have severe adverse impacts on their bodies. The effects of pregnancy or lactation are unknown. Also, the children below 18 years of age should avoid taking medicine.

Does Fildena 100 affect fertility?

No, Sildenafil Citrate is not known to induce fertility. It is used only for erectile dysfunction. For the treatment of any fertility-related problems, please consult a physician.

Is Fildena Dangerous?

It can lower down your blood pressure drastically if you take medicine along with nitrated.

So, it is a must to consult a doctor before you start taking this medicine.

Source: www.himsedpills.com/product/fildena-100
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caverta 100 | Sildenafil | caverta 50 mg At Low Price in USA

What is Caverta 100 mg?

Caverta sildenafil citrate 100mg is launched by Ranbaxy, Caverta 100 mg medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men. It can help men who have erectile dysfunction get and sustain an erection when they are sexually excited. One does not get an erection just by using Caverta medication. Caverta helps a man with erectile dysfunction get an erection only when he is sexually excited.


 How does Caverta 100 mg (Sildenafil Citrate) work?

Under normal conditions, when a man is sexually excited, the penis fills up with blood. When erectile dysfunction occurs, sufficient blood does not flow to create an erection. Caverta 100, with Sildenafil citrate, relaxes the penile blood veins when a man is sexually excited. This allows blood flow into the penis, resulting in an erection. The erection subsides after sex, just as it is supposed to in normal circumstances.

Please know that Caverta 100 mg is not a hormone or aphrodisiac; it works only when a man is sexually stimulated.



For how long should it be taken?

Take Caverta100 mg before one-hour whenever you plan to have sex. Starting in about 30 minutes and lasts for up to 4 hours, Caverta can help you get an erection if you are sexually stimulated. If you take Caverta 100 after a high-fat snack (such as steak, cheeseburger, and French fries), the medication may take a little longer to start working. Caverta can help you get an erection when you are sexually excited. You will not get an erection just by taking the pill.


What does Caverta not do?

Caverta sildenafil citrate 100mg does not cure erectile dysfunction. It is a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Caverta does not protect you or your partner from getting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV-the virus that causes AIDS. Caverta is not a hormone or an aphrodisiac.


Who should take Caverta?

Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy suitable for sexual activity. If you take any medicines that contain nitrates - either regularly or as required you should never take Caverta sildenafil citrate. If you take Caverta with any nitrate medicine, your blood pressure could quickly drop to an unsafe level.

Nitrates are found in many medicines that are used to treat angina (chest pain due to heart disease) such as nitroglycerine (sprays, ointments, skin patches or pastes, and pills that are swallowed or dissolved in the mouth) isosorbide mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate (tablets that are taken, chewed, or dissolved in the mouth) Nitrates are also found in recreational drugs such as amyl nitrate or nitrite ("poppers"). If you are not sure if any of your medicines contain nitrates, or if you do not understand what nitrates are, ask your physician or pharmacologist. Caverta only for patients with erectile dysfunction. Caverta is not for newborns, children, or women.

Do not let anyone else take your Caverta 25 mg uses. Caverta sildenafil citrate 100mg must be used only under a doctor's supervision.


 Caverta 100 mg (Sildenafil Citrate) Side effects

CAVERTA (sildenafil citrate) can generate some side effects. These effects are usually easy to manage and frequently don't last longer than a few hours. Some of these side effects are more likely to occur with higher doses.


The most common side effects of sildenafil citrate are 

  • Headache, 
  • Flushing of the face,
  • Upset stomach.
  • Less common side effects that may occur are temporary changes in color vision (such as trouble telling the difference between blue and green objects or having a blue color tinge to them), eyes being more sensitive to light or blurred vision.
  • You should call a doctor immediately if you ever have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours. If not treated right away, permanent damage to your penis could occur.
  • Heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeats, and death have been reported rarely in men taking sildenafil citrate. Most, but not all, of these men had heart problems before taking this medicine. If you want more information or develop any side effects or symptoms you are concerned about, call your doctor.

Safety Information

The Caverta drug must be used mainly in the recommended dosage.

Only your physician can determine if Caverta is right for you. Caverta can generate a warm, temporary lowering of your blood pressure. You will need to have a thorough medical exam to diagnose your erectile dysfunction and to find out if you can carefully use Caverta alone or with your other medications.

  • Be sure to tell your doctor if you have:
  • Any heart problems have ever had a stroke,
  • Low or high blood pressure,
  • A few inherited eye disease called retinitis pigmentosa,
  • Any kidney difficulties or any liver difficulties,
  • Any blood difficulties, including sickle cell anemia or leukemia,
  • Allergies to sildenafil or any of the other ingredients of Caverta medicines,
  • A deformed penis Peyronie's condition, or ever had an erection that lasted more than 4 hours,
  • Stomach ulcers or any types of bleeding problems
  • If you are taking any other medications.

 What is the dosage of Caverta 100 mg?

The dosage of the medicine will vary as per your requirements. If your physician detects a more massive dose is required, it will be modified correspondingly. You should remember the highest dosage that can be used is Buy Caverta 50 mg, only with previous consent with your physician. If cardiovascular complications accompany the situation, you must be careful with Caverta 100. Strictly not to be used more than once each day, this medication can be harmful if mixed with alcohol.


What if you miss the dose?

Since the medication is taken on a need-to basis, you are not likely to miss a dose. If it is time to take the next dose, then don't have to take the missed one.


What if you take too much (overdose)?

You may require urgent medical help in this situation. In such a case, visit the nearest healthcare center or call your physician directly.



Where can I buy Caverta 100 mg Pills?

You can buy this ED medication from the pharmacy store over the internet. Also, it is recommended to see the sexual health expert for buying the ED medication online. Since the doctor knows your medical history well, they can tell you how you could be benefitted from Caverta 100 mg. You can buy prescribed purple pill from our online pharmacy company Hims ED Pills at the most discounted price. Our online delivery service is discrete and 100% confidential. We are the supplier of top quality OTC medications and other healthcare products to the consumers worldwide.

 Visit our website www.himsedpills.com for more details or to buy Caverta 100 mg


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