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url 2019-11-06 11:57
Safe Environment and Its Hazards by Using Reusable Boxes

Eco-friendly boxes are one of the best solutions to the problem of pollution and environmental damage.


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url 2019-11-05 12:07
Use Unique Ideas to Make Alluring Custom Printed Boxes

Custom printed boxes give a remarkable packaging with custom enhancing techniques for shapes sizes, designs and lamination most sustainably and economically.


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text 2019-11-05 06:38
Advantages of Eco-Friendly Packaging

As a company, one’s biggest responsibility is to find the right packaging for the products and for shipping that not only is attractive, durable, self-sufficient but also sustainable. 


Packaging has some of the essentials that make it efficient in terms of making its mark in the market, protection of the product, grabbing the attention of the customers, and marketing and advertising of the products and the brand among the customers that must beat the potential competition in various brands.


Eco-friendly boxes have made their place in the packaging industry seamlessly because of its benefits, need of the environment, and awareness of sustainability among the customers. 


Less Disposing Cost



Like non-ecofriendly packaging, eco packaging does not need a large amount of energy to produce and disposing of these materials. Green packaging materials like cardboard, kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard are biodegradable. It means that customized paperboard boxes, that are the most used boxes for packaging, do not need any extra activity, energy, and cost to wipe off from the surface of the Earth. They are decomposed with the help of a natural bacterial activity. 





Natural Kraft packaging is highly eco-friendly without compromising the quality. Brown kraft boxes can be customized in terms of shapes, attractive designs, and quality printing that makes them perfect for personalized product packaging. Custom printed packaging boxes perfectly go with the essence of the brand. It is because the control is in your hand to choose the grade of material, the shape of the boxes thanks to die-cutting, sizes that hold the products in place, and the designs that portray the essence of the company. Eco-friendly custom boxes fulfill all your packaging needs like;


  1. 1. Custom shipping boxes
  2. 2. Custom gift boxes
  3. 3. Eco-friendly packaging for food
  4. 4. Sustainable product packaging 
  5. 5. Display corrugated boxes


Custom printed boxes for brand needs are possible with environmentally friendly packaging that was just a myth a few years ago as sustainability was considered to be limited in terms of customization. 


Leave no Carbon Footprint



A carbon footprint is the number of greenhouse gases that are released as a result of human activity and a product is not only what we see. Every step in the process of getting the raw material, production and manufacturing, transportation, usage, and disposal of the product releases a certain amount of carbon in the environment. 


Cardboard boxes are the least carbon releasing boxes from the extraction of the raw material to the production, customization, usage, and disposal because of the material, that mostly is recycled paper, and the manufacturing procedure that is being used.


Toxins & Allergens Free


Food packaging boxes must be health-friendly. There are a lot of toxic chemicals that are being used in the manufacturing but Kraft boxes and paperboard boxes are the safest when it comes to toxins free packaging.


People consider what their packaging is made of and does it leave any harmful impact on their health. The use of toxins and allergen-free packaging will not only give a healthy lifestyle to your customers but also benefit your brand in terms of increased sales and customers’ loyalty. 


Custom printed Kraft board boxes are the best representation of eco-friendly packaging examples that are not only sustainable, health-friendly but high in quality and durability.


Create a Brand Image



Custom boxes with the logo of the brand, personalized colors, and product or brand-related information create a more professional image of the brand. Custom cardboard boxes give customers a better understanding of the products and help in the recognition of the brand among the target audience. 


Eco-friendly packaging companies offer complete customization of the boxes in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs to give a perfect face to the brand that lives an everlasting impact on the customers. They provide ecofriendly packaging cosmetics, food items, pharmaceuticals, clothes, and whatever you name. 


Thanks to the advancement and innovation in the packaging and printing industry that you can get sustainability with style. Numerous eco-friendly packaging ideas on the internet will blow your mind and will give you some inspiration to go green with packaging. It does not only save the environment from the dire consequences of non-ecofriendly packaging like plastic but also gives you the most premium quality. Whether you are running a food chain or a clothing franchise you can find millions of eco-friendly packaging ideas for clothing or any other product by being creative and imaginative.


Possibilities lie within you and not what you have or can have or could have. Be creative and go with your instinct to create outstanding product boxes being environmentally friendly.

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url 2019-11-04 11:49
5 Amazing types of Hair Extension Boxes

5 fantastic hair extension boxes design that will amaze the customers. These designs not only looks luxurious but offer the best protection to the product.


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url 2019-11-01 10:36
New Technologies Used For Corrugation to Make it's Boxes Stronger

Technological advancements have an effect on packaging. New technology has allowed corrugated boxes to become stronger.


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