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text 2021-02-23 07:52
5 Easily Overlooked things During Online Presentations


Nowadays, more people than ever are doing online presentations and online talks with an audience. Whether it is webinars or business calls on some of the online conferencing software options, you are probably experiencing the same shift. 

There is little doubt that online conferencing comes with a set of challenges, which are different from when you are doing in-person public speaking. And while you may be well-experienced to handle the in-person task just fine, the online part is a bit different. There are various things you may forget to address, which will negatively impact your performance. Do consider them all: 

  • Lighting – many people use lighting that comes from behind them. Sometimes this is not a problem if it is a moderate amount. But, if you are standing in front of the window, and the camera is facing it, and there is a lot of sunlight coming through, you will make it very difficult for people to see your face. Your face will be a shadowy silhouette, which makes it rather uncomfortable to look at. Instead, you should have a light fixture that delivers soft glow from the front, so that it illuminates your face. The idea is that you want to be as visible as possible, and not have others squint at you. 

  • Noise – sometimes, this can be difficult to address. If you have a pet at home, it can be near impossible to have them make zero noise. Same goes for children if they like running around and yelling. The best thing you can do is find yourself a quiet room and close the door. Ask any members of your family to leave you in peace for the time of your online presence. As fir noise coming from outside your home, that is not entirely under your control, so nothing can be done. 

  • The way you dress – some people take advantage of the fact that their online audience will only see them from the shoulders up, and pay little attention to the way they are dressed. They can be in shorts, or sweatpants during an important presentation. But that is not the ideal way to go about it. First, you want to feel like you are standing in front of the people in-person. This will change the way you speak and the way you behave. Second, it will affect the way you stand in front of your camera. You may think these are subtle things, but in reality, they can affect your performance quite a lot. 

  • Camera – the best position for your camera is the same level as your face or just a little above that. Many people just leave their cameras pointing upwards, showing their faces from a really strange angle. You want to make it feel for the others like you are standing on the same level as them. This makes it easier for them to track your face and everything that you are saying. 

  • Ignoring your audience – one thing about online presentations is that the presenter can forget to give their audience a chance to participate. The main issue comes from the fact that others might not feel comfortable interrupting. And while during an in-person presentation someone can just raise their hand to ask for attention, they cannot do the same during an online talk. Instead, you should consider this and ask if anyone else has any questions up until this point. You can also have others ask their questions at the end, as long as you strictly give them the word. 

These are all important aspects of online presentations that you should not forget about. They can secure the success or lead to a failure of your presentation. 

© Presence Training


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text 2021-02-22 03:34
7 Mistakes Property Managers Should Avoid in 2021


People usually don’t like digging into their mistakes. For property managers, however, that is a necessity. There is no other way to improve their work and become better at what they do. For any property manager who cannot track these problems, there is the potential to incur financial losses and miss out on many opportunities. Here are some examples of the issues that can take place in 2021: 

  • Not automating processes – every property manager, who respects their time and knows that the more efficient they, the better for their job they are, know that they need to automate certain processes. Things like tenant communication, maintenance, rent collection, accounting and bookkeeping should all be automated. At the same time, relying less on face-to-face meetings can further free up some time, and make time management all the more possible. 

  • Not paying attention to tenants – if property managers don’t communicate with tenants, the latter will not find the need to cooperate when the time comes. It is much better to keep close track of rental experience through communication with the tenants. According to experts, lack of communication or poor communication stands at the root of staff issues. It is important to keep in touch, even from a distance. 

  • Doing no tenant screening – to ensure a tenant is suitable for the unit, a property manager needs to employ a variety of methods. They can resort to social media, services and even prepare a handful of smart questions that will give them a better idea of how suited the tenant is. All of this serves to reduce advertising costs, vacancies, lost rent, evictions and unhappy landlords. 

  • Poor accounting practices – there are no two ways about it – property managers need to address accounting matters to a large degree. That is because they need to work on aspects like income attribution, managing expenses, etc. All of that they need to do to the correct account, where information is properly laid out and accessible by the landlord/s. Oftentimes they will need specialised dedicated software and other solutions, to address this aspect of the work. 

  • Doing no social media activity – many landlords and tenants will believe what their property manager is telling them if there has been some prior engagement on social media with them. That way property managers can create a connection, which demonstrates that they want to be engaged in the work. This also shows attitude and intent, which creates additional value for the same people who will use the services of the property manager. The fact that most social media channels are free helps a great deal too. 

