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review 2018-01-31 14:13
not for me
Surrender the Dark - L.A. Banks

Azrail was the Angel Of Death yet he feared the return of darkness. But he refused to lose to lose sight of the fact that to be chosen was the highest honor imaginable. The sacrifice would be great but that was what made being chosen so deeply revered. Azrail could feel the energy changing and the anticipation from the others. As he remained on the edge of one and the descent to another world,he  was a being of pure light and now would be reconstructed  into earthy flesh and matter. A process that hurt like Hades. Most of his kind didn’t  make  the full trasition into flesh. Instead they reach out to humans through the veil between the worlds entering human space without actually being human. Some of his kind had been trapped in the earthly realm following their dash with the fallen. The rumor wasd if the most high was calling on Azrail now to actually go to earth that the cosmic clock was ticking. This mission required forces on the ground. It also required an acute understanding and compassion for humans that can only be acquired through human experience. If this didn’t shift the course of humans toward the Light then the planet would be plunged into darkness forever. Humans would be lost and the Source Of All  That Is would start over again somewhere else. Azrail predicessions and mentors warned him that this mission was very dangerous. If he failed and the dark side won the balance between the darkness and and The Light would forever be tilted in  favor of demonic forces. Azrael hated being vulnerable to the dark.  Rebirth into the human world was no different from what Azrail imagined hunan birth to be. Azrail was to search for and find the girl. Celeste came home to find Brandon smoking a joint. Fighting with her had become Brandon’s national past time. Celeste sees demons and had been labeled  crazy. Aunt Nicey was Celeste’s guardian - she was there for Celeste - paid her  her bills from Celeste’s social security check and Brandon didn’t give her any BS. Celeste is contemplating suicide to just end everything. Celeste is tired of Brandon beating on her and belittling her. Celeste believes Brandon is going to kill her  but the demon in Brandon kills him. Celeste goes to a bar  and Azrail comes in and precedes to changes her life. Azrail tells Celeste he is an angel sent to protect her.Celeste teaches Azrail what he needs to know about how to live in the human world  Eventually celeste  believes Azrael's story even her part in it. Then Azrail and Celeste are off to go against evil.

I had mixed feelings about this book. There was too much extra stuff in the theology. I like that Celeste was definitely a different kind of heroine. I don’t think the writing in this book was great. There was also a lot of repetition. But I did like how the author showed the darker side of addiction and poverty. This was too slow  moving for me. I felt I was being preached at sometimes. I thought Celeste changed too quickly. So as I said I had mixed feelings on this book.

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review 2018-01-27 13:44
Hold me
Brighter Than the Sun (A KGI Novel) - Maya Banks

This is book #11, in the fast paced KGI series.  This can be read as a standalone novel.  For reader enjoyment, and to completely understand the series and what is going on in the book, I recommend reading this 5* series in order.


Joe has heard from all the other brothers, and sometimes even his sister, that he will know the "one" when he finds her.  Well that all seems like a bunch of garbage.  Until she steps into view.  Now it is a whole new adventure.


Zoe has never had a family who loves her.  In fact her whole life has been a lot of the opposite.  With the help of her college roommate, she finds herself on the run for her life.  Having a man there who wants to cherish and protect her is so unheard of, she is not sure really how to respond.


This series always gets my heart pumping.  Each character is so unique and special.  This book has some fan favorite characters inside to make you get excited!  I absolutely cannot wait until the next installment in the series is here.  I give this story 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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review 2017-12-17 12:10
Non-canonical SF author: “The Culture Series of Iain M. Banks - A Critical Introduction” by Simone Caroti
The Culture Series of Iain M. Banks a Critical Introduction - Simone Caroti

"Banks loved metafictional negotiations, complex plots, and deconstructionist approaches, but he also loved story; he tied every subplot, told the tale of every character, and made sure to repay out good faith in him in kind.”

