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text 2018-03-13 16:05
PocketBook wspiera kreatywność (we Wrocławiu)

We Wrocławiu trwa właśnie Ogólnopolska Olimpiada Kreatywności „Destination Imagination”. Miło mi było spotkać i tutaj ekipę reprezentującą... czytniki.


Ceremonia otwarcia Ogólnopolskiej Olimpiady Kreatywności Destination Imagination (Wrocław, 11 III 2018 r.)


PocketBook swoimi działaniami we Wrocławiu wspiera młodzież biorącą udział w zawodach. Firma jest jednym ze sponsorów imprezy i ufundowała m.in. nagrody w postaci czytników. Ale, co ważniejsze, w czasie Olimpiady zorganizowano także warsztaty w postaci „wyzwania językowego” (nawiązującego do wyzwań w ramach Olimpiady).


Ogłoszenie o warsztatach PocketBooka (źródło: www.kreatywnosc.pl)


Zespoły zgłoszone na warsztaty, rozwiązują językowe łamigłówki oraz mają wykazać się kreatywnością w układaniu opowieści bazujących na dostarczonych przez organizatora tekstach. A teksty bywają przecież także w czytnikach...


Warsztaty w toku (Wrocław 2018 r.)


Również najmłodsi uczestnicy olimpiady (którzy słowem pisanym jeszcze dobrze nie władają) mieli szansę przyłączyć się do zajęć (Wrocław 2018 r.)


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review 2018-02-14 02:52
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - J.K. Rowling,Mary GrandPré

Harry Potter, the boy who lived! What can I NOT say about this book? I grew up alongside Harry Potter. I remember the first time I was introduced to Harry was the fifth grade. My teacher was not so friendly, so when she read the text aloud, I always tuned her out. However, when I finally got my hands on a copy, my world changed. I stayed up late reading. I woke up early to read. I missed birthday parties, movies, softball practice, etc. just to spend time with Harry. I related to Harry so easily. He was an outcast and a little socially awkward. I envied his magical powers and enchanted castle. I would love to allow my students to partner read this text or listen to the audiobook. I think I would challenge them to create a Quidditch field, and have them measure the dimensions of their creations. I love the idea of allowing them to create their own Hogwarts house, assigning a mascot, and writing about the attributes that a young witch or wizard would need to be assigned to that house!


Lexile - 880L

Guided Reading - V

DRA - 50 

AR - 5.5

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review 2018-02-09 23:28
That's What Friends Are For!
Bridge to Terabithia - Katherine Paterson

AR: 4.6

Grade Level: 4th-8th

Summary: This book is all about imagination! Two friends come together to build a magical kingdom, until something tragic happens. However, this devastation is an impetus for Jess' understanding of strength and courage. 

Idea: I would use this book for the purpose of building character. I would allow for my students to come up with their own magical kingdom (class-wide). They would be required to build a script, then act it out. It would be a made from scratch. It would be an original readers' theater!

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review 2018-02-06 01:34
Would You Want To Be King Of All Wild Things?
Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice Sendak

AR: 3.4

Grade Level: PreK-5th

Summary: In Where The Wild Things Are, a little boy is sent to bed without dinner. However; within his imagination, he travels to the land of all wild things! Here, is where he is made King! He enjoys every bit of it, until it's time for the wild things to go to bed. Here is where he is left lonley, and eventually sails back home. Dinner is waiting for him-still hot!

Idea: Every aspect of this book is excellent! From the text to the illustrations, it really drives the reading into wanting to read more. I will most definitely be using this book in my class. I was even thinking about acting this book out. The kids will love it! Imagination is everything. 

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review 2018-01-31 22:12
No Words!
Tuesday - David Wiesner

"Tuesday", by David Wiesner is a picture book with no words. This opens the door for so much creativity. This book would be a great writing prompt for students. Each page could be assigned to the students to write a story on what they think is going on or going to happen. They could also make predictions about what they think is going to happen. The beginning of the book starts with saying its Tuesday around eight o'clock and the rest is up to you. The author mentions different times throughout the story to give the reader a sense of the time of day it is. This would be a lot of fun to see what they students come up with. You could list questions like "where are they going", "what are they doing", "are they on a mission", to prompt any student who may be having trouble. I would use this book for an grade for creative writing and using their imagination. You would get difference responses for all grade levels. 


There is not a reading level for this book that I could find, but the recommended age level is 4 and up.  

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