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text 2020-03-12 07:56
Future of Press Brake

Press brake is a machine that bends the metal sheets. Its basic structure includes a bracket, table and clamping plate.


One can divide sheet metals into two categories:


  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel


Further, Galvanized steel has two sub-categories:


  • Electro-galvanized sheet
  • Hot-dipped metallic-coated sheets


Each type of material will require a different type of Press Brake machine.


Today this technology has come a long way and the Press brake industry is experiencing a major transformation phase with some great future opportunities.


So, strap in, and let’s have a look.


According to current buzz in the market, press brakes would dominate the market by bringing a lot of opportunities for fabricators. When we look over the market share of the press brake, there are some emerging opportunities for small local and global vendors.


The global market scenario of press brake machine:


Gone are the days when fabricators were using mechanical press brakes. With hydraulic and pneumatic press brakes, there has been a major shift in the utilities.


On the other side, the wave of automation is heading high with more and more industries adopting computers, robotics getting involved in it. And sheet pressing being an important part of their systems, there are expectations to have a higher demand for sheet bending in the coming years. This automatically indicates the high-growth of Press Brakes, Trumpf parts, Mitsubishi machine parts in the coming years.


When choosing the press brakes, one thing that fabricators look for is the programmability. With the evolution of operational parameters, enhancement of press brake will pick up the speed and will even make it easy for fabricators to use them on a regular basis.



The growth of the press brake market varies according to regions. There is an expectation that in terms of value, press brake will be ahead in the market of developed countries.


Whereas, in developing countries, there is an expectation that the press brake market including Trumpf parts, Mitsubishi machine parts will grow even bigger during the most during financial years.


Apart from these possibilities, we can expect that at the global level applications of press brake may grow as well. It will be useful in areas like transport, building construction, automation industry, and general machinery applications. But, let’s not forget the strict norms of certification for press brake might obstruct the growth of the market.


As per the current situation, we can divide the market of the press brake on the basis of the regions, types of applications.


Now, let’s look at the possible opportunities in its applications:


Press brake categorizes into general machinery, transport machines, building and construction, sheet cutting or any other applications.


Additionally, the geographical share of Press Brakes covers seven regions i.e. North America, CIS & Russia, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe.


The constant change and evolution in the press brake machines are turning out to be a great help for fabricators.


Before the press brakes, fabricators were bending the sheets manually. Due to its complexity, it was one of the most tedious tasks of their job. But, now the introduction of technology gave birth to hydraulic machines.


We can say that the hydraulic machines have made the process of bending sheet materials easy and fast for fabricators.


This constant evolution gave birth to good press brake machines. These new machines come with high precision, good speed and easy bending of sheets.


Final Words:


In this ever-growing world, change is the only constant be it with any industry. The

involvement of technology is making the lives of fabricators easy. In return, users are getting end products with better results.


Hence, making the most out of your machines and being future-ready is the only practice to stay ahead in the competition.


Source: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s548/sh/2a231605-2411-4fc7-8e0c-bab23b1c3c41/98ef3965ed864f1a508b088c246b9f11

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