In “The Culture Series of Iain M. Banks - A Critical Introduction” by Simone Caroti

As a wildly innovative, imaginative, popular and subversive novelist, his works are infused with darker elements that give them a forbidden, cultish, underground status, but the fictions that are perceived as being in his more conventional and less evidently speculative mode fail to. It's entirely possible that readers expect SF to be simpler and less demanding based on their previous experience of reading SF, rather than on mere prejudice. After all, you don't have to eat all that much crap before you become unable or unwilling to distinguish it from fudge brownies.
Well I've done a systems check this morning and it appears that, yes, the anal probe has caused some slight damage to the self-censorship circuit boards, which may also have caused the nuance software to be over-ridden. This meant that the remains of the message was diverted to the spamsac. I include it here under the Full Disclosure subroutine:
"Of course, this logic doesn't just apply to SF. If, for example, someone gave me “Amsterdam”, “Freedom” and "My Brilliant Friend” to read, telling me that it was the best of contemporary fiction, then I would legitimately be led to expect that there was no such thing as a fudge brownie, and that the main requirement for reading contemporary fiction would be to install the Brainfuck 2.0 virus whilst sticking hot knitting needles in one’s ocular sensors." (although in italics, they're my own words) 
If you're into SF Literary Criticism, read on.
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review 2017-12-12 10:00
Release Day Review! Centaur's Prize (Zodiac Shifters) Catherine Banks
Centaur's Prize: Sagittarius - Catherine Banks



The centaur’s prized possession was lost and as the guard on duty that night, all blame is placed on Lysander. For punishment, they exiled him to the human’s world, away from his herd and the only life he had known. The only way he can get back to Olympus is to find the lost item. A feat made much more difficult when a gorgeous, tall, and leggy blonde trots into his life.

Mendra is the last of her kind, a Pegasus with the ability to shift into human form or equine form. Her mother told her wild tales about lands with centaurs, satyrs, Gods, and heroes, but she never believed them. Until she met a man like her, a man who could shift into equine form and tells her similar stories. He asks for her help finding a lost item, so he can return to Olympus and his herd. She wants to help him, but she’s afraid to lose the one person who makes her feel like she’s home.

Lysander convinces Mendra to help him, but as they search for the lost item, he isn’t so certain he wants to return home. Life with the humans is so much different than Olympus and his heart aches at the thought of leaving Mendra behind, alone in a world without a herd of her own. Will his arrow fly true, or will they lose more than they ever imagined?




Centaur’s Prize is a delightful short read that readers can enjoy while on the go. The story has some unique and wonderful characters, some thrilling suspense including bad guys, some mysterious secrets and a spicy romance.


I was caught from the very beginning as the story begins with a bit of action and I couldn’t stop turning the pages as a bit of mystery and a sizzling romance between Myndra and Lysander keeps spices up the story in fact the only complaint I have is that I didn’t have enough time with these characters.



Centaur’s Prize is part of the Zodiac Shifters (Goodreads, Website) series


Centaur’s Prize is available in ebook at:

Amazon   iBooks   B&N   GPlay   Kobo


Catherine Banks can be found at:

Website   Facebook   Twitter   BookBub

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review 2017-10-18 01:42
Soul Possession
Soul Possession - Maya Banks

Jessie is a waitress at the bar that Rick and Truitt go to. Rick and Truitt have both flirted with Jessie and do so each time they see her. Both want to take her home with them, so they proposition her together, and each time she declines. Then one night, she gets falsely accused of stealing and fired. On this night, she accepts their offer. Then, the morning after, she is accused of murder and then soon after kidnapped by a serial killer terrorizing the city.
Whew! There is so much packed in this novella! I did enjoy the ride, lots of hot sex. Good, likable characters. Jessie didn't need saving and I appreciated that. I do think Jessie let Rick and Truitt off a little too easily. I think more groveling was necessary after what they did (or in this case didn't do).

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