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text 2016-04-13 09:56
Making your dream home come to life


Working with The Petersen Group to develop your dream home can give you significant benefits down the road. The firm is one of the most trusted custom home builders in Alaska and its neighboring areas. Its previous projects of excellent quality homes and communities proved its capability of building a client's dream home into reality.


Aside from custom home building, The Petersen Group also specializes in the construction of high-quality condominium neighborhoods with single-family homes like in Jakarta, townhomes and condominium suites. Communities created by the firm are well planned with homes of thoughtful design, excellent quality, and long lasting value.


As previously mentioned, hiring the firm can provide several advantages to you, including custom designing, getting exactly what you want, and eliminating remodeling cost. You can choose the floor plan of your home and customize it according to your personal preferences. You can select any flooring you like such as hardwood, tile or marble flooring. You can also build granite countertops, and decide the color and style of your walls, windows, shelves, cabinets, carpets, light fixtures, etc. The entire process of building a custom home can be very exciting and fun.


You can get the most of your money with The Petersen Group's custom home. With a custom built home, you will not have any problems with unused rooms and spaces, or paying for features of a secondhand property you don't really need in the first place. The firm can build your home within your financial budget. You can also add features that are exclusively made for your unique needs.


There's no need for inconvenient or costly changes in the future because you're going to make thorough decisions from step 1 including the designing phase wherein the firm will provide expert advice to you so that you'll not regret any decision you make. You don't need to travel around looking for a secondhand house that suits all your needs; The Petersen Group can build one for you within your budget.

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text 2016-03-28 08:47
The Peterson Group: Is Acupuncture Really Effective For Children?
As one of the entities in the world that support alternative medicines, The Peterson Group CAM and Integrative Medicines is convinced that acupuncture is safe for children. It even considers the practice as an effective method to treat chronic pain as well as other illnesses and diseases.

It's evident that there are several study findings regarding this particular traditional Chinese medicine, some of it proved its effectiveness, others don’t. Modern American acupuncturists have been through strict training, safety standards and certifications before becoming licensed, making them trustworthy and reliable individuals. Unqualified practitioners are often the reason why some studies suggest that acupuncture is not really effective and safe for children.

On the other hand, The Peterson Group strongly believes that qualified practitioners can provide effective treatment for children using acupuncture. It is considered safe because of some factors, such as infections from acupuncture needles are particularly rare because only single-use sterile disposable needles are being used in this practice.

As a parent, you're may be thinking that the needles can pierce through the lungs or other vital organs of your child, but you're thinking it wrong because the needles are hair-fine, virtually painless, and are inserted superficially into the skin. But if you can't help but get worried about the needles, there are also other painless methods used to stimulate the acupuncture points without using any needles but have similar therapeutic effects as acupuncture. Those kind of methods will not have any pernicious effect on the body since they do not penetrate the skin.

Experts are also using a non-needle method to children afraid of needles. In particular, this method is commonly used for babies and toddlers to stimulate acupuncture points. Acupuncture needles are not retained in the body for children under age 8, they are swiftly tapped in and immediately taken out. Advise your children to stay still for a couple of seconds at a time during the treatment. But for children over age 8, the needles are maintained in the body for 10 to 20 minutes while the child is sitting still. In order to avoid any dangerous effect on the child, the needles are made smaller and are inserted superficially to the skin.

During the insertion of the needle, children might feel a brief feeling of discomfort for almost 1-2 seconds, which is not a big deal so there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Because of the special techniques used in pediatrics, mild harmful effects such as temporary bruising or swelling at the needle site rarely happen. The Peterson Group wants you to make sure that the practitioner you choose is licensed and has special training in pediatrics.
Source: tpgwellness.com
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