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review 2016-11-29 00:00
Will Never Fade
Will Never Fade - Jenna Sutton
ARC Review: Will Never Fade (Riley O'Brien & Co.) by Jenna Sutton

Bring on the Kleenex, because you'll need every one. Will Never Fade tackles some hard subjects, such as mortality, fear and the power of love. Phoebe has been through hell and back. The constant fear, endless despair and the hope for a second chance. All of these emotions were constant companions for a scared young woman going through the unbearable. Now, hoping to put the past behind her and live again, that constant fear still lingers on her mind, in her soul with every beat of her heart. Maybe a distraction will give her the strength to outrun her fear. Enter Garrett. Haunted by memories of an angel, Garrett seeks to find out more about the mysterious beauty from his past. Can he unlock the secrets of her heart or will Phoebe allow the fears in her head to overrule the love in her heart? There will be tears, but beyond the heartbreak Ms. Sutton delivers a courageous story of hope and facing down the scariest and happiest moments.
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review 2016-06-15 10:29
Review: In The Afterlight (The Darkest Minds #3) by Alexandra Bracken
In the Afterlight - Alexandra Bracken


Because this is the third and final book in this trilogy, I won't show you the summary of this book. Click here for the summary of the first book and my review of the first book. Click here for my review of the second book. 


My opinion:

I don't know why, but I didn't like this book and this series so much. I gave the first book 3 stars, the second one 3.5 stars and the third one aka this one 2. Even though I really like the premise and the storyline, I just wasn't hooked. It took me again way too long to read it and when I put it down I wasn't thinking about it. Maybe it's because I'm done with YA dystopian (I have nothing against YA in general, but I think it's because I've read too many dystopians already and because I've also already read some classic dystopians), because I like more culture stories and this series hasn't much culture in it.. I don't know. I'm a bit sad about the fact that I didn't like this series as much, but I know many people do so if you want to pick up this series, don't let this review hold you back. It's not bad at all, just not my cup of tea anymore. 


What is your opinion about In The Afterlight/The Darkest Minds trilogy?

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review 2016-05-07 11:06
Review: Never Fade (The Darkest Minds #2) by Alexandra Bracken
Never Fade - Alexandra Bracken


Because this is the second book in this trilogy, I won't show you the summary of this book. Click here for the summary of the first book and my review of the first book. 


My opinion:

I liked this one more than the first book, mainly because Ruby wasn't so annoying and whiny anymore, but the story again didn't grab me because I wasn't hooked at it at all and took me way too long to read it. Overall I like the idea behind the story though. I know this is a short review, but there aren't that much changes comparing to the first book. I doubt if the third book aka the conclusion will be better, but we shall see. If you like YA and dystopian I still recommend it, but I want to see more in a book, for example about culture, philosphy and/or history, but that's just my personal opinion.

What is your opinion about Never Fade?

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text 2016-04-30 16:10
April Wrap-Up

So, April was not a good reading month for me, but I had my reasons. One is that I quit school and transferred into some other course that'll start next year (If I get in) but I had to take care of EVERYTHING and I did that in one week (kind of proud). This also means that I'm free 'till the end of September so I applied for jobs and I got in into one, starting 9th of May. I had to go there and stuff as well, so April was the month with lots of changes. After those decisions and such I just wasn't in the mood to read so I watched Netflix (and shows that aren't on Netflix), so yea. I managed to read two books in April:

- Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery 5/5 ★ review

-The Jungle Book + The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling 5/5 ★ review

-Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken (currently reading)

I got halfway through Anne of Green Gables in March already and I'm halfway through Never Fade, so yea even less than you see. I'm already glad that I loved the ones that I've read this month. 


When it comes to tv shows I discovered some new ones so I watched (other than the ones that come out weekly such as Nashville, Faking It and The Big Bang Theory) Master of None (LOVE THAT SHOW!), Jessica Jones (I have now 8 episodes left) and Cuckoo (I'm now in season 2). These three shows are so amazing oh and I watched Modern Family 'till the end of season 5. 

If you haven't watched Cuckoo (season two is with Taylor Lautner (yes from the Twilight saga) and it's so super funny, I love that show! Go watch it if you haven't already haha.

When it comes to May, I'm not sure if I can read more than I have been, but I've made a tbr. My plan is to read In The Afterlight, Oorlogswinter, All The Light We Cannot See, Affinity, A Court Of Thornes And Roses and three little black classics. If I get to those I'll be very happy, but we shall see.


What did you read in April?

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text 2016-03-03 17:21
Bookhaul #24

I didn't buy so many books this time (again); only four during February and March (I know it's only the beginning of March but I already ordered them so no more book buying). These are all the books I bought:

After I've read Tipping The Velvet, I just had to order Affinity. I really want to read all of her books now. This is the second novel she has written so obviously I bought this one.


Never Fade is the second book in The Darkest Minds trilogy and because I want to read both of them in March, I ordered the second one already (of course). This cover looks so beautiful, damn!


You may know that I want to read dystopian books in March, so I ordered Fahrenheit 451. The story sounds so interesting and it's a classic and short, so of course I had to buy it.

The Jungle Book is one of my all time favorite Disney movies and last December there was dropped a trailer for an adult version of this story. I looked the book up on the internet and I saw that the originel novel has different short stories in it and sounded really philisophical, so I decided to buy it (also: the movie comes out at the end of April!). The trailer is just so beautiful and says that this one (instead of the DIsney version) is really based on the book, so yay! This is the beautiful Word Cloud Classics edition. I haven't seen the endpapers anywhere else on the internet yet, so that's why I posted that one this way haha. This edition has also the second book (The Second Jungle Book) in it so that's a plus as well.


What books have you bought the latest?

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