  • Doing no marketing of property management services – every property manager needs to get out there and connect to as many people as possible. If they are doing no marketing, then that is hardly going to happen. A good website and a dedicated marketing strategy to reach as many people as possible is one of the goals that every property manager needs to have. 

  • Making rent payments more difficult than they need to be – nowadays more than ever people are interested in making online payments. Their rent is no exception. By providing online payment solutions, property managers can not only improve rent collection rates but also minimise the risk for themselves and the tenants they serve. There is no doubt that every property management company needs to find online payment solutions for all its clients. 

These mistakes are the ones that property managers need to be most aware of in 2021. Only by paying attention can they avoid them and ensure success in their work. 

© MLM Property Management


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text 2021-02-11 19:11
The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for a Fresh Home



Spring is the best time of the year for all sorts of outdoor activities. The season, however, is just as great for finally getting over with those cleaning tasks you have been postponing during winter. Do you wonder what chores you should address, so that you can deep clean your home to perfection? Check these six cleaning jobs you should no longer avoid completing:


  • Declutter – before you start cleaning any surface or room at your place, make sure that clutter wouldn’t stand on your way. Unnecessary items piling up should be checked thoroughly, otherwise, they would prevent you from cleaning your home quickly. So go through the stuff you consider useless and decide what can be sold or donated. Once you get rid of objects you never benefit from, spring cleaning would become a less complicated project to handle.


  • Check your vacuum cleaner – while spring cleaning, your vacuum cleaner would be one of the most reliable cleaning tools you can think of. Whether your carpet demands on quality disinfection or your mattress needs to be refreshed, you should be certain that your vacuum cleaner is ready to be put in action. Is the bag or the container of your machine empty? Can you count on a decent filter? If you are sure that the vacuum cleaner is in good condition, you can carry on with the rest of your tasks.


  • Go for harmless methods – surely you are used to relying on various store-bought cleaning products to sanitise your place with. Yet your spring cleaning project is the perfect moment to consider other cleaning approaches. Eco-friendly solutions are a safer way to go, given the fact that they contain no toxins that can put your health at risk. So you should no doubt try mixing your homemade cleansers to disinfect any surface you can think of. Typically, natural solutions contain ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar, but if you stay interested in green cleaning, you can discover so many other cool cleaning mixtures to try.


  • Don’t forget the mattress – sometimes homeowners forget that their mattresses need to be thoroughly cleaned, so that dust and dirt would be banished from the bedroom. When it comes to a healthy mattress you can either count on a professional cleaning service or try to maintain the mattress by yourself. In case the first option doesn’t work for you right now, baking soda is your best bet. Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda over the mattress and let the ingredient sit for a while. Vacuum clean the surface and your bed would become a safer place to sleep in.


  • Clean the walls – just like your mattress, chances are you forget that the walls need attention too. Although it might be less obvious, dust settles on your walls, making your home a less healthy place to live. For that reason cleaning the walls should be included in your spring cleaning checklist. To eliminate dust from the walls, simply wipe them with a damp towel.


  • Wash the windows – let the first sun rays enter your place through squeaky clean windows by washing the surfaces naturally. In a spraying bottle, mix equal amounts of water, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. This solution would help you to remove dust and stains from the windows without involving the application of dangerous chemicals. Bear in mind that a cloudy day is the best moment for you to address the task. Or else you risk your cleaning solution evaporating before you get a chance to wash the windows.


These are the most important cleaning tasks you need to tackle this spring. Once you deal with chores from your spring cleaning checklist, you would be able to enjoy a healthy home environment for months ahead.


© London Domestic Cleaners

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text 2021-02-08 09:06
6 Mistakes you Should Avoid when Hiring Limo Service


When it comes to booking limousine service, you are not in short supply of things to watch out for. You may think it is as easy as contacting the company you have seen online and arranging the service with them. But in reality, there are some things that you better consider, or else you will end up disappointed, or worse – with no service at all. In the following guide, we will check out a few limo hire booking mistakes that you should avoid: 

  • You leave it for the last moment – perhaps the greatest mistake people make with limo hire lies with the way they leave booking the company for the last moment. This is never ideal because it runs the risk of not having availability. This is especially the case around the so-called peak season time when a lot of people are interested in limousines. You will always do well to contact the limo company a good month in advance and get them to make a booking for you. That way you will have peace of mind knowing you have the transportation aspect taken care of, and you can focus on other things. 

