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review 2015-08-26 10:55
To Kiss a Rake (Scandalous Kisses) - Barbara Monajem









Melinda Starling doesn’t let ladylike behavior get in the way of true love. She’s secretly assisting in an elopement . . . until she’s tossed into the waiting coach and driven away by a notorious rake.


Miles Warren, Lord Garrison, comes from a family of libertines, and he’s the worst of them all—or so society believes. When Miles helps a friend to run away with an heiress, it’s an entertaining way to revenge himself on one of the gossips who slandered him.

Except that he drives off with the wrong woman . . . and as if that wasn’t scandalous enough, he can’t resist stealing a kiss.




Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Kiss-Rake-Scandalous-Kisses-ebook/dp/B00ZAY07OK/





To Kiss A Rake (Scandalous Kisses, #1)To Kiss A Rake by Barbara Monajem

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To Kiss a Rake cast it's spell on me quite quickly. Ms. Monajem did an excellent job of creating a story that captures the imagination. Her intricately woven tale of love, revenge, and mischief is entertaining and well written. To Kiss a Rake is a book that I could read again and still feel as if I were experiencing it for the first time. I loved Melinda and Miles. Who knew a case of mistaken identity could lead to love? I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-08-14 06:00
Not-So Terrible Boss
Never Kiss a Rake - Anne Stuart

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The writing is sly, sensual, humorous and firmly ensconced in the period. Even if I wasn't the biggest Anne Stuart fan on earth, I will still have found this book utterly enchanting.

I was really nervous with the storyline because I hate adultery with a burning passion. I'm happy with how things unfolded. There was no line crossing in this book that I couldn't live with. While Lord Kilmartyn is supposed to be a sleazy rake, I was completely in love with him quite early on in the book. I found him very seductive and I could see why Bryony fell for him, despite being a very sensible young woman. I liked the importance of his Irish heritage to his persona, and how it had gotten him into a shaky situation of late, but defined him in a way that he couldn't turn his back on. I wish that Ms. Stuart had delved more into where his marriage went wrong, but I got the impression that he wanted to be a good husband to his wife at some point, and he loved her, but now he hated her. In some books with the unrepentant, adulterous rake, I question the character's ability to remain faithful to the heroine, but I have no doubt that Kilmartyn would be capable of that with Bryony. His caring for her when she was in need was very touching and showed more than words.

I also loved Bryony as a character. Her pain in feeling unloved and unattractive because of her smallpox scars made sense. While it scarred her self-esteem, she was still a strong-minded person and no fainting flower in the face of her family's recent change in fortunes. I like her pluck and how her natural personality comes out in her interactions with Kilmartyn. I rooted for her to get him, and win him over in a way that didn't cross the line into adultery or illicit affair territory and I was glad Ms. Stuart gave her that happy ending with no compromise in that area.

The secondary characters are a fun addition to the book, with a little bit of the "Upstairs, Downstairs" vibe as Bryony gets engrossed in the world of the servants and they take her in, especially Mrs. Harkins the kindly chef.

I confess I read the last book before this, so I sort of know how it ends, but it didn't spoil things for me. There is still plenty of mystery in the storyline with what happened to Bryony and her sisters' father to keep the story interesting. That is if steamy romance with a soon-to-be reformed rake isn't enough to keep things exciting.

Never Kiss a Rake is a promising start to this newest historical romance series by Ms. Stuart. She brings all the steamy romance and engaging characters that make her books delicious reads for me. I hope to read Never Trust a Pirate very soon.

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review 2015-07-29 00:00
Never Kiss a Rake
Never Kiss a Rake - Anne Stuart I like the writing. I believe I could love Anne Stuart if the plot is right. This book however, has the heroine "infiltrating" the hero's household and the hero immediately started scheming to get her into his bed. This is one plotline that almost always turns me off right away. With a "plain Jane" of a heroine, the book has no chance with me.

If you like such plotlines I do think the book is a good read. I personally find plotlines in which the devilishly handsome heros "notice" the plain-looking heroines a turn-off. Worse is when the plain Jane is the devil's employee. This poor book is exactly that. Not for me.
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review 2015-02-19 00:00
A Rake's Midnight Kiss
A Rake's Midnight Kiss - Anna Campbell This is book two in the 'Sons of Sin' series by Anna Campbell. I must say when you see Ms. Campbell name on a book you know right of the bat you will enjoy that book. Ms. Campbell knows how to draw you in and keep you there.
Genevieve Barrett has been hiding that she is the one behind her father's academic articles. As a women they would not be taken seriously if read at all. But this help her and her father so she has continues to do so.
Sir Richard Harmsworth is a bastard but he tries not to let the town know that it does upset him. Richard thinks that if he gets the Harmsworth Jewel that it might help his claim that he is the rightful heir and not a bastard. But to get them he must sneak into a house an take the jewel. Genevieve finds Richard doing just that in her and her fathers house. Richard in turns decides to set out and seduce Genevieve and to help solve his mystery.
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-07-11 02:02
A Rake's Midnight Kiss
A Rake's Midnight Kiss - Anna Campbell

My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book...

Anna Campbell’s A Rake's Midnight Kiss was a rather pleasant surprise. I generally love Anna’s writing but sometimes the stories don’t seem to live up to my expectations.

The Sons of Sin series tells the story of 3 friends who are burdened by the truth of their illegitimate birth, the one thing they have in common. The one thing that made them stick together since they met as children, to fight the judgmental society. Some of them are noblemen, some are not. In their adulthood, Jonas, Richard and Cam are still together in their struggle, even though they are privileged people of the society. Jonas is rich but he’s scarred both inside out, needing a soft touch in his life. Richard is a baronet and a charming rake. Widows certainly don’t bother about his illegitimacy when they fall into his bed! Cam is the Duke, a bit more broody and serious than Richard.

The series starts with Jonas’s story, book 1, Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed. Jonas has lived alone almost all his life. Though he has not lived like a monk, his facial scars repulse most people. He’s good in bed and women would sleep with him given the incentive but in one condition. They want the lights turned off. It was because of a gambling debt is why Sidonie finds herself in his doorstep. She wanted him to forgive her flighty and rather selfish sister’s debt. One look at her, and Jonas knew he doesn’t want to let her go, though he knows, eventually she’ll leave him. So the rogue in question drives a hard bargain. She has to spend seven nights in his bed, all his to do whatever he wants to and he’ll do whatever possible. I found it superb that Sidonie was neither appalled by his looks, nor revolted by his demands. The chemistry was sizzling from the very first moment. Loved how they came to know each-other, through sex and then conversations, trust and finally, love. Seven nights are not enough to fall in love, yet that’s what happened. Later on, trouble and a rather silly misunderstanding threaten to tear them apart but they overcome it together.

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