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review 2021-09-10 02:02
Too Close for Comfort - Adriana Kraft Too Close for Comfort - Adriana Kraft

Jen and Brett's relationship intensifies with Sarah. Donna and Ryan break it off with Jen and Brett. Jen feels somewhat guilty but not enough to give up Sarah and their summer plans. Brett questions her but does not push her. Sarah feels ready to move into meeting others so Jen sets up a play date with Alice and Carl who then share a story with Jen and Brett. Who knows where it leads?


I liked this installment. The relationship with the three of them really heats up. I appreciate when Alice and Carl try to smooth things over with Donna and Ryan but Donna is just too hurt. I also like Alice's questioning of Jen, not in a hurtful way but in a caring and compassionate way. They are all still hot!


Now that Jen is questioning as is Sarah, we'll have to see what Donna and Ryan do. Looking forward to seeing what happens.

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review 2021-09-01 02:59
COMPLEXITIES by Adriana Kraft
Complexities [Swinging Games] - Adriana Kraft

Jen and Brett's neighbors and best friends, Ryan and Donna, find out they are swinging. Donna feels hurt and betrayed as she accuses Jen of not telling her everything. Ryan seems interested in swinging. The next few days have them all processing what happened that night before Donna comes over and asks about how Jen got into swinging and how it works. Ryan asks Brett about the same things after their golf game. Jen and Donna have a session but both Jen and Brett declare they do it only as a couple with all people involved agreeing. The four have a play date together to see if they are compatible. Seems they are but Donna may gum up the works with her attitude.


I liked how problems with swinging come out. There's questions about stress on a long-time friendship and how to go on with the friendship if the swinging does not work. There is also the problem of possessiveness. Jen and Brett have to decide what boundaries they will set. Donna and Ryan have to decide if they will look for their own play partners. Then decisions have to be made on mixing with partners. I liked Jen's answers to Brett's questions about Donna and others. I hope they are able to work out the future because they were fun to share my reading time with Jen and Brett also.

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review 2021-08-31 04:34
A TEMPTING TASTE by Adriana Kraft
A Tempting Taste - Adriana Kraft A Tempting Taste - Adriana Kraft

Jen and Brett have expended their potential partners. They meet an older couple, Carl and Alice, who ask if they would like to meet friends of theirs, Ned and Elizabeth. Jen and Brett meet and play with both couples. They also are talking online with Dan and his wife. They discover new things about themselves as well as their new playmates.


I enjoyed this book. I liked how Jen and Brett are branching out. They've had a young couple with young children so dates have a way of being cancelled because of family emergencies. They have had an interracial couple. Now they are with older couples and looking at another couple who seem around their ages. I liked that this book showed older couples and how they do not lose their desire for playing and loving. I also liked how it is shown how they find ways to please themselves and others that may not be conventional but it works for them and their play partners. I appreciated that Jen and Brett took a chance with both couples. Looks like they have new friends.

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review 2021-08-22 04:32
A WOMAN FOR ZACHARY by Adriana Kraft
A Woman For Zachary [Meghan's Playhouse Book 2] - Adriana Kraft

Meghan has gone to New York to try her skills on the Broadway stage. Taken by her bank customer, Zachary, he introduces her to Josie to train and improve her acting. Josie has had feelings for Zachary but he does not feel the same way. While Zachary is out of town on business, Josie and Meghan seduce each other. When Zach returns he has to decide whether to accept their twosome or walk away. He's not ready to walk away so he joins them. Meg, of course, has plans for Josie and Zach. Will those plans be fulfilled? Will she stay or go?


I enjoyed this tale. I loved Josie. She was older as was Zach but she was not ready to let her dream of Zach go yet. She shows him things that Meg does not yet know. Zach is intrigued. Meg is imaginative but she is ready to move on with someone she met at the park. After Meg returns from Cat and Kurt's wedding Josie knows Meg has made up her mind. Zachary has also and it is foreign to him. I liked that Zach chose how he did.


I look forward to Meg's next adventure and wish Josie and Zachary well.

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review 2021-08-20 02:44
SEDUCING CAT by Adriana Kraft
Seducing Cat (Meghan's Playhouse Book 1) - Adriana Kraft

Meg has been setting the stage to seduce her landlady, Cat, and lets her lover Kurt know that her plans include him. He flat out states NO. Will Meg seduce Cat? Will Cat be willing to be seduced by Meg? Will Kurt fall in with her plans?


I enjoyed this story. Meg is determined and she always get her way. Cat is hesitant as she spies on Meg nude sunbathing on the deck. Meg keeps up the teasing until one weekend she enters Cat's bedroom and starts her seduce. These ladies are hot! While they work on a play together at the community theater they are able to keep control of themselves. Then opening night happens and Meg, Cat, and Kurt go back to Cat's for a private party. Meg seduces them both and Cat and Kurt are unable to stop themselves. The three of them are hot, hot, hot! I liked all three of them probably Cat most of all. Meg was a minx while Kurt turned out to be able to overcome his prejudice of the professor, Cat.


I look forward to the next book in the series.

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