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review 2014-08-13 11:22
The Impaler's legacy (Omnibus)
The Impaler Legacy Omnibus - Ioana Visan

I was given these books in exchange for an honest review (Lop or Lovers of Paranormal).

I liked the idea of a new breed of vampires and the council concept which made for an intriguing read. I felt both concepts were original, kudos to the writer for giving ‘vamps’ a new spin. Even though it was a well written book, the first book in the series the “Impaler legacy,” was hard for me to read. I was initially very excited to find the main character was female and with the name of the book and the background scenarios, I think I pumped myself up for a female warrior-type story-line. So I kept waiting for her to kick ass and not just speak ass. Instead she was a bit of a basket case at times and she was surrounded by men whose only duty was to save her, literally.

In addition, I kept thinking if so many citizens went to the academy, why were there so few women, not just in the Pandurs but anywhere in the ranks. Even if she had a female kick ass bodyguard I would be happy. Didn’t any woman in the entire country think, “Hey, I can take this training and I can fight vamps and save my country too.” At some point it felt like Liana was the only women in the world, standing on top of it surrounded by an army of men.

So, after the first book I took a break, to consider if I wanted to invest in the second, which I did read and did not regret.

“A Victory that Counts,” the rest of the Omnibus edition was an easier read because I came to terms with the first book. I allowed myself to relax and I read it with no expectations. I enjoyed the second book and read it with lightning speed. The characters stayed true to their initial descriptions and everything cumulated perfectly. I just need to remind the writer if there is a book three in the making that a certain someone needs “digging out.” (I’ll say no more on that.)

This is a strong series and I enjoyed the experience of reading the books. I like it when I get involved in a story, whatever emotion comes out is welcome and I am sure you will too.

You can find the book on AMAZON


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review 2014-05-05 00:33
The Impaler's Legacy Omnibus by Ioana Visan
The Impaler Legacy Omnibus - Ioana Visan
  This is the Impaler Legacy series in one book.  I enjoy these characters especially Liana and Maximillien.  While I know Liana loves Jesse, I kept hoping Max and she would hook up.  They are very evenly matched.  As they try to stop the rise of the New Vampire coming out of New Zealand they both learn how to compromise and work together for the common good.  I liked how Liana became less antagonistic towards Max since her bodyguard became a vampire while trying to protect her.  I also liked how each story built upon the previous one and picked up the story line.  The world building is good.  The rules are constant through the stories.  I hate to see this series end.  I'm going to miss Liana and Max
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review 2014-05-05 00:24
The Third Wheel by Ioana Visan
The Third Wheel (The Impaler Legacy) - Ioana Visan

What does Max do when he is not working with Liana to keep vampires safe?  He follows a lovely lady and has dinner with her.  This takes the characters of The Impaler series and gives us a light-hearted look at the three main characters when they are not working.  I liked the humor of this story and it fit the characters.  A fun read!

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review 2014-04-06 00:00
The Impaler Legacy Omnibus
The Impaler Legacy Omnibus - Ioana Visan The Impaler’s Revenge
* I liked the intro, which did a good job showing instead of telling to introduce the world. There was just enough hinting at plot points to get me curious.
* I really liked Liana, who was tough not stupid about accepting help
* The interaction between Liana and the vampire was great. They both come across as pretty cool people and their banter made the book fun
* There were a number of typos I felt should have been cleaned up by the time a book is being republished as part of an anthology
* This ended up being a great mix of politics and action, both fascinating
* The writing felt a bit flat to me. There wasn’t anything distinctive about it and it didn’t create a particular atmosphere
* I liked the romance, which developed in a slow, believable way and didn’t take over the plot
* Good twist on the vampire origin story and fascinating plot twist at the end

Sweet Surrender
* Good use of a novella! The relationship between Liana and her love interest needed this development, but separating this out helped keep the previous book from being too focused on the romance
* This is basically just one scene though, very short even for a novella

A Victory That Counts
* While at war, Liana decides to torture someone and her emotions about the whole thing seemed flat and unbelievable. She basically thinks “I don’t want to do this, but oh well”. Then afterwards she’s a bit upset about it but not much.
* Her boyfriend is also nonplussed by the torture, which may make him a good boyfriend but also makes him a pretty bad human being
* I was really disappointed by how the moral questions were ignored in this book. In addition to the torture being treated so lightly, Liana also ignores evidence that not all vampires evil and that some of the rulers in her country are very evil. I wish so badly that had been the focus of this book!
* From the torture scene, this was all downhill for me. I just couldn’t connect with Liana and her motivations

Casualties of War
* This is not a good use of a novella. The way the protagonist’s love interest gets kidnapped and how she deals with that is not something that can be left out. Personally, I don’t think a novella should be essential to the plot
* I’m a bit tired of the damaged female paranormal protagonist who must hide her feelings because she’s been hurt in the past. The way things play out here turned our protagonist into one of those characters.

Order Restored
* About the only likable thing about Liana in the last book were her feelings for Jesse. Suppressing those is making her less relatable
* The typos are far more common and more annoying in this book, several on most pages
* I really like how she handled the interaction with vampires in this book too. Very gutsy!
* The plot is pretty good, but the battles and the climax lack oomph. They’re just not epic enough
* This could be a fun, light, action-packed story, but the protagonist’s callousness and the typos made it hard to enjoy
* I think this book was intended to address the moral issue, but while it’s talked about a little and Liana abruptly changes at the end, it wasn’t very believable

The Third Wheel
* I liked this happy little novella, which wrapped up the political situation and everyone’s love lives pretty well
* There are still typos, but not as many as in the last book
* The story doesn’t make any more sense than Liana’s change of heart at the end of the last book, but if you accept that, then this story works

This review first published on Doing Dewey.
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review 2013-05-02 00:00
The Impaler's Revenge (The Impaler Legacy, #1)
The Impaler's Revenge - Ioana Visan I have to say this is the best vampire story ever.I enjoyed the story so much i can't wait for the next series.Everything in the story is clear and perfect and also the author's way of writing. This is a story of Liana Cantacuzino.She hates vampires.But what could she do if she is given a job to protect a vampire?That's where the story begins. Maximillian is a vampire who is called by the president himself for some reason which is not revealed to anyone including her.It is now Liana's duty to babysit Max and watch him closely so that he doesn't hurt anyone.The story accelerates even more from here.There is lot more you can expect from the book. It was Liana's false assumption that Max is the only vampire who is fortunate enough to live in their country.But this is not true.Vampires live almost everywhere in their country.There are many interesting characters which will keep you engaged to the book.Doctor Jesse, Liana's ex-boyfriend and Radu, a vampire hunter.There is lot of suspense, emotions which kept me hooked onto the story until the very end.I'm eagerly waiting to read the next series.Thanks to the author for giving me a free copy of the book.
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