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review 2016-01-28 02:30
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - John Boyne

After watching the movie and being absolutely heartbroken by the end, I really wanted to read the book when I found out there was one. I'm sad to say that I loved the movie, but found the book to be so-so

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review 2015-12-21 22:45
The Toymaker
The Toymaker - Kay Springsteen

For me, the premise of this book sounded so great, but it ultimately fell flat. The only thing that kept this from a 1 star rating was how it tied into modern times. I could actually see something like that happening to my own family!

I didn't like all the deception between the historical hero and heroine, and they often felt flat and unemotional as I was reading about them. More often than not, I was bored reading the story of their lives, and I had to force myself to keep reading. The Christmas angle felt forced and not entirely celebratory as it should have been.

Ultimately, this book wasn't for me, but it was short enough to be good for the busy holidays.

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review 2015-05-07 03:29
Einstein's Beach House - Jacob Appel

I was so excited when the author offered me a copy of Einstein's Beach House in exchange for a review. I love this collection. They're very unique and well written. Even though the stories were short they had a lot of depth. I definitely plan on reading more from this author whenever I get the chance.

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review 2014-05-27 16:49
Looking for eerie? you've come to the right place
The Lost - Sarah Beth Durst

***This review has also been posted on The Social Potato

“To quote a certain cat, ‘we’re all mad here’”

The Lost is pretty hard book to review. I want to say so many things about it but at the same time I don’t know where to start and how to even express my feelings for this book.

Perhaps I should start off by saying that not everyone will love this book and the major reason for that, I believe, is the writing. The writing is weird and choppy and so confusing at times and it took me a while to get used to as well but as I started getting used to it, I started to realize how fitting it was in terms of the book. It fits with the kind of character Lauren was and just the general atmosphere of the whole novel. It helped create this eerie atmosphere that was goose bump inducing at several points.

This book starts with the main character trying to escape from receiving bad news. Her mom’s cancer may or may not have come back but she isn’t ready to face that possibility so she runs away. She drives and drives and drives until her fuel gauge gets closer and closer to empty and she find her way to a town named Lost.

Lauren isn’t always a likeable character. I am not sure why that is but when I look back I can remember so many times when I wasn’t her biggest fan. With that said, she was a great character. One that was realistic in many ways and relateable in others as well. She has an overactive imagination and is paranoid but her fear and her need to delude herself is quite understandable.

The Lost is one of the most original books I’ve come across in a while. The concept of this whole book is just so unique and intriguing. Lost is a town where lost people tend to find themselves. They have lost something and cannot find their way back until they have found what they had lost but Lost isn’t a town that only caters to lost humans, when something gets lost, it has a way of finding its way to the town through the void. The void that feeds on the hopelessness of people who live in this town. There is no sense of time in this town, you could have been there for days or years but you’d never find out. This all adds to an atmosphere that is already eerie as a result of the writing and really gets you thinking.

“Never ask a gentleman his age”

Peter takes the cake though. He is kind of like a grown Peter Pan but he is so weird and creepy! At times I didn’t like him, at all, he seemed so childish and while that is cute for a while, it can only be cute for so long but there wasn’t anything to worry about because as the book progressed, you found out that he had a hidden depth to him, he still remained a mystery throughout the novel but there was a hidden depth to him. Perhaps we will find out more about him in the sequel. I don’t think I’ve encountered a love interest like him in a while. He will keep you on your toes and it’ll take a while to get used to him but then you’ll see how wonderful he really is and all you’ll want is to cuddle with him.

Another seriously noteworthy character would be Claire. Claire broke my heart. No six year old should ever have to live through that and really, it was  just hard breaking to see that Claire, at six, knew how to use a knife and was so independent and strong on her own and then her vulnerabilities would show up and it would shatter your heart. At six, she was more courageous than our female lead at times and that just broke my heart even more. A six year old show have the freedom to be a child but Claire's childhood got snatched away from her the day she became lost.

The romance was one of my few qualms with this book. At first I was impressed by how even though Lauren continuously described Peter as beautiful, she seemed to be afraid of him at the same time, she was vary and she was cautious because she knew nothing about him but then over the course of weeks as they became closer, things happened. You’re probably wondering what’s wrong with that, and there is NOTHING wrong with that, the romance was developed but my problem with the romance was that development was not reflected very well in the romance, it was more like a switch went off and that was that. I have to say though, if you’re reading this book for a good romance, don’t, the romance is more in the background and not the focus in this novel. The most intense thing that happens in this book is kissing.

This book is slow but the last couple of pages make up for it.This book is packed with the feels and wonderful world building that kind of just makes up for that fact that this book can be slow at times.

The ending is a heartbreaker.. or those moments before the ending I should say. They tear your heart out and shred it into pieces and all I am going to say is “WILL SELL SOUL IN EXCHANGE FOR SEQUEL”. If you’re worried though, the good news is that the following two books in this trilogy will come out in less than a year. The sequel, The Missing, is set to be released in November.

And it better be November because there are still so many things to be answered. This book, I hope, was only just the tip of the iceberg and I hope that there will be more answers in the sequel.

This is sadly not a book I can recommend to everyone because even though I wish the whole world would read it, it will not work out for many readers (which is evident from all the mixed reviews), but I will say this, if you want eerie, give this book a shot.

Note that all quotes have been taken from an uncorrected proof and may be subject to change.

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