  • You don’t inquire about the available vehicles – there are various limousines that a company provides and it is up to you to consider which one best serves your needs. But for that to happen, you have to ask questions about what vehicles are available and take note of them. A lot of people have no idea they can choose the limousine they get for their event, and that is just missed opportunity. 

  • You don’t consider the number of people you want to accommodate – limousines are big vehicles, which can accommodate more individuals than your regular car. But as it was already mentioned, limousines also differ between each other. There are sedan-types, which mostly fit a regular 4-6 people, and there are also party buses, which can easily accommodate more than 10 people. Consider the needs of the group you are with and go for a limousine that can accommodate them. You can ask the company to consult you on the matter. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

  • You don’t ask about additional decorations – if you are booking the limousine for a wedding event, it is a good idea to ask the company what additional decorations they can provide. Most companies are eager to transform their limousines into wonderful wedding additions, especially considering such an event calls for fond memories. IF you take the time to inquire more about decorations, the company will be more than likely want to cooperate or give you the green light to implement whatever decorations you consider fit for the task. 

  • You don’t research multiple companies – another great mistake of booking limo services is not taking the time to research multiple companies. Often a better offer is waiting just with the next phone call and it is up to you to make that. Always take the time to research multiple companies when booking this kind of service. 

  • You don’t sign a contract – signing a contract is your guarantee that the service will be carried out and that you will get your limousine where you need it to be. A contract defends your rights as a consumer and it also outlines what the obligations of the limo rental company are. Make sure you know every aspect of the contract before you sign. 

These are all solid mistakes people make in regards to booking a limousine service. Make sure that you are aware of them so that you can avoid them. 


© Fast Limo Hire

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text 2021-01-25 05:58
How to Choose the Right Relationship Coach for Yourself?


If you have decided that you want to work with a relationship coach, then you need to consider finding the right person for the job. This may not prove to be as straightforward as you hope, considering that it has to be someone qualified that you click with well. 

How do you go about the task of finding the right relationship coach? Well, some tips can greatly help you. Let’s find out more about them: 

  • Start by deciding whether your ideal coach is a male or female – normally, people consider a coach that they are more likely to open up to. And that is a personal choice, but one you need to make from the outset. Do you feel more comfortable talking about dating life with a female coach, or perhaps a male one? If you have a problem relating to a particular gender, then it is safe to go with a coach of that same gender. But you can also consider the valuable perspective you get from someone of the opposite gender. You decide to make it. 

  • Find a person who specialises in the area you need – relationship coaching is a very broad term that covers most of what our relationship with others is all about. But there are many aspects to it, which you may be struggling with. For example, you may be having problems expressing yourself in a relationship, or the way you show up. You may be repeating some self-defeating patterns, which crush your self-esteem. The most important thing is to identify the area that you think is lacking for you and work on that with the relationship coach. Only through targeted efforts can you hope to overcome your problems. 

  • Online vs in-person sessions – 2020 has redefined what is possible in terms of coaching. More and more coaches have turned to online work with their clients since meeting in-person has become problematic. That should not be an issue, considering the advancement of technology. But if you prefer one method of work over the other, make sure you discuss matters with the coach and figure out the best way to conduct meetings for you. 

  • The person needs to have proper experience and training – the coach needs to have the tools and full understanding of them, to help you with your issue. They need to be able to properly teach them to you so that you don’t feel stuck and confused. Some coaches have the testimonials to show that they have the experience, others have a degree in psychology and/or sociology and know the science of human behaviour. 

  • The coach must be sensitive to your values – your views on relationships intersect with your core beliefs and values. If you have a healthy value system, which serves as a compass in your life, you want to work with a coach who is sensitive to those values. They need to integrate with them if they are to truly help you find your way to a happier relationship. 

  • Consider an approximate budget – think about your work with a relationship coach as an investment. Once you know how much you can afford, you will be more willing to view it this way, rather than just an expense. It is hard to put the right price tag on finding joy with someone you love. That is why it is important to work with a coach, who doesn’t cause you to stress over money. 

These are all important tips that you should consider when searching for a relationship coach. 

© Kate Mansfield Dating Coach

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