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review 2016-07-13 08:53
Love At First Page
City of Bones - Cassandra Clare

I have no better way to explain how I feel towards this book, than to just say it is my life. I fell in love with this series just after reading the first page. Cassandra Clare, you have a wonderful mind. Thank you for making this characters, and with such marvelous writing, helped them come to life. 

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review 2011-11-21 00:00
Love Turns the Page - Etienne 3 1/2 Hearts

First published at MM Good Book Reviews


Tom and Noah have been mentioned in many of Etienne’s books and not just in this series either, so I was happy to learn that we would finally get their story and Etienne doesn’t let us down.

Noah goes to the Good Shepherd to audition for the choir and ends up being Tom’s page turner and roommate; it’s not long before they fall in love. This story is about their meeting, their love, their life and also the problems they face. I must admit that for being only 22 and 19 years old at the beginning of this story they have old heads on their shoulders.

This is a nice gentle story that we have come to expect from Etienne. Tom has his life all planned out when he meets Noah. At first, he doesn’t think he has room in his life for anything serious, but soon changes his mind when he rapidly falls in love. Noah still isn’t sure of his sexuality until he meets Tom, everything seems to go fine until he admits to his family that he is gay and his father can’t cope.

In this we see Etienne’s knowledge of The Episcopal Church, the differences within the churches, choirs and organs. The details throughout the book are incredible and there are many places throughout the book that you could imagine going to visit. I must admit I haven’t a clue about religion and a lot of practices in churches or the music or anything else to do with religion really, but I must admit Etienne makes me want to learn more.

Of the overall book, I recommend this to those who want gentle love, a slight danger and a happy ever after.
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review 2011-11-19 00:00
Love Turns the Page - Etienne Love Turns the Page (Avondale Stories #7)

Etienne is one of the first authors I read in the m/m genre, so of course I will say he is a favourite of mine. This story is the 7th book in the Avondale series, and I love that you get to see all the different characters from his other books it’s like seeing old friends.

Love Turns the Page is a romance book between two young men, we meet Tom who is an organist and choirmaster and is working on getting his doctorate and Noah who walks in to attend the choir audition and ends up becoming Tom’s page turner as well a member of the choir. Noah has a beautiful voice and Tom soon realizes that he will accomplish some great things.

As the story unfolds we see Tom and Noah falling in love and starting a life together, but nothing is that simple. Noah comes from a very religious family and knows if they find he is gay that he will lose his family and probably be disowned.

The events of what happens after Noah father finds out he is gay is startling. Bigotry, hate from his parents lead to some horrible outcomes.

The story is well written and I enjoyed it right to the end. I gave these book 4 stars, the only problem
I had with the story is how fast the relationship started and how the relationship moved to becoming a very committed couple. But I loved it at the same time.

The other thing I want to mention is that the author Etienne in this series not only introduces us to some great characters he introduces and describes the places they attend in detail, some of the restaurants/churches as well as towns they go to are real places and his descriptions make you want to go find these places to sit and have a meal or a glass of wine. Etienne is a terrific author and I love this series.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves HEA.
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