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text 2018-08-14 17:18
Mackenzie’s Mountain By Linda Howard $1.99 A Favorite!!
Mackenzie's Mountain - Linda Howard

Mary Elizabeth Potter is a self-appointed spinster with no illusions about love. When she meets Wolf Mackenzie, a man with a chip on his shoulder the size of Wyoming, she sets out to convince the whole town he's a man worth loving. But Wolf's not sure he's for the taming of Wolf Mackenzie.

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review 2018-08-01 01:02
Loyal Wolf
Loyal Wolf (Alpha Force Book 6) - Linda O. Johnston

Kathlene is a deputy sheriff who suspects a group of men, who have moved in to her town, are in the process of doing illegal activities. No one listens to her (she's a woman, and this is a theme among the Sheriff- he doesn't like woman who have opinions). So, she calls in an outside party to help investigate- Alpha Force. Alpha Force happens to be an elite military group made up of shifters and plain old people. Jock is the shifter in the duo that meets at her town.
This wasn't bad, but it wasn't awesome either. It kept me entertained. I thought the wrap-up happened fast and would have liked more suspense (there isn't much). I was glad that Kathlene was smart and could more than hold her own against the sexist Sheriff.

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review 2018-07-23 15:45
This is Where I Leave You
The Deadhouse - Linda Fairstein

And this is where I leave this character. This whole book made about zero sense, but seemed to just be there to push things to a head with Alex and Mike. They both suck in this one and Alex does a woe is me thing when she finally realizes that Mike is seeing someone and shockingly enough seems to be happy. It's also gross when Alex throws out that the woman that Mike is seeing is similar to her so that means he has feelings for her. Yeah I don't know I just rolled my eyes a million times while reading this. This series should just be called the Alexandra Cooper and Mike Chapman series at this point.


There is zero development of anyone in this series. We have Mercer still getting over being shot almost to death after the events in the last book. He is moving on with his life, but you barely see it being a blip on Alex's life. She gets mad at her boyfriend about something that really isn't her business and runs out into the night to make Mike do something about it. Bah.


Mercer seems to just be that magical negro that has barely anything to do in this series and he really deserves better.


I think I finally had enough when Alex gets judgmental about a potential rape victim (the young woman drank a lot and made out and had initial consensual contact with someone) and then we find out that she was lying. And the last book had another potential rape victim that lied too. Considering that I have read the stats about rapes and the small number of women and men who lie about being sexually assaulted I side-eyed the crap out of this whole book/series at this point. I will say that Fairstein at least acknowledges that most rapes are between two people who know each other.


The actual murder case makes zero sense that Alex is even involved. A woman whose husband tried to have her killed, who shows up murdered later was not raped. We hear that Alex is involved cause it was domestic, but that felt like a stretch.


Fairstein spends too much time on the history of every little thing and I didn't care.


Alex finds herself in danger a freaking gain and weeps because Mike must not be coming cause he's too busy with his new girlfriend.

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review 2018-07-23 15:33
Ehhh....Okay, Not Great
Cold Hit - Linda Fairstein

Ehh. This was just okay. I think that trying to tie together a kidnapping/rape to the art world in New York just didn't work though. There were way too many plot holes. It didn't help either that this is the third book in the row when Alex finds herself in danger. She works for the DA. How the hell is anyone targeting her all of the freaking time? It makes zero sense. Very little character development of Alex, Mercer, of Mike. I liked Mike slightly more in this one just because you get to see how much he loves and cares about Mercer. Other than that, this whole book was a bit of a snooze.


"Cold Hit" has Alex and friends going after the murderer of a wealthy woman with a lot of enemies. The "cold hit" portion comes from the DNA results from a rape kit after it is revealed the dead woman was raped before she died. The DNA comes back to someone that leads us back to the New York City art world. Alex starts to worry when it seems like someone is after her, and then someone close to her gets hurt as well.


I do like the insights that Fairstein brings to sexual assault cases. I just don't like Alex. After book #4 which I also finished recently, I decided to hang up this series for good. I won't get into that for this review though. Alex in this book is dithering back and forth because she is seeing someone new (a tv news announcer) after things didn't work out between her and the last guy that was mentioned in book #2. Alex is alone because it's easier it seems, but is resentful of being alone. I don't know. She seems to want Mike and Mercer to always be there by her side, but doesn't seem to make a lot of room for the supposed men in her life.


The bickering between Alex and her supervisor is also getting old. He's technically her boss and she readily implies in this one that he is sleeping with a subordinate while the woman was sitting right there. Who knows if it's true or not, but the whole thing read as very unprofessional. I was embarrassed for her.


Alex and Mike are toxic as hell and I really want them to leave each other alone. Seriously. He talks down to her to her face and when other people are there. It's not cute or romantic.


The book takes place in New York. Fairstein adds in a lot of history in this one about Hell's Kitchen that didn't really fit in my mind while reading. The events in this one also take place a year after the events in book #2 since there is mention of Alex's age, and she was just having a birthday in the last book that put her at 34.


The ending was a joke and a half. At this point, Alex should have bodyguards with her at all times. She's always being abducted and threatened.

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text 2018-07-19 19:03
Reading progress update: I've read 34%.
Cold Hit - Linda Fairstein

Seriously though. Mike is an ass. I just cannot like this guy. I met too many guys like this in law enforcement. I hope that he and Alex don't have a romance down the line. Unless he changes significantly, here's hoping that he takes a header into a wall or something in the later books.

"Cold Hit" has Alex, Mercer, and Mike investigating when a dead woman is found raped and murdered and left in the water. Alex and her two besties (sorry being snarky) eventually find out the dead woman is named Deni Caxton who was going through a nasty divorce. She and her husband were well known in the art world, and it looks like that may have something to do with Deni's death. 

So far just okay. Nothing is grabbing me. Mike goes through the history of Hell's Kitchen and even I found myself not caring. I usually don't mind history dumps in books. For some reason this dumps keep taking me out of the story. 

I honestly feel like there is barely anything for Mercer to do in these books. I wonder why he manages to not be an asshole to Alex, but she seems to turn to Mike more and more. Alex is dating someone new and it looks like it has been a year (she is 35 in this one and turns 34 after the events in Likely to Die) since book #2. The new guy so far seems barely in this story. He keeps trying to call her.

Things are a bit repetitive, but thank goodness Fairstein seems to edit things out since she realizes (I hope) that readers should know the backstory to the characters at this point. 

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