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text 2019-07-15 05:24
Remarkable Refinements Hosted by the Updated .Net 4.8

Going through this article will enable you to nurture your knowledge on .Net framework, thereby making you aware of the improved features of its latest version, .Net 4.8. It explains the key aspects to bear in if you want to upgrade your version of Dot net application and what benefits you can derive. 


Conventional wisdom states, “Change is the only constant”. This very fact can be witnessed in each and every facet of human lives, especially when it comes to technological refinements. Every other day, we come across a plethora of emerging technologies and their upgraded versions, which reflects more improvisation. Likewise, the Microsoft .Net Framework has advanced to a great extent over time. New enhancements and features have been introduced for making it more secure, stable, fast and high performant, thereby refining the task of Dot Net developers of Australia as well. 


Here we bring a bird’s eye view on the major improvements made in the .NET 4.8 framework. 


What it’s all about

While installing .Net 4.8, you will notice that it is actually being installed as .Net for maintaining compatibility with the older versions. It signifies the fact that if there is an older version already being installed in your system, then the installed version will upgrade the same to 4.8. However, in case you have an older framework like 1.1, 3.5 or 2.0, then it will simply run alongside. Well, there are 3 typical key aspects to look on which, are:


Open source Dot Net framework packages

Dot Net 5 is a componentized, modern framework, which ships via NuGet. It means you will be able to ship or despatch a private version of this framework by using your app. Versions of other apps will not be able to change the behaviour or functioning of your app. 


Dot Net Core has been developed for Mac, Windows and Linux which, will be both open source and aksi being supported by Microsoft. Deploying these .Net packages will be beneficial for developers by using a fully open source, fully supported fully cross-platform to create cloud and server applications. This, in turn, will enable the .Net professionals of Microsoft for collaborating more effectively with the large pool of developers across the world. 


Support for encodings of code page

.Net initially supports the Unicode encodings. Moreover, by default, it offers restricted support for the code page encodings. You will be able to add support to the encodings of code page, which are available in the Dot Net framework. However, such are unsupported in Dot Net Core while registering code page encodings along with the Encoding RegisterProvider method. With this advanced support for the code page encodings, .Net developers need not worry about any fallback strategy for any object encoding to be used. 


Advancements to event tracing

You can create an EventSource object directly where you can call one of the ‘Write’ () modus operands for emitting self-describing events. EventSource offers channel support where some of the validation rules of it have been realized.  It means: 

  • The types of EventSource can now implement interfaces, which commences the use of them in various advanced logging systems that deploy interfaces for defining one common logging target. 
  • Moreover, it has introduced the concept of utility event source types, which enable sharing code through a series of multiple EventSource types in the project for enabling scenarios like optimized WriteEvent overloads. 


This advanced framework facilitates out-of-process (ETW) Event Tracing for Windows-based activity tracing for a larger area. This allows (APM) Advanced Power Management vendors for providing lightweight tools which, precisely track expenses of individual activities and requests that cross threads. This series of events comes to the picture only when the ETW controllers allow them. Thus, the modifications don’t affect the existing ETW codes, which operates with ETW disabled. This, in turn, results in increased performance of applications effectively. 


What are stored for the future

Microsoft has combined all of the several next generation’s .NET elements under a single roof. This includes .NET 4.8, which serves as the next advancement to desktop, which will include a series of tweaks to the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) subsystem. Moreover, this also includes ASP.Net v5 that is being comprehensively re-engineered as more modular for the ‘cloud-first’ world. Thus, on a final word, by deploying .Net 4.8 at its best, the Dot Net developers of Australia will certainly be able to bring more innovative, enterprise-class and refined web applications to the picture. 


Johan Smith is a senior IT expert, tech enthusiast and dynamic professional who is very keen on sharing details about the emerging technologies. He has written numerous articles relating to the potential of Dot Net developers of Australia in bringing world-class web applications into the picture. He works at GetAProgrammer, a leading company in the country providing custom applications development to businesses including .Net applications.  

Source: getaprogrammersau@gmail.com
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text 2019-07-03 07:22
How To Design Apps That People Love Using

While mobile apps are getting maximum limelight in businesses as a premier marketing tool, this article explains what should be done to craft mobile apps that will be loved by people.


Businesses are getting ahead in marketing with a robust marketing medium, i.e. Mobile apps. Just like their website counterparts, companies can now have a brilliant mobile app through which they become accessible to everyone within a hand’s reach. The biggest advantage today for businesses is that mobile app development is easy to start with plenty of app development companies available. So, any enterprise caught with a digital product idea or a new feature can get an app developed instantly. But, how to develop it in a winsome way so that customers are delighted to use it is a big question. Here, the points below explain how to get an app developed and designed in a way that people will love.


Knowing the target audience

Before you design the app with the help from an app development team, you need to know whom it will target, the purpose for which the app will be used and what is the pattern of the targeted groups’ mobile use. In other words, you should be studying the nature of the customers or targeted audience in and out to put in features and elements in the app that will match their expectations. 


Focussing on customer-centric design

The second thing you need to focus on for getting your app developed is a design that people will understand. It means a customer-centric design with no intricacies and simple user-interface. To make that possible you need to get paired with a development firm who are updated with the latest user-preferences and can build an interface that will cause positive user experience. 


Use of eye-catchy icons

Icons and graphics within the app have an impact too on the user-experience. They play a major role in holding the attention of the users and in guiding them to try key actions on the app. However, make sure to keep the icons and graphic images and logos as simple as possible with minimal colours and contrasts to prevent the app from looking cluttered.  


Following an agile designing process

Most apps seem to look different from what was proposed initially because of discrepancies in the design methodology. Before the app team start designing, they should know what exactly they are designing and get a plan to get it done. A proper methodology for designing an app that developers should follow goes like this: Requirement gathering, wireframing, designing of onboarding, home screen, UI designing, testing designs. Thus, make sure your app development agency follow these.


Ensuring device compatibility

One last aspect to take hold of to ensure your app works well for all users is device compatibility. While you get it designed by the professionals, convey them at very first the mobile platforms or operating systems you want to target. Even after an app’s design looks excellent, it can fail miserably if one group of users can access it while another cannot. An incompatible design also may result in the app unable to open when a device’s operating system gets a major user update. 


The idea behind explaining these is to let you know the usual, proven and most ideal flow of designing an app if you wish to make it user-friendly as well as appealing to the eyes. Clearly, trying to reinvent the wheel is never going to work but you need to stick to the known patterns to get success in your app development. 


Johan Smith is one of the mobile app developers in Sydney at GetAProgrammer, a leading app development partner for businesses in Australia which have delivered 100+ innovative mobile app solutions in retail, eCommerce, sports, eTicketing, Finance, healthcare, and education sectors. 

Source: getaprogrammersau@gmail.com
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photo 2019-06-12 05:47
Get Elite Web App With Angular JS Developers In Sydney

Get scalable and flexible web app development services catering to all types of business requirements. Our Angular JS developers in Sydney work on the emerging web app development technicals on Agular JS platform to bring the best out of it. More details, contact us shortly at PHPProgrammers.

Source: phpprogrammers00@gmail.com
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text 2019-06-10 08:25
Why Choose iOS App Development Over Android

The world is getting more aware of the goodness of mobile apps and how it can help a business, startup or service to stride out all its market barriers and acquire plenty of customers. In view of the recent rage of mobile applications, this article talks about how an iOS app can be more beneficial for a business and make it a fortunate venture.


While most mobile users are drawn towards the chic iPhones loaded with premium features, launching an app rightly targeting the iOS devices can gain you a lot. You can be popular in a day and have a climbing number of customers for your products or services. No doubt, the tech giant Google has also been equally competent in revolutionising the domain of mobiles and showed up with trailblazing Android devices. Its massively popular Play Store’ nearly has over 2.5 million of apps compared to that of 1.8 million in the Apple’s App Store, according to Statista. However, still, app marketers in Australia advocate the development of iPhone apps if a business wants to make its online presence globally felt.

Hereafter, pulling out the probable reasons from businesses and app experts, we’ve explained why iOS app development is more preferable, especially when one wants to make more money.


Promising customer experiences

In concern to the iPhones and iPad devices, users are always spellbound with their smooth user experiences. Thus, every app pushed into the market targeting the iOS are developed at par the standards of Apple. With world-class services, Apple ensures that each of the users onboarding the app face the minimum hassle.


Apple ensures security and consistency of apps

Apple makes it sure to reflect supreme security in all its devices and inbuilt apps. So, isn’t is obvious that all apps targeted to iOS devices should adhere to its security standards too? The app developers thus take special care to work in adherence with Apple’s guidelines while crafting the apps and as a result, they are outstandingly secure and are consistent in quality.

Besides, thanks to the closed ecosystem of Apple, any apps have minimum chances to encounter data breaches.


Download charges levied by Apple

Apps ensued to be run on iOS devices can allow their owners to earn some money because the App Store charges users for downloading an app unlike the Play Store, where a lot of the apps are free. Even if it can result in the lesser acquisition of customers, but the paid users engage more and are retained for longer. So, a business owner can catch more up loyal customers than any free apps.


Apps’ performance can be evaluated

The businesses owning iOS apps can even evaluate their performances. Subsequently, they can release new updates or improvements or additional features in the apps to make them even better. Having access to the performance parameters of apps, the app development companies can find out easily and timely what’s wrong in them and what can be done!


Advanced visual effects

Any apps in the iPhone or iPad devices get better or enhanced visualisation because of the high-screen resolution and notch displays. Thus, any day, iOS devices make an app look more sophisticated and eye-catchy, adding to its unique design and look.


These are clear reasons why going for iPhone or iPad app development can be a wiser decision for your business. While no doubt, Apple’s brand prominence with its inherent App Store is a  fact that makes every iOS app profitable by acquiring more premium users for businesses, however, let’s not forget not about Android apps development that is still now throbbing in the market with the biggest share, for being affordable to small/mid-sized business.

Alex Forsyth is an iPhone app developer in Sydney, working at Envertis, a renowned mobile app development company in Australia that has been transforming bewildering app ideas into reality.

Source: www.envertis.com.au
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text 2019-06-07 09:45
Build Your Trade With Zencart Developers in Australia

Looking for smarter and customer-oriented shopping cart development? Seek nowhere else but us at PHPProgrammers. Here, we house an experienced team of Zencart developers in Australia, that is involved in the development of feature-rich online shops. Being user-friendly, our solutions help businesses with better ROI and traffic. Plus, our services are available within an affordable budget and on time.

But, it is better to check out the services before availing our assistance:

  • Zencart Development and Customisation
  • Module Development
  • Integration Services
  • Platform Migration
  • Further Support and  Maintenance Service

Call us directly to get more information regarding our services and past works. Else, drop an email mentioning your project requirements and its deadline. You may also opt to chat with us directly over Skype portal. Check what our clients have to say regarding our assistance. We take every possible measure to deliver the best eCommerce solution to the prospects.  

Contact details

Suite 2,

38-46 Albany St,

St Leonards.NSW - 2065,


Ph No: +1300 858 289
Website address: http://www.phpprogrammers.com.au

Source: phpprogrammers00@gmail.